3 Steps That Will Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

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most people believe love is complicated but it’s not you see love is the result of three biological urges that are crucial for our survival which are intimacy commitment and passion which means that if you want to make your crush fall in love with you you just have to stimulate these three biological urges which I’m going to show you how to do with these six techniques to begin let’s focus on intimacy which leads me to technique number one you want to develop intimacy with your crush using the Power of Two you see to make someone fall in love with you you need to develop both physical and emotional intimacy now the problem with most men is that they skip past the emotional intimacy because no one ever teaches you how to do this therefore I’m not going to show you how to develop physical intimacy just yet that’s going to come at the end of the video instead I’m going to show you exactly how to develop emotional intimacy with the power of two technique that I created now the next time you’re talking to a girl whether that’s in person or in messages I want you to suggest you guys play a game called The Power of Two to play both of you will share two truths and One Lie and then you just have to try and guess which one’s the LIE then when you see her share an interesting story I need you to act surprise and encourage her to share more information about that story you can go ahead and send her any of these three messages to keep encouraging her to say more to the girl it’s just going to come across as a fun game in reality You’re Building emotional intimacy by listening and sharing personal experiences with each other what I tell you no one one teaches you how to do this stuff and I’m just getting warmed up because at this point you’re going to get a girl to start liking you definitely not loving you yet to make her love you you still need to make her think about a future with you feel sexual passion for you and most importantly develop love for you I’m going to help you do all of these and more but remember physical intimacy comes last this takes us into the second of the three biological urges commitment number two you will fake your future with her to give her what she wants you’re going to use a technique called future faking where you make indirect comments about the future to create an illusion that you are committed to this girl so if you’re are the three levels of future faking you can use the next time you’re starting to get to know a girl so if you’re just friends with this girl you’re going to want to start with level one statements like these you would be fun to take on a date or you would be distracting to work with now if you’re in the process of making this girl your girlfriend you can use level two statements of future faking like I’m looking forward to introducing you to my parents or I think my best friend’s going to love you now if the girl’s already your girlfriend you can take it all the way up to level three techniques saying things like I think you would be a great mother or I think we would be a cute elderly couple number three use the double booking technique double booking is simple this is when you schedule two events at the same time you’re going to use this to increase the commitment she has for you you can use double booking to make yourself appear more committed and dominant to start you need to ask a girl on a date or at the very very least just ask her to hang out to study or something then around 20 minutes into the date you need to arrange for one of your buddies to call you and pretend to be angry while they claim that you’re supposed to be hanging out with them at that same exact time hang with me here you’re going to make sure that your phone’s on speaker phone so obviously everyone can hear so next you’re just going to play along act like you completely forgot about hanging out with your buddy and that you’re currently on a date then your friend should know cuz you’re going to show him this video that he needs to get angrier borderline tell you that you need to abandon the date to which you’re going to say no and hang up now both of you will deserve an Oscar after this but the girl that you’re with after she Witnesses this will think that you are more committed to her and will also find it extremely attractive the dominance that you showed defending her in your date over your friend now now she’s really starting to like you but to actually get her to love you the power of two future faking and double booking won’t be enough you’ll also need these three next techniques I’m about to show you this rolls us to the third biological urge which is Passion tip number four here you’re going to use a threep scent formula to develop passion you need to stimulate the biological senses such as your sight scent touch smell and hearing now the easiest of the five to manipulate is scent because research has found that just being exposed to a good scent can elevate your mood by up to 40% so I’m going to show you how to use your fragrance in a three-step formula to force her to develop passion for you first you’re going to want to switch between three different colognes to determine which one she loves best you see you have to understand that every woman has different taste so you need to find which scent arouses her more by gauging her body language every time you wear a specific scent for example if her chin follows you as you walk past her or if she leans closer into you when you’re next to her or simply if she just asks about or compliments your cologne now you’ll know that she’s more receptive to that spefic specific scent and you should wear that scent every time you’re around her now the key to this technique is to use as many Colones as possible so you can pinpoint her favorite the one that’s going to develop the passion now obviously this is going to get expensive very fast so to save money you should purchase more affordable sample bottles now most companies won’t provide you this option but a company that I’ve been using for years is called SC bird they make it easy they send you a 30-day supply of different colog every single month for only $17 a month keep in mind a full bottle of fragrance can cost you $150 but now you can have a whole collection of different sets for 17 bucks by using this model you can test highquality fragrances like Tumi Burber do gabana bottles that will cost you up to $100 each which will increase the chances of you finding that signature scent now this takes us to the Second Step you need to make sure that once you pinpoint a cologne that she likes it needs last as long