6 Easy Ways to Get a Girl to Pursue You

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the easiest way to make any girl chase you is to manipulate two things her needs and her wants so today I’m going to show you how to hijack exactly that to get any girl you want let’s start with her needs first you need to become the guy she wants to talk to every day research shows that women need emotional commitment from a man as this is more important than physical appearance so I’m going to show you a simple way to appear more emotionally committed just by displaying active listening cues active listening as opposed to passive listening is when you use certain cues to show that you’re committed in that conversation that you’re interested in what that other person is saying and this has been proven to make men more attractive and I’m going to show you how to do it in three steps first you’ll want to tilt your head slightly to the right to expose your left ear why because a study published in a journal of experimental brain research found that the left side of your face is more attractive than your right side it also will show her that you’re listening step two I want you to nod your head while you’re listening and then I want you to repeat back to her one of the most important points that she said for example let’s say she’s talking to you about workplace drama so you would say something like wait a minute so your manager did that and didn’t even apologize you just repeat that most important part and third step the most important one once she’s done talking and it’s your turn I want you to pause count to 3 seconds and then respond by waiting you’re signaling two things one that you’ve been listening and two that you’re actually trying and thinking about your response both will make her feel appreciated which is what she needs I’m just getting warmed up because you becoming what a girl needs like that emotional connection will make her want you and I have a few more needs you need to cover and then I’m going to move into what she wants so you can become that as well number two say these words to show leadership look women are physically weaker than men we know this and this is the reason why they’ve evolved to always look for dominant men that can protect them especially in times of uncertainty so here’s three simple things you can now say to any girl to show her that you’re a man that can lead first let’s say you ask a girl out for a drink or a cup of coffee and she says I can’t because I have to get work done then you can text or say it’s only for 45 minutes I’ll have you back home two things are about to happen one she’s more likely to come because you’re showing dominance but will also be attracted because you’re displaying leadership qualities here’s the second thing you can say and say you’re out with a girl you ask her what she wants to eat and she responds to you with the infamous I don’t know then simply say okay I know exactly where to take you and say nothing else give her no context don’t tell her where you’re going and instead take her somewhere cool as a surprise that mystery is going to fill her with excitement and you taking control will show leadership again and here’s a third thing you can say if you’re ever walking on the street with a girl rather than just walking next to her her I need you to walk on the side of the sidewalk that’s closest to the road and then you want to walk slightly ahead of her by putting yourself on the road side you’re showing your protective nature and then by stepping a little bit ahead you’re showing that you can lead her which is exactly what she needs in a man three use the right clothing to show that you’re financially capable women want men with money this is no secret but that need isn’t just a number sitting in a bank account it’s about the confidence and the qualities that are require re ired for you to be a man that has a lot of money and look we’re all grinding here so in the meantime while you get there here are three clothing tricks to signal that you are a man of money even if you’re not starting with the first one you want to wear more shirts with collars on them for example look at what happens when I take a simple black T-shirt and turn it into a black shirt with a collar nothing else changed but I immediately look more important or like I have more money in my bank account so I believe every man should purchase a few highquality shirts that have a collar on them now depending on your age group you need to choose the right ones I suggest you pick ones in the active casual wear category so they’re not too dressy and they have more versatility that way you can now wear it out with your friends and also on a date the ones you see me wear here they’re a polo shirt but made they’re made with a performance fabric it’s from a brand called Primo the brand focuses on active wear especially like golf gear or a Leisure so the clothing’s designed very classy for example the that I’m wearing is 100% performance fabric it has all the stretch it’s super breathable and I would say it’s more comfortable than wearing a basic t-shirt step two I need you to start wearing clothing that has a tighter fit on the body and shows your masculine physique I was reading another study and it was showing that over 56% of women prefer to date men that are slightly older than I mean just look at the difference of these Primo lightweight joggers that are perfectly tailored to my body versus something that’s loose or stack the fit is impeccable and because it’s a four-way stretch fabric and breathable they’re extremely comfortable to wear now whatever clothing you have you can always take to the tailor and get it fixed that’s my number one