7 Underwear Secrets Every Man Should Know

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look I used to think underwear was one of those things you didn’t even need to worry about I was wrong cuz it turns out that the underwear that you select can end up making your body look worse and it’s potentially damaging your package which is why today I’m going to show you seven underwear Secrets every man should know so you don’t make the same mistakes starting with number one pick the right style of underwear before you go on a date you see when it comes to styles of underwear there are five different styles most men use what most men don’t realize is that one of those designs is scientifically proven to be the most attractive to women so that’s why I’m going to show you which style is best when you go on a date and then I’m going to run the study in real life to see if the results are accurate now the five styles of underwear are the Commando which means you go wearing nothing tidy whes which makes you look like a little boy then there’s briefs boxers and boxer briefs now if you’re going commando or tidy whes I guarantee you any girl you dates and if you get that lucky she’s running out of that room which leaves you with only three real options briefs boxers and boxer briefs and during a survey where they asked women what underwear was the most attractive for men 10% of the women said Brie were the more attractive 25% said boxers were the more attractive and 50% of the women said boxer briefs were the most attractive now you know me I love studies but I also like to recreate them to see if this stuff is actually legit so that’s exactly what we did so we found a survey figuring out what women preferred and men when it came to underwear but you know me I had to test it out in real life so I brought the boys out you guys ready hold up I’m taking my clothes off no one told you no girl number one which boxer style do you prefer um I prefer the second one okay why um it is very form fitting which I do like do prer in underwear and putting myself in his shoes I wouldn’t want any type of like you know chafing in there if I were to have like Bey boxers in there which do you hate wow so sry number one like it gets very wrinkly very easily and it’s it’s just it’s just not the vibe I’m not rocking with it at all okay perfect thank you okay in case you guys don’t understand the second dude is wearing nude underwear that’s supposed to be Commando so that represents Commando in all the girls heads let’s clarify all right let’s do this Christina oh my goodness oh yeah they’re ready to go I did not expect this Christina not a dating show okay which style of underwear do you prefer can I say what I don’t like go for it number three I’m sorry I like number one though number one okay why do you like number one it’s not so tight to the point where like you can see everything but like it’s so when you’re with a dude you want him to number one yeah all right I feel like with the other ones they’re too tight and like okay this is going to be kind of personal but like when you’re with them right like you don’t know where it is ah okay you want it to be a surprise no no you just don’t know where it is like it could be up it could be down like it could be side to side oh never thought about that one all right and three why is three terrible it’s too tight and too little reminds me of like girl girl panties sorry my go it’s all right here we go just tell me which underwear do you prefer best as a woman as a woman I would say that’s two two two okay number two why not the color but I think I just like the tightness of it it’s not like boxers is that supposed to be Commando though technically kind of can I switch my answer you can switch your answer I’m so sorry I’m going to go with this four four four that’s what I wear bro come on yeah I’ll go a four for the same reason the tight and I like the color black feel like goes with everything not really a fan of boxers please give me they scare me a little bit so yeah I’ll go with four with black perfect thank you okay I don’t think you guys picked up on this but I purposely put the boxer Breeze which was the one that won in the study as the most attractive one on the guy with the least attractive body style show you just how powerful picking the right underwear can be for how you look all right number four here we go all you got to tell me is which underwear do you prefer on a guy um call you one o okay why um just cuz I feel like it’s not like so in your face like it’s it looks breathable okay comfortable and which one do you hate um probably number two number two is Commando by the way yeah it’s just a little personal yeah that makes sense all right Alexandra which underwear style do you prefer um I like four why um it’s just like FS better it gives that athletic look and I also like the color I like it in Black okay perfect which one do you hate um probably command Commando in public cuz that’s a little weird yeah you had a lead bro and you lost it that was impressive I purposely put the boxer briefs on a guy that didn’t have an exceptional physique just to show you how good a good pair of boxer briefs can make you look and just like the survey we had very similar results where three out of the five women ended up selecting boxer bre as the most attractive for most men so your first underwear Secret by boxer briefs the ones that I use are from sheath because they’re made from bamboo they’re super soft especially against your your private area and they fit perfectly because it has a pouch design in the front now this is just tip one there are six more underwear Secrets you’ve probably never thought of and it only gets better from here especially the last one cuz I made this one myself this think this to number two two change how you wear underwear depending on your body type look depending on your body type there are two rules for how you should wear your underwear the first rule will cover where your underwear should sit on your waist while the second rule will cover how long your underwear should be so if you’re on the heavier side and carry a bit of weight you’re going to want your boxer waistline to sit around your mid and upper waist and then you’ll want boxer briefs that are at least 8 in in length these are a good example these are from sheath and these are the 8 in performance boxer breaths that way as you you can see with the model on screen it not only helps smooth off any curves around your waist but it also helps elongate your legs and smooth those out as well overall giving you a more slimming appearance on the other hand if you have a more lean or athletic build you’re going to want your box or brief waistband to sit a little bit lower on your hips and you also don’t want them to be longer than 4 in in length like the bamboo dual pouch boxer briefs that I just showed you in the previous step these sit right around 4 in this elongates your toil more so making your body look more aesthetic and your ab section look more defined making this a better option for your body type number three the wrong size of underwear will make your junk stop working tide underwear can ruin your package and it’s not for the reasons that you might think you see during a recent study researchers wanted to see the impact of boxers and boxer breath on men’s private package and their sperm count what they found was a correlation between the tighter the underwear the lower the sperm count the man had but it wasn’t because of the tightness of the underwear here’s where