10 THINGS You SHOULD Do Every Day (According to Science)

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Dr Andrew huberman is a neuroscientist who helps humans feel better with his daily protocol and I want to put those to the test so today I will live a scientifically perfect life according to huberman you can see how you can turn your life around number one wake up at 6:00 a.m. in a study with over a th000 CEOs 64% of them claimed that waking up this early not only made them successful but also happier and what would you expect huberman wakes up at the same time now honestly I love this tip cuz my alarm is already at 6:00 a.m. so as soon as it goes off we get the day started number two I create my morning cocktail so this is what actually what hman calls this morning cocktail and you do it every morning so you take a cup of water you add some pink Himalayan salt you grab a lemon or a lime squeeze all of it if you can and finally mix once done just drink the whole thing that never gets easier I’ve been doing this for a few months now but this morning cocktail does three things for you first it’ll give you your body the hydration it needs after a whole night without water especially because of the salt it also gives the gut and stomach acidity which is necessary for digestion because of the lemon and third it activates your metabolism number three you will activate your third eye now that your body is primed for the day you need a prime your mind and in one of huberman’s podcasts he suggested that when you meditate you should do one of two things either relax or Focus now you should choose between you so I have a big day of work ahead of me so I’m going to choose the focus route for the focus route he suggest the third eye meditation technique you could do slow cadence breathing third eye meditation can be very relaxing and yet it’s a focus and refocus practice to use third eyye meditation you need to start sitting down in an upright position then you will place all your concentration on your breath and don’t change the way you inhale or exhale just focus on your breathing and your mind it’ll start to wander and when it does bring it back to focusing on your breath after about 60 seconds of intense Focus over your breath you will want to focus in the area right above your eyebrow this area is your third eye and now similar to what we just did with breathing you would just want to keep your focus on that singular Point by using the third eye technique you will activate the pineal gland giving you a heightened sense of intuition and awareness for the rest of the day you have now primed your mind and body for the day by waking up at 6:00 a.m. drinking your morning cocktail and using the third eye technique for meditation there is so much more you can do throughout your day to feel even better so I need you to watch till the end of the day so you can see how it affects me let’s keep going number four work out while getting some sunlight so your next step to having a perfect day is to get sunlight as you work out try and get as much natural light as you can in the morning hours especially the first 3 hours after waking if you can work outside great did you catch that you see a lot of men will just step outside they’ll get a few minutes of sunlight and think that that’s enough but to really get the full benefits and cognitive performance of getting sunlight in the morning you need to be outside for a minimum of 30 minutes so to use this time wisely What huberman suggests get your workout while you’re outside for those 30 minutes which is exactly what I did after finishing my third eye meditation technique I came outside got some sunlight went for a quick job for 30 minutes now your boy’s hungry back home number five have an optimized breakfast you see here wom’s breakfast is composed of three components food caffeine and supplements see for food He suggests to have something that’s high in protein with quality fats and complex carbohydrates to simplify things down for you you could literally eat the meal that I eat every day which is just eggs toast with some avocado it takes me like 2 minutes to put this breakfast together now while having breakfast he also has some type of caffeine which he suggest that you have to put off for the first 90 minutes of each day science shows that when you do this you offset that afternoon crash that you get while reaping all the benefits of caffeine now he doesn’t recommend you drink regular coffee and instead you drink some sort of tea because it has calming effects which helps you throughout the day number six I want you to use supplements using the minmax approach which means I want you to use the minimum amount of supplements that will give you the maximum amount of effort and take it from me this is a little bit embarrassing you’re going to need this tip cuz you don’t want to end up with a with a drawer full of supplements like this all of these do something different but to boil it all down I found multiple studies that showed a relationship between for example your gut health and your attractiveness which really comes from only three specific types of supplements I’m telling you if you take the supplements I’m about to show you you’re going to have better skin better hair and be more attractive starting with the first one it’s probiotics which is a specific type of fiber found in foods during a study researchers found that when participants started taking probiotics they saw a significant increase in the appearance of their skin the reason is because these probiotic fibers decrease something that’s called tewl This is is what’s responsible for skin dryness for me I use the symbiotic plus formula from ritual and what I love about ritual is that it’s streamlined and everything’s transparent and this is one of the only supplements that I’ve tested and actually have seen and felt the difference the second vitamin I want you to start taking is some sort of vitamin D3 now I take it in multiple forms however this is crucial for your muscle development see in a specific study they found that when participants took vitamin D3 alongside their training regimen they saw a significant increase in muscle fiber growth compared to the group that didn’t take vitamin D3 now like I told you you can take D3 in various forms you can take it just the vitamin itself but then you end up with a cabinet like this of various vitamins or you can just take a multivitamin again from ritual you can see I’m almost done I take these every single day as these not only contain