7 male habits that solve 99% of your problems

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there are seven deadly sins that are destroying young men so I’m going to show you all of them and how they destroyed the reputations of some of the biggest YouTubers on this platform starting with number one gluttony gluttony is when you overindulge in anything like food money or attention for the case of the first person we’re going to talk about it was all three Nicholas Perry or more commonly known as nikocado avocado started off as a normal kid like most of you watching I mean you can even see here dude was skinny he was in pretty good shape however he then started doing MCB hangs with his boyfriend because they were trending at the time which just became this machine to get more views more likes and more [Applause] [Music] money how is this funny how is this entertaining he’s not only humiliating himself he’s destroying his body now I don’t ever want you to end up like this in your 20s anytime you catch yourself overindulging in anything like food drug drugs alcohol pornography it’s a slippery slope where you can quickly spiral downwards borderline humiliating yourself like this guy just to get more of that fix this takes us to number two lust lust is when you have an overwhelming desire to pursue women and they can make men do dumb things like s or chase women every weekend this will ruin your life and it’s exactly what happens in the case of this next person we’ll talk about Adam John Grand Mason otherwise known as you’ve probably seen him as Adam 22 the dude’s a content creator he became famous for hosting his podcast known jumper however over the years it became clear to many of his viewers that he was obsessed with sex you just feel like this is what life is about is just putting your as many p as possible I mean it’s just not it’s not the end of theing Road I’m sure you’ve had sex where you’re like why am I here oh yeah all the time every week this is what people don’t realize when you are absent of sex because you’ve never had sex you think it’s the greatest thing in the world it’s the only thing you can think of but the men that become addicted to it they realize it’s not all that and not only that but they’re so addicted that they can’t stop even after they realize that it’s not even worth all that effort and then you start to realize there was no purpose to this other than ego yeah ego ego or you just got some inside that’s [ __ ] broken so you whether it’s the pills whether it’s drinking whether it’s women you could fill that void with anything temporarily but it’s still going to be there and it just deepens and becomes more clear because even those things don’t become enough this is how powerful lust is you can see it in the video they know it’s not good for them but they can’t control themselves and continue to pursue it now according to an article published in in Harvard this happens to most men usually because you have an overwhelming production of testosterone and low levels of self-control this is why most men can relate to this and why most men and need to fight against this lust because for Adam it all cut up to him last year July 2023 he did The Unthinkable by recording and releasing a video of another man sleeping with his wife for a little bit of cloud in money yo I have my own life there is nothing Under the Sun that you could offer me that would motivate me to even think this is a possibility but when you’re so depraved with lust and you’re looking for that next high anything becomes available you know if it makes me a cuck that I enjoyed watching my wife get by another guy and so be it I’m a cck and like sure enough I had like 10,000 quote tweets that were like yes you are a cck like which doesn’t really it just doesn’t really hit with me that’s the thing bro like when you let lust control you you need that next fix and like you saw it’s not enough to to be inside of another girl’s vagina it’s not it’s not enough they need a fix so what do they do he needs to watch another man do it just to turn himself on that’s crazy your job as a man is to protect your wife he instead decided to expose her and this led to his automatic downfall where he was on top of the world with his podcast getting millions of views and all of a sudden his reputation is tarnished no man respects him and you can see the downfall of his reach because people don’t connect with him anymore that still didn’t stop him from doubling down on lust so I do want to extend an invite that if you were ever interested in doing your first ever double penetration scene that me and Lena I I mean I I don’t want to speak for you but I feel like y would he be a suitable candidate can I tap him in I know imagine offering your wife your sister your mother to another man as if it’s like a big joke even Andrew Tate who everybody thinks is a misogynist wasn’t interested in Adam’s lustful behavior and you can see some of the comments you can see what people are are saying like this one that’s what a defeated man looks like so if you are in your 20s and you think oh that’ll never be me it could easily be you because if you’re just making girls your priority if you can’t control yourself and you’re watching porn five times a day you’ll notice that your own taste will become depraved you’ll start with normal stuff and then even your porn addiction will become more and more Twisted you need to control your lust I’m not saying girls aren’t important you need to be dating you need to find a good girl keep lust under control right now you should be Focus Fus on building yourself and those around you which is not true for the next person we’re talking about which is the third sin Envy you see Envy is when you feel jealousy or anger towards someone because they have something that you want in the case for Logan Paul it was his own brother’s boxing ability I think I’m better than you and I think Nate chose you for a reason I’ve worked with my brother for 10 years never once have I humiliated or him humiliated me in public like that like to to try to put your own brother down and say you’re better than them at something like you can have friendly competition amongst each other but in public as brothers as blood you should be a unified front what do you mean even in even in here but what have you done to prove that you’re better than me I don’t know went Toe to Toe eight rounds with the greatest boxer of all time bro he got his ass whooped by that guy that weighed half his weight I’m telling you right now weight class matters I’m doing Jiu-Jitsu right now I weigh about 200 lb when I roll with purple belts that weigh 120 lb even though they have years of experience my weight matters