10 Things That Are Slowly Making You Ugly

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right now there are 10 things in the background of your life that are slowly making you ugly which is why in today’s video I’m not only going to show you what they are I’m going to show you how to fix them immediately for free starting with number one drinking energy drinks make you look worse energy drinks are diuretics which make you pee more and dehydrate you this is why it not only makes you look tired it makes you look terrible it’s not just energy drinks as a matter of fact here are some common diuretics you probably consume that you don’t even know you’re taking the three most common are coffee tea and energy drinks all of which contain canine which is what makes them powerful diuretics I’m not going to tell you to stop drinking these cuz I’m going to be honest with you I drink these all the time but that’s because I drink them in a certain way based on science to make sure it doesn’t have an effect on my appearance or on my energy levels you see in a specific study they found that as long as you don’t exceed 240 mg of caffeine then these drinks won’t act as a diuretic on your body and dehydrate you that means that for coffee you should drink around 2 and 1/2 cups a day for tea you should drink around 5 cups a day Max and for energy drinks no more than 1 and 1/2 cans a day so to both enjoy these drinks like I do and not have them affect you this is the max amount you should drink of each you just fixed one habit that was making you ugly and you’re still doing it but it no longer affects you we still have nine more to cover that in the back of your life are slowly making you ugly but that ends today because we’re moving on to number two staying in bed lowers your muscle mass you see when you wake up every morning you have three options you can stay in bed sit up up or you can get out of bed and start your day one of these slowly makes you lose muscle the other two don’t you see when you’re laying down your body’s blood flow is weaker however when you sit up or stand up in the morning you increase your body’s blood flow this transports more oxygen and nutrients into your muscle which means that when you stay in bed all morning after the alarm R you are depriving your body from the nutrients it needs according to a study conducted in 2016 leads to a substantial amount of muscle loss so tomorrow morning when you wake up you need to make sure you instantly either sit up or get out of bed within 3 minutes of your alarm clock ringing off to ensure you don’t start losing your muscle number three your accessories make you ugly but for this tip I figured it’s better to show instead of just tell you I want to show you what is it that I carry with me every day cuz this can actually make or break your appearance so to start what you’re seeing here is basically what I carry on me every single day to start we got something simple glasses for summer bro a pair of glasses is necessary it elevates how you look and it also protects your eyes and skin from sun damage but if we keep it moving something most men don’t think about is my keys this is my key organizer it’s Sleek matte black even my keys are black and these are from Ridge so Ridge you guys know these guys are like the leaders when it comes to everyday carry but they even make blacked out keys so you can get your own custom keys to match your custom key carrier that makes it even more sick but here’s an item that most people don’t think about a fragrance now this is a secret project I don’t want to show you just yet but uh this fragrance here 100% oil no alcohol which means I can reapply all day and it’s not damaging to my skin and it smells delicious most guys don’t think about this but a nice roll-on fragrance is compact you can have it in your pocket and anytime you want to boost of confidence boom next up a good pen every guy needs a good pen just think about how much of a boss you look bro you’re you’re on a date you have to fill in the tip or you have to write a check or you have whatever it is that you have to write you pull out your own pen and it’s nice it’s heavy again mine is Matt Black you automatically stand out just cuz you have nice accessories this also is from Ridge to be honest almost all of my cool accessories are from Ridge and the cool part is that right now they’re running a Father’s Day Sale which means even if you’re not a father it’s perfect to give or to buy for yourself bro they’re doing up to 40% off right now anything you’ve ever seen from Ridge before which I’m sure you’ve seen 40% off absolute steal but a pen it’s an everyday carry a man needs the next one it’s a fidget toy bro I need to be fidgeting I think I have ADD ADHD I don’t know what it is but to creatively spark and think about things I’m always fidgeting so with this fidget toy it’s always in my pocket every time I’m like I need to like think about something I start playing with it and it’s a good way to kind of like distract myself while also get the creative juices flowing I don’t know if it’s just me but it has to be on my everyday carry every single day by the way I have like 10 of those so I I keep swapping those out next up a nice wallet I can’t tell you how many of you guys are ruining your appearance with your cheap wallets whether they’re made out of velcro or some old leather wallet that’s falling apart a nice slick wallet BR think about it you’re on a date you pull out your nice wallet you might not have a black AMX but you have a sexy wallet you pull out your credit card from here bro you already look like a baller and the best part is with these wallets these are RFID protected so in case you don’t know it’s so easy to get your identity stolen get your credit card stolen with these not only are they slick in your pocket and super thin but your stuff is safe man but again this is also from Rich and they have an entire package that if you want to make it better you can just which is what I did I just bought the bundle of all three it’s much more affordable and with the 40% discount it’s an absolute steel and on top of that by the way this thing carries up to 12 credit cards so you can carry everything you need without becoming excessive now the final two are Apple products of course a pair of airpods I create videos bro so I I’m oh I’m always listening to videos watching YouTube I’m always consuming content even though I tell you not to consume content I probably consume content more than anybody else but it’s my job I got to so for that I need a pair of airpods at all times and finally my phone which is almost always cracked I think this is like my third iPhone 15 it’s always cracked but I I decided to add a popet in the back cuz I’ve had it I know I should add a case but I hate cases but I figur I pop it at least I’ll minimize the chances of me dropping it but this is my everyday carry it’s simple it’s streamlined but it’s sexy it elevates whether I’m dressed up in a suit or dressed up casually it looks good and it keeps me on point your accessories potentially be making you ugly and boys if you guys want to check out Ridge right now for the Father’s Day Sale it’s the time to do so if you ever want to