2 minutes to become more socially attractive

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first one that has to do with where you put your attention when you’re out in public you’re talking to someone and maybe for whatever reason you’d like to explore you want to talk to another person the worst thing that you could do in that situation is start to scan the room because you’re not making that interaction interesting and fun it is incredibly hard to get other people to join you when you don’t look engaged yourself when you’re in conversation be in it the most interesting point in the whole room is right in between you too second thing also has to do with attention and it’s to not let someone interrupt you while someone else is talking to you I did this I was on the flip side of this I came in to talk to one friend and he just ignored me at first I was a little bit miffed what is he doing and a minute or two later said hey sorry you had said something what was that and then he put his attention completely on me I’ve respected him in that moment even that I didn’t totally like it the fact that he was so centered as to focus on where he was was worthwhile of course there’s times where you don’t want to do this if you’re in a big group conversation flows freely you don’t have to ignore everybody else one other time you don’t want to do this is when you’re in a group of people and someone new enters it’s actually good to pause the conversation be the one that incorporates them and then get things back on track third thing trapping is the idea that you could be somewhere maybe you’re on a booth maybe someone is against a wall if you don’t know them and you kind of close them in it feels very uncomfortable the flip side of this though if you’re out at a bar lean against the bar when you’re talking to someone it makes that person feel at ease it makes everyone else in the room think those people probably know each other fairly well if that other person wanders off that’s someone that I can comfortably talk to this takes us to the fourth thing when you communicate shame it’s generally not a powerful thing especially if what you did was not a big deal this actually happened to my brother it’s something that happens all the time people got our names mixed up this person called him by my name and afterwards but oh sorry sorry the weird thing is literally today someone else did the same thing but went oh no you’re Henry you’re Charlie sorry but it was this sense that nothing had happened that was wrong so if you’ve made a mistake particularly a social one that wasn’t on purpose do not hang your head that’s just going to communicate that this mistake is more Grievous than it actually is the last thing that we’re going to be touching on the eyebrow Flash and what it means is that you generally know this person and like this person say you’re seeing a friend that you know hey what’s going on and those eyebrows lift if you try to do this like I have been for the last 30 minutes in the mirror you’re going to be a weirdo I cannot recommend putting this one on purposely so don’t



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  2. Only thing I add to this if you have bad posture by sitting at desk all day. Go to the gym or do specific exercise improve your posture. It's make huge difference in way people respond to you. I had very bad posture for a lot years, and wasn't until I started going gym to improve my posture for health reasons. I started noticing people responding more positively me too.

  3. wow love the style. I think having videos of real people/reactions in your longer videos is super important, but I love this new style for the shorter ones!
    Also best tip of the whole video: When you do something embarassing, do a funky little dance!

  4. 1- Scanning the room whilst ignoring the person talking
    2- Someone outside distract and kill the conversation (unless you want to end it lol)
    3- Trapping/Needyness
    4- Communicating Shame
    5- Eyebrow flash