8 Psychology Tricks That Make People Obsessed With You

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in today’s video you’ll learn 8 habits that make people love being around you with examples from a celebrity that seems almost universally loved Pedro Pascal the first trait that makes Pedro so popular is his endearing embarrassment when most people get accused of something embarrassing they react with awkward silence or try to deny it they don’t realize this is actually an opportunity to make people like you more here’s how to do it do you ever look at Instagram accounts devoted to you being a heartthrob when you’re feeling down yes I do it really is that simple you can turn embarrassing moments into charismatic ones just by laughing at yourself plus if you laugh at yourself first you save the people around you from feeling awkward by inviting them to laugh with you here’s a great example where Pedro can’t think of anything to say when he laughs at himself it saves the awkward silence and gets his co-star to laugh is Nathan Fillion really Pedro Pascal I think Pedro Pascal is really Nathan Fillion because you just saw another charismatic habit you can do to make people enjoy being around you play Laugh tag add a touch when you laugh research shows that a welcome touch builds trust and connection and conversational high points like when you’re both laughing are a great time for it one danger here not Everyone likes being touched so you want to calibrate your touch to how well you know the person and if they touch back a good way to start is with a simple hand on the forearm here’s an example with Pedro where he purposely ruins the take and then teases his director Neil with a line the director used to say to him and done you gotta do that again did you notice how Neil initially looks a little aggravated at Pedro’s joke but when Pedro laughs and touches his forearm Neil Smiles The Forum touch is great for people you don’t know well with someone you already know and are building a closer connection with you can also use Pedro’s favorite laugh tag the head on shoulder don’t do drugs nope without me I’m totally joking here kids now let’s go into a super easy habit if you want to make other people laugh see if you can guess what it is from this next clip anyway I read the first script and I was like yeah yeah I want to meet him I want to meet him and uh we talked we fell in love and uh Pedro could have just said we get along really well but instead he speaks in hyperbole exaggeration makes people laugh especially when you exaggerate so much it’s impossible to take you seriously in this next clip Bella and Pedro are asked how much of themselves they put into their characters in The Last of Us listen to how Pedro Compares himself to the almost superhuman character he plays I think it’s just a natural like merging of two people and it helps when like I’m quite similar to Ellie so that was helpful I’m exactly like Joel you saw there how easy this is to do it only takes five words for Pedro to get the whole group laughing this bleeds into another joke Pedro loves that you can also steal the fake narcissist joke we all know people with annoyingly big egos pretending to be that person for one sentence is a great way to get a laugh for example listen to Pedro tryman after Poppy Delevingne shares her reaction to getting cast in Kingsman 2. what does a dream come true I definitely wept a little bit I think I definitely a little cry I’m gonna work with Pedro Pascal that was it finally that was it that was my lifelong dream Law and Orders again the key here is to go so over the top it’s obvious that you’re joking here’s a great example with Robert Downey Jr I must be mellowing with age but I want to say this very clearly the next time I’m not asked the first question you’ll get an even bigger laugh with these fake narcissist jokes if you’ve already established yourself in conversation as a kind humble person the easiest way to do this is to raise others up Pedro has two ways of doing this that are super easy to do and will make people love being around you the first is something that most people will say is obvious and yet most people don’t do if you find yourself thinking something nice about the person you’re talking to say it out loud how do you think about balancing the noble traits that make a character like Joel heroic versus the weaker ones that make him human you’re smart I never thought about it that way only in one place on Disney Plus that was great he’s my favorite person Beyond vocalizing kind thoughts you can also raise people up simply by passing the conversational Spotlight did you know you wanted to be an actor I did I had that delusion very early what about you did like how early were you like I’m gonna be uh on TV in movies it can be as simple as bouncing back the question people ask you this is so easy to do and yet so many people don’t do it what I assume from The Game of Thrones world would you bring to the last of us I really loved my robe this is why I said clothing I’m telling you what about you I liked my armor his name if you’re already good at this then you may have the opposite problem giving up the conversational Spotlight too quickly and too often laughing and making other people laugh being kind and being a likable listener these are all great traits that will make people enjoy being around you but they won’t feel a real connection with you until they learn at least a little bit about who you are when it comes to sharing about yourself a great trick is to use a hook that builds curiosity think of a common question that people typically ask you then think of a hook you can add to the beginning of your answer you were born in Chile right I was born in Santiago Chile and then you were raised though in the United States raised in the United States my parents became political refugees when I was just a baby wow if you aren’t sure how to hook people there are two specific hooks you can steal from Pedro the first is the surprise positive twist follow up a seemingly negative sentence with a positive one I got my head crushed in it was the best part of the day other examples of this would be sentences like I got laid off it was the best thing that ever happened to me or my girlfriend tell me it was the best day of my life then there’s the second hook you can steal from Pedro the I I don’t know if I should share this hook so then my phone rings I don’t think I should tell you the whole true story but um I was okay I was when it comes to sharing about yourself there’s another great habit you can learn from Pedro have a few good go-to stories that you know people love for example Pedro loves to share the story of telling his family about the last of us that day I spoke to my sister who was driving uh my nephews to school and I was on speaker and I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t even know that they were in the car and I was like I’m having a conversation about this amazing job and she’s like what’s going on and I said well there’s this job offer and uh it’s based actually on a video game and she’s like yeah and I said it’s called the and I didn’t even get the I didn’t even get to the AST it was like it’s called the The Last of Us the last of us to do it you have to do it nice job you better get that job the next time you tell a story that gets a great reaction make a mental note to yourself by having stories you know people like you instantly make yourself more fun to talk to than the majority of people out there just be mindful you don’t use the same story over and over with the same audience now if you’ve made it this far into the video you probably want to make a stronger more positive impression on people and create better relationships whether you want that for your career social life or romantic life we have a step-by-step 30-day program that can help you do just that over fifteen thousand people just like you have gone through it had life-changing results promotions new jobs a better dating life more friends and perhaps most importantly a higher sense of Freedom confidence and happiness now it is a paid program so to offset any Financial Risk to you we’ve given the program a 60-day money-back guarantee that means you have enough time to take the entire program go through every single day put it all into practice and still have plenty of time to decide if you liked it or if you want your money back we set it up this way because we know that once you experience the program it’ll change your life and you’ll think it’s some of the best money you’ve ever invested in yourself if you want to learn more and see if our 30-day Charisma University program is right for you you can click the link that’s on screen now either way I really hope you enjoyed today’s video and I’ll see you in the next one



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  2. This is why charisma is so brutal. The rich typically get richer, while the poor suffer. Why? The charismatically wealthy, have more friends, so more good experiences so a larger wealth of funny stories to draw on, while the majority of us don't have the stories so don't get the second invite, so don't have the stories. At least that's in my experience

  3. Everyone making sound conclusions and brilliant well thought out comments from their perspectives and experience. Here I am just hearing that I just have to stop being me and be Pedro Pascal ๐Ÿฅฒ

  4. My friends always say that I donโ€™t need to deliver jokes, my embarrassing moments is enough to make them smile. I always say words that makes them laugh even if I donโ€™t intend to be funny..and yeah.. touching is true.. I have the same mannerisms like Pedro๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