7 Types of Women Who Can’t Be Saved

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nowadays men are getting pretty good at spotting girls that can’t be saved like your only fans models or girls that like to party every weekend but there are seven other types of girls that cannot be saved and most men don’t even realize they’re a problem until it’s too late so today I’m going to show you who these seven are and how you can test them yourself number One never date a woman who hasn’t dated anyone now yes we’re in a classroom but this is a lesson you don’t want to skip because most men know you should never date a girl that’s dated your entire neighborhood we know that but what most men don’t know is that you should also never date a girl who has never had any partners and this becomes more evident as they get older let me explain with what I call the dating Matrix you see on the left we have the number of Partners or the number of men a woman has dated ranging from no Partners all the way up to five on the x axis we have age ranging from 18 years old I’m talking to some of you pers 18 years old all the way up to 30 so I’m going to show you what the minimum and maximum should be so for an 18y old girl you want a girl at a minimum to have obviously zero partners and as she gets older right around when she reaches 30 she can have a minimum of two partners now on the high side you want that same 18-year-old girl to have no more than one partner and as she gets older same thing you want this 30-year-old to have no more than four Partners so two and four zero and one any woman that falls above this dating Zone has way too many partners for her age and is likely to come with a lot of baggage that you don’t want to deal with the other hand any woman that falls below this dating Zone has way too few partners and it’s a serious red flag that they’re either crazy or they lack the emotional maturity to be in a long-term relationship meaning that the ideal range for all of you depending on your age is this perfect dating zone right here get it let’s keep going two women who never pay for the date we as men are genetically hardwired to want to take care of the woman we love so if a woman never lets you pay for a date not even once she probably can’t be saved as a man we don’t need much to be happy and that’s where our drive to work hard and support those we love comes from if a woman doesn’t let you do that you will lose the motivation to provide for her and probably won’t amount to much however you don’t want a woman that expects for you to pay for everything either so here’s a two-step test to see whether she can or cannot be saved for step one you will try and pay for everything at the end of the day if she doesn’t let you pay for her half then she’s low quality if she doesn’t even reach for the bill then she’s also low quality but if she tries to pay But ultimately lets you do it then and that means she’s high quality now for step two right after dinner suggest going to go get something sweet like ice cream now considering you just paid for the entire dinner she should be more than happy to pay so if she doesn’t even offer to pay for this ice cream then she’s probably low quality but if she does end up pay then that means she’s a high quality girl if she fails to pass any of these tests she probably can’t be saved if she passes one she’s worth dating but if she passes both of them and you have yourself a highquality girl that you should pursue in a long-term relationship now up until this point you now understand that you should not date women that are either above or below the datable line and women who never let you pay for a date however there are five more types of women that you probably don’t realize they can’t be saved so I’m going to need you to keep watching so you can saing yourself the time energy and money from dating these type of women number three women who are better looking than you men want hot women however you don’t understand that if she is better looking than you then it’s only a matter of time before she cheats on you and I’m going to show you what I mean running this experiment so we’re going to do an experiment I brought out two girls one is fully dressed and one’s dressed a little bit sexual let’s see how many men help one versus the other cuz this is what you’re going to have to deal with so as you can see here in the video we started with with the girl that was fully covered up and yeah took about 15 seconds to get help but here’s where things get very interesting so we ran it again obviously with a girl that had less clothes on on and notice what happens 6 seconds that’s all it took 6 seconds the thing is that we repeated this test multiple times and every single time the one that was covered up would take 10 15 20 seconds to find help whereas the girl that was not covered up she just kept getting help over and over and over again the point here is that the more attractive a woman is the harder it will be to keep her in your life and it becomes even worse the better looking she is over how attractive you are to fix this you should always date women that are as goodlook as you or slightly less good-look than you are now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t date women who aren’t attractive it just means that if you’re a six try to date other women that are sixes and if you’re an eight you should date eights and your goal should always be to increase your value as a man so you could start dating and retaining beautiful women number four women that accept you as you are a woman that accepts you for who you are right now will hold you back from reaching your full potential the reason is that men work harder when they are around women that they want to impress during a study conducted in MIT researchers wanted to know how well men performed when they worked in teams of just men versus working in teams with women as well they analyze 60 offices from around the Us and other countries ranging from small offices to ones with over 100 employees they then cross referenced Revenue data between those periods with the diversity of the two teams all male teams and mixed male and female teams researchers found is that those men that worked along side with women were more productive and earned the company more money than the group that just solely worked with other men the reason they worked harder is because they wanted to develop a good reputation and impress the women around them so when you’re dating you’ll want to avoid women who just accept you for who you are and instead you want women who like you for who you are but are constantly pushing you to achieve more now a good way to find good women like this is to just ask them what are the goals they currently have if they have none it means that they’re happy where they are they aren’t pushing for more and therefore they won’t push you for more if she does have goals however then that means that she’s a highquality woman worth dating number five women that don’t have any friends a lot of men think they want a girl with friends so they can have them all to themselves but if she has no friends it probably means that she has insane red flags under the surface you can’t see on the flip side when a girl does have friends it shows that she’s capable of having a relationship which demonstrates maturity and trustworthiness so to keep it simple if she has zero friends that that means you should run away as fast as possible if she has one or two friends then she’s probably not dangerous she’s not a serial killer but it means that she might not be ideal for a healthy long-term relationship anything more than three however it’s a good sign that she might be worth keeping around now I’m going to admit to you that this one completely made me rethink how women work and if you think about it now you understand you shouldn’t date certain women outside the dateable line you shouldn’t date women who don’t let you take care of them you shouldn’t date women who are more attractive than you you shouldn’t date a woman that just accepts you for who you are and now you understand that you shouldn’t date a woman that has no friends by now you should have more clarity as to which women you should be pursuing and where you should be saving time to avoid any future heartache but here’s the key there’s still two types of women you need to be careful with that you’ve probably not thought of and with the last one being the most powerful one where I’m going to give you a test so you can test your entire classroom or office of women to truly find quality one you should date let’s takes me to number six women who say they love you when a woman drops the I love you way too quickly it means that she’s playing with your emotions she’s immature and probably unstable she can’t be saved now to better understand this I created a dating system based on my own dating experiences if she says I love you within the first month of dating she definitely has emotional baggage and not worth dating if she says it within the first 2 to 3 months of knowing each other she’s probably not a complete train wack but she likely has insecurity issues and is seeking validations through this relationship you can continue dating her but I wouldn’t consider marrying her now if she’s reserved saying I love you for the first 3 to six months then you should definitely consider worthy for a long-term relationship now this is not just based on my experiences this is also based on science studies have found that on average it takes around 4 months for a woman to feel love so if she says it earlier and she isn’t being honest with her emotions number seven women that score above a three on the delusion calculator you see these days women have unrealistic expectations they want a man that’s 6 feet tall earns six figures and has a six-pack despite them not bringing any of that value to a relationship as well so here’s how you should know if their diluted expectations are actually normal first I want you to ask these girls these five questions you can do this in the first date what is the minimum and maximum age you would like to date someone do you have a preferred race or do you not care what is the minimum height of a man that you would date would you date someone obese and what is the minimum income then take that information that she responded and I want you to plug it into the delusion calculator you can go to idot standards now.com the calculator will then take her answers cross reference it with the data of the average American man and then outputs a score based on the number of men that meet her criteria the more picky she is the higher her delusion score will be so if she scores between a one and two then she has reasonable expectations however if it’s between 2 and four then she’s completely delusional and if it gets up to a five then that’s absolutely crazy you should have touched that girl with a 10-ft pole and now that you understand this and the other six type of women that cannot be saved you by just watching this video have saved yourself a ton of Heartache energy and money and can now actually find the woman of your dreams see your boys next time



