7 Killer Jokes That Make People Love Being Around You

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today you’re going to learn seven easy ways to make people laugh and love being around you the first is a ridiculously easy way to make people laugh whenever someone asks you a question watch this clip of Bo Burnham and see if you can guess what the technique is you must have a lot of young people that say Bo how do I get into the business how do I accomplish what you’ve accomplished what’s your advice for young people I’d say well get deep breath and give up it’s that simple when someone asks you a question think of what they expect you to say and say the opposite this gets the biggest laugh if it’s something most people wouldn’t say out loud what about this environmental stuff you really are worried about it I am and I’m not I just also feel like you know it’d probably be a good thing if most of us died do you enjoy being a mom that’s all right as you just saw you can soften this with a smile or a laugh so people know you’re joking if you don’t want to go dark with your humor another great way you can make people laugh is answering questions using Looney Tunes logic what would the answer be If This Were a cartoon here are two great examples with Ryan Reynolds so and is she good on a plane she’s pretty good you know I mean you know it’s a long flight and I carry a blow darts up you know you know and then I just inhale one for myself I’m happy for for Paul because yay he’s possibly the nicest human being in all of Show Business um he’s aging backwards because of his contract with Satan and um or he only drinks breast milk from a blue whale or something remember for both these techniques getting asked a question is your cue when you’re building a new habit cues are incredibly helpful so you can go about your social life as normal and then whenever anyone asks you a question that’s your trigger to either answer the opposite or use Looney Tunes logic that’s how you build the Habit once you get people laughing the easiest way to keep them laughing is to double down on your joke this is often what gets someone to go from oh that was a funny joke to oh this is a funny person as an example listen to Ryan Reynolds talk about his parents the first time he was on Allen it’s interesting to look at them to look at them you’d never know they’re cannibals it’s like two normal people once he sees he’s gotten a laugh from the audience he doubles down you’re so proud of him right now and I have a sister once they if you do this too much you risk killing the joke but you’re almost always in the clear to follow up once or twice notice in this next clip how Sona laughs harder both times Conan doubles down [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] there’s a small trick you can do here if you really want to look witty add a little bit more specificity to the joke the second time where do you get your haircut I don’t this isn’t real this is scientists work on this this is a high density polymer that NASA invented this seems hard to do there’s an even easier way you can make people laugh double down on someone else’s joke but have you ever been time to just jump up behind a podium in front of your kids to tell them you know go to your room great using the great Barack Obama voice my fellow Obamas [Applause] the other person has done the work to find a joke framework that works in that moment they’ve laid it out for you all you have to do is laugh and follow it up here’s another funny example with Will Arnett Allison Brie and Seth Rogen for context they’re talking about the time Allison had to tell her husband about her movie called sleeping with other people it means that you had to come home and say hey look I think I’m gonna do this movie called uh having sex with other people or whatever yeah sleeping with other people like that’s like hey I think I’m gonna do uh I think I’m gonna do mass or G4 is that good is that cool with you Will’s done the clever bit and come up with a funny premise movie titles you wouldn’t want to tell your husband you’re in now Seth can simply steal that framework and get a huge laugh [Laughter] I don’t like this because you’re stealing their Spotlight but actually as long as you laugh at their joke first they’ll feel great because you’re showing you like their humor enough to build off it if this is the Habit that appeals to you the most in this video then your Q will be noticing when someone else makes you laugh now let’s talk about how to be charismatic if someone teases you many people get nervous when their friends tease them because they think it makes you look bad but actually if you handle it well then being teas is a fantastic chance to look confident and make you laugh I read that book yes it’s a chick book yeah yeah well you know [Music] know your enemy yeah there’s tons of ways to Banter back when someone teases you but for this video we’ll focus on what to do if you find yourself getting defensive it’s called the reverse defense when you catch yourself trying to look cool double back and undercut what you just said to defend yourself this sounds complicated but it’s super easy for example listen to Jack Whitehall get defensive about looking weird and then reverse direction to get a laugh yeah I found my Sketchbook from when I was at school and in it there was some drawings some sketches that I’d done off the rock because I was that obsessed with them how old how old were you were just him naked the key here is to use your knee-jerk reaction of getting defensive as a setup for a bit of misdirection here’s one more quick example with Sona and Conan