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[Music] are you tired of stumbling upon problems that seem impossible to overcome you need simple and effective solutions for 93% of your daily challenges then this video is just what you need here we present you a compilation of powerful phrases that will give you the necessary boost to face any obstacle that stands in your way these inspiring words will provide you with the strength to overcome adversity achieve mental Clarity and make wise decisions don’t miss the valuable lessons that await you at the end to strengthen all your plans and if it’s your first time on my channel I invite you to subscribe and like the video to continue creating content like this in the future from learning to face life’s challenge es with Serenity to understanding the importance of living in harmony with nature and cultivating virtues that enrich our inner being each lesson immerses us in a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth discover the principles of stoicism and how to apply them in your Modern Life and the world around us inspiring you to transcend the ordinary and seek a more fulfilling and meaningful life don’t wait any longer to start this exciting journey toward success and authentic personal fulf fillment you may not gain many followers but you will always attract the right ones don’t worry about others judgments everyone is too busy thinking about themselves every moment you spend comparing yourself to others is a second wasted don’t cling emotionally people change even your closest companions could become strangers learn to be content with yourself emotional dependence will weaken you share your progress not your goals so you’ll always be motivated don’t fear loneliness being with yourself is preferable to being with mediocrities those who promise the most are the least likely to fulfill them take your responsibilities seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously fear doesn’t paralyze you it challenges you show that you care don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions if you put yourself on a pedestal all that’s left is to look down not every thought deserves to be expressed don’t act in a way that you’ll later have to lie about light travels faster than sound that’s why some people seem brilliant until they speak happiness isn’t found outside it’s within you you owe nothing to your past self but everything to your present self self-care is recognizing that you are your biggest obstacle your parents were right even if they weren’t academics don’t underestimate their advice act as if you were a veteran overthinking ruins everything if you’re going to be angry ask yourself if you’ll remember it in 10 years you only have one body take care of it it’s your lifelong companion if someone emphasizes their honesty they’re probably lying your power and influence depend on your choices being authentic won’t ruin a performance don’t compare your backstage life to others highlights if you miss someone it doesn’t mean you need them back missing them is part of the process of moving on you choose someone based on their appearance at first but True Values are what endure in the long run don’t seek to have it all trade something for something look for those who speak well of you behind your back and face the truth headon leaving is hard but sometimes it’s for the best you’re stronger than you think you’ve overcome every challenge not all intentions are sincere keep your guard up act even when you don’t want to that’s when you need it the most control what you can your actions thoughts and feelings don’t try to change others focus on yourself difficulties prepare you for greatness the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams personal growth shouldn’t be sacrificed for anyone pain is inevitable suffering is optional trust in your strength you’ve overcome a lot and you’ll survive anything don’t underestimate your courage the the hardest part is taking the first step don’t let anyone make you doubt your worth the biggest risk is not taking any each stage Demands a different tone take the first step with faith don’t limit yourself the real danger is doing nothing celebrate your victories over fear it’s a useless investment the situation will always be different from any scenario your mind can conceive people will come and go from your life and those you least expect will become fleeting memories of a once- thought Eternal time one of life’s most vital teachings is that we recover at the speed of our Absolution a touch of recklessness is essential to Sav her life and a pinch of wisdom to avoid the mistakes that turn difficult times into Times of learning adversity doesn’t Forge Heroes it’s during those circumstances that the hero within us emerges happiness isn’t about the absence of problems but the ability to face them the bravest act we must perform is Having the courage to abandon our story and past to pursue our dreams Nothing in Your Existence will change unless you do you think you know someone but mostly you only know what you wish to know in life instead of worrying about what you can’t control Channel your energy into what you can create maturity is reached when you cease complaining and making excuses and start implementing M men in changes you can’t understand everything immediately sometimes waiting for some goodbyes frees you the only person destined to be is the one you decide to be if you have a solid purpose in life you don’t need to be pushed your passion will drive you forward life gets better when we understand that we don’t have to know it all or pretend we do be the reason someone Smiles feels loved and continues to believe in human kindness it’s never too late to reinvent yourself actions rooted in persistence sometimes yield bitter results sometimes you must let go of parts of yourself or you’ll never be truly happy obstacles shouldn’t stop you if you encounter a wall find a way to overcome it break through it or go around it you won’t always get what you want but sometimes you’ll get what you need if you try the first step to moving forward is deciding not to stay where you are the hardest thing to learn in life is what to leave behind and what to hold on to all you have to do is pay attention the lessons always come when you’re ready facing your emotions gives you more strength and happiness in the long run than repressing or ignoring them if you firmly believe in something defend it watch your thoughts when you’re alone and your words when you’re in company the problem lies in