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  2. First one is complete BS. There are women out there who just wants marriage and not interested in playing dates.

    Third one's also BS. I mean not always true. You definitely can Date/Marry women who are more attractive than you. Coz they might be loyal or might find your personality or character more attractive.

    Rest of the video I kinda agree with Josec but in my personal opinion just follow your gut feeling if you're looking to date someone rather than all the check list stuff.

    ~ I'm just a guy and these are just my personal opinion.

    PS: In case you're wondering, Yes, I'm ASIAN 😂

  3. 2:05 Would you say that this graph for guys looking for a girlfriend? I'm 18 and have never even been on a date. Mainly because my choices were silly teenage girls who thought of themselves as popular (the worst part is, I've known them since kindergarten).

  4. 6:32 hmmmm unfortunately that’s not very helpful…. When a women isn’t comfortable with who you are, is just a matter of other factor, let’s say, atractiveness, and they will get another men very quickly.

    If she keeps saying you have to do better bla bla bla… you can keep getting better that it will not make a difference. They will find another thing once they get bored anyway. Happened to me. My girl was always telling me I should do this and that bla bla bla … play less tennis do more that, find a job, etc… of course somethings you can’t just obey cause than she will leave you cause you’re a simp. But e en if you maintain your personality and evolve, like I did .. I got a job, and with a job we got less time to be together… and in a few mounts she started to cheat… and I was getting better like she was expecting 😅😅😅… so no!!!, don’t be around a women who wants you to change from a place of futility. Know who you are!

  5. All facts… it’s so sad that our rationality betrayed us. We’re doing the role of the dystopian machine movies, where intelligent computers start to a knowledge humans as a plague. We, today are starting to do this with each other… we segregate more than ever and the irony is that we pretend we’re fighting exactly that more than ever… the awareness for everything is fake. And men are the most who are at risk… everything to the average male and below is completely ignored and disregarded.

  6. Also women that have serious mental health issues. I left a job I loved because of an over the top narcissist woman. I advised management of this issue and they chose to ignore it so I decided to quit. Life is too short to put up with complete assholes and management too weak to remove toxic employees