10 Worst Testosterone Killers (Avoid at All Costs!)

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high testosterone will give you more confidence more muscle and make you more attractive to the women around you so today I’m going to show you 10 things that is destroying your testosterone levels because if you are using more than four of the things that I have on this list you’re in serious trouble start with number one polyester clothing that lowers your sperm count most men will wear clothing that’s made out of polyester without realizing that is destroying their testosterone levels now certain clothing is worse than others and I’m going to show you which one you should avoid it being made of polyester and what you should replace it with instead you have to understand that polyester is everywhere it’s a clothing fabric that’s used in over 60% of the garments worldwide however over a 24mon study they found that polyester underwear had a negative impact on testosterone production in men to avoid this happening to you before you buy underwear look at the back of the clothing look at the tag and make sure it doesn’t have any polyester instead you should be purchasing underwear that’s fully made out of cotton or wool two using dating apps lower your testosterone look talking to women online might be fun but a recent study found that long-term exposure to your phone may be decreasing your testosterone levels on the flip side I found another study that was detailing how you talking to women in person can actually increase your testosterone levels so I’m going to show you a simple and easy way to start talking to women in real life first you’re going to want to try to limit yourself talking to women on social media or on dating apps and instead I want you to find a nearby library where you can start going and working from now stick with me here you see you want to pick a library because surveys have found that over 40% of women will attend a library to work from while only 30% of men will do the same meaning there will be a higher ratio of women to men in that location then approach the most attractive woman in your library and you can open up with just asking to borrow something it could be a pen a phone charger a laptop charger the key here is to just speak to them even for only a few minutes and your testosterone levels will rise now if you’re the guy that’s using poly clothing or spending most of your time just talking to girls online we may be on to a problem here but I have eight more things that is destroying your testosterone level that I need to show you because if you have even two more of on the list you may be killing your chances of increasing muscle increasing confidence and becoming attractive to the women around you let’s move on to number three sitting down destroys testosterone in men the average person spends up to 8 hours a day sitting down and it’s been proven to destroy testosterone levels so here’s exactly how many steps you need to take a day to opposite that negative impact on your testosterone levels now most men think you need around 10,000 steps a day this is wrong Studies have found that the magic number is 4,400 steps a day so you could do a little exercise when you sit at your desk instead of texting all the time I want you to get up and start sending voice notes to people as you do send those voice notes start pacing in your office in your room or in the library wherever you’re working here’s the thing the average person sends around 72 messages a day meaning if you do this little trick you won’t even notice it but by by the end of the day you will have completed 4,400 steps four you lack micronutrients you see everybody always focuses on the macronutrients right which are your fats your carbs and your proteins but micronutrients also play a pivotal role in your testosterone levels so here are three micronutrients that are scientifically proven to enhance your natural disal levels the first one is called Sheila heat it’s a herb found in the Himalayas and it has been proven to increase testosterone levels some even call it the natural viag because not only can It help with erectile dysfunction but it can also increase stamina and help with muscle saress when I first read about this product and read all the studies I had to get my hands on it and if you’ve seen my supplement stacks I’ve been now taking it for almost a year now but here’s the hard part it is difficult to get your hands on at least the real one there’s a lot of knockoffs on the market that are very inexpensive but the real Sheila heat is hard so I found a brand called the original resin as their product contains just enough Sheila heat that’s the real stuff the organic stuff that will impact your testosterone levels you got to keep in mind this is at the top of the Himalayan Mountains so to Source the product is very difficult the next micronutrients is called swana fasma which are nanosized gold particles which have been found to increase testosterone and decrease inflammation similar to Sheila heat it is very difficult to Source this product because it’s tucked away at high altitudes there’s a lot of knockoffs you can find on Amazon again the one that I take which is why I chose it the original resin contains this product already naturally in it and you know it’s being sourced from the authentic location and not a knockoff this is another reason why I’ve been taking it because it’s a too pronged approach to increase in my testosterone I’m not only getting my sheilah heos I’m also getting these micro gold particles and the final micronutrient is that you want to start consuming more fulvic acid this acid contains over 85 trace minerals that is essential for all of your body’s functions and according to a 3mon study a 96 men it also helps increase your testosterone levels this you can find in natural foods like your beets and your carrots but if you want a highly concentrated amount you can also pick it up on Amazon for me again my Sheila heat product from resin also includes faic acid making it the perfect natural formulation to increase my testosterone levels but again you can get naturally from food or you can get a product like I do that has everything you need and you know you’re meeting your daily requirements if you guys want to check out resin which again the product is insane it is difficult to get to there’s a lot of knockoffs in the market but this one is 100% authentic I’m going to have it linked down below with a special limited time discount go ahead check it out start taking it and see how much better you’re going to start feeling five low carb diets lead to erectile dysfunction so many men are unsatisfied with their bodies that leads them to take these crazy diets on like keto but these low carb diets are destroying your testosterone so instead I want you to start adding carbs and I’m going to show you which ones you should be