the amount of vitamin D3 that I’m going to need for the day but also a long list of other essential nutrients that you need and what I love about ritual is that their unique capsule is a slow delay release capsule where it bypasses the the acid from your stomach to get to your small intestines see your small intestines is where you absorb all your nutrients so with ritual unlike other vitamins it gets the nutrients where they need to be in your body so you can absorb all that vitamin D3 plus everything else they have now the third supplement it’s not as well known but it’s postbiotics this is the result of probiotics interacting with prebiotics what I love about a good postbiotic is that it will offset the inflammation in your gut which will help you absorb more nutrients remember what I told you once you get to that small intestine that’s where you absorb all the nutrients meaning that the more postbiotics you intake daily the better your small intestines will be at absorbing nutrients making you feel great and here’s where I really fell in love with ritual I was about to go out and buy a bottle of just postbiotic but I realized that their symbiotic plus formulation also had postbiotics so instead of me having to gather all these different post and prebiotics I just need my symbiotic plus and I’m covered with everything that I need and this is what ritual is good at you essentially just need a good multivitamin and a good post and probiotic and you are covered with everything you need if you guys want to check out ritual they’re going to be linked down below with the special discount code again you could go and get all these independently if you’d like to but if you want to keep it simple this is the way to go seven finish off with some cold exposure you see hum will finish off his morning routine with some cold exposure not only for its cognitive benefits but also for its benefits on Brown fat think about the brown fat as like an oil in a candle that allows it to burn hotter and longer simply put the more Brown fat you have the more energy you’re going to have and the better you’re going to feel throughout the day you need to get uncomfortably cold for 11 minutes a week so once I finish eating I’m going to come in and have my normal shower but at the end I’m going to shower for a minute and 30 seconds on cold water if I do this every day of the week it will total out to 11 minutes and the reason I do it this way is because he States you don’t want to do all 11 minutes at once so don’t try and do 11 minutes in one go in an ice paath probably not number eight you will work on your most important task so from there I come to my favorite work spot and I’m going to start on my most difficult task using huberman’s 90minut interval routine but I don’t want anyone to try and learn anything for longer than 90 minutes the way it works is that I just finished working for 90 minutes of my most important task and Then followed by a 60-minute break to relax my mind and those 60-minute breaks I would get up and walk around just to get the blood pumping so you’re not fully sitting down and doing something unproductive and also while you work I suggest you turn your phone off or put it on do not disturb for those 90-minute work sessions so you’re in deep work and you don’t get distracted by anything number eight do what you love see at this point I’ve worked all day I’ve taken care of my mind my body my health and it’s at this point that you just come back home relax and you truly enjoy that for me it’s easy spend time with my wife my kids or catch up with friends number 10 use the right sleep protocol so for nighttime huberman uses all these different protocols so to keep it very simple for you I’m going to tell you what he does what I’ve done and what you should be doing as well first he makes the very last meal of the day carb heavy for dinner I generally will eat pasta or something that includes more starches because starches are known to actually reduce cortisol levels in the body by reducing my cortisol levels like this I’m able to get in a more relaxed State and that will improve sleep so for dinner I did the same thing and I had a carb heavy meal just like him second he removes as much like as possible so right around 88 or 900 p.m. I start bringing the lights down the reason he does this is that artificial light reduces the body’s ability to produce our sleep hormone because it believes that it’s still daylight outside so I made sure I turned off all my lights put my phone in a different room and even put down the blinds to make sure no light was coming into my room and finally he uses a variety of supplements I take bisglycinate and appenine and you take them about 30 to 60 minutes before sleep and most people report having incredibly improved sleep these supplements trigger the activation of a neurotransmitter called Gamba which in turn shuts off our forebrain allowing us to better relax through the night so I took it 60 minutes before recording this video right before bed now we’re going to [Music] sleep all right so next day what are my thoughts cool routine I definitely felt good at a lot of points throughout the day uh but for the most part kind of useless you know other than the tips like supplementation the breakfast those are good I do those on my routine daily but some of the other stuff while it is scientifically correct it is Impractical for myself and I’m sure for most of you like if you’re in school if you work a 9 to 5 or even if you have your own business you can’t just work for 90 minutes a day and then take 60 minute breaks whenever you want so while it is optimal I find it to be a bit impractical to live by all these protocols so what I would suggest to you take the best ones out of these the ones that you can’t Implement in your day add them cuz I promise you you will feel better the ones you can’t don’t feel too bad about them cuz every little Improvement you do to your daily routine will make a significant difference



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  2. from India here. just wanted to share. what you call the third eye is called the third eye of Shiva.
    in hindu mythology when Lord shiva was meditating, to break his meditation Kama the god of love shot him. in his anger lord Shiva oppened his third eye and burnt Kama into ashes

  3. In my opinion,It's aight but like you said sometimes the 60 minutes break is impossible especially if you are in a meeting but I would do the other things aside supplements unless doctor prescribes the supplements