9 Real Facts About Women Every Man Should Know | Stoicism.

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you think you know women you think you understand their desires their fears their dreams let me warn you you may be wrong women are complex creatures full of nuances and contradictions and if you’re not prepared to face them a rude awakening awaits you welcome Warrior you must pay close attention to today’s video I assure you it will help you fully develop your stoic mindset remember to like subscribe and share this video with your friends to help them develop their minds just like you stoic warrior in this video I will reveal to you nine harsh realities about women that every man should know they are not pleasant truths but they are necessary to build solid and lasting relationships reality number one women are not mind readers they cannot read your mind if you want something don’t wait for them to guess it have the courage to be clear and Direct in your Expressions don’t limit yourself to dropping subtle hints or waiting for her to take the initiative communicate openly and honestly by telling her what you truly desire and feel don’t say I want to talk to you or I need your help be more specific about what you want to talk about or what you need avoid beating around the bush or using ambiguous phrases maintain eye contact this shows that you’re paying pay attention and that what you’re saying is important to you listen carefully to her response don’t interrupt or judge her be patient you may not always get what you want but honest communication is essential for building a solid relationship women appreciate honesty and Clarity don’t be afraid to be yourself and speak your mind with open and effective communication you’ll be able to build a stronger and longer lasting relationship with the woman you love remember women also have their own thoughts and emotions don’t assume that she knows what you’re thinking if you don’t tell her what you want you probably won’t get it reality number two they are not prizes to be won many times men approach women with the mindset that they must win them over as if they were a trophy or a prize they see relationships as a competition in which they must prove their Worth to be chosen this mindset is toxic and harmful to relationships women are not objects to be one they are people with their own desires needs and expectations if you truly want to have a relationship with a woman focus on getting to know her as a person on understanding and respecting her it’s not about impressing her with your achievements or possessions but about building a genuine connection based on trust and mutual love let go of the idea of competition don’t compare the woman you’re interested in with others each one is unique and special in her own way focus on building a healthy and respectful relationship don’t focus on conquering but on creating something lasting and meaningful value the woman for who she is not for what you can get from her don’t see her as a prize but as a life partner communicate honestly and openly express your feelings and needs without fear be patient relationships are built over time and effort don’t expect immediate results if if you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to building a healthy and Lasting relationship with the woman you’re interested in women are not prizes to be one they are people who deserve to be loved and respected reality number three women are not perfect women like men are imperfect human beings they make mistakes have flaws and don’t always act rationally or logically accepting this is essential for building a healthy and Lasting relationship if you expect your partner to be perfect you’ll be constantly frustrated instead learn to love her with her imperfections acknowledge her mistakes forgive her when she faults and help her improve remember that you’re imperfect too don’t expect her to love you unconditionally the true beauty of a relationship lies in mutual Acceptance in the ability to love despite flaws reality number four they don’t always want your opinion they’re not an oracle seeking your approval on every decision Sometimes women just need a listening ear a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings without being judged or criticized this doesn’t mean they don’t value your opinion in fact when they ask for it they appreciate your honesty however it’s important to differentiate between moments when they seek your advice and those when they just need to vent read the signals if she speak speaking in a reflective tone and asks for your opinion go ahead give your best advice but if she’s just expressing her frustrations or insecurities simply listen attentively and empathetically validate her emotions show her that you understand how she feels and that you’re there for her don’t try to minimize her problems or offer unsolicited Solutions sometimes all she needs is to feel understood and supported by listening empathetically and offering emotional support you’ll show her that you value her as a person and that you care about her well-being this will strengthen your relationship and make her feel more secure and comfortable expressing herself to you reality number five they’re not all the same women are a diverse and fascinating Universe full of unique personalities varied life experiences and individual perspectives making the mistake of believing that they’re all the same is like trying to fit pieces of a puzzle that don’t belong together each woman is a world of her own with her own dreams aspirations fears and insecurities what motivates one may not motivate another and what makes one happy may not have the same effect on another it’s important to recognize and respect these differences comparing one woman to another is unfair and unrealistic don’t expect them all to behave think or feel the same way way each woman has her own Essence that makes her special and unique to build solid relationships with women it’s essential to appreciate their individuality listen carefully to their stories understand their viewpoints and respect their decisions don’t stereotype or compare them to other women diversity is what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place each woman has something unique to offer don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the woman for who she really really is reality number six she’s not your property women are not objects to be owned or controlled they’re people with their own thoughts feelings desires and needs they deserve to be treated with respect dignity and freedom if you consider her your property you’re making a serious mistake you’ll be suffocating her limiting her personal growth and stealing her happiness a healthy relationship is based on trust mutual respect and individual Freedom both Partners should have the freedom to be who they are and to pursue their own dreams without the approval or control of the other if you truly love her you must let her go allow her to explore her own interests spend time with her friends and family pursue her own passions don’t treat her like a caged bird give her the freedom she needs to fly and be happy true love doesn’t seek to possess but to liberate a healthy relationship is based on trust and mutual respect individual freedom is essential for both Partners happiness stop seeing her as your property and start seeing her as the amazing person she really is reality number seven they’re not your mother women are not innate maternal figures expecting them to take care of you comfort you and solve your problems as if you were a child is an unrealistic expectation and detrimental to the relationship women also need space attention and support they can’t be your only source of emotional well-being it’s important to learn to be independent to solve your own problems and to seek professional help when you need it women are your companions not your mothers don’t depend on them for your happiness or emotional well-being learn to be independent and solve your own problems seek professional help if you need it build a relationship based on reciprocity respect and Love by accepting this reality you’ll be able to build healthier and more lasting relationships with women reality number eight they’re not therapists women are not there to solve your emotional or psychological problems while they can provide support and understanding they’re not mental health professionals and shouldn’t be treated as such if you’re struggling with personal issues it’s important to seek professional help a therapist or counselor will provide you with the tools and support you need to overcome your challenges don’t burden your partner with the responsibility of being your savior she can’t fix you or make you completely happy happiness is a personal Journey that you must undertake for yourself if you’re ready to take control of your mental and emotional health seek professional help today your partner will be there to support you along the way but she can’t bear the responsibility for your well-being complete reality number nine they’re not your savior they’re not here to complete or fix you happiness and personal fulfillment are individual responsibilities while a healthy relationship can provide support and companionship it’s not the source of Happiness expecting a woman to save you from your problems or make you feel complete will only lead to disappointment instead focus on your own growth and personal development work on your insecurities heal your wounds and discover your own source of Happiness a woman can be a wonderful companion on this journey but she’s not the driver only you have the power to transform your life facing these realities may be difficult for you Warrior but if you truly want to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with a woman it’s essential that you understand them start seeing women for who they really are complex human beings full of strength Beauty and wisdom only then will you be able to build a relationship based on respect trust and true love thank you 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