it gets interesting it was because of the heat that the tightness produced which means that if you want your package to be as healthy as possible you need to get underwear that fits properly and minimizes heat now the best way to find the right size you’re going to need a tape measure all right now to begin you’re going to need a tape measure you can get these for like a dollar on Amazon and you’re going to wrap it right on the lower part of your waist right where your your underwear usually sits whatever underwear you’re wearing you’re going to wrap it here and then slide two two fingers in they should be comfortable this is your waist circumference now for me that’s right around 35 in using the chart you’re seeing on screen right now once you’ve measured yours you can now use that waist circumference to figure out what size you should use for your underwear now if you fall between two sizes always go one size up to give you that comfortable fit for you and your boys number four the wrong fabric will make you smell look some experts suggest that you should get new underwear every 12 months however this is only true if you’re getting the Run fabric so I’m going to show you what the best fabric you can buy is if you want to save money and also avoid your junk smelling to start there are 10 mainstream Fabrics that most of your underwear is made of now to figure out which one of these 10 Fabrics is the best one it has to hit four important criteria it has to be antibacterial so it doesn’t cause infection or smelling it must be odor resistant so again it doesn’t smell it must be breathable so your junk doesn’t heat up cuz we know that messes your sperm count and must be durable because we want it to last more than 6 to 12 months we don’t want to be replacing these now out of the 10 Fabrics I mentioned earlier there is one that always meets all four of these criteria and that’s bamboo Bamboo is one of my favorite Fabrics when it comes to designing clothes for my personal brand but it’s also why it’s the type of fabric I use for my own underwear the underwear that I wear is from sheet and it’s made from bamboo but it also has a dual pouch design so not only is it antibacterial is it odor prooof but it also Al the fabric contains micro gaps that increase ventilation on top of that you have that double pouch design which keeps your package separated from your body and ultimately it keeps it cooler here’s the best part bamboo is three times more durable than standard Fabrics like cotton meaning you’ll only have to replace it every 3 years in other words if you haven’t made the switch from standard cotton to Bamboo underwear I want you to make that switch today I’m going to have sheath underwear linked down below and I’m also going to put a special discount to make it insanely affordable basically no excuse while you shouldn’t try it and I promise you it’s going to change your life you’re never going to go back number five the wrong pair of underwear will have you constantly readjusting when it comes to going about your day the last thing you want is having to constantly readjust your package so here are three essential steps to make sure you never have to readjust your package again first you want to make sure your underwear doesn’t ride up on your thighs and to do this you need to buy underwear that sits at least at your mid thigh so if you’re a taller guy it means you’ll have to buy longer underwear the idea is once it’s pass the mid th most underwear will stay in place or locked in avoiding your underwear riding up next you want to prioritize underwear that has four-way stretch fabric see no IND the street underwear will tell you just how tight the thigh is which would be a great measurement to have cuz now you would know if it actually will hug your thigh because this number is not available what you then want to do is find underwear that has four-way stretch fabric because what this means is is that the underwear will mold your body tight ensuring that it stays tight on the leg and it won’t be moving throughout the day and lastly you’ll want underwear that has the right pouch in the front see every underwear comes with three different pouch Styles you have the no pouch where your package is just going everywhere you have the single pouch where both your boys and your Johnson tip go into one single pouch and then you have the Dual pouch where you separate your boys and your Johnson tip into different pouches based on my research and also personal experience cuz this what I use the dual pouch design is the best one as it’s a three-dimensional approach and each individual part of your body is kept separate and because of that you won’t have to readjust once you set them in place in the morning they’ll stay in that location for the rest of the day number six have top 1% underwear hygiene look underwear hygiene is crucial to make sure that you don’t stink or you come across as nasty whenever you get intimate with a girl and yet there are five gross habits that 99% of men do which means by you just watching this video and not doing these you’re already in the top 1% of dudes that have proper hygiene so the five girls habits in order 5% of men will wear underwear for more than 5 days in a row 10% of men will have and use underwear that is over 10 years old 22% of men don’t change their underwear daily 27% of men wear tidy whes and 35% of men have their mother or their partner buy their underwear for them look if any of these habits apply to you then your you’re part of the 99% of men that are making these underwear mistakes so to achieve top 1% level of underwear hygiene all you got to do is replace your underwear at least once every 12 months unless you use Superior Fabrics which we’ve already discussed wear a new pair every single day make sure they’re not tidy wies and ultimately buy your underwear yourself so by now you understand what underwear you should wear on your first date what underwear you should wear for your body type how to size up and find the right size for your package how to choose the right fabric so you don’t smell how to pick underwear so you don’t have to readjust and now how to have proper underwear hygiene all these secrets will change your daytoday by optimizing a piece of clothes that all men wear but never think about but here’s the thing there’s one last thing that’s probably the most annoying thing with your underwear and the last secret I’m going to share with you that I developed Myself by the way that’s number seven adjust your package using the phone trick adjusting your package is a problem that almost every dude faces when they’re dealing with cheap underwear it’s awkward it’s also uncomfortable so here’s how to subtly do it with what I call the phone trick to start I want you to take a step with the leg opposite to the side that you want to adjust then casually reach into the pocket on the side that you’re going to adjust pretending to search for something as you pull out your phone as you grab your phone you can do a quick flick a quick Minor Adjustments then as you return your phone back into your pocket you can use that second opportunity to to make an even bigger adjustment this method is so effective because it looks like you’re just checking your phone and if you master the art of doing this like I have as your walking no one’s going to ever notice however if you paid attention in this video and start to do everything I told you you’ll never have to adjust a day in your life cuz you’re going to finally be wearing underwear the right way