like I can use my weight to defend myself so for this guy to use that as an excuse like yo dude’s massive compared to maywe but you can see Logan’s Envy of Jake’s success as a boxer just by him talking by his body language he doesn’t want to admit that his own little brother is better than him at something now I do want to give you some advice here I did find research where it Show Low amounts of Envy can be beneficial to your own success as it can be used as a strong motivator the problem is that if you take it too far it can be extremely destructive to one’s relationships and reputation something that’s very clear for the case of Logan Paul just look at the comments of any of his posts for example for once I’m with Jake he’s the better fighter Logan is delusional you’ll see this across all social media so if you are in your 20s and you see someone around you doing well don’t be envious instead you congratulate them for their success and use that as your motivating fuel so you can reach your own for example take a look at George Jen most people are envious of Logan Paul and stay around him just for his success like his friend Mike he’s always around him trying to get some of his own success but George George wasn’t envious instead he set out to become his own independent Creator and go look at his own podcast that he hosts by himself it’s his own show it’s doing better numbers now than the podcast that he was on with Logan so you as men need to be more like George and less like Mike this is exactly why I created the content Academy in it I personally help guys like you learn how to become creators with zero following and build the business around it just like I did and right now we’re opening spots cuz I’m looking to Mentor more men just like you these guys are closing ,000 deals every month some of these guys are making extra 20 30 40K a year and they just started 2 months ago so if you think you got what it takes if you think you’re that guy that can build instead of being envious I want you to book a call with my team they’re going to see if you’re that good fit cuz I only want guys that are actually going to put in the work and if you are you can buy in into this private Community well I will train you to be a successful Creator say to in number four sloth sloth is when you become lazy and unwilling to do something when you are perfectly capable of doing more and Ethan Klein is a perfect example of how being a sloth can destroy your life you see Ethan back in the day I used to watch it he started out a great content creator with a lot of enthusiasm he was creating content with creators like idubbz and Pewdiepie 2017 want to be edgy PewDiePie I don’t you tell me I I come which package did you order I was kind of hoping you just be yourself this is you OG right here do not ask me to like your video before it starts or I will straight up YouTube hero the FBI to your house on child charges this was Peak Peak YouTube here like where you were actually putting effort but over time he started to become slothful he took time off creating content and then came back with the podcast where instead of creating content he would just sit back and criticize other people’s content sure by the way he starts filming now but or it starts now I’m pretty sure they’ve been arguing for for a while based on how that started he’s like you got to get in or out bro like I make you know $12 an hour I’m not trying to [ __ ] deal with your ass hey what’s going on man heard you all have Vapes here like he’s criticizing another creator for something he would do frequently and it was a light-hearted joke it was cool cuz you used to make stuff and now you just critique stuff and there’s a big difference between people like me and people like you damn like the dude couldn’t have said it any better right like when you go from making stuff to critiquing stuff that’s just you going downwards you’re taking the lazy route you’re taking the path of Le resistance and that is slothful now most people become slothful because they follow the same path Ethan do you start consuming more content then creating content which is why you as a man every day you should try to create something this will prevent you from being slothful but also could Propel you into a different career I’ll give you an example seven of the guys that signed up to my content Academy Less Than 3 months ago are already closing 10 15 20 different deals with 20 Brands these deals range from a couple hundred to multiple thousands of dollars all in their first couple of months with no followers you want to know why because they decided to take action and start creating rather than just consuming in fact some of the guys in my community have done it so well that I’ve already hired five of them to work with my team personally you see inside the content Academy you’re going to get access to my personal WhatsApp number as well as my team’s number had writers had editors people that I pay 100 200,000 a year in salary you’re going to get access to them so you can get advice from them as well but like I mentioned earlier this is not for everyone I also don’t want to overwhelm my plate or the time that my team has to help everyone cuz I want everyone to be successful so we’re only opening 10 slots into this community and if you guys want to see if you can be approved I’m going to have a link down below where you can book a call with my team number five Pride this Creator is a creator that a lot of people have encountered David do and he fell to the sin of Pride you see David Dober became famous for creating highly entertaining 4minute Vlogs where where he would encourage his friends to party more or do crazy things now because of those crazy moments crazy environments David would create many argue that he was responsible for his best friend’s involvement which his name was dong in a sexual harassment Scandal now this let the David creating his own apology video where what he did was deflected instead of accepting responsibility the other people I no longer film with I I chose to distance myself because I don’t align with some of the actions and I don’t I don’t stand for any kind of misconduct and I I’m I was just I’ve been really disappointed by some of my friends you see David had too much pride to realize he was wrong and so his video had so much backlash he had to turn comments off you know when they turn comments off it’s a blood bath in the comments and it also significantly affected his reputation now let’s contrast that with Andrew Tate who also has a significant amount of pride but he doesn’t let it get the best of him and because of that it doesn’t tarnish His image if you choose Pride over happiness you’re going