6 style tips, watch it once and you will learn it

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the reason why you don’t look attractive in your clothes it’s not because you don’t have style it’s usually because you don’t know how to dress for your specific body type so today I’m going to show you six steps to look more attractive in your clothing so by the end of this video you will have a complete chart showing you what you should and shouldn’t wear for your specific body type now before we get into it you need to understand one thing throughout the entire video I’m going to be talking about three specific body types slim normal and large now if you want to know which body type you are here’s how you’re going to figure it out go and take you look at yourself in the mirror if your legs your waist and your shoulders all look relatively the same you’re probably a slim body type if your shoulders are wider than your waist and your legs you’re probably that normal or athletic build body type and if you notice that your waist is larger than your shoulders and your legs you’re probably the large body type now that you know this let’s get started number one you have to know the difference between baggy and oversized most don’t understand this difference which is why they look sloppy so to help you start looking more attractive in cloes I’m going to show you the side by-side comparison so you can understand what I’m saying to start most guys will think that baggy style just means grabbing a shirt that’s two sizes too large but when you do that it ends up messing up your proportion which is why that oversized Trend doesn’t look good on you as you can see the shirt is too long it goes past the waistline it cuts off your legs making you look shorter not to mention it looks sloppy on the flip side if you buy something that’s oversized it’s designed with features like a dropped shoulder or looser sleeves so you can get that loose fit without distorting your proportions for example this one stops at the waist therefore it doesn’t make the guy look shorter now once you understand the oversized look right understand that it doesn’t work on every build the oversized look looks great on average and large body types as you’ll look more filled and balanced out but if you have a slim build it’s probably not the best choice as it’s always going to look like you’re being swallowed by your clothing now up until this point you understand how to wear the oversized Trend correctly and if you should wear it for your body type but there are six more steps I need you to go through so you can start looking more attractive with your style and walk away with a complete chart of what you should and should not wear for your specific body typing this takes me to number two wear the right fitting jeans for your body type jeans are a must have in every guy’s wardrobe however the right cut can make you look more attractive if you pair it to your body type now to do this I’m going to break down the three most common genan cuts to show you which ones you should wear first we have slim fit jeans these ones get real tight to your leg from the hips all the way down to your ankles this gives you the illusion of longer legs and also makes you look taller they work great for guys that have a slim or average build however if you’re on the larger side it’s going to make your legs look too small because your waist is oversized next we have regular cut jeans these are my personal favorite they’re super versatile they strike a perfect balance between not being too tight but also not being the loose tread which means whether you’re a slim body type average body type or large body type these look good on every guy and lastly we have loose spitting jeans these should be reserved for guys that have average to larger builds they keep things super comfortable there’s a lot of excess fabric which is why if you have a bigger body type it tends to look better with you because it gives you a nice balance between your torso and your legs number three wear the right shirt for the right occasion look when it comes to wearing your shirts the tricky part is knowing what shirt to wear for What occasion so I’m going to break down the three most common types of shirts and when you should wear them first let’s do the standard fit and t-shirt these are great cuz they have a nice balanced fit they show off your physique and they pair well with regular cut jeans this is great for very casual events like hanging out with friends or going to get a cup of coffee now there’s only two things you have to worry about with a standard T-shirt If they don’t fit right or they’re constantly wrinkled which makes you look cheap it makes you look like you didn’t even try so when you pick pick up a t-shirt pick one up that is either made out of a performance Fabric and it’s also form fitting this one that you’re seeing right now is from a company called twillery the T-shirt feels amazing like I don’t know if you can tell just look at the fabric through the screen it’s insanely soft and look how good and fits on the body this is what a good t-shirt should look like it should build up your frame so you look more athletic and then it’s wrinkle resistant so at any moment the shirt always looks nicely pressed so you’re always presentable it looks like you act actually put effort even on casual events and this is great once you find a t-shirt this good you should do what I do I buy four or five white te’s four or five black teas cuz it’s a simple thing you throw on and you’re out the door you don’t even have to iron if you guys want to check out these specific t-shirts they’ll be linked down below second we have the standard Polo shirt these typically have a tighter waist but also build up your shoulders and upper body it’s also a step up over the T-shirt because of that nice structured collar and of course because it’s fitted to keep your proportions balanced you should also pair that with fitted pants the polo shirt is great for outdoor events barbecues House parties or even if you’re going out for a lunch date or a brunch date it’s a level up over a T-shirt and again if you get a performance fabric it’s also going to keep you cool and you won’t have to worry about wrinkles these again are also from twillery twillery is just my One-Stop shop when it comes for shirts because you’re getting quality stuff that looks like it’s almost custom it fits perfectly out the bat they don’t only just do shirts they got you covered with pants they got you covered even with suits if you’re looking for a brand that’s going to help you level up the cooling