A Playful Trick To Never Be Boring In Conversation

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in today’s video we’ll go over eight conversational habits that make people love being around you the first habit is the false completion technique that’s when you finish someone’s incomplete sentence with a joke to see what this looks like watch this interview with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt Dwayne’s just been asked if he plans to run for president one day I think in time if that’s the decision we make we sing we’ll see yeah but nothing yet no have you started uh complaining against him yes oh my God that was good cutting someone off to genuinely finish their sentence for them can be annoying but by doing it with a joke you make them laugh and instantly create a more playful Vibe and as you’ll see in this next clip it’s easier for them to retake the conversation so they can finish their thoughts that’s a great kind of marching orders very you know actionable for us and and easy to understand and every day I was like all right how can I help that um how can I get more lines but but watching the two of them because it really is the key to getting a big laugh is to finish their sentence with something ridiculous that they clearly weren’t going to say here’s another example where Dwayne does this to Emily after they’re asked what they would take to try to survive stranded in the jungle I would take a sleeping bag and a tent and I would take food and I would take Vagisil Vagisil these fake sentence completions can take any conversation and instantly make it more fun if you’re with someone who has a good sense of humor it can also create opportunities to connect by bantering back and forth you know what I would think I would take the uh I’ve been saying this but this is true I I would take the thing that’s most important to me because I’m a good human being anal beads if someone starts to joke back with you that’s them attempting to connect if you want a good relationship with this person then accept those bids for connection one way you can do this is by playing along with their jokes for example some people would get offended if you tease their outfit but watch how Emily Blunt responds in this next clip you can put some football pads underneath there and just I I actually this is all me I don’t know if you you bulked up for the jungle cruise doubling down on someone’s joke makes them feel hurt and shows that you think they’re funny they’ll feel good about themselves and they’ll associate that positive feeling with you look where you put your cup that was real power move you put it on top this is when you know a guest doesn’t want to answer any more questions put it on top of the card you need your name you know what you know what that’s uh [Applause] a delight if you can’t think of a clever way to play along there’s an even simpler way you can make someone feel good for joking around with you a big laugh made you guys decide to sign up um money [Laughter] your goal here isn’t to fake laugh but to allow yourself to laugh freely whenever you do find something funny if you currently struggle to laugh when you’re in conversation that’s totally fine laughing is a habit that gets easier the more you do it so a good practice is to watch something you know will make you laugh right before going out this will Prime you to be in a better state to laugh when you’re in conversation another way to increase the connection you have with someone is to add a touch during conversational high points for instance when you’re both laughing you are known as this kind of the positive force on set that you know we can do this the kind of yeah we can do this it isn’t true that Emily Blunt did break your spirits you can also use Touch to strengthen the connection created by a sincere compliment Larry Mark I did the Oscars yeah and he produced and he said man people know he was Wolverine but they’ve just seen you you should do a movie music you crushed the Oscars by the way thank you oh epic thank you now while many people like being touched not everyone does so you want to start with a small touch and see how the person reacts before you decide to move on to bigger warmer touches also one other warning with touch it can make people think you’re flirting with them there’s three ways you can minimize this if this is something you’re worried about first keep your touches to just one to two seconds rather than linger second touch everyone in the conversation so that it’s obviously not specific to just one person third avoid their core touching someone’s knee forearm or shoulder is friendlier and less intimate than areas like the thigh waist or lower back there’s a great charismatic habit you can add on top of what we’ve covered so far and that’s friendly teasing Millie what was this sign that you had for me remember it had something old old guy with beard when you’re a nice person adding in light playful teasing like this can make it more interesting to talk to you because it makes it a bit more unpredictable what you’re going to say Millie I’ve never seen 28 Days Later I’m so sorry some people worry that playfully teasing someone might accidentally offend them but there’s two easy tricks to avoid this mistake and make sure people laugh at your cheeses like Killian in those last Clips first use teases that are obviously untrue from the clips we just saw Killian isn’t old and 28 Days Later was actually a box office success and second tease yourself as well so people know you’re not picking on them you’re just being playful for example listen Emily poke fun at her own film The Adjustment Bureau did you meet on The Adjustment Bureau yes we did sometimes we just see each other across the stream we go like that there’s one more thing in today’s video that will make you a fantastic conversationalist people love being around and that’s knowing how to tell captivating stories so let’s go through four quick storytelling tips that will help you have people fascinated laughing out loud or both the first trick is to act out your characters in this next clip Emily tells the story of trying to remember the friends she learned in school while she was visiting Paris the story itself is not remarkable but by acting out a character she makes people laugh I could say everything apart from the word taxi apparently so I went um and you went taxi and I went yes and he went taxi he’s Simon English if you don’t feel confident in your ability to act out the characters in your story you can start by just doing faces and keep your voice unchanged for example watch Emily talk about what it was like to act in Mary Poppins at the same time her husband was working on the horoscript for a quiet place at the top of the house Mary poppinsey yeah he was right he was just reversing this hideous wow frightening movie so I’d come home from work and be like I danced with penguins and he was like I killed a kid on page four our second storytelling tip is to pause when you hear laughter giving people space to laugh makes you look even funnier and make sure the rest of your story gets hurt as your kids getting your accent or are they getting your husband’s accent well Hazel had my accent for a really long time and would say things like water which I was really proud of and then the other day she goes can I have some water and I went it’s water and she was like no it’s water another good time to pause is before your punch line take a three second punchline pause here’s a fun example with Emily talking about filming Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise for context Tom is notorious for being positive on set and refusing to say anything negative it was pouring with that’s right I remember looking at him and he was like guys please please roll please and I just looked at him and I just went it’s like that and he looked at me and he goes it’s a challenge awesome builds anticipation creating a bigger impact when you deliver your punchline one thing that can help you focus on your delivery is having a few go-to stories once you find a story that gets a laugh you can use it again so you already have a rough idea of what you’re going to say here’s an example with Emily telling the story of the birth of her first child we were in the recovery room afterwards and we have this amazing nurse who came in and she said Sam your baby is so cute and I went oh really she went she is gorgeous and I went and Mabel I think you say that to all the mothers she went no I don’t she went when I know what baby ugly I said you had a baby having a handful of stories you know get a laugh will instantly improve your conversations just be mindful you don’t use the same story over and over with the same people now there’s a lot going on in this video and you may be wondering how do you remember all this when you’re in conversation especially if you’re speaking to someone who makes you nervous that’s why we put together our 30-day program Charisma University it’s the fastest way I know of to become more confident and charismatic and it comes with a daily action guide that tells you exactly what to do every day to take what you’re learning and turn it into unthinking habit thousands of people have gone through Chrisman University so far and had great results here’s what just a few of them have said Thank you you’ve changed my life it’s so much easier for me to connect with people all my relationships have improved and I’m able to make new friends anywhere in any situation I never expected such remarkable outcomes from a simple online routine this course completely changed my mindset on how to approach people and think about myself it is undoubtedly made a significant impact on my life after Christmas University I’ve made more friends have higher self-esteem and can more easily talk to people I don’t know if you’re interested in becoming more confident and charismatic in the next 30 days click the link on screen now either way I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I’ll see you in the next one



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  1. Ay we gotta recognize that The Rock also primes his friends to say something funny, he consciously makes his answers longer for other people to step in and have fun, great guy

  2. If someone is using showbizy fake moves during a conversation (like some of the ones shown here), it makes me uncomfortable. Like they aren't really involved.