37 Grooming Rules Every Man Should Know

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to be attractive as a man you have to understand grooming rules so today I’m going to show you 37 grooming rules every man should follow started number one ask your Barber to shave your forehead dermaplanning is a process that involves shaving your entire face to remove dead skin cells and your hair this results in smoother skin and better product absorption however dermaplanning clinics can be way too expensive so a quick trick to save time and money is that the next time your Barber’s lining you up just ask him to shave your entire face including your upper cheeks and your forehead with a straight razor number two use your jeans to sharpen your razors if you have a razor that’s dull old or it’s not cutting correctly I want you to stroke it a few times against your jeans and it’ll be good as new number three use the right sunblock for your skin color look not everyone needs the same level of SPF so to keep things simple I made a chart to show you the recommended level of SPF you need depending your skin tone color for those of you that have very light skin you should opt for an SPF that’s around 50 for individuals with moderately tan skin you should go for an SPF 30 or above and for those guys that have darker skin SPF 15 or above is more than enough number four never use the same moisturizer before and after bed using the wrong moisturizer at the wrong time can make your skin look worse so during the day you want to use a moisturizer that has SPF but also color enhancing ingredients like vitamin C while at night you want to focus on thicker heavy heavier creams that contain glycolic acid or retinol to help hydrate your skin as you sleep five women care about your skin according to a study run by the University of Bristol good skin is more attractive to women than owning a nice car so if you just think you have to become rich to attract more women do the easy one first get clear skin number six never brush your teeth without flossing first when you floss before you brush you help soften the food and all the plaque build up IM the between your teeth making it easier to clean your teeth properly to eliminate bad breath number seven if you don’t wash your hair correctly you’re going to those it you see during a study published in 2021 researchers found that when men didn’t wash your hair appropriately they would start losing it at a younger age so if you don’t want to lose your hair Prat surely you just start washing it and conditioning it every 3 days however don’t make the mistake of using the fful cheap products that contain a ton of heartful ingredients for example this is an all natural conditioner you can almost see like has almost like that Homemade natural quality smells delicious and it’s a conditioner bar unlike the stuff that you usually see at supermarkets at super cheese now I got my shampoo and conditioner bar from Havish and cold and what I like about the water is that you always get like this massage section as you’re applying the conditioner and this has been from natural ingredients like long Shang rice water which just hydrates and repairs damage hair making it less likely that I’m going to lose it early on so now going to leave it for a while keep going number eight you want to shower before you cut your nails whether you’re going to cut your fingernails or toenails what I like to do is I’ll step in the shower once I’m done I’ll step out and immediately cut my nails you can almost see your nail bits will be instantly softer getting a closer cleaner cut every time number nine the buzz cut is a right of passage every man should shave their head at least once in their life because you won’t know if it looks good until you do it and look if it looks bad then it humbles your character it gets you more confident but for most men it looks great number 10 never rub the products into your face when you rub products into your skin you destroy the Skin Barrier which leads to dryness and being susceptible to acne you should instead only apply the product with your fingertips in gentle circular motions and then highly sensitive areas like under your skin you can even use your smaller fingers just to lightly tap under this area to not cause any damage 11 when you condition your hair work from the bottom up most guys don’t understand how to apply conditioner correct and see I want you to grab your conditioner and start from the root of your here if you have short hair it’ll be the base on your hair and work the way down when you work from the root to the top you’re covering the entire hair shot which reduces the chances of dryness bitterness or any other scalp issue like itchiness or dandr now condition through Ro up can even reduce your chances of hair loss as you’re taking care of your hair properly providing that you use the right products cuz a lot of you will use products that have artificial ingredients and that’s why I love these shampoo bars from Hamish and Co bro these things are sick they smell amazing and they will change your shower G I promise you you need to switch from your artificial stuff to Natural ingredients the way your hair is going to feel after each shower it’s going to be incredible I’m going to have them link down below they have both shampoo conditioner and body wash number 12 use different scents for different events if you’re going off to school or work you should go for a light cologne with fruity notes but if you’re off to a date you should opt for something heavier that has Woody notes but just like your clothing your fragrances should align to the event that you’re going to number 13 never pop a pimple at best all you’ll do is push that bacteria deeper into your skin at worst it’s going to do that while also leave permanent Everlasting