7 things you should quietly eliminate from your life

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your life is cluttered and stressful and this is destroying your brain and the problem is that most men try to add things to try to fix their life but what you don’t realize is that improving your life has more to do with what you remove than what you add so today I’m going to show you seven things you should quietly remove from your life starting with number one delete someone else’s goals you know those goals that you’re putting on yourself that aren’t even yours finish school get a girlfriend right now Etc well they’re destroying your brain and your ability to perform as a man you see research analyzed how money problems and pressure affected men and how they would harm themselves they studied the data of over 34,000 adults in the US over a few years what they found is that those men that experienced money stress were more likely to harm themselves or think about it later on example those who had low incomes were more likely to attempt suicide or at least think about it over those that didn’t have money problems a lot of men will validate their worth based upon what they achieve in life which usually comes from goals that are placed on them from family members or Society so what I need you to do is to sit down and write all those long-term girls that you currently are working for or have and I need you to start removing all the ones that you don’t want to do however this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any goals you should immediately replace them with the goal that you know you want even if it’s difficult for example becoming a big content creator or maybe it’s building a business as opposed to being a doctor or becoming a lawyer two chasing lowquality women so now you understand why you should delete other people’s goals and why you need to remove them but there is something that causes way more stress and men don’t realize it and it affects all men lower class middle class and even upper class men and that’s lowquality women you see a highquality woman will support you push you forward and become a better man when I found her I married her and this is important for you to locate because Columbia University found that those men that are in committed healthy long-term relationships end up living longer and earning more throughout their lifetime you want know why I’ll tell you from firsthand experience when you have a highquality woman she supports you when you have a lowquality woman she will prevent you from chasing your dreams or improving on yourself so I’m going to give you my personal red flag checklist if she has These Girl’s probably not it first does she party every weekend does she finish all her days with wine does she have provocative images online she gets physical when upset she has a terrible relationship with her father she belittles you in front of others she’s friends with her ex she has cheated on a boyfriend before she loves to play games and then on top of all of that she expects you to pay for everything now if you find a girl that does three or more on this list run the other way no matter how good-looking she is she’s just not worth your time if she has between one and three of these then it’s it’s worth messing around maybe dating her for a while but definitely not marryed but if she has one or none of these that is a highquality woman that you should consider for a long-term relationship are you getting it now it’s not about what you add to your life but it’s about what you subtract from your life that’s going to make you better so I don’t want you to just stop in these two I have five more things I need you to remove from your life three Doom scrolling on social media science shows that when you are glued to your screen your brain is working overtime and this will negatively impact your ability to process new information so I’m going to rewire your brain so you can change that first I want you to go into your phone settings and look at what your average screen time is then I want you to look at your country’s minimum wage you will multiply your average screen time by your country’s minimum wage let me give you an example for me my average screen time is around 4 hours and 23 minutes minimum wage here in America is $725 an hour which means at a minimum I’m wasting around $50 of time every day on my phone now granted I’m usually on my phone cuz I’m working but for the average American who is just Doom scrolling on social media that is the cost of our spent that you are wasting on your mobile device and let’s be honest here some guys watching this might end up spending up to 8 hours a day on their phone just imagine for a second if you had used all that time to create rather than consume if you do that your brain’s performance would be improving and then you would be like the seven students that are in my content Academy right now a lot of them are closing $1,000 $22,000 deals with zero following cuz that’s what I’m showing them to do I don’t want you to just be a watcher a consumer I want you to be a creator of content and then I want to show you how to monetize that content the person that I was speaking to was he had to speak to the people above him he asked me how many videos I can provide for $500 and um that be your biggest deal so far $500 bucks I I landed the one with u mup which is $1,000 a month for like five videos a week yeah he wants to just like start pumping out ugc like we haven’t talked about pricing or anything yet but like yeah I yeah I haven’t even that’s a hell of a win for both of yeah hell of a win because just on two Brands you’re clearing 1,500 a month that’s an extra 20 G’s a year that’s easy money you’re not even creating content that’s crazy what you just saw is exactly what I’ve been teaching my content Academy I opened this up about 2 3 months ago and they’re already making money with no following that’s because I am confident in what I’m teaching I’ve been doing this for over 10 years generated millions of dollars through the content that we create and now I gave a small group private access to this information where I work with them oneon-one I’m so confident that I even given them my personal WhatsApp number not just my own but also my teams so my writers thumbnail designers editors you have access to my entire team some of these guys I pay 100,000 a year in salary guys in my private Academy they got access to that here’s what’s crazy my top performers I’ve already hired them five of the guys are working for me now so I want to do a small opening now this opening will end April 15th I will close the academy again cuz I want to keep it tight and I want to make sure everyone that’s in there I’m helping them change their lives every time I drop one of these videos 10 slots will open and we will give those slots to a select few people but first you have to book a call with my team so I’m going to have a link down below and then out of everyone that we have a call on we’re going to vet and see who we allow in but yes the buying fee to get into this private Community might seem high at first but for most of these guys they’ve already paid that back tfold four laying in bed all morning laying in bed all morning doesn’t just make you feel awful it actually makes you less confident and more anxious but don’t take my word for it see in a study that analyzed the sleeping pattering of 14 people they found that those who stayed in bed for more than 8 hours a night had more anxiety depression and stress than those individuals that stayed in bed between 7 and 8 hours the reason is that your body wants to get up it wants to absorb some form of light to get that energy it needs to tackle the day so I want you to eliminate staying in bed all morning and immediately get up and look for some sunlight five poor quality friends for a lot of men it’s not just women that bring them down it’s also the men or friends that are around you so I’m going to give you a simple checklist so you can know what friends you should cut out and what friends you should keep you have to understand that studies have proven and particularly men the men that you hang around with will have a deep impact on how you act so much so that if you just have high quality men around you it was proven you are more likely to succeed in life so here’s my checklist that I’ve created to know if you should keep your friend friends or you should cut them from your life they are in a relationship they don’t lie about themselves they don’t party every single weekend they don’t play video games every day they are responsible with their money they participate in some type of physical exercise they read or listen to a book at least once a month they support your individual goals they don’t take drugs and they talk about ideas rather than gossip about people if you have a friend that scores eight or above from this checklist spend as much time as you can with that man if your friend scores between 5 to 7 these are the type of guys it’s okay to hang around with here or there very casually but shouldn’t be your inner circle and if they scored five or below I’m sorry to say this I don’t want to break the bad news for you but your mom was right you might have to cut some of these guys out right now you’ve removed goals that aren’t yours lowquality women Doom scrolling on social media sleeping in and even bad friends that are holding you back but to really succeed in life and clear your mind I need you to get rid of these last two things remove noise pollution noise pollution is all the sounds and noise that’s around you that’s unwanted and according to science it disrupts sleep it disrupts peace of mind and it keeps your brain nerves firing so here’s three ways to eliminate noise pollution in your life first you’re going to need to turn the music down and a specific study found exactly how low you need to go you see they found that music above 85 DM negatively impacts the brain and cognitive performance now you’re average smartphone goes to around 104 DM when it comes to full volume so when you adjust your phone volume you always want to keep that volume bar around 2/3 of the way full which will be right around 70 dmal second I need you to start wearing earbuds to bed when you sleep any unwanted noise from the inside or outside your home will disrupt it so grab yourself a pair of earbuds from the supermarket or Amazon it’s going to cost you less than a dollar and before you sleep always put them in and third it’s the constant stimulation of music from Instagram and Tik Tok and everywhere else that doesn’t let your brain relax this is another form of noise pollution that’s rotting your brain and you don’t realize it cuz you’ve never just had quiet moment so I’m not telling you to get rid of these apps but what you should do at a minimum for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day put your phone in a different room just to allow your brain to rest number seven tap water there are two types of men in this world those that drink water from a tap and those that drink filtered water the second is not only healthier but they’re smarter as well and I’m not lying here look a study found that tap water has a bunch of chemicals that negatively impact the brain in fact they found that those who drink tap water are at a higher risk of developing epilepsy and the water you drink also contains high traces of estrogen which will make you feel very feminine and emotional So to avoid this from happening just buy a nice filter from Amazon again it’s like $20 it is the best thing that you can eliminate from your life promise you you eliminate these seven things you will not only reset your brain you will achieve everything that you’re looking for