eating that will increase your testosterone first you need to understand that carbs use the insulin in your body to reduce the amount of stress hormone your body produces which is cortisol meaning that that when you adopt a high fat low carb diet your stress hormones will naturally increase and that is what results in your testosterone levels dropping so to make sure that this stress hormone is in check you’ll want to use complex carbohydrates that give you a steady flow of insulin and according to recent studies the top three carbs are your oats your quinoa and your sweet potato six alcohol look when it comes to drinking alcohol there’s two types of me the first dude drinks anything they can so they can get drunk they can get that buzz the second group however is selective on what they pick and when they even drink that way you’re not messing up your gym progress and destroying your testosterone level first you’re going to replace beer wine or any most of the alcohols with something colorless like your vodka or gin then when it comes to you start drinking I want you to mix it with soda water now as you’re drinking you’re also going to be hydrating yourself with soda water which is going to make it less likely that you have a hangover but will also reduce the amount of alcohol you’re consuming which will reduce the impact it has on your testosterone levels then as the night goes on you’re going to slowly replace the vodka with more soda water to the point that at the end you’re just drinking soda water now you’re going to maintain your testosterone levels you had fun but you’re also going to appear more confident and More in control compared to the other dudes that are all plastered and drunk and that will result with you still being able to interact with more women which as we know will increase your testosterone levels as well seven lack of competition makes men weak another very common thing that kills men’s testosterone is the lack of competition men are hardwired to be competitive so I’m going to show you how to be more competitive even if you don’t have any friends first go on to a website called strength standard then I want you to find your favorite exercise and see how you rank against other men depending where you are on the five levels I want you to make it a goal to try and level up at least one rank in any exercise and see how you compare against other men by doing this you will hijack the competitive nature in your brain and subsequently increase your testosterone levels now at this point we have got over eight things that are destroying your testosterone levels I hope you’re not doing at least four of these but I have three more that I would argue are the most common men never realize destroy their testosterone levels number eight tap water reduces your semen quality one of the biggest reasons men today have terrible testosterone levels is because we’re consuming tap water every day now you might be thinking well why could this beat so bad well Studies have found that your average tap water contains hormones like estrogen which have been found to decrease inrease your testosterone level the most obvious way to fix this is to either buy bottled water but it’s expensive you can buy a filter you have to spend a little bit of money but it’s inexpensive and if you don’t want to spend any money you can even boil your water this is going to reduce the amount of damaging hormones and bacteria found in the water but like I said it does take some time it is free but what I do suggest or what I do is just I just buy filter I buy a filter and filter all my water however if you decide to do bottled water you need to be careful because this takes us to number nine most water bottles turn men into women your standard plastic water bottle will contain something called BPA or bisphenol a this is an estrogen like compound and you’re consuming it every day so to keep it simple first you have to stop microwaving your food in plastic containers this breaks down the plastic and it results in high concentrations of BPA in your food second you need to stop consuming tinned Foods as they often contain high levels of BPA as well third you need to replace your standard plastic water bottles with a water bottle that’s DPA free if you also want to decrease your exposure to hormones and chemicals like we just mentioned you can opt for a filtered water bottle like this one that contains a filter in the straw number 10 your toothpaste but more specifically it is the compound found in almost every toothpaste which is fluoride yes recent Studies have found that fluoride has a direct correlation with lowering testosterone levels so if you’re shopping for toothpaste and while yes fluoride is great for Whitening your teeth and removing plaque if you’re worry is keeping your testosterone levels High then the next time you shop for toothpaste look at the ingredient list and try to avoid toothpaste that contain any amount of fluoride you can also create your own natural toothpaste with 2 tbsps of baking soda 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of sea salt you mix it into a paste and you can brush your teeth every day have a white smile and avoid lowering your testosterone levels if you listen to me and avoid these 10 Things I promise you within a week you will notice a difference in your energy levels and your your muscle and your confidence and overall drive and more importantly a spike in the interest of women around you until next time boys



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  1. Having 3 years of experience! Just take shilajit he is 100% right it is the one and only micronutrient that can help your joints, muscle soreness, testosterone, slow the ageing process, help your gut health and much more health benefits.

    Remember too much dose of shilajit can lead you to really bad diarrhoea for a week or more just telling you with experience.

    2nd, I Want to mention that take saffron too only 3 to 5 red leafs of saffron is enough and if you wanna maximise their benefits use both of these nutrients with warm milk boil the milk with saffron only then let it cool till it gets warm then add shilajit about half piece of rice mix it well and drink.

    You’re welcome. ❤

  2. Please give the all sources information you used, researches and articles so we can believe that you're doing really useful content rather than lying your audience with some attractive numbers and words!

  3. i never clean my teeth with toothpaste. i used maswak to clean theeth ( maswak is usually a stick from different trees that have naturally cleaning substance in it and us can cewing these stick to make it like a brush to clean teeth)

  4. I have still not reached puperty yet, and i am 14, i dont know what i should do. I watch a lot of videos about this, but all these things wont make a change because i did not reach a high enough testosterone level