7 Dark Psychology Tricks That Should Be Illegal (Lure Anyone)

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most men try to use all these weird pickup tricks to attract girls but that never works the key is to hack her psychology so she doesn’t even realize what it is that you’re doing so today I’m going to show you seven psychological hacks you can use to attract a girl you like first use the noble Edge effect to appear more attractive the noble Edge effect is when a person is seemed more attractive because they help a social cause and if you use it correctly it’s going to make you far more attractive to the girl that you like in fact I actually remember using this exact technique back when I was in school you see I had a buddy that was in the football team he was in love with this girl that was in one of his classes the problem was that because he was on the football team she assumed that he was an arrogant player type of guy what she didn’t realize however was that dude was actually a super nice guy he would volunteer on the weekends he would go to church it was actually a straightup dude so the next time that she was with us and he wasn’t I made a point of just asking out loud like yo where is so and so in which another friend came in and taged him and said oh yeah oh he’s volunteering here and the girl who originally thought that our friend was arrogant she ended up asking about it oh where does he volunteer what does he do and then we slowly changed her perspective into going from thinking he’s arrogant to something positive so if you have a friend that likes a girl or you like a specific girl grab a buddy and make sure you highlight each other’s best featur you want to mention any volunteering or charitable things that you do anytime that girl is around that way you’re going to benefit from the noble Edge effect and she will see you in a positive light which will make you more attractive two use the empathy Gap to escape the friend zone the empathy Gap refers to how our emotions are influenced by hot and cold State of Mind hot states are driven by emotions like hunger fear and desire cold states are driven by rationality and logic and so if you can put the girl you like in a hot state of mind you can change how she thinks about you and escape the friend zone to do this you’re going to approach the girl you like and then ask a specific friend of hers if she’s single if she is ask for her friend’s number and then walk away now this is a little bit manipulative but when you do this you’re going to put her in a hot state of mind that is driven by desire and jealousy and she’s going to question why are you asking for her friend’s number and not hers the next step is that you’re going to actually start talking to the other girl and it doesn’t matter if something happens or not cuz the key is to use that empathy Gap and that hot State of Mind to make the actual girl you like think about you differently and if that other girl starts talking positive about you it’ll make the girl you like crazy about you now up until this point you understand how to use the noble Edge effect to your advantage and how to use the empathy Gap to escape the friend zone but this isn’t enough to make a woman obsessed with you if that is your ultimate goal to make her fall in love with you you’ll need these next five strategies number three use jewelry to increase your confidence jewelry has a massive impact on how people interact with you which in turn impacts your confidence however you need to use the right type of jewelry to make this happen so I’m going to tell you what that jewel is and how you can use it impact to your advantage first when buying jewelry you’ll want to prioritize natural diamonds why well besides being extremely durable they sparkle better than any other jewelry due to their colorless appearance which will grab the attention of everybody around you second when you start wearing distinct jewelry like natural diamonds you will now have a conversation piece to start a conversation with the girl you like as now you’re wearing something unique she’s probably not used to seeing I would actually suggest you buy a diamond ring as a man because it’s something for sure most men aren’t wearing but it’s the most common type of diamonds women wear which means she’s for sure going to notice a you have it on and then you can explain why natural diamonds are special bringing us to our third and final point but more importantly above all this natural diamonds are rare and premium no two natural diamonds are alike and there is a finite Source Global natural diamond recovery peaked in 2005 and has decreased by over 30% in the last 16 years you wear something rare and premium you are guaranteed to feel more confident in yourself number four use suggestibility words to appear more exciting suggestibility refers to how we can shape people’s Thoughts with specific words and suggestions so I’m going to show you how to capitalize at suggestibility to make her like you more during a study investigator showed participants a video of a car crash the participants were then divided into multiple groups and then asked to describe the car crash using pre-selected words words one group was asked to describe the car crash using mundane words like bumped or contacted while the other group was asked to describe the car crash using extreme words like collided or crashed what the researchers found is that the severity of the words impacted and altered the event in the video meaning that more extreme words impacted how some people remembered the event so what does this mean for you well when you’re talking to a girl I need you to start using more extreme words when you speak especially when telling a story for example if you’re talking to a girl and you’re telling her about a funny story about your past say it was hilarious when you’re telling her a scary story tell her it was terrifying then she will remember and Associate all the stories and things that you tell her in a more extreme way which overall will make you seem as a more interesting and extreme type of person which will make you attractive at this point you are now using psychological hacks to manipulate a girl into liking you for example you use the noble Edge effect to show that you’re a great guy you use the empathy Gap to get out of the friend zone you use scarcity to increase your confidence you use suggest ability words to appear more exciting there are three more techniques I need you to know about to truly make her obsessed with you takes us to number five use the framing effect to ask her on a date most of us believe we’re in control of what we think when we’re asked a question but according to the framing effect the way a question is presented has a huge impact on our answers so I’m going to show you exactly how to frame a question to get the the girl you like more interested in going on a date with you first when it comes to asking on a date most men they fall into two different categories the first group will just walk up to the girl and ask a question like do you want to get coffee sometime which just comes across as bit needy while the second type of guy will make some statement like we’re going for drinks this weekend this this is too commanding so instead you should use the framing effect by Framing the question as if you’re giving her two options for example you could say should we get coffee or drinks this weekend by Framing the question into options your increasing the chances of her saying yes as she is more focused on deciding which one’s the better option rather than her focusing on whether or not she actually wants to go on that date number six use the Benjamin Franklin effect to make her invested in you the Benjamin Franklin effect is a tactic used by some of the world’s best leaders it describes how you asking for a favor will make someone addicted to you so here’s the easiest way to do it with the girl that you like first go to her social social media page and you want to check her latest story then message her and ask her where she was during that story for example if her Instagram Story shows that she was in Mexico you can send a message saying like hey is that Mexico what part because that looks insane now because story DMS are when girls are most likely to reply it will give you a natural Pathway to send her another message and now ask her for a favor something like oh wow I’m actually thinking about going there myself do you have any tips at this point you’re now going to be using the Benjamin Franklin effect by asking her for a favor in a way that’s completely natural and relevant to what she’s doing she’s probably also very passionate about it because she’s posting which means her chances of answering are high and now she’s invested in helping you to give you tips for your trip which will make her extremely attracted to you number seven use the peak and Rule to leave a lasting impression look none of these tips work well if you don’t finish this entire interaction on a win you want to know why because according to the peak end rule most people remember the middle and the end of an interaction over everything else so here is a simple technique to end every interaction with the girl in a way she will never stop thinking about it you see when most people go on a date they are desperate and getting that girl to like them so they end up being too nice which ends up looking way too needy this is unattractive so here’s how you’re going to change that first when your date’s about to end say that you need to go to the bathroom go to the bathroom then you’re going to go call your friend or text him and tell him to call you exactly in 5 minutes then when they do you’re going to pick up and automatically say that you aren’t up to much and that you would love to meet up with them right now you want to keep it Vue don’t say their name then you’re going to hang up your phone you’re going to get up say goodbye to your date by just giving her a hug and then walk away and then if she asks you which she will oh who called you or who are you going to go see keep it vague this will do two things one the vagueness will make her think that you’re talking to or going to see another girl and two because it’s the end of the day she she’s pretty much going to forget everything else that happened and for the next day or so the only thing that she’ll think about is how obsessed and jealous she felt then and exactly why did that even happen in the first place and just like that I just helped you out so she no longer sees you as the nice guy or the needy guy instead you’re going to look like the desirable man that’s wanted by everyone and now you understand the seven most important psychological hacks to attract the girl you like use these respons responsibly



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