that if you don’t live your life others will live it for you appreciate what you already have while pursuing your goals if there’s one lesson life teaches us it’s that desire alone doesn’t make it a reality sometimes not fitting in is is preferable to being alone every Journey has its last day don’t rush it when one door closes another opens but we often lament the closed door and fail to see the one that opens for us always trust your instinct even when everyone else tries to convince you otherwise never take people for granted you never know when they might leave and how much they mean to you until they’re gone never give up on a true challenge they provide life’s best lessons you are the only person who can be both your best friend and your worst enemy and you can choose which will be predominant you can’t control others Behavior but you can always choose how to respond to it don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened sometimes you have to lose everything to discover who you really are people only grow through experience if they’re willing to learn and understand the lessons presented to them in the difficult times of their lives difficult moments are like a mirror that reveals a surprising truth we’re much stronger than we ever imagined everyone must raise their voice in this world because no one else will do it for you feeling powerless to change someone don’t give up there will come a time when you decide to step back and accept that you can’t do more surrounded by people who don’t want to change remember your life is the result of your decisions not a pre-determined plan be careful about being too kind generosity has its limits and some may take advantage of you do you want to be the victim of your struggles or the hero of your own story time with loved ones is the most valuable treasure you possess don’t seek happiness in what you don’t have but in what’s already with you your past shapes your future so it’s time to take the Reigns and help yourself eager for the future remember happiness lies in the quality of your thoughts ancient philosophical schools have a lesson to teach us wisdom is the key to Peace of Mind want to be the master of your destiny practice Simplicity patience and compassion be patient with everyone even yourself and you’ll find Harmony in all things it’s time to be the hero of your own life what doesn’t favor The Hive doesn’t even Buzz for the bees committing to Justice in your actions is like releasing a swarm of Good Intentions that pollinate the common good you were born with a purpose but Mortals don’t worry about living no they’re concerned with extending their reign running the race of Life requires maximum effort but it’s never Justified to trample others or trip them up in this Hive called life it’s okay to seek what benefits you but it’s absolutely wrong to snatch it from others for Humanity evil disguises itself as Injustice cruelty and indifference while virtue shines in fraternal love kindness and genuine concern for others well-being the brave whether in Exile or in their own Hive confront threats with courage and don’t hesitate to raise their voice philosophy in any dwelling doesn’t promise external guarantees its art is sculpting each individual’s life we’re all bound to Fortune but some wear chains of gold While others struggle with rusted links but what does it matter if in the end the same prison surrounds us and even the jailers are imprisoned honors bind wealth presses humility bends but true Freedom lies in accepting our condition and finding comfort in any nearby treasure there’s no bitterness that a Serene mind can’t sweeten even small patches of Earth can become homes when engaged with Ingenuity and reason difficulties Can Be Tamed limits expanded and burdens lightened when faced with cunning and if anger consumes you ensure that alongside evil you’ve kindled the fire of your habits if you succumb to temp temption don’t take it as a defeat but as an opportunity to strengthen your will because in the end we are the result of our actions and choices the fire persists even after extinguishing it leaving the body in a less pliable state only total healing can restore the Lost balance the same applies to the Soul’s ailments We Leave Behind burning traces and unless they fade completely future assaults will only leave scars instead of blisters if you hear someone defaming your name don’t justify yourself against music arrest me live each day as if it were the last and learn as if you were to endure forever only the ignorant fail to draw lessons from others failures if it shines for others it will also illuminate your own path when your work speaks for itself it doesn’t need Witnesses progress lies Beyond comfortable limits understand that those who murmur bring sorrow but the silent provoke even more suffering the Arrogant belittle but cannot appreciate the sublime unless it’s authentic it isn’t proclaimed master your impulses words hurt but silence tears apart the wise conceal their emotions showing them only to ignorance personal success or deep disappointment we admire what we don’t truly understand you don’t need to praise your image let your actions speak for you distraction May alleviate pain but it’s also our greatest misery dreaming is the first step to unraveling the Enigma of existence the future holds greatness Beyond What We Leave Behind each day is a rebirth what we do today is what matters seek Refuge within yourself and before speaking question is it true is it necessary is it kind no one will save us but ourselves let’s follow our own path the key to complete Health both physical and mental lies in living in the present moment with wisdom and determination every drop that falls fills the water vessel similarly the Discerning individual Gathering little by little saturates themselves with goodness nothing challenges as much as an undisciplined mind nor obeys as much as a disciplined one if there’s no company on your spiritual path Walk Alone peace resides Within not without practice compassion for all both rich and poor each carries their own suffering some too much others too little if your compassion doesn’t Encompass your own being it’s incomplete hatri doesn’t dissipate it with more hated but with love it’s the Eternal truth nothing harms as much as your own uncontrolled thoughts in a clear sky there’s no division between East and West distinctions are creations of the human mind that are later considered true if we fail to help others who will take care of us A Generous Heart kind words and a life of service and