that you already have you guys have to check out twillery the polo shirts are insane just look at how nicely they fit around the arm this is a key feature I always look for cuz you want your arms to look bigger now third we have dress shirts these offer the most polished look like the one I’m wearing right now CU your sleeves cover all the way up to your wrist therefore you look more formal now like the polo or the T-shirt fit is crucial I would say fit is more important with a dress shirt than any of the other ones where you want those broad shoulders that tapers nicely into that midsection or your waist this you reserve for classy events right birthday dinners your first dates some sort of presentation job interview that’s when you wear this type of shirt you of course have to pair with regular cut pants that fit nice to keep those proportions balanced but fit is so important here I always suggest go get a tailor too even if you buy a nice shirt get a tailor to really get that shirt to fit nicely with twilling you get precise fits not only do you get both neck and sleeve sizing you also get shirts designed for different body types like extra trim tailored and traditional and if you really want to save on tailoring at least buy from a brand that you know the fit is on point now regardless of the shirt there is something you can do to improve all of them and that’s investing in a versatile suit that’s both casual lightweight and can be dressed up this is the air suit from twillery and when you put it up to the light you can literally see the holes through the fabric it is super lightweight but when you wear it it feels like Second Skin it feels Super Fresh if you guys want to check out this air suit which is easily the best suit in the market for someone that is starting out and that is looking for their first suit you guys can click the link down below there’s going to be a special limited time discount that’s going to make it even more affordable four only let one item in your outfit stand out I want you to take a look at this outfit now can you remember remember the color of that necklace probably not there was way too much going on so let’s switch that up for a different look now can you tell me the color of the necklace you probably can because you know what to look for but also because we significantly toned down the outfit to make that one item stand out more the reason this matters is because a lot of men try to stand out and look better with their clothing by mixing a lot of bold pieces together that just end up clashing with one another whereas classier men will go for a simpler look and just use one piece one bold item to enhance it so to look more attractive in your clothing try to keep your outfit neutral and then use some sort of bold accessory to enhance it however the right necklace depends on your body type for guys that have the smaller build go for a necklace that’s around 2 to 3 mm in thickness and 15 in or 40 cm in length this will be perfect for your neck size without making the necklace be too large for your body proportions now if you’re an average build you want your necklace to be around 3 to 6 mm in thickness as for length you’ll want to keep it around 18 in or 45 cm in length now if you’re a larger build you need to go for a thicker necklace anywhere between 6 to 10 mm and length should be around 22 in or 55 CM this will elongate your neck a bit but also be proportionate to the size of your body making you look better number five never wear these 10 things no matter your body type look there’s a lot of clothing to that looks best on different body types that’s what we’re showing off today my goal here is to make you look attractive in your outfits however there are certain pieces that no matter your body type just don’t look good so if you want to get respect from the men around you and attraction from the women around you you’re going to listen to your older brother all right this this comes from experience so to look more attractive in your clothes I need you to avoid these 10 style Killers t-shirts with any graphics luxury clothing with massive logos pants with icons or logos on them bro it’s it’s only getting worse from here low cut tank tops plastic sandals velcro shoes skinny jeans you’d think I’d be done but these last three I’ve never seen anyone pull off deep v-neck t-shirts jean shorts and finally ripped jeans look all of these items are either outdated or will make you look immature or a mixture of both so save yourself the trouble and avoid all tenements up until now you understand how to pull off the oversized look how to find the right jeans for your body type how to wear the right shirt for the right occasion how to use items to properly stand out and now what things you should avoid to never destroy your outfits but like I promised you there’s one last thing every guy should do and then I will give you a complete chart of everything you should and should not wear depending your body type number six use the right color for your body type color is often Overlook but it can have massive impact on how attractive your body looks no matter what body type you have so here are the types of colors that look best on each body type to start you have light colors like your red and your yellow these are best for men with slim builds see when a guy is Slim these brighter colors can help that guy stand out more in a crowded room because the bright colors will draw attention to his body this will make him look fuller less skinny and also more confident next up you have neutral colors this is like your black or your white this is great for men with average builds the reason is that when you have an average or an athletic build you’re not trying to look bigger or smaller instead what you’re trying to do is show off your physique and a neutral color palette removes that distraction from the color and fully focuses on your well balanced proportions that your body already has now finally we have darker colors this like your navy blue or your dark brown this is great for men with large builds they tend to make things look smaller less noticeable it can even help smooth out any unwanted curves so for guys that have larger builds darker colors will give them the appearance of looking a bit Slimmer and that’s it if you start following these six rules you’re going to start looking better in your clothing and like I promised here is your full chart depending on your build here’s everything you should and should not wear you start following this you’ll be unstoppable see you boys next time



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