3 Tricks To Be Funnier (including five jokes you can steal)

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in today’s video we’ll break down some jokes from Ryan Reynolds and Ricky Gervais so you can learn how to make people laugh and love being around you there are two techniques you can use to make almost anyone laugh the first is surprise we laugh when someone subverts our expectations for example watch this clip of Ricky hosting the Golden Globes on a serious note just looking at all the faces here reminds me of some of the great work that’s been done this year by cosmetic surgeons that’s an example of a sincerity fake out you set expectations that you’re going to say something sincere then you undercut those expectations for a laugh here’s another example listen to Ryan Reynolds talk about having Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3. really I’m lucky that I get to work in this industry and particularly incredibly fortunate I get to work in it this long but I really want to work with people I either or that are either immensely talented or people that I love and that are I’m genuinely like best friends with and unfortunately Hugh does not qualify as either of those but but I am but I am excited because I’m A Logan fan these fake out jokes aren’t limited to just sincerity fake outs for instance anytime you’re asked a question with an obvious answer and you want to make people laugh you can turn it into a fake out joke for a funny example watch Ricky Gervais talk with Piers Morgan about gun control you can basically steal his setup word for word if they were fully sighted and used a gun just because they lost their sight why should they lose the constitutional right to continue having a gun yeah well it’s a difficult one but the short answer is because they can’t see what they’re shooting if you want to try these fake out jokes in your own life there’s a little trick you can do to get a bigger laugh take a one second pause before the punchline when you pause people unconsciously try to complete your sentence in their mind this makes it funnier when you fake out their expectations wetting your bed is embarrassing as a child but as an adult wetting a child’s bed is mortified if this seems like it would be difficult for you there’s an even easier way to make anyone laugh with surprise wait for someone to ask you a question think of what they expect you to say and then say the opposite how old are your girls now I have no idea yeah but you did take a pause for making movies because you did want to spend more time at home how has that have you been able to feel that I’m going right back to I’m taking the first movie I can find when you can’t think of the perfect opposite answer you can also make people laugh with an absurd answer is it true that puberty didn’t hit you until like a week ago yeah we started kind of being interested in girls you weren’t as that cool or smooth with it no no no not at all I don’t believe it no no I really I went through puberty at like 27. you’ve lost a lot of weight thank you have you done it tell me a secret steroids and AIDS now you don’t want to just say something wacky that makes no sense the key is to ask yourself what is the most absurd thing that could plausibly answer this question oh no but you look so calm I know I had some of your heroin thank you Beyond surprise there’s a second way you can make people laugh specificity specifically you want to create a ridiculous mental image in the person’s mind so for example instead of saying I don’t like watching the news you can say something like this the news is like these days is just like pouring piping hot lemon juice into your eyeballs here’s another example with Ricky Gervais if you just call someone pale it probably won’t get a laugh so listen to what he says instead but you have a go on holiday together can you imagine that oh it would be horrible just think of the pictures me looking pretty cool and sort of tired and the thing naked he looks like one of those baby fish you can actually see through his body as a side note once you find a joke that makes people laugh you can store it away as a go-to joke for the future comedians like Ryan and Ricky look quick on their feet but often they’re actually reusing a joke they’ve had success with before you aren’t the whitest man I’ve ever met imagine naked you’re nearly translucent yeah you can see your heart [Laughter] now let’s talk about a mindset that holds a lot of people back from being funny it’s the belief that you are a failure if people don’t laugh at every single one of your jokes this unrealistic mindset causes you to hold back from saying things that you find funny because you’re scared other people won’t laugh so you filter yourself which creates that feeling of being stuck in your head this habit of censoring yourself thinking what you have to say isn’t good enough is a poison that erodes your confidence over time you may not realize it but it’s the willingness to have a joke bomb that allows all the world’s funniest people to build their quick wit just as an example watch how many times Ryan Reynolds riffs on a joke before making everyone laugh I will shove a red card so far up your ass people will think it’s your tongue I will shove a red card so far up your ass will need a team of doctors to find my hand I will shove a red card so far up your ass you will be legally reclassified as a puppet good job guys in your own life you won’t get the chance to try three different jokes in a row but you can lower your filter not everything you say will make people laugh but you’ll see what works and what doesn’t and you’ll become funnier over time and you’ll have more fun and conversation now so far in this video we’ve covered a lot of sarcastic jokes the downside of sarcasm is you can accidentally come off as a jerk especially if you’re teasing people so what can you do to be seen as funny not a bully one factor in this is how people perceive you pick the targets for your jokes a bully is someone whose jokes always Target the weak or people they don’t like if people see you making fun of yourself too they’re less likely to feel picked on this is something you’ll see both Ryan and Ricky do often for example listen to Ryan talk about his Gin Company it’s an American gin a little smoother than our it’s British counterparts a little more drinkable uh wow it’s not like a pro yeah you’re actually good I really know nothing about gin if I ran the company for real it would be on fire um similarly Ricky Gervais is known for his brutal roasts but he’s just as brutal with his self-deprecating humor getting caught in the zipper does that does that mean this is him yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yes well that that’s never happened just one of the advantages of having a very small penis this doesn’t mean you should be the butt of the joke every time but if people see you occasionally tease yourself they won’t take it as personally when you tease them another factor that influences whether people think you’re funny or a jerk is what you tease Ricky Gervais is a professional comedian so he roasts himself and others hard but in your own life your best bet is to tease something that’s unlikely to be an insecurity for example listen to Ricky T’s Leonardo DiCaprio in this next clip and watch Leo’s reaction it wasn’t the only Epic movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood nearly three hours long Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere and by the end his date was too old for him so you should apply this kindness to yourself as well tease yourself for things you aren’t actually insecure about so you’re comfortable with other people doubling up on the joke this will depend entirely on your own level of thick skin and your sense of humor here’s a great example of this with Ryan Reynolds teasing himself well I think what makes other people laugh is me standing next to you anywhere because you make me look like Timothy shallow man so obviously Ryan isn’t ashamed of being smaller than the Rock and that’s what makes a great tease something that makes people laugh not something that creates shame at the end of the day you don’t want your jokes to hurt other people make your jokes a gift that makes life a little lighter if you do it right you’ll make the people around you laugh feel good and love being around you you also don’t want to be sarcastic all the time it’s important to show your kind caring side as well it’s funny he always makes fun of me always um and he he’s he’s also you know in a personal way but very very sweet to me like before one of these Awards shows he pulled me aside and said hey I’ve got a few things that I wanted to go after you with is that okay like of course there is a gentler side to him that people don’t necessarily what is wrong with with him there is nothing unfortunately wrong with Hugh Jackman the man is so nice he makes ice cream look like puppy murder uh he’s just the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and there’s nothing I’m afraid there’s nothing now you might think building the funny habits in this video will take you a long time or maybe you even think it’s impossible for you that you could never actually put this stuff into practice in your own life but becoming more well liked is much easier than you might think with the right blueprint you can become significantly more charismatic in just a few weeks if you want the fastest way I know of to take your charisma and confidence to the next level you may like our program Charisma University rather than tell you about the program myself here are a few things that past members have said one of the best investments in my life the content in the action guide have changed me radically I received the job offer three weeks ago the reason why they want me for this job your charisma and your ability to connect with everyone are rare and of Great Value thanks to your teaching I learned the ability to build deep connections and friendships it was worth the money in the past when meeting people I’d freeze and my mind would go blank or I couldn’t get out of my head now I feel the same confidence and peace of mind that I have with my friends come back back to me when meeting new people thanks to CU I’ve built a great circle of new friends your course has been life-changing to the point where I wake up in the mornings feeling like I’ve been transferred to a new person’s body the person I kept dreaming about becoming before I found Charisma on command it is incredible the program is literally guaranteed to change your life that means you can take the entire course and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny you can give yourself a full refund right inside the program if you want to see if Chris University is right for you click the link on screen now or in the description below either way I hope you enjoyed this video I really appreciate you taking the time to watch it and I hope to see you in the next one



