7 Things You Should Always Keep Private (Become a Real Man)

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in the book The 48 Laws of Power it states that the less you say the more intimidating and Powerful you become always say less than necessary this for men becomes powerful so today I want to show you seven things you should never tell anyone first the girl you like you should never tell anyone about the girl you like and I know what you’re thinking well you want to share everything with your friend but this way of thinking can lead them to stealing the girl that you love let me explain in Robert Green’s book law two states you should never put too much trust in friends and instead learn how to use enemy the key here is that your friends as much as you think that they have your back will undermine you if it benefits them and this is especially true when it comes to women as men are easy to manipulate for two reasons one they want a girl that other men find attractive and two they are competitive so when you tell them who you like you’re making that girl more desirable which will make them want her as well and because human nature makes us want what we can’t have that desire we’re burn inside of them and want that girl even more which will result in them undermining you and getting the girl that you like so what I suggest is never tell anyone who you like and instead tell them you like some other girl that way if they go after her it won’t matter and it’s also going to benefit you because now you’ll know who your true friends are number two never tell anyone your opinion you see most men are so hungry for validation that they’re eager to blurt out their opinions but this will work against you because just as outlined in law number number nine you should instead win through your actions and never through argument just take a minute to think about it how many times have you heard of a friend talking about how he’s so good at getting girls only to find out that he never gets any attention from them you probably will think less of him because he’s all talk and no show now I want you to compare that to another man who you know gets a lot of girls but he never talks about it you’ll probably have a lot of respect for him the key here is that you should not talk about something you don’t have a lot of success in or any experience with it’ll make you appear weak so instead of telling people your opinions left and right show people What You’re Made Of through your actions so up until now you’re going to stop telling people who you like and you’re going to stop telling people your opinion automatically you’re going to feel more in control and you’re already starting to see that you’re going to look like a much stronger man but all of that can be destroyed and go away if you tell somebody this next thing number three never let anyone know that you’re addicted to something your vices their negative behaviors that you used to relax in law number five states so much depends on reputation so you should guard it with your life for some it’s drinking or playing video games so instead of telling people your vices I’m going to show you how to eliminate them yourself first you need to understand that most men fail to quit addictions because they just remove it all of a sudden without replacing it you have to understand that even the strongest addictions in the world can be defeated if you give your brain an alternative you can replace it with something like fume this is a flavored air device meaning it will help you quit because you’re giving your brain an alternative that same action that same habit you have of fidgeting with something sucking on something you’re replacing it with a better alternative here you can replace the flavor cartridges to whatever flavor you want with you you insert it in and you’re essentially just breathing in flavored air second I want you to tackle your Vice and silence because remember you need to guard your reputation with your life and when you don’t share what your vices and your weaknesses are and you deal with them in silence you will be seen as a man that is in total control and others will respect you for that because they themselves don’t have that same control especially when it’s substances now of course but they don’t realize is all the work that you’re doing behind the scenes dealing with all of your weaknesses or addictions and that is for a good reason because then in the future when somebody comes to you for help for their Vice you’re going to be able to help them from a position of knowledge which will even further improve your reputation and they come to you for help cuz they realize you quit all of a sudden you can then give them the advice yeah I just used a non-addictive device like this one from fume just to trick my brain into that same habit and be able to overcome the vice number four you should never tell people your goals bro I remember when I was back in college I knew this dude he would always tell people his goals like oh yeah I’m going to lose all this weight by summer I’m going to get a six pack oh oh yeah I’m going to start this new business oh yeah I just started Forex Trading I’m going to become a millioner by the end of the funny thing is I remember every scheme he ran he never achieved any of it but I remember at the time it got me thinking is he failing at everything because of who he is as a person or because he’s telling everyone this is this is what got me to law number three from the 48 Laws of Power it states that you should conceal your intentions you see according to research telling people your goals and Ambitions kills your motivation to actually try to reach them the reason is that it tricks you into thinking that you’ve already completed it and it gives your brain some satisfaction not only that most people don’t like being reminded of their shortcomings which means that if you go on and tell people oh yeah I’m going to quit alcohol you’re going to find that all your friends that still drink alcohol are going to try to entice you more and more and more cuz they don’t want to be reminded of their own shortcoming so the key is to never tell people your goals until you’ve completed them and also have a strategy in place to know how to complete them or if somebody tries to tempt you if you have that backup plan that you know you can rely on like that fume stick because it helps satisfy that addiction you’re good