5 Social Skills SECRETS That Make You Attractive AF

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are you getting rejected or ignored by the girl you like good because now you have one of the strongest sources of motivation known to man however most men don’t even know how to use rejection as motivation so today I’m going to show you what to do when you get rejected to get out of the friend zone through the transformation Zone and make her regret her decision starting with number one understand the reality of rejection a lot of men see rejection as a bad thing but this is wrong this is exactly what you need to get good at attracting women and if you don’t believe me here are five celebrities that have been rejected publicly Justin Bieber was rejected by Jennifer Lawrence nael haran from One Direction was rejected by Katy Perry Chris Rock was rejected by Rihanna Harry Styles was rejected by Lindsay Lohan and Drake was rejected by Nicki Minaj now think about this all of these guys are at the top of their game they are millionaires and they have fans from all over the world and they got rejected so for you to Kickstart your transformation and get out of the rejection Zone you need to First accept that rejection is normal and it only becomes a bad thing if you don’t know how to take advantage of it this takes me to step two you have to eliminate 80% of the reasons why she rejected you I’m going to show you how to do this with the 8020 split which involves removing 80% of the bad habits out of your life while remaining or keeping 20% of them this is important as this is going to Kickstart your transformation and automate your journey outside the rejection Zone to start I want you to take a look at the 10 habits I’m putting on screen you’ll notice two things one there are some of the most destructive habits for men but two they are also the most enjoyable things to do now in a perfect world you would eliminate all 10 of these habits out of your life however I’m not going to ask you to do that because it’s impossible instead I want you to eliminate eight of these habits and keep just two of them for your enjoyment this is a system I use in my own life and it works for example I like to use a little bit of social media sometimes to unwind and I also got a sweet to it I love candy bro so I enjoy those two and I absolutely eliminate everything else once you do the same you can now Kickstart your transformation up until now you have accepted that rejection is normal and have started to eliminate 80% of the reasons why she even rejected you in the first place you are now moving up from the rejection Zone into the transformation zone now this is crucial because if you don’t do each of these steps you’ll never make her regret her decision this takes us to number three use the right clothing to look 60% more attractive the main reason women reject men is because she either believes you’re not attractive or that you’ll never become attractive enough so to Kickstart your transformation I’m going to show you how to boost your attractiveness by 60% by using the right accessories during a study researchers gave participants different pictures of the same man one with glasses and one without and asked which one they found more attractive intelligent and sexy the results showed that when a man wore glasses he was seen as 38% more attractive 35% more intelligent and 60% % more sexy than when he didn’t wear the glasses now when it comes to transforming your life and getting to the point of making her regret your decision you can’t just throw on any cheap pair of glasses buy yourself something that’s quality that’s going to last a long time because this is the type of accessory you don’t have to keep repurchasing every year for example the study that we just ran all the participants were wearing glasses from 95 the frames are relatively affordable more affordable than most of the designer stuff you get but they’re made with the same quality materials and most of them feel better than what you get at designer stores the beauty of them is that they’re custom made so they’re not your basic Rayban or aviators that everyone’s seen they’re conversation starters they’re going to get you the attention you want plus also make you look better now I needed to test this Theory out for myself so I brought out three guys to test this in real life uh excuse me I just want to say I like your outfit hey I just want to say I like all your [Music] outfits I just want to say I like I like the teli and the belt thank you I just want to say I like your outfit thank you can I just grab your Instagram real quick I’ll Le into it excuse me how you doing I just want to say I like your outfit thank so what you about to do right now run the rest of my errand okay I like your um your outfit thank you you have Instagram yes I really like your hair oh thank you I like oh you got racist too yeah by any chance you have an Instagram or anything I’m inv that so for those of you that want to take their transformation to the next level I want you to pick up a pair of 95 glasses which I’m going to have linked down below with a special discount that’s going to make him even more affordable and this is perfect for summer and for those of you that want to make yourself 60% more attractive number four learn the exact reason why she rejected you when it comes to getting rejected a lot of men focus on the wrong things as to why they got rejected according to science there are three things that women want the most when they’re looking for a man you see in a study conducted with over a th000 women researchers wanted to know what women wanted in men essentially they were like building the perfect guy they had five options but they could only choose the top three now the options were personality appearance attractive presence weight and height and public behavior and of the five options public Behavior was chosen 34.3% of the time weight and height was only selected 36.5% of the time which means these are the qualities that most women let go now we’re getting to the good ones attractive presence was picked 63.2% of the time appearance was picked 73.2% of the time and the number one trait all of them wanted was personality which was picked 92.8% of the time so instead of putting your energy on all the potential reasons why you got rejected you’re better off focusing your energy and the top three things all women look for in Men and don’t worry I got you see to help you do that I’m going to give you a three-step formula to help improve those three aspects in your life easily but’s start by improving your personality you’re going to do this by choosing the right movies you see research has found that movies has a direct impact on growth and personality on people especially young people I’m going to recommend to you my top 10 movies that I believe every young men should watch to improve their personality and also understand what it truly means to be a man one The Godfather Two Scarface three Fight Club four sha Shank Redemption five Gladiator 6 12 Years a Slave seven American Psycho 8 300 nine Brave heart and 10 Pulp Fiction if you watch all these 10 movies you will transform your personality and mental state let’s move on to the second part of the equation which is you will improve your appearance using angles the quickest way to transform your appearance is by adding more angles to your face as this is going to create the illusion that you have a more chiseled and attractive facial structure I’m going to show you two ways to do this instantly first sharpen your eyebrows to do this grab a pair of tweezers and tweeze the inside of each eyebrow so they start where your nostril start then remove all hairs at the end of each eyebrow so it aligns with the outside of your eye and the outside of your nostril any hair outside your natural shape of your eyebrow should also be removed now once you’ve done this it’s crucial you move on to the second step if you listen to me and you bought yourself a pair of glasses you want to make sure you buy them and that they match the angle of your eyebrow you see the angular nature of glasses will instantly add more angularity to your face making it look more structured when I wear glasses my face looks Slimmer and more defined now to do this yourself and to match the shape of the glass to the shape of your eyebrow properly you’ll want to look at your natural eyebrow shape for example if you have naturally straight and angular eyebrows you’ll want to grab something that are straight frames that are rectangular like the 21 lock model from 95 whereas if you have more rounded eyebrows naturally you’re better off going with a frame that’s also more rounded grabbing glasses can truly transform your appearance and if you want the best in the game right now that are custom in design that are great in quality and crazy affordable cuz I got you with a discount there’s going to be a link down below now the third part of the equation is improving your presence and you will do this by changing how you use your phone look most of you already have great present you’re probably a stud already and you’re only limiting yourself by how you use your phone for example take a look at these two versions of the same person everything about them is the same but but in the first take one guy is looking down on his phone whereas the other guy has his head up high which is getting him more attention from people around him so here’s a quick method to stop you from using your phone to increase your presence socially to start I’m not going to tell you to delete your apps or to get your rid of your phone altogether that doesn’t work instead do something simple like turning off all your notifications then when you leave your house you can either turn off your phone or put it on do not disturb and only turn it back on when you need to do something important otherwise do not use your phone to try to solve your boredom and finally put your phone in a bag so it’s more difficult to grab when you’re bored up until now you’ve learned everything you need to do to get out of the rejection Zone I’ve gotten you through the transformation Zone you’re already starting to look amazing but now you’re in the final stage which is making her regret her decision and all you got to do here is number five play the graded exposure game look when I was younger I was terrified to talk to girls but over time what I realized is that the more I did it the easier it became now this is easier said than done so to get you to talk to more girls I want you to play a game called the graded exposure game how the game works is that you will start with a small challenge now the challenges will slowly become harder up until the end goal where you talking to girls becomes easy for you for level one I want you to give a girl from your family a call it could be your mom a cousin a sister doesn’t matter now the point here is that it’s supposed to be easy but it’s it’s getting you into action but it’s going to get a bit harder number two I want you to text or call a girl that you go to school with or that you work with and it could be about anything it could be about work it could be about a project it could be about a missing assignment it doesn’t matter now here’s where things get interesting level three you’re going to go to a Starbucks or a local coffee shop and when you order your coffee after you’re done you need to ask her how her day is going nothing more nothing less once you’ve done that you’re going to move on to level four now you’re going to approach a random girl on the street or on your campus and just ask her for the time that’s it and finally it’s time for level five here you’re going to walk up to a girl you like or even a girl you don’t know and now you’re going to ask for her number you see it doesn’t matter if you get rejected because you have now overcome your fear of going up to a girl and talking to them because you’ve exposed yourself slowly through all the levels of the exposure game on top of that you just went through the transformation phase so you probably also look like a stud your confidence will be out the roof if you do everything I’ve told you you can use the motivation from that rejection to take you all the way to the top and make her regret her decision