recommendation however if you start buying clothes from better retailers you can avoid spending money at the tailor and have clothes that fits amazing just like this Primo like jogger and if you notice look at the tapered fit that it has as it goes down towards the ankle this is what it gives it that perfectly tailored look which makes you look so good and then on top of that it has a hidden zipper that you can unzip to change the fit or drape of the pants and step three stop buying cheap clothes that lose color after their first wash women find men that are well-dressed more successful which is what we’re trying to do but also more relationship worthy now to appear well-dressed you’re going to need clothing that’s durable and doesn’t break down easy of course the more you spend the more likely that clothing is high quality but again there’re smart retailers again Primo it’s in a affordable brand you’re not going to spend a lot of money and they have color retention properties in that performance fabric which means when you compare it to regular cotton that shirt will last longer during a wash and retain its color making you look like a richer man if you guys want a great retailer I would suggest Primo I’m going to have him linked down below with the special discount go ahead check out a polar shirt start wearing those collar shirts and see the difference it’s going to make now you’re everything a woman needs you’re her emotional comfort you want are her leader and protector and look and have the confidence of a man with money but to truly have a woman sexually obsessed with you you need to trigger her wants as well and that’s the second category we’re going to move into this is part two you will start by using the Benjamin Franklin approach to make her want to help you one of the most intense desires of a woman is to want to help a troubled man and it’s for this reason that even prisoners will receive Love Letters from from women they’ve never met so here’s how you’re going to manipulate this effect to make her want to help you first find any new scenario in your life where you need a second opinion it could be something like picking a certain subject or class at your University or whether or not you should take up that job offer then you will create a list detailing all the pros and all the cons of your decision for example if you’re accepting a job the pros would be the money and you climbing the social ladder while the cons can be all the commuting or the time you have to invest the Benjamin Franklin effect is simple when somebody does a favor or helps you out on anything your brain cannot resolve the conflict between them doing something nice for you and them not liking you they end up wanting you five only texter between 12: and 1:00 p.m. now with only two Simple Rules I’m going to show you how to capitalize on the desire for women wanting an ambitious man rule number one you will only text her between the hours of 12: and 1 p.m. and 7 to 10:00 p.m. by delaying your first text till 12:00 p.m. and then cutting off all communication by 10 p.m. you are signaling to her that you are prioritizing other things such as work if she asks you why don’t you text me more it’s exactly what you want it means she wants you more and you can just say you need to focus and to do that you like to separate time blocks throughout your day then I would take it a step further the times that you’re not texting it put your phone on do not disturb she will receive a message showing that you’re going offline that Curiosity and mystery of what you’re doing during those big time blocks will drive her insane in fact this study found that you appearing ambitious was more important for both the women and the parents of the women when it came to selecting a man over the appearance of a man rule number two only see her for 2 days a week by you limiting the days that you see her you will increase the desire of her wanting to see you and once again you will signal that you’re an ambitious man prioritizing work click this disclaimer do this only in the initial stages once she’s actually your girlfriend you don’t got to be a prick but this takes me to number six stop being nice and instead be kind women are not attracted to a nice man however science does show us that women love a kind man so I’m going to show you simple situations where you might be acting nice and how to act kind instead first if somebody asks for your advice you telling them what they want to hear is you being nice however you telling them the truth regardless if it hurts their feelings is you being kind in other words always tell the truth just make sure it’s respectful to put it simply kindness is about helping others niess is about pleasing others your mission as a man should be to help others not just to please them second when someone invites you to event that you don’t want to go saying yes is being nice but being kind is saying no because there is no point in you doing something you don’t want to do that that’s weakness and as a matter of fact I would say niess is usually a byproduct of being weak and third kindness involves you doing something without expecting anything in return while niess is doing something with the expectation you’re going to get something back so if you’re going to do something good do it and expect nothing in return and by you being kind instead of nice you will become Everything She Wants plus become everything she needs now attracting girls will be easy



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  2. 2:202:32 this is gonna press her and push her back even if she is close to you and she is gonna feel that you are overprotecting instead tell her take your time we are gonna meet again chill