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  1. Zuniga, 10 years ago My girlfriend would only date tall men, I am 6'7, she would ask for expensive stuff and would get mad if I do not buy her stuff that she wants, thank you for your advice I broke up with her 5 years ago and now I do not regret it at all after watching this video

  2. Characteristics of a low quality women not worth your time:
    1. She party every weekend
    2. She finishes all her days with wine
    3. Have provocative images online
    4. She gets physical when upset
    5. She has a terrible relationship with her father
    6. She belittles you in front of others
    7. She's friends with her ex
    8. She has cheated on a boyfriend before
    9. She likes to play mind games
    10. She expects you to pay for everything

  3. one of the questions in the serve is "If accepted are you ready to sign up immediately?" if you answer "No, I don't have the time and money." chances are he wont even look at the rest of your form because he specifically said he wont be keeping the form open long an that he wants to keep the circle of people working with him tight. JUST TRYING TO GIVE ALL OF YOU AN ADVANTAGE

  4. Facts after Facts, thank you for this wisdom brother & practical application.
    Noise pollution & Tap Water… this part especially was fascinating to me.
    I've been on mineral water since!

  5. omg
    I have been searching fr the last three years how to get girls
    I didn't realize it was getting low class.
    when both partners love themselves they see through each other.
    thanks Jose , respect ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  6. Thanks!

    I would add: Managing your dopamin levels – especially getting rid of activities with easy dopamin access as they are highly addictive

    Recommendation 7 Tabwater vs Filtered Water:
    This certainly depends on the country. In some countries like scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Swiss or also Singapur for example, the tap water is clear, chemical free and includes many nutrients

  7. Someone educate me, how would a filter from Amazon possibly filter out the chemicals in the tap water considering the government would have better equipment than a 20 dollar filter, I don’t live in America I live in New Zealand so our tap water is definitely better I’d say

  8. I appreciate what you are doing for community, I'm following Ur instructions to change my life a little and I recently started 48 law of the power. Ty so much for every video U have done for ppl

  9. Hello bro I am a new subscriber to your YouTube channel. I am a 16 year old student. I am overweight and I am trying to become a better version of myself so I started going to the gym.
    I succeed in losing weight because I work out a lot and I am careful with what I eat, but I always have a eating lust and it's just so hard to silence it sometimes I let my eating lust take over and than I can't control myself.
    My question to you is can u make a video about fighting your (eating)lust.
    And thank you for making such helpful videos