damage like scarring instead what you should do is buy pimple cream which is topical cream apply a little bit to it and then just leave it alone number 14 every time you shave I want you to shave upwards when you shave upwards most of the time you will be shaving Against the Grain which will give you a much cleaner appearance however to prevent ingrown hairs when you shave Against the Grain you should immediately exfoliate your skin and if you don’t have an exfoliating product you can literally just grab a little bit of sea salt and water mix it together and exfoliate that area to prevent ingr number 15 try multiple Barbers before you commit trying multiple Barbers before you commit to one allows you to try multiple styles to find which one suits best for your hair type and your desired hairstyle number 16 don’t use eye cream to remove dark eye circles it is a waste of money instead grab two spoons throw them in the freezer after 30 minutes you’re going to grab them and place them right underneath your eyes that cold metal against the skin will reduce inflammation and remove some of that blood flow to clear the dark eye Circle number 17 don’t shave the chest hair firstly when your chest hair grows back it’s going to be prickly which is super uncomfortable not just for you when you’re wearing a shirt but also when you’re with a girl you know you know but more importantly than that during a study where researchers asked women’s preference on body hair on men only 14% said they preferred men with their chest hair shape while everyone else preferred a bit of hair cuz it looked more mascular number 18 your eyebrows must be symmetrical see two eyebrows can add balance and symmetry to the face but only if you do it correctly so so to symmetrically draw your eyebrows on your face you’ll need two things an eyebrow shaver and some sort of comb or pen line up the pen into the middle of the nostal all the way going up all that hair past that line needs to go so you shave it off and then repeat the process for the other side and that’s it now you have symmetrical eyebrow number 19 I want you to use a body wash that does more than just clear your skin but removing dirt and bacteria from your skin it’s crucial any sort of soap can do that you have to also understand that a good body wash should nourish and hydrate your skin at the same time this is exactly when I look for products I’m looking for products that yes be creamy make me smell good but alongside of it can nourish my skin and for example for that I found no better product than the shower and body bar soaps Russ company called hand Coke if you notice a lot of my shower stuff is natural and what I like about handing Coke you got your cover not only with shampoo and conditioner bars but also body bars that’s smell incredible and are natural so now my Skin’s not only clean it smells amazing and you can also see it it’s glistening it’s Hydra if you want to change up your shower game you have to change up the products that you use I want you to check out Co going to be linked down below with the special discount is going to make it insanely affordable you’ll ever go back to re RAR number 20 always tilt your head back when you’re shaving when you do you get to pull the skin tighter allowing the blade to Glide closer to your skin so you can get that tight sheep on top of that you get a better angle too so you can actually line up your beard and also notice if you have any crazy long hairs too number 21 your bad breath it has everything to do with your tongue almost all the bacteria that can cause bad breath it’s not in between your teeth it’s all in your tongue so invest in a tongue trer these are like two bucks on Amazon to clear off all the white stuff off your tongue to have fresh breath number 22 never forget to moisturize these five Alias most men know they have to moisturi ize your face but they completely neglect the rest of their body and so you walk around with dry and ashy elbows knees and hands fix this you’re going to grab a bit of lotion and you’re going to moisturize your elbows your knees your hands your chest and your neck number 23 always shade the back of your neck shading the back of your neck is a bit tricky but it’s important to make your haircut look fresher that way you can do it in between cuts so to make it easy you’ll need a phone and I want you to open it up and put it on like a selfie one like you’re going to take a a picture of yourself and now you can use this to guide yourself so now you’re need a mirror in front of you plus the camera and you can better guide yourself as you trim upwards to clear out all the back of your neck number 24 always wash your hair at night washing your hair at night is a cheek cat because you get to remove all the JY bacteria that you accumulating throughout the day and then can prevent from transferring that into your pillow cases at your sleep which that’s what end up causing your mne however and for this it is important it’s crucial that you look for shampoo that’s strong enough to remove all that bacteria and dirt buildup so it’s not transferred into your bed while also not damaging your hair what I like about Hamish and Co is that they use natural ingredients and then you can buy a bar over all the shampoos and you can pick a bar depending your hair type so for example if you have dry hair I recommend this charred to truly one as that is going to rehydrate your hair as you was wash it if your hair TS to be oily which is what I’m using right now you’re go for the Citron and ginger shampoo bar which bro it smells like a high-end fragrance but it also helps control some of that grease that your hair produces and the cool part is that each bar lasts 60 washes if you get 60 total washes every time you buy one and with the discount below it makes these Waters