12 mental traps that turn women on

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whether you like it or not manipulation is just part of dating so if you’re not the one manipulating you’re probably the one being manipulated so today I’m going to explain to you every manipulation tactic out there so you can use it for yourself and avoid having them done to you let’s start with number one love bombing love bombing is when you shower a woman with compliments in the beginning of a relationship and then all of a sudden go silent this makes the girl dependent on your validation I’m going to give you an example on how to love bomb when it comes to messaging a girl for the first 3 days you’ll want to be replying extremely fast ask her questions about her date give her a lot of compliments but then all of a sudden on day four you’ll want to pull back hard and not message her at all I have proof that if he wanted to he would I don’t even know this guy this guy has been sending me good night Queen every single night since May every single night good night Queen good night Queen there’s a lot of you guys right now sometimes if I don’t get a good night Queen it like hurts my feelings did you hear that she just stated that this despite not her being interested she is now attached to the messages and is dependent on how it makes her feel and we’re only getting started cuz just like that you now understand one of the most powerful manipulation tactics when it comes to dating which is love bombing which means that you now can use it but also protect yourself from it being used on you but to truly understand the world of dating you need to understand these next 12 manipulation tactics I’m about to teach you takes me to number two future faking future faking is when a guy makes promises about the future like I can’t wait to get married to you to create this false sent of commitment without any genuine intention of actually fulfilling it now I don’t want you to go out here completely destroying girls that you’re talking to with this technique so here are some ethical ways to use future faith for example dating you would make me forget about my goals or I think dating you would be extremely distractive for my work or study or dating you would make all my friends jealous number three Benjamin Franklin the Benjamin Franklin manipulation tactic refers to how some people are more likely to like someone after they’ve done a favor for them so here’s how you can suddenly ask a girl for a small favor to start I want you to grab your phone turn it off pretending that it went dead for level one go up to a girl and just ask her for the time say that your phone’s dead for level two for higher commitment you can say that your phone went dead and if you can borrow a charger and for level three the highest level of commitment ask her if you can use her phone to call a friend because your phone is dead if she does any of these favors the chances of her liking you have now increased now up until now you’ve made the girl you like dependent on you with love bom you’re also keeping her on the hook with future fate and now you’re making her like you even more using the Benjamin Franklin effect but to really understand the dating game you still need to understand the manipulation tactics that will make a girl want to compliment you or how to manipulate a girl to feel more comfortable with you and so much more this takes me on to number four negging negging is when a guy strategically compliment a girl and then insults her to make her feel un balance to make you feel insecure now you should use this one carefully but you are three example texts that you can send that is a way to either compliment her appearance or personality and then quickly Rock pull her with a light insult and this is what causes the off-balance number five overcompensation manipulation overcompensation manipulation is when a man tries to cover up their weakness or insecurity by over exaggerating some other quality women use this by wearing heels to make themselves look taller or makeup to look prettier while men will try to hide their receding hairline by combing their hair differently or wearing some sort of cap however a woman can see through this manipulation tactic they can see when you’re pushing your hair forward because you want to try to hide a hairline this will make you appear less confident more insecure and more shy so if you’re going to address this issue of hair loss without hurting your reputation the only way to do so is by treating it and forend there’s three options you have hair transplant you have hair loss prevention products or you can shave it the last one most guys don’t want to do and the first one is a bit expensive meaning for most of you your best option is to prevent it before it happens so you can keep most of your hair I’ll give you an example with myself I don’t have to wear baseball caps I don’t have to worry about coming my hair a certain way because as soon as I saw some form of hair loss I started using the only two FDA approved medications that have been proven to stop hair loss and exract and in some cases regrow some of that lost hair for me I started using these products around when I was 24 25 and ever since then I’ve had zero hair loss whatsoever you can have the same effect if you guys want to start checking these out I would recommend our sponsor keeps keeps that only has these products at the lowest price possible they also have the highest festar reviews out of all their competitors but the best part of all of this is you can do it from the comfort of your home so no more Awkward doctor visits you don’t have to get any prescription you can do it right from your home you can speak to a professional they’ll see your specific hairline see if you need anything and then everything you need gets delivered right to your door and thanks to keeps for sponsoring today’s video and for the free product if you guys want to check it out head over to keeps.com TMF and get your special offer individual results May Vary this takes me to number six bread crumming bread crumming is when a man keeps a