Attractive Men Avoid Saying This to Women

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in today’s video we’ll go through common mistakes men make when talking to women they’re attracted to and what you can do instead to stop being boring and immediately be more attractive we’ll do this by breaking down some clips of craig ferguson so that you can get reactions like this when you’re flirting you’re like so cute i forgot how much i loved you i love it y’all you see it’s all coming back to you let’s keep talking about sex while craig has clear advantages like being a famous tv host a lot of what he does can be done by anybody the first habit to learn if you want to be more attractive is to stop thinking of conversation purely as an exchange of information instead focus on having fun and creating emotional spikes there are two easy ways you can do this the first is by answering her questions with fun funny answers before you give your real answer here’s a quick example from craig just so you can see how stupidly easy this is to do you know what a wombat is right a wombat a one bet yeah is that a ladybug especially when you’re meeting someone for the first time the first few minutes of conversation can be predictable what do you do where are you from things like that the majority of men give straightforward boring answers so you can set yourself apart by making her laugh for instance watch how craig handles the predictable where are you from conversation i’m from scotland jersey here’s one more example notice this time how craig starts giving a real answer but then thinks better of it and switches to a joke but charlotte knows and how did you find it i liked well i get off the airplane and there it was but then if you make someone laugh by saying something playful and unexpected they’ll instantly like you more it really is as simple as giving a funny obviously fake answer before giving your real one a good tip when flirting is to answer someone’s first small talk question playfully and at least 25 of the small talk questions after that this isn’t always necessary to build attraction but it’s especially helpful if you aren’t sure how to answer those basic where are you from what do you do questions in an interesting way you can also shift boring small talk into a fun flirty conversation by responding playfully to her answers are you a lawyer then no i’m a paralegal well that’s the same as a lawyer except you jump out of airplanes right what kind of doctor is your sister internal medicine internal medicine so all her work is done indoors most men don’t respond playfully like this when they’re talking to someone they’re attracted to in fact most men make a second common mistake here being unbelievably excited about everything she says listen to these next clips for some examples of this have you ever been here i haven’t i have not either um so i’m a full-time student mechanical engineering exciting oh that’s awesome i was a dancer and danced in college more for fun yeah yeah yeah i was a writer for a magazine here that guy seems like a super nice guy but unfortunately just responding positively is often not enough to build attraction that isn’t to say that showing excitement is bad in fact in our first craig video we covered how he often interacts in a positive high energy way but when you react to everything she says with an overly positive response it can be a turn off you risk becoming predictable and depending on your delivery you can seem fake or desperate what sets craig apart and what can set you apart is something called push pull where you mix that strong positivity with some playful teasing that makes you both laugh for example watch how craig bounces between compliments and teases with alice eve at different parts of their conversations i’m becoming weird i think as a result of being an actor it’s a weird i was just a girl before you’ve never been just a girl have you ever been to germany i’m buying this offer the car off a german person that doesn’t qualify you as having visited you can even do this in the same sentence bouncