8 Early Signs That Someone Dislikes What You’re Saying

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we’ve all accidentally blown it in a conversation that we really wanted to go well but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t potential for a good connection sometimes it just means YouTube talked about the wrong things luckily if you learn to detect the subtle signs of dislike early in a conversation you can change topics and potentially save their relationship today’s video is a collab with body language expert Logan from the YouTube channel observe thanks Logan for helping spot these eight subtle signs that someone dislikes a conversation the first tell is one of the most accurate Standalone indicators if you are standing and speaking to someone look at their feet foot Direction shows interest and people rarely think to fake it so if their feet are facing away from you while you’re speaking it can mean they aren’t interested in the conversation if the person is sitting there’s a different tell to watch out for pay attention to the moment someone crosses their legs you may have heard that crossed legs always signals being closed off but that isn’t true some people just feel comfortable sitting like that but if they start uncrossed and cross them Midway through a conversation that can be a sign that you said something they don’t like for example watch Jay Cutler after his friend Sophia tries to justify cheating on her boyfriend you sleep with someone one time and then you’ll never cheat again and like you don’t ever talk to that person again that’s acceptable no it’s not acceptable but like it’s more understandable another thing to watch if you want to get a read on someone is their torso positioning here’s an extreme almost comical example with Jimmy Kimmel and YouTuber Mrs May how many views is your boyfriend now uh he doesn’t do YouTube or any social media he doesn’t do YouTube only a loser but hey look you want it to look just as good as him right that’s right in Jimmy’s position some people would see me smiling and engaging in conversation and think things are going well but you see two different torso signs that she’s uncomfortable first she’s leaning sideways to create separation second hertrso is twisting away she’s turning just her head to speak with Jimmy rather than facing her shoulders towards him you’ll be amazed at how many people miss these torso signs especially if the person is trying to be polite by smiling and answering questions like May was if you’re not sure whether someone is torso twisting or not keep an eye out for this next sign of discomfort that often comes with it for context for this next clip Jennifer Aniston is reacting to David Letterman licking some of her hair yeah that actually happened she’s trying to stay positive since it’s a talk show but notice her self-soothing gestures now the uh the film The film’s already we’re off here going I know people are people are horrified by that we’ll take it out in editing don’t worry here’s another quick example with Cara Delevingne when Graham Norton won’t take the hint to stop asking her about the time she had sex on an airplane right now that having sex on a plane people who don’t know body language can sometimes confuse these self-soothing gestures with printing gestures since both involve self-touch common examples of preening would be adjusting hair jewelry or clothes especially while smiling these are normally a sign of Interest or attraction on the flip side arm rubbing neck rubbing or nail biting would be examples of self-soothing gestures coupled some of the other tells on this list these are signs of anxiety or agitation now let’s move to the face the first facial tell to look out for is compressed lips this sign may only show on someone’s face for a brief moment but if you catch it it’s a great indication that the person doesn’t like the conversation for example watch this next clip with Lance Armstrong and pay attention to his mouth after he’s asked about the Livestrong brand wanting to stop partnering with him and your association with it has ended yep does that leave you frustrated there’s another sign related to the mouth the infamous fakes smile you can tell that a smile is forced or fake if the smile does not reach the eyes people think to fake a smile with their mouth but most people don’t think to fake it with their eyes so the eyes are a great thing to pay attention to when you’re trying to read someone there’s another I tell you should pay attention to as well and that’s when someone’s eyes narrow after you’ve said something for example watch Robert Downey Jr’s eyes in this next clip he asks Jimmy where his suit is from and Jimmy tries a joke that Robert doesn’t like I don’t know I’d have to look in later on we’ll look you’ll go through my pants and we’ll see what I’m wearing hey you had the big Premiere right across the street you actually see a lot of micro Expressions there Robert looks away first is brow gives the tiniest Shake of his head and narrows his eyes all signs that someone didn’t like what you just said now if you see a single sign that does not necessarily guarantee that the person dislikes you but if you start to notice multiple that’s your cue to look for a different approach to the conversation or recognize that you and this person aren’t a good match and start looking for someone else to talk to ultimately the goal isn’t to be a people pleaser who spends an entire conversation trying to make someone like you the goal with learning to read people is simply to accurately understand the impression you’re making you want to be authentic and see who you really connect with that said people often confuse being authentic with staying stagnant fulfilling life it’s okay to learn new habits and grow some people are authentically kind funny wonderful individuals but they have some bad conversational habits so you don’t have a chance to shine and show who you really are if that’s you and you want to learn better habits I highly recommend how to and Friends and Influence People it’s a great resource for learning how to make an amazing first impression and get past small talk so you actually have a chance to show your authentic personality and make a real connection and now you can get the audiobook thanks to our sponsor for this video audible new members can try audible free for 30 days just go to audible.com Charisma or text Charisma to 500-500 audible offers audiobooks across every genre from Best Sellers and new releases to Thrillers motivation Wellness business whatever you like to listen to as an audible member you can choose one title a month from their entire catalog including how to and Friends and Influence People you also get access to exclusive audible originals and exclusive audible podcasts and their app makes it easy to listen while traveling working out walking or doing chores so no matter how busy you are you can always find time to learn a again if you want to try that audible trial and get how to win friends and influence people for free just go to 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  1. idk so u always have to be so self aware of every single thing you do when around others. T some point, maybe it's their fault for assuming someone dislikes them bc of they way the sit. not everything revolves around them or is so personal. thoguht that was another point to this channel to not be so self involved.

    but also, so many things are dependent on other factors as to why they are behaving in a certain way. self soothing gestures could just mean an anxious person or someone uncomfortable about something else, not the person they are talking to. maybe something else on their mind?? idk reading body language seems kinda odd and the assumption is always that they're doing it bc of "you". or whatever

  2. You know, it's okay to dislike people, but don't show it. Keep it to yourself. I had a coworker I disliked from the beginning (let's call him Tom). He started a conversation about a man's right to hit women for seIf-defense. I proposed a different topic. And he seemed kind of…clownish and obnoxious during our shifts together. He did not make a good first impression. And I remember when approaching him and this baker in the kitchen. I asked "Harassing the bakery, Tom?" He asked why I thought that, and I said, "Because you're Tom." Later that day, during a lunch break, he sat far away from me and another coworker. I said, "Wow, you must really not like us." He gave a facial expression to indicate so, and when my tablemate asked what he did, the guy said, "You're fine, [name]." I realized this was about me. He'd been detached and quiet around me since that day. I remember when I complimented his haircut, he said "thanks" emotionlessly and I picked up on his dislike and that I must've done something. I didn't realize what I did. I spoke to the baker about it, since she was in the room at the time. She reminded me of what I said to Tom the other day.

    Now here's the interesting thing. Tom saved my life. I suddenly forgot about his "obnoxious" personality. I realized that I was wrong to have insulted him. I had a reason to not like him, but I should've kept it to myself. But I don't dislike him anymore. He's a hero, and there is good in him, even despite the first impression and his lack of filter. And he had a right to be cold around me. He was wrong to talk about a sensitive topic at work, and I was wrong to imply he's a problem and not get it when he was clearly offended. I didn't understand in the moment, and I didn't understand later. I had to hear an explanation from someone else. That's my fault. I was too shallow to think for myself.

    By the way, in case it influences anyone's opinion, I'm technically a female; I'm just non-binary and go by John. I know gender norms influence opinions and "morals," (as Tom indicated) and I figured you all needed to know what I am first.

  3. Ambivalence best describes my general opinion of Letterman, he can be funny & hold interesting interviews but my lord he can be awkward & cringy…so gross watching his blatant inappropriate behavior towards Jennifer Aniston

  4. I’ll never forget trying to let down an online date and leave with him yelling at me, “but you were playing with your hair! You like me!” 😳🏃‍♀️😂😂

  5. Just remember that women especially when they are flirting make a lot of weird faces sometimes pretending to be shy or feeling awkward when they are exactly the opposite. I am female. Also if you are judging actresses how they are behaving remember that they are actors and maybe just adopting a certain persona trying to come off as humble when it is all an act.

  6. The knee over knee leg cross is not acceptable if you have balls no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Forgive me, I'm from a place where people still are men. If you do that where I'm from you going to get clowned