girl interested by giving her small amounts of attention without committing to anything serious so I’m going to show you what text you should send a girl every day of the week with the girl you like to perform this tactic on Monday I want you to send her a good morning message and nothing else for the rest of the day on Tuesday ask her what she’s been on to and then don’t reply on Wednesday you’re going to love bomb you’re going to shower her with a ton of messages quick replies and a ton of compliments on Thursday you’re not going to send a single message and then on Friday message her asking you’re out on the weekend try this with the girl you like it works 99% of the time than to number seven triangulation triangulation is when a man uses a third person typically another girl to to make the girl they like feel jealous and insecure I’m going to give you three levels of triangulation that you can do even if you don’t know a third girl to use for level one when you’re talking to a girl you like I want you to suddenly bring up a girl that you know of school at work even if you don’t really know if she doesn’t exist and talk about how you are planning to hang out with her for level two you’re going to interact with the girl directly in front of the girl that you like which typically will make her go crazy and feel gous over you you have to understand women are exing territorial now for level three a guy will have a second girl talk about him in a positive light to the girl he likes which gives them a form of social proof that women can’t resist number eight attraction bias attraction bias is simple the more attractive you are the more attention you’ll receive from girls now the easiest way to increase your attraction is with your hair the reason is that while studies show that bald men are seen as more masculine men with hair are seen as more attractive every single time remember the bias we’re after is the attraction bias not the masculine bias the attractive guy is the one that gets more attention and gets better treatment so as a man you need to start investing in products that promote hair growth and look if you’re just getting started I recommend start with a hair thickening shampoo a hair thickening conditioner or even a hair thickening hair bomb you’re not only getting the medication you need for hair growth you’re also getting the daily products that you can use to stimulate healthy thick hair growth and those products anyone can start using today to start making their hair look healthier and by default making yourself look more attractive if you guys want to check out keepes it’s going to be linked down below with a limited time discount number nine Keno escalation Keno escalation is when a guy suddenly touches a girl so her body releases hormones like oxytocin and serotonin which in turn will make her more attracted to you however Keno escalation can be a risky tactic if done incorrectly so if you want to use this technique but it’s a girl you just met I want you to keep all of your touching between her wrist and her elbow however if you’re friends with the girl and have already been on a date you should be okay with touching the rest of her arm all the way up to her body 10 false restraints false restraints is when a man creates a false sense of scarcity or urgency to increase the chances of a girl going on a date with him or getting to like him so for you to do this you just need to change how you text a girl so instead of you sending a text to a girl and asking her hey let’s go on a date this weekend you can add false restraint by saying hey let’s go on a date tomorrow because I’m leaving for the weekend number 11 looks maxing looks maxing is when a man improves his physical features to appear more attractive the two most common features you can manipulate as a man that will help you look Max is your skin and your jawline as Studies have shown that a strong gy line is seen as masculine and attractive and healthy skin is seen as a signal of superior genetic quality number 12 social debt scalping social debt scalping is when a man does a favor for a girl to make her feel a sense of debt and therefore become more attracted to him for example during a date you could sneak away and pay for the entire date without her even noticing when she asks why you did it just say that you wanted to just downplay like it’s not a big deal by doing this you create not only a social but sometimes even a financial debt in the girl’s she will then feel like she owes you something in return and that will make her like you more now if you guys start using this and all the other 11 manipulation tactics I just show you you’re going to be the one controlling every single relationship and no girl will ever put you in the friend zone



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  1. This is the kind of stuff fake people do. A real man would never want or ever do any of this. Same with a real woman. No wonder it's called manipulation. Only bad people do that. Real people who care about others don't do this. If you use these tactics just know you reap what you sow.

  2. Bro, I come from Germany. I met a girl a few weeks ago and out of intuition I kept my distance. no compliments only when she was with me. When I don't write she keeps calling. It's really like that… I don't want it on purpose but if the things aren't that important then you're interesting for the woman. sorry for bad English

  3. ูƒูŠู ุทู„ุน ู„ูŠ ุงู„ููŠุฏูŠูˆ ู…ุฏุจู„ุฌ ุจุงู„ุนุฑุจูŠ ุŸ ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Hi man,

    Could you make a video about my context? I was rejected by my peers in grade 8, and even though Iโ€™m now in grade 10, I still get teased by other students. They make fun of me for my boxing and for quitting basketball, which has given me a "bad" reputation. How can I rebuild my confidence and improve my reputation among my peers?

  5. That one for asking her phone to call my Friend had successfully worked for me bro. You know what I did?๐ŸคซI called my own # & she got grazy at how my brain is working so fast. That's how the spark was created between us๐Ÿ˜…