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  1. The video discusses strategies to overcome rejection and transform oneself to become more attractive, including understanding rejection, eliminating bad habits, using the right accessories, and gradually building confidence through social interactions.

    Key moments:
    00:00 Rejection can be a powerful source of motivation. Understanding and using rejection positively can lead to personal growth and success in attracting women, as demonstrated by famous individuals who have faced rejection.
    -Importance of accepting rejection and leveraging it for personal growth and success in relationships. Famous examples of celebrities who faced rejection but achieved success.
    -Utilizing the 80/20 rule to eliminate negative habits and focus on positive ones for personal transformation. Practical steps to identify and change destructive habits.
    -Enhancing attractiveness by 60% through clothing choices, specifically the impact of accessories like glasses on perceived attractiveness, intelligence, and sexiness.
    03:30 Custom-made glasses can make you stand out and start conversations, enhancing your appearance and confidence, as proven in a real-life test.
    -Understanding the top qualities women look for in men can help improve dating success. Personality, appearance, and attractive presence are key factors according to a study with over 1,000 women.
    -Improving personality through movie choices can positively impact personal growth. Recommended movies like The Godfather and Fight Club can help young men understand masculinity and enhance their character.
    07:31 To enhance your appearance, align your eyebrow shape with glasses that match the angle of your eyebrows, transforming your face instantly for a more defined look.
    -Choosing glasses that match your eyebrow shape can significantly impact your overall appearance, adding structure and angularity to your face.
    -Improving your presence by changing phone habits can boost social interactions, such as maintaining eye contact instead of looking down at your phone.
    -Playing the graded exposure game can help overcome fear of rejection by gradually increasing interactions with girls, starting from simple challenges to build confidence.

  2. 2:27 well duh looks do matter so if it applies to a man then it also applies to a woman because whatever caught your eye is all based of sight and if u don’t stand out then u don’t stand out lol

    I don’t care who finds me attractive or who doesn’t because u aren’t going to be beautiful to everybody lol

    But I am to myself 😌

  3. If you're rejected but she keeps talking to you even when you feel like you don't want it what should you do pls

    And is it advisable you stop talking to her completely like someone you're really into and wanted to settle down with