as possible so when it gets to the point that you’re actually talking to her she can smell it this is crucial research has found that scent can trigger positive responses in both men and women especially when they’re connected to a favorable memory so if you’ve pinpointed her favorite cologne and now you always wear it around her she’s going to develop a positive Association to you in that scent now to make that cologne last as long as possible the best thing you can do is apply a little bit of Vaseline in the area you’re going to spray the cologne before you spray it this will slow down the absorption of the cologne that your skin will do and allow it to sit on your skin for longer so the fragrance lasts as long as possible now this is usually only a problem for cheaper scents but if you’re using high quality fragrances like for example dor and gabana por oh this is this is one of my favorites it’s such a delicious scent you don’t have to worry as much about it not lasting as long and yes it’s not a cheap scent by any means but if you’re using scent bird you can test this out cuz this is what I received this month in my monthly subscription and it smells Fant fantastic for 17 bucks a month and I’m going to make it better for you because you’re watching this video because you’re part of the family I got you guys a 55% discount that’s insane over half off for your first month that’s a steal if you guys want to check that out it’s going to be linked down below but this takes us to the third and final step now that you have the perfect scent and that you’re making it last longer you’re going to want to adjust the projection so that the girl you are talking to needs to come closer to you to smell it remember she’s already developed a positive association with you in that fragrance she’s obsessed with it so to do this you’re going to want to use three sprays of colone for the first week that’s the the highest amount of projection this when you’re trying to find out what scent she likes then in the second week reduce it to two sprays and in the third week reduce it to one spray now the biological urge will drive the girl to get closer and closer to you as the weeks go by developing this passion to need to smell you or be around you now these type of Tricks no is going to ever teach you cuz they take skill they’ve taken years to develop when you start using your fragrances like this this tactical you’re going to get any girl to develop passion for you and remember it doesn’t even have to be expensive for me it used to be expensive cuz I would buy a bunch of bottles and I like collecting them but if you want to try this out and make it affordable check out our sponsor Seer for $17 a month you’re not going to get a better deal on high quality fragrances and for your first month you’re getting 55% off if you click the link down below that’s a steal six to number five you need to make her think about you constantly the more you can make a girl think about you the more passionate her feelings for you will become problem is that most times it is you as the guy that can’t stop thinking about the girl so to keep things simple and flip this around here are three techniques you can start using to make her think about you more versus the Cliffhanger when texting end the conversation or story right before the high note it’s is going to leave her wanting more and it keeps you in her mind next you have the fake girlfriend right before the weekend go ahead and ask her what her plans are and when she asks about yours just say you’re hanging out with a friend and make sure you use some sort of girl’s name she’ll then think that you’re dating this girl and spend the entire weekend thinking about you and finally you have the bait and switch you want to message your normally for 3 days of the week but for two of the days in the week don’t reply to her at all and then on the other two days go overboard with messages and compliments this technique will have her second guessing how you feel about her and will have her mind overworking thinking about you trying to figure you out now you have to understand that by now you’ve increased emotional intimacy with the power of two technique you’ve shown commitment through future faking and double booking and you have now increased passion through sense and through making her think about you constantly which means you are now ready for the technique that develops the most important urge of all which is physical intimacy this takes us to number six touch with women in these five areas love will go into a whole new level when you reach physical intimacy but it’s also a risky game that if you do it wrong you can destroy all the work that we’ve done in this video so to help you develop physical intimacy without any issues I’m going to show you the five areas women want you to touch and no this is not just going to be my opinion and experience this is also backed by science through an Oxford study of over 1,300 women to start if you’re a complete stranger with this girl you have to understand that women aren’t comfortable with you touching them at all however if you’re a friend if you’ve already talked once or twice or you’re pursuing her romantically then there are five areas that the women in the study said they are comfortable with men touching now and level of least to most intimate these include their hands their arms their shoulders their face and their head the hard part’s not over cuz the hardest part is you trying to touch these areas without coming across as a creep so I’m going to give you the easiest way to do this you’re going to touch any of these areas right when you’re about to leave whether it is that you’re just talking it up with a girl that you know at school or at work or you just start up a conversation with a random girl at a coffee shop remember this when it comes time to say goodbye do so as you normally would but add a gentle touch to her arm if she responds positively then the next time you see her try half a hug and then you can upgrade to a full hug if she consistently responds well I need you to gradually increase the intimacy and physical touch in these five areas by this point if you have used everything perfectly on this list and have now completed physical intimacy you have now made this girl fall in love with you



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  1. Honestly there’s no magic words to make a girl fall for you. She’s either interested in spending time with you or she’s not. And after you guys hang out/went on the date. She either likes you or doesn’t period. Just be real in every single date you go on, don’t be ashamed of yourself my brothers. And keep the girl who loves who you are.