even more affordable and you’re getting too much of use number 25 ditch the comb over if you’re losing your hair you have three options hair transplant take care of the hair or just shave it all together but never try to do some sort of combover or push your hair forward trying to hide your hair loss everyone can tell what’s going on number 26 consistently change your toothbrush your toothbrush holds a lot of bacteria and this this will make your breath smell terrible so make it a rule that every 3 months you change your toothbrush head this is why I love electric toothbrushes cuz literally you just have to buy the heads number 27 don’t use Liquid conditioner look liquid conditioner A lot of them are filled with arle chemicals that dry out your hair but also will make your hair fall out because of the mistreatment instead look for stuff that’s natural when it comes to your hair there is delic and all you need it’s for something that actually hydrates your hair these Hamish and Coke conditioner bar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen you get 90 days of you so basically 3 mons of use on this bar and the way your hair feels after each wash super silky it sounds like anything you’ll get from your regular liquid conditioner if you guys want to check them out again they’ll be link down below 90 days of you 3 months of use for more Ander this disc go go ahead and check them out number 28 understand the five rules of using a fragrance you see most men will waste their fragrances by using it wrong so if you follow these five rules you’ll always be good one apply it to skin never to clothing two apply it to moisturize skin right after the shower three never spray a cloud and walk into it four only use it on your wrists and neck five try and mix your scents number 29 your haircut should match your face shape if you don’t know your face shape then you can take an online test to find out yourself once you have that I want you to search up haircuts for your specific face shet and then take those images to your Barber so you can get the perfect cut number 30 stop using these cotton swabs they’ll just push bacteria and ear wax deeper into your ear instead grab a spray bottle mix water and soap and use that to flush out all the wax number 31 shaving makes you look bigger I’m talking about downstairs but also in your midsection I told you not to shave your chest but your private area your abs and your legs these you can shave as this is going to make these areas a look bigger and more defined number 32 let your body wash sit on your skin for 3 minutes don’t be the guy that just puts our body wash and quickly rinses off it’s pointless you’re not allowing it to clean your skin instead you want to let sit under skin for a bit of around 3 minutes so you’re not only clean cleaning and killing off the bacteria but also allowing the nutrients especially if it’s a good one like the natural bars that I use to absorb into your skin and you can actually see results like when you Rin it off and you’ve L it for 3 minutes your skin should feel soft and hydrated like this if it’s not doing this you got the wrong body wash again if you guys want to check out these Hamish and cold grooming bars you can check out all three a bot bar a shampoo bar and a conditioning bar down below there s bundles and there’s a discount code number 33 use petroleum jelly to smell nice for longer before you apply your fragrance place a bit of petroleum jelly on your wrist and on your neck the compounds will make the scent stronger but also help it last longer number 34 use the right hair product there are so many different hair products to choose from but honestly only three of them make men look better now here’s a list of the top five hair products from worst to best first you have gels this makes your hair look too greasy next you have hairspray which is better but ends up leaving your hair crunchy third you have styling cream which is a neutral allaround okay product fourth you have Clays and pomades which provide a great hold and finish to your hair and fifth you have texture powders which provide a great hold but also give your hair a natural texturized look almost as if you just rolled out a b personally I suggest you always use the three bottom ones I went over to always look great number 35 your hair is damaged by the Sun every time you apply sunscreen to your face once I’m done I like to grab a little little bit and just dab it into my hair a bit this is going to protect it from the Sun from Gray and also a hair loss number 36 use the right facial hair for the right occasion studies I found your facial hair will influence how women perceive you in different situations so if you are in a position of power and want to appear more trustworthy studies suggest that women prefer a clean shaven look if you just want attention on a night out studies show that women prefer men with a low stubble for one night stand however if you’re searching for a long-term partner or a wife studies show that women prefer men with a full grown beard number 37 book the first Barber slot Monday morning this is strategic one the barber shop will be empty two your Barber will come and refreshed from a weekend of rest meaning that you’re going to end up getting a much better cut more time and attention than if you were to book let’s say Friday night where he had to work a long day already and it’s going to be exhausted and that’s it if you follow these 37 grooming rules you you got everything you need to look better than your competition



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  1. Everything here is what my mom and dad told me when i was young even cutting your nails after a shower. My mom and dad taught me this before i even watched this video. I can see why they look fabulous when they were younger.