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have you ever felt so captivated by someone that you couldn’t stop thinking about them it’s like everything you do or think is connected to them and you find yourself imagining what it would be like to be together all the time this phenomenon is very powerful and sometimes it feels like we’re delving into the Realms of dark Psychology today we’re going to discuss some strategies that can make someone feel this way about you however please note the these strategies are controversial and should be used with Extreme Caution and ethical consideration They’re Not Mere tricks but rather highly potent psychological tools capable of deeply influencing a person’s emotions and thoughts so if you’re ready to explore the deepest and most mysterious aspects of Seduction and attraction psychology this video is for you together let’s uncover some tactics that can make someone think of you constantly yearning to be by your side but remember what you’ll learn here must be used judiciously and always with respect for the other person’s will and freedom selective reciprocity you know when someone offers you attention or affection from time to time not all the time that’s what we call Selective reciprocity it’s like a game of surprises sometimes you receive a hug or a compliment and other times you don’t so you’re left waiting wondering when the next time will be this Behavior can make us somewhat emotionally dependent because we always crave more of those special moments the thing is people generally like to give back when they receive something nice right so when that attention or affection is given sporadically it creates a kind of cycle where we want more it’s a bit like playing a board game and not knowing what the next move will be that keeps the fun and interest alive but look it’s important to handle it with care if we misuse this strategy it can leave the other person feeling confused or even stressed imagine if you’re playing with someone and that person keeps changing the rules all the time wouldn’t be pleasant right similarly it’s essential to respect the other person’s feelings when used with good intentions selective reciprocity can help maintain an exciting relationship like tending to a fire to keep it from extinguishing but it always has to be honest and respectful okay intensified emotional connection intensified emotional connection is when you create a very strong sense of closeness with someone in a short time it’s like you’re opening your heart and sharing very personal things Secrets or deep feelings you know this makes the other person feel special as if you’ve chosen them to know a very intimate part of you this technique works because deep down we value what’s rare and personal so when someone one shares something like that with us it creates a special bond it’s like they’re building a bridge between the two of you and when you open up that way you end up inviting the other person to do the same to also share their own personal and vulnerable things but here’s the thing you can’t force a true emotional connection just because you want it to happen fast if you try to do that you risk it all being a bit superficial and ultimately unsatisfying and another important thing is not to use emotional vulnerability manipulatively because that can hurt people so while creating an intense emotional connection can be great for making a good first impression relationships that truly last and are meaningful are those built slowly over time with patience and mutual care it’s like building a house it needs a good foundation which is trust and many bricks of genuine affection built with shared experiences and constant support emotional contrast emotional contrast is when you play with the ups and downs of feelings creating a sort of emotional roller coaster sometimes you’re very close to the person and other times you step back a bit scarcity the scarcity technique is based on the idea that people tend to Value more what is rare or hard to get when applied to personal relationships this technique gives the impression that your time attention and affection are limited resources and therefore more valuable by showing that you’re not always available a sense of appreciation is created every time you’re present this makes every moment together more special and desired however you have to be careful not to overdo it if you appear too distant the other person may interpret it as disinterest or lack of attention the secret is to be genuinely busy and have an interesting life rather than pretending to be busy just to seem more attractive solid and healthy relationships need presence and commitment if you use scarcity excessively you can undermine trust and connection between you so while scarcity can be useful for sparking initial interest it’s important to use it in moderation and always with honesty because true attraction and connection come from genuine and reciprocal exchange not calculated availability games intermittent validation intermittent validation is when you praise or acknowledge someone irregularly at unexpected moments this creates a sense of anticipation and desire because the person is more attentive and strives to receive more of those Praises when validation comes intermittently it makes the person value it even more when they finally receive that recognition this strategy can keep the person constantly expecting wondering when the next moment of recognition will be and theoretically this can make them strive harder to please or impress you in hopes of receiving more validation but it’s important to note that using this tactic to manipulate someone’s emotions is unethical validation should be a natural response to genuine and positive interactions not a prize given occasionally just to maintain someone’s interest building a relationship based on mutual respect and constant appreciation is much healthier and sustainable in the long run than relying on emotional games and uncertainties mystery and ambiguity maintaining an air of mystery can be an intriguing strategy in interpersonal relationships by not revealing all your thoughts feelings or details about your life right away you invite the other person to delve deeper ask questions and want to discover more about you this deliberate ambiguity can stimulate curiosity and keep interest over time as it leaves room for exploration and fantasy when managed subtly this sense of enigma can add an exciting Dimension to the interaction encouraging the other person to actively engage in the Treasure Hunt that is getting to know you it can lead to the moments you spend together feeling as if they’re filled with possibilities and hidden meanings intensifying the emotional connection they feel for you however it’s essential that the mystery doesn’t turn into secrecy or deceit ambiguity should be an invitation to get to know each other at a measured and thoughtful Pace not a barrier to genuine intimacy ultimately a balanced dose of mystery can make relationships more Dynamic and attractive as long as it’s based on honesty and mutual respect point of focus technique the point of focus technique involves becoming the epicenter of the other person’s meaningful and emotional experiences by being the source of intense emotions and memorable moments you naturally become associated with feelings of Joy excitement and satisfaction this method is powerful because humans tend to remember and long for the sources of our deepest emotions and if you can position yourself as such you’re likely to evoke a strong sense of Attraction and connection however as with all psychological influence techniques it’s crucial to proceed with integrity and consideration the goal should be to create positive and enriching experiences not to manipulate or cause harm the purpose of being a focal point is to share genuine moments that naturally make people want to relive them with you not to trap them in a cycle of emotional dependency when applying this technique do so with the intention of building a bond based on shared quality experiences that contribute to m Mutual growth and happiness in this way you promote a connection that is both sustainable and reciprocal and thus we conclude our journey through the techniques of dark psychology that can generate psychological Obsession remember knowledge is powerful but with great power comes great responsibility use what you’ve learned today wisely always prioritizing consent and the well-being of all involved if you found this content in ining and wish to continue exploring the intricate Paths of the human mind and relationships be sure to subscribe to our channel here we will continue to provide valuable information to Enlighten and improve your social interactions don’t forget to like this video subscribe and enable notifications so you won’t miss any future content I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly 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