compassion renew Humanity for knowledge add each day to attain wisdom subtract each day the wise remain silent those who speak don’t know control your tongue block your senses decrease your sharpness untie your knots soften your gaze settle your dust be like the towel that neither seeks nor rejects neither benefits nor harms simply surrenders rest in inaction and things will transform by themselves abandon your form and body forget your hearing and vision set aside the idea of being one thing among many and join the boundless Unity an idea that becomes action is more valuable than an idea that only exists in the mind when you were born you cried and the world rejoiced live in such a way that when you die the world Mourns and you rejoice in hindsight the years of struggle will be the most beautiful where your fear is there is your task the most difficult to love are the ones who need it the most if you can dream it you can achieve it don’t seek approval except from your own conscience it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and dispel doubts success isn’t definitive failure isn’t fatal it’s the courage to continue that counts time is enough for those who use it thinking is the hardest work that’s why so few do it do what you can with what you have where you are we all love ourselves more than others but we value others opinions more than our own stand up and give thanks if we didn’t learn much at least we learned a little and if we didn’t learn a little at least we didn’t get sick and if we got sick at least we didn’t die so so let us give thanks for all that we are what we reap is the fruit of our Reflections rooted in our thoughts and woven with our actions if someone plunges into the darkness of their intentions pain pursues them like an insatiable Shadow but those who act from kindness find happiness as a faithful companion that never leaves them holding on to resentment is like grasping a burning fire with the intention of burning another unaware that the only one burnt will be oneself a moment can transform a day a day can change a life and a life has the power to shape the destiny of the entire world living fully in each moment is vital to not was the precious gift of existen Kess should be our daily breed not an occasional exception those who awaken our anger teach us valuable lessons as long as we are willing to learn for those who dare to challenge limits nothing is impossible time FL clows slowly when we wait fast when we live it and eternal when it’s gone the greatest conquest of humanity is to understand why for an understanding Lies True Freedom let us write our sorrows in the sand for the wind to erase and our joys in stone to endure forever loving our neighbor as ourselves and refraining from judging Greatness by projected Shadows observing in silence when the enemy makes a mistake is pure wisdom and being a friend to all is actually being a friend friend to No One a broken promise is worth more than any promise and both optimists and pessimists contribute to the richness of society female intuition far surpasses male certainty ignorance is the root of all evil and whoever is not content with little will never be satisfied Shadow is like a traveler on a sunny day running tirelessly but unable to escape in the dark night seeking understanding is opening the door to True wisdom because understanding a question is the first step towards an answer what we believe we know is just a drop in the ocean of knowledge let us be the change we wish to see in the world and remember that Perfection is not about adding more but stripping away the Superfluous Simplicity is the goal of maturity and he who Masters the present controls his past and forges his future showing vulnerability in strength and strength in weakness is the path to True Inner Strength always remember that time is a precious treasure and if you want to forget something do it without delay leave an indelible Mark for that situation must be seared into your memory we all sit at the table of consequences at some point and a true gift is not measured by material things but by the intensity of intention behind it we act as Titans against our fears and as Gods to our desires if one is not clear about their Direction no wind will be favorable live as if each day were Eternal but never forget your fragility waste not a second as if each moment were an infinite treasure for who knows perhaps the day you dedicate today may be your last breath the soul takes on the color of our thoughts may it always be a vibrant and positive pallette often we immerse ourselves in a sea of resentment and disdain towards the world around us without recognizing its true value but when we stop fighting against reality and embrace what we have that’s when we truly start living loving fate is the key for Fate has given us the most precious gift of all life itself suffering arises from excessive attachment let life flow like a river your mission is to explore every corner of this vast universe and embrace it with all your being let passion burn in your heart let love dispel hatred let wisdom conquer ignorance and let generosity triumph over greed live intensely in the Pres for therein lies true happiness you are the very essence of existence a window to the universe contemplating itself meditation will reveal to you that the true meaning of life is found in the Here and Now immerse yourself in the flow of life and join the dance of the universe every day is an opportunity to learn something new and un earn what no longer serves you discover the connection with everything around you and live fully in the real world on the Mountaintop you carry with you the treasure that clears turbid Waters with more skill when left to their own devices every sharp mind longs to decipher what drives it although it is trapped between amazement and frustration when facing the most elusive Enigma the self those persistantly elusive Enigma should be seen as poorly posed challenges anxiety dissipates when one is completely free from it just as guilt’s weight diminishes if not embraced proclaiming that the pursuit of wealth is the ultimate PR priority will waste your life completely performing tasks you detest simply to survive that is you’ll continue in an absurd cycle of doing what you don’t wish to do when we try to exert dominance or control over others we inevitably grant them that same power over ourselves things are as they are contemplating the university on a dark night we don’t judge between correct and incorrect stars or well or poorly aligned constellations