to make decisions that you’re proud of and that people around you are proud of and it’s going to be better better for yourself and better for society and better for everyone who loves you everyone you care about I that’s the first thing you said that I disagree with you disagree I think the best thing a man can do is wake up and say what can I do that’s going to make me proud of myself and other people are proud of me as you just saw he uses the pride that he has for himself as a motivator to continuously improve on himself and take care of his family why because he has too much pride in himself to allow himself to just become a pawn in The Game of Life what is this pawn pawn this is what most people in life are Palms this is called a knight yeah a knight a knight like a horse you see yeah like a horse man that’s dope man I’m telling you as a father of a daughter you have these interactions all the time where it’s like you’re playing with them but there’s these little learning lessons where you’re crafting her mind to ensure that they also end up surpassing you so this is dop to see because you can see that he truly is working towards taking care and protecting of his family so if you’re in your 20s don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong to prevent you being prideful but on the flip side I don’t want you to abandon Pride entirely and just become a pawn in The Game of Life number six wrath wrath is an uncontrollable anger a sin that is often unseen until it’s like way too late which is the reality for the wife of the next person I’m going to talk about Steven Crowder he would become famous cuz he would go to college campuses and you know talk about controversial topics someone in a privilege of power let’s say a cop or an attorney or whatever they ask the question well what were you wearing that night that permeates which is [ __ ] by the way I’m so sorry and you think rape culture is a [ __ ] you this was like Peak YouTube at the time bro I would I would binge watch this is better than reality TV I don’t know if this guy set it up great stuff and this you know this stuff would lead to stuff like this no or even stuff like this as well were’re guilty until proven in innocent yes we’d be rotting in a jail but I I know of I know of a story just and if you tell look at his body language he would always keep this calm Persona which made the content even better but despite of the calm Persona that you would see on videos reports of his anger started to surface and then a video of him angry at his wife became public and it went hyperv viral I love you very much I don’t love you that’s the big problem I’ve never received love from you and the fact is when I go look I need to do a b c and you just be displ about it we don’t no but I love you more than life itself okay put on some gloves no but I love you more than life itself that’s not fair it’s not fair and it’s disingenuine Hillary you’re right R become someone as you make day in and day out worthy of a life worth no not of a life I didn’t say come on now I’m not going to that’s always a tough watch when you see it but if you are also a man in your 20s I need you to stop getting angry because that’s just being emotional most men don’t realize that anger is just another emotion and you being angry all the time it’s no different than you crying all the time being sad all the time you cannot be an emotional man this includes crying or complaining about where you are in Life or having a victim mentality because things aren’t going your way this takes us to the last deadly sin which is grief greed is that desire for money and material possession this will lead you down a path of deception and betrayal just like it did for Dylan danis you see before 2023 Dylan danis was known for his success in martial arts especially Brazilian jiu-jitsu however as soon as he started getting a little bit of popularity as a Creator he just let greed get the best of it rather than providing his audience with true value or entertainment which is what the reason they were following them he participated in 20 different pump and dump meme coin schemes I’m rectifying my situation actively you scammed youring audience on 20 separate occasions 20 separate occasions Community notes checked your ass bro okay yeah quote unquote Dylan danis has also scammed his audience on I Rue you every single time I tweet that’s embarrassing bro imagine Community notes on x.com telling you you’re a scammer like that’s going to follow you for the rest of your life bro yo you don’t read contracts huh no no I people to do that for me buddy for scamming where were those people when you got caught for scamming I didn’t scam nobody literally signed a contract that said I am agreeing to scamming my Audi back bro this guy is so slow and it was for a couple Grand too he was so full of greed he signed a contract where it literally stated I’m going to scam my audience with this coin that’s insane and you can see that when he’s confronted with these scams he just deflects now the problem with greed is that it never stops you’ll always need more and now when you mess your reputation you will forever be known as an untrustworthy scammer no one’s going to want to work with you similar to Envy greed is needed for Success you just can’t allow it to control you as a matter of fact a little bit of greed is a good thing as it can drive ambition for you to pursue more in your life this is exactly what happened to one of the guys that joined my content Academy so I’ve been part of the school for I want to say maybe three three or 4 months I’ve been making content for maybe five or 6 years and I never really made like a lot of money I never actually worked with Brands uh until I joined the school and I really learned how to maneuver more as a business than a content creator and learn how to sell myself to other brands I’ve landed about 12 to 15 deals since joining the school and just last week I landed my first four figure deal which is amazing after joining the school learning from Jose learning from the entire Community it’s been amazing if you really want to make money in this space the fastest way possible this is probably your best bet you can see a little bit of greed is natural in fact it’s fuel for ambition you need to take the route of providing value this is something I explain deeply in my content Academy me as that is where that shift happens you can be greedy but as long as you provide value now you’re no longer considered greedy now you’re just ambitious so there you have it the seven deadly sins you need to watch out for and stop indulging in your 20s so you don’t ruin your life



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