to go boys if you guys want to check out few I’m going to have it linked down below because it’s a natural solution that can help you defeat one of the worst vies destroying young men today and if it’s not you and you know of a buddy or a brother or a family member that’s steal with him I would recommend them fume as well there’s also going to be a special discount code that’s going to make it even more affordable cuz I really want you to start tackling these vices and overcoming them number five you should never tell people what your body count is you have to understand there’s two types of men in this world first type uses their body count as a badge of honor right to to make themselves feel better amongst other men the second group keeps it to himself you see how the first group will appear weak while the second group appear strong you want to know why because of law 27 play on people’s need to believe to create a cult like following let me explain I want you to picture that first type of guy who when asked how many people he slept with he proudly responds bro I’m at 121 bodies bro damn believe that man he appears weak needing for attention like he’s overcompensating then I want you to picture the second type of guy who utilizes Lot 27 and he simply States bro I’ve slept with enough women to know that it doesn’t matter too much for my confidence bro you know me that dude might have a zero body count but by seeing that just appears more confident more sure of himself you see as shown in LW 27 people need something to believe it and when you don’t give them that they tend to exaggerate and fill in the blanks meaning that in their head they’re going to hold you above that other person purely because you have kept things vague and mysterious so the next time body count comes up in a conversation you keep quiet and you tell no one up until now you’re going to stop telling people who you like you’re going to stop telling people your opinion you’re going to stop telling them your vices you’re going to stop telling them your goals and you’re going to stop telling them your body count that alone will already make you appear stronger and more competent as a man but there’s two last things that I want you to stop telling anyone to truly recreate your image this takes us to number six you need to stop telling people how hard you work this is problematic even if you are a hard worker you need to follow law 30 make your accomplishments seem effortless and I’m going to show you how to do it who works hard on me or you me 100% how do you know that you just can’t be working 18 hours a day every day the way I am you don’t really know anything about me you guys see how hard I’m working now think about what I was doing when I didn’t have it I feel like you would have succeeded no matter one and I guess it depends on how you define success too no I don’t think so I was lucky luck has more to do with life than we might think so you’re going to do the same thing the next time you do something impressive like get a good grade on an exam perform well in a sports game shoot even perform on a video game or your business had the best month ever you will simply perform well in life win and then continue with your life as if nothing happened by doing that you’ll make it seem as though winning is something that comes natural to you people will then assume that you’re more talented than everybody else and that makes you powerful which takes me to number seven never tell anyone what you’re good at everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses and we’ve already discussed why you shouldn’t tell weaknesses like your vices but you should also never tell anyone your strengths and here’s why law 11 states that you should learn to keep people dependent on you so if you’re working for someone or with someone you should never let them know your strength if they ask how have you done such a great job or how are you doing so well just say you’re not sure one of the laws is I think the most important basically make people dependent on you you don’t want to appeal to people’s love to the fact that they like you that’s key so many guys are desperate to be liked and they think that’s how they make people people addicted to them but it’s not that they need you because if they love you love is a very tenuous emotion exactly right forget about love you need them to need you it doesn’t work very well in the work situation causes all kinds of problems they’ll get rid of you tomorrow even though they like you but if they need you it’s like pulling out all of these roots of a plant to get rid of you it’s going to cause all kinds of damage all over the place yes I can tell you as a business owner I can like someone but if I don’t think I need them in the corporation I will get rid of them but if I need them if they’re a structural member of the company I don’t care how much I don’t like you I will move mountains to keep you on board so don’t tell people your strengths because by doing this you’re also telling them what your secrets are and you need them to need you to be dependent on you and now you understand that if you keep these seven things silent and you stop telling people then you will win at everything that you do



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  1. This has changed my life thank you very very very much 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. I started to doubt there is such thing as "Friend" because one time I asked him how to get a girlfriend (he knows how to approach girls) and he just making excuses for not telling me, does that mean he is hiding his strenght?

  3. I've known not to tell anyone who I like, it's so stupid. The reason why I learned this was because me personally I never had anything happen because of it, but I've seen so many people go behind others back and go tell everyone they know when they promise they won't tell anyone. Reminds me of a quote

    "Smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from the mistakes of other."

  4. As far as not telling people your goals what if you’re taking courses toward those goals what should you tell family members in case they ask you what courses are you taking?

  5. Jose helps me a lot about how to wear how to speak and what to do around women listening to Jose helps me a lot and my body physique is changing I'm becoming a little Jose πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