Sona says Conan doesn’t know anything about cars Conan initially tries to defend himself but then he leans into pretending he knows nothing I have a lot of wisdom I do well yeah you know you know cars I do know cars that’s a car right there this doesn’t have to be limited to when you’re defending yourself this is just a specific version of the fake out method we’ve covered in past videos anytime you can set up expectations going one way and then go another you can get a laugh I came into my son’s bedroom the other night and he looked uh he looked really sad I said what’s the matter buddy because I don’t know his name I’m never home as you just saw the easiest setup for the fake out method is something that makes people expect you to say something sweet you’re a big let me tell you something yeah and I mean this I don’t care how many talk shows out there who’s hot who’s the latest whatever the end of the day on this network at this hour there’s nobody now if everything in this video seems too complicated you’re going to love this last technique because it doesn’t require any quick thinking in the moment first think of the most common conversations that tend to come up around you and then come up with some go-to jokes ahead of time you’d be surprised at how often the comedians that you think are so impressively quick-witted in the moment are simply reusing jokes they’ve told before for instance Craig Ferguson has a go-to joke for whenever you want to playfully Express you don’t like what someone is saying and you drink coffee when you bring pregnant you can I think you have a cup I don’t drink coffee because you don’t it makes me crazy how long have you been in Al Qaeda have you ever watched Doctor Who no I know really that’s interesting how long have you been in Al Qaeda I don’t like MythBusters I don’t I don’t there’s something about it like I just I have to turn it off if it’s on really how long have you been in Al Qaeda this is so easy but it gets a laugh every time here’s another example Kevin Hart knows that because he’s short people are going to remark about his appearance so he has go-to jokes for the situation sex symbol here’s the thing it’s like honestly looks like somebody drew me it’s like perfect I’m a sex symbol it’s hard it’s hard the goal here isn’t to Simply steal Kevin’s joke and parrot it this joke works for Kevin because it fits his personality so what you want to do is think of jokes that will fit your personality and Charisma style if you want help with that you may like our program Charisma University on day three of the program we walk you through exactly how to craft great answers to the most common questions you’ll get fill in the blank worksheets so that it’s effortless to know what to say and you’ll get exercises to help you get used to answering in a way that feels easy and natural that’s what’s nice about Charisma University we try our best to make the YouTube videos as helpful as possible but in our 30-day program we’re able to lay everything out sequentially so you know exactly what to do each day to become more charismatic now rather than tell you more about it myself I think the best way to let you know what CU is about is to let the members speak for themselves so here are a few things that members have written in the first is from a guy who is interviewing for new jobs he says I interviewed it dozens of places for jobs at medical school at the end of one of my interview days the doctor pulled me aside and said that I had hands down the best interview out of everybody and that they would love to have me at their program they rank me number one and it’s my current job another person wrote in about their social life saying it has truly been incredible I’ve instantly had results that seem insane so many more meaningful connections my friendships have improved and my interactions with total strangers are new exciting fulfilling thing I want to recommend this to everyone and this last one is from someone who says it’s been life-changing your course has been life-changing to the point where I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve been transferred to a new person’s body the person I kept dreaming about becoming before I found Charisma on command it is incredible I found myself and I found what makes me happy if you want to check the course out go ahead and click the link on screen now or below in the description we’ve had thousands of people go through the course and get a ton out of it and I’d love for you to do the same either way I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one



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  1. Acting serious when something that's totally absurd and hysterically funny happens and acting like it doesn't faze you at all. It's just a normal, everyday occurance for you. But then acknowledging the situation. 🙃

  2. This actually happened. I just finished completing a job for a body shop and needed a RO number for my invoice. I asked the service writer for it. He went to look it up and said, “I can’t even remember the guys name”. I said jokingly “ Lipshiitz?” And he responded without hesitation “no, but my butt whistles”. I laughed about that for days.

  3. With the fat orange man all over the media these days i just thought of something, has anyone ever heard him make a joke, no? It shows a very good personality if you can make others laugh without planning it just coming out with something funny naturaly..

  4. Was wondering wtf was going on? Guy's thinks being witty can be cheated 🤦🏻‍♂️, this is like those pick up artists trying to teach being charming 🤦🏻‍♂️, fake morons everywhere.