philosophy represents Humanity’s curiosity about everything and its attempt to make sense of the world primarily through the power of intellect however the love of Fate is often misconstrued as resigned and defe acceptance of the world around us accepting the world’s adversities and remaining passive while we witness events we dislike or injustices we see is to misinterpret the stoic principle accepting reality doesn’t imply submission but learning to observe it objectively and accept it as it is is in the present moment it’s the ability to perceive things clearly without the Distortion of our own prejudices and Expectations by doing so we can better understand the situations around us Discerning clearly what is under our control and what is not then we can harness that control to affect changes first within ourselves and then if possible in the world around us to improve it if you truly desire to free yourself from the Trib ations that plague you what you need is not to be in a different place but to be a different person true happiness lies in enjoying the present without anxiously depending on the future we should not be swayed by hopes or fears but be content with what we have which is enough one who feels this way does not long for anything the greatest virtues of humanity reside within use and are within our reach a wise person is content with their fate regardless of what it may be not Desiring what they do not have this leads us to affirm that true happy life is to have a liberated mind without fear and firmness a mind that is beyond the bounds of fear and desire where virtue stands as the Supreme Jewel and Bas as the Abominable monster and where everything else Fades into an insignificant mist of trivialities such an individual with or without Will finds themselves enveloped in perpet petual Joy a euphoria that Springs from the depths of their being finding pleasure in their own resources and not craving Delights Beyond those that arise within them when someone attacks you question what Dark Forces drove them to do so once you understand their conception of right and wrong you will feel empathy for them and rid yourself of astonishment or resentment if their Vision aligns with yours you will be compelled to forgive them for under similar circumstances you would have acted the same but if their moral ideas differ from yours it will be easier for you to overlook the errors of someone confused in a moral Universe wealth does not reside in the accumulation of colossal Treasures but in the scarcity of desires do not dissect your philosophy into mere words instead reflect internally on who you wish to be and then act accordingly anyone capable of provoking your anger becomes your true Master they can only trigger your Fury if you grant them that power there is only one way to happiness stop worrying about things beyond your control if something external torments you the pain does not come from the object itself but from your perception of it and this perception can be changed at any time congratulations on reaching this incredible Milestone your voice is crucial in driving the growth of this Channel and spreading stoic philosophy to confirm your arrival here if you find yourself speechless leave a comment saying do not run away from problems face them I’m convinced you’ve come this far for a reason so make sure to subscribe and activate notifications so you don’t miss a single detail of what’s to come get ready to dive back into the heart of the matter with the next video the greatest obstacle to a fulfilling life is the expectation anchored in the future that neglect the present you strive for what escapes the design of fate and abandon what lies within your own dominion what are you focusing on what goal are you directing your efforts towards the future is a mystery crucial for long-term planning and preparing for what’s to come but we cannot lose sight of the present constantly looking back to learn from the past is wise but getting stuck in it prevents us from enjoying the Here and Now where life truly happens death inev for all will come in its own time whether tomorrow or in decades but in the meantime let us make the most of every moment granted to us let us not allow pain to paralyze us or the future to steal our peace we will face whatever comes with courage and wisdom strength is vital but flexibility is the key to survival and thriving let us confront our challenges with determination knowing that only by mastering ourselves can we truly conquer let everything flow with the Grace of gentleness kindness in words creates bridges of trust while generosity of thought adds layers of depth be an architect of love with every generous gesture those with Restless minds are destined to be prisoners of their own ideas unable to see beyond their mental constructions anxiety is nothing more than a passing wind on the horizon of the inevitable embrace your present without fear of the uncertain future always remember that ultimately everything is destined to change and disappear allowing new realities to emerge if there is a Divine plane everything is in perfect order and if chance is the master of the universe’s strings do not let it entangle you in its game be prepared for the unexpected and embrace each change as a sacred Unity true happiness lies in freeing ourselves from the chains of the uncontrollable let your essence flourish by moderating your desires and embra embracing Simplicity authentic wealth is not measured in possessions but in the fullness of our essential needs do not be a slave to your circumstances be the architect of your own destiny find your voice in silence or speak only when your words are Pearls of Wisdom know yourself and let that wisdom guide your steps towards greatness freedom is the most precious treasure attained only when we learn to let go of what we cannot control and remember if this message resonates with you join us in our quest for truth and fulfillment if you found true meaning in this video and wish to continue exploring more about stoic philosophy or share your story please click the like button to support us don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and activate the notification Bell so you don’t miss any future videos together we strengthen enrich and fortify ourselves in the principles that guide us toward a life of purpose and meaning see you in the next one I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you liked the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior all



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