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  1. SOOOOO basically Sheath is the answer to everything. People do sponsorships and this one just goes on ahead and makes a whole ad and peddles it as whatever secrets… Isn't this like the gazillionth time you're recycling this same video idea? The 'secrets' ain't changed and people are happily wearing whatever the frigg they want. Leave everyone be and for sure no one needs whatever brand you be pushing… Ugh

  2. 2 is way better as they are boxer trunks, number 4 are way too long in the leg & looks awful on any guy, shorter the leg is always a sexier look, even 4" is way too long.

  3. Hey I’m 13 and I’ve listened to all of your tips I don’t have to spend money for becuase my parents don’t let me spend money so I’m not sure what to do becuase it seems like on all your videos I need to spend money

  4. A few issues with your video:
    I wear underwear for me. Not for “girls/women”. Their preference does not dictate my fashion choices.

    Many men are not actively trying to make children, so the myth of “tight underwear” reducing sperm count is irrelevant. (It got debunked too)
    Not all men like women. Get over it. And stop hating on briefs. Sheath sells them too by the way.

  5. Your recommendation is actually a sub category of boxer briefs. They’re called trunks when they have an inseam of less than 4in
    And yes, trunks are the sexiest underwear a man can wear. – your friendly gay

  6. Bamboo is a joke! Bamboo is processed into rayon in order to be made into clothing. Rayon is not antibacterial unless it has a chemical antibacterial additives and it does not maintain the bamboo breathability – breathability of ‘bamboo’ rayon is determined by weave structure.

  7. I know we all expect this experiment to be subjective. I think the second one depicting a commando was a wrong choice, often misinterpreted as per this experiment. also, according to these women's picks, I think it boiled down to how these women perceived it based on how it looked on them and their body structure.