level up your accessory game they’re doing up to 40% off you ain’t going to get a better deal if you guys want to check it out it’ll be linked down below number four your acne comes from five specific Foods you see most guys don’t understand that there are five foods they’re probably consuming that’s causing all of their acne flareups so to start I need you to avoid the five foods that give most men acne like soft drinks which increases acne by 18% Burgers which increases acne by 23% fried foods which increases acne by 43% chocolate bars which increases acne by 54% and wave protein which can increase acne by up to 93% these Foods they all have one thing in common their High concentration of sugar and this has been proven time and time again as Studies have found that men who consume too much sugar can experience up to 54% more acne than those that don’t so I’m going to show you how to avoid consuming too much sugar without having to cut it out completely to start you need to check the back of everything you eat you’re going to look at the per 100 G or the 100ml column then you’re going to want to find the number that aligns with the word sugar on the left side if you see that it’s 10 g of sugar per 100 G or 100 mlit avoid that food altogether if you see it’s between 5 to 10 g of sugar per 100 G or 100 ml you can have this once or twice a week but if it’s less than 5 g of sugar for every 100 G or 100 ml you can consume this item every day look at that we are halfway through and you’re getting less and less ugly we’ve covered five bad habits that are making you ugly if you listen to me and follow each step correctly you’ll notice a massive difference within the next week now imagine what’s going to happen when you quit these next five bad habits that you’re probably still doing and that are making you ugly bro you’re going to be a stud this takes us to number five eating at the wrong time can make you fat you see every time you eat your body is going to start releasing insulin to help turn the food into energy and store fat when you start snacking all day your body is forced to release more insulin which means it’s going to start storing more fat so you need to stop spiking your insulin so often and you can do it with these five steps first you need to stop eating all together at least 3 hours before going to bed second hold off your first meal for at least 2 hours after waking up third limit yourself to a maximum of three meals a day fourth go for a walk at night after eating a meal and fifth I want you to drink two glasses of water right before eating you don’t have to do this altogether choose at least three of these to put into practice by tomorrow to notice a difference number six sleeping at the wrong time can also make you gain weight you see the standard advice is all you need at least 8 hours of sleep but you can actually get less sleep and it can be just as good if you go to sleep at the right time so to keep it simple if you’re between the ages of 14 and 17 you should get between 8 to 10 hours of sleep and you should try to fall asleep between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. if you’re between 17 and 25 years old you only need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep and you should try to go to sleep by 10 to 12 p.m. and if you’re above 25 years old you only need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep and you should try to go to sleep between 9 and 12:00 p.m. number seven your habits they make you look immature see a lot of men have habits that make them look immature and by consequence it’ll make you look ugly so I want to show you what four of the worst habits you’re committing and what you can replace them with I want you to replace your gaming communities with business Community I want you to replace toxic friends with productive mentors I want you to replace video games with learning a digital skill and I want you to replace watching YouTube with posting on YouTube number eight your talking with your phone incorrectly you see when you’re heading to school or to work most men they’ll walk one of three ways you see the first two ways they don’t make you look average unimportant there I say ugly but the last way will make you look more confident and better than everyone else don’t believe me let me show you see the first guy will walk with his phone in his hand the second type of man will walk while looking down on his phone but the third type of man will keep his phone in his pocket while keeping his chin up to make himself look more important almost like he’s in control of what he’s doing studies a the fact that when you force yourself to walk confidently you end up tricking your interior to feel more confident and this makes you look more important number nine you’re covering your most important facial feature you have to understand that your face is the most important part of what makes you attractive the problem is what’s making you ugly is that you are covering up the feature that has been proven to help increase the chances of you getting a date you see during a study conducted on women using pictures of over 30 m celebrities what they found is that women were more attracted to men with larger foreheads and what scientists deduced is that women found larger foreheads more attractive because it was a sign of superior intelligence and higher testosterone level what that means is that if you’re a dude between the ages of 18 to 32 you need to avoid haircuts with any sort of Fringe that covers up your forehead and instead go for haircuts that expose your forehead such as the buzzcut the pompadoras crop number 10 you are wearing the wrong scent final reason you’re ugly without realizing it is that you’re wearing a scent thinking that it’s making you look better but you’re wearing the wrong one the problem is you’ll either wear a scent that women don’t find attractive or a scent that doesn’t last long so I’m going to make it straight simple for you here is a tier list of the best fragrances you can buy in the C tier I’ll put crov Ventus and dor gabana the one in the B tier here we’ll put blue the Chanel and azaro the most wanted and in the a tier here here we’ll put Dior Sage not the regular one but Elixir and bakarat Rouge 540 if you listen to me and deploy any of these in this tier list I wear these all the time as well as changing all the bad habits that I showed you in this video I promise you you will stop making yourself look ugly and within a week’s time you will see a noticeable difference in your appearance



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  1. 0:00 Introduction: 10 Habits Making You Ugly

    0:10 Chapter 1: Effects of Energy Drinks on Appearance

    1:22 Chapter 2: Impact of Staying in Bed on Muscle Mass

    2:18 Chapter 3: Accessories That Enhance Your Appearance

    4:06 Chapter 4: Foods Causing Acne Breakouts

    5:52 Chapter 5: Timing of Meals and Weight Gain

    8:55 Chapter 6: Importance of Sleep Timing on Weight

    9:33 Chapter 7: Habits That Make You Look Immature

    9:59 Chapter 8: Proper Phone Usage for Confidence

    10:39 Chapter 9: Revealing Your Forehead for Attractiveness

    11:26 Chapter 10: Choosing the Right Fragrance for Appeal