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  1. My English teacher was a linguist in the military and he did this to us first day of class. He invoked in pretty much the whole class a specific thought then taught us how to use alot of these tactics in debates to win arguments. Good stuff

  2. Reading through the comments, I see quite a few where people are sharing the things they do, many of which go against the advice in the video. I have a few thoughts…just my opinion…

    Not everyone can pull off the same joke or action. What works for one may not work for another, for various reasons. The audience matters as well. A final thought on this: "Stealing" someone else's material (whether the joke itself, the pattern, a facial expression, w/e) can be seen as extremely bad form.
    People tend to be polite (or at least they should). Anyone who has difficulty discerning between genuine laughter & other types (polite, awkward, forced, etc) may want to look into ways to enhance their skill or to compensate.
    Anyone who ranks above their audience (a boss, elder, more popular person, etc) rarely should assume that they can "always tell" when someone's being fake.

    Another common situation is trying to spare someone's feelings, pretending they're funny or have "made a good save" after a bombed joke. …or they just may desperately want it to be over. Acting sheepish & apologetic, getting the sympathy laugh or a kind smile is rarely the best goal to pursue. Perhaps let it go, switch the focus, allow/encourage someone else into the spotlight to move things along? I'm sure this channel (& others) have better ideas than mine.

    Not everyone likes extreme humor. Not everyone likes all types of humor. Not everyone likes your type of humor. Know what kind of humor they like? THEIR type of humor. The kinds that make them laugh (when others besides you deliver them).

    Uncomfortable laughter can easily get TOO uncomfortable. Might want to read the room when dragging out the oooo stinky & naughty naughty jokes, slapstick, or the snooty pretentious stuff…or anything controversial &/or wherein you're being a jackass to someone else.

    Watch for body language, stolen glances, wry smiles, side conversations….& know who you can trust to truthfully, but kindly, lyk what's not working as well as you might have hoped.
    If there isn't someone, perhaps spend some social time looking for people who'll not just support, but appreciate you ☮

  3. I think most of your analysis only relies on the star performers whom the people have already come to listen. But the real world scenarios are different, nobody is waiting and patient enough to listen you. So it makes this necessary to be spot on in the first go, i.e., when nobody's actually waiting or even expecting you to speak up.

  4. How do people even come up with ridiculous mental images in the first place? Like where do they reside in the brain, because I apparently do not have those particular brain cells.

  5. I laughed at 4:35 while trying to think if "a puppet" is a legal classification of anything. For example, does one need a license to own and operate a puppet? 😂

  6. I love to make puns which usually get a laugh but then I'll start laughing and break down the pun which always gets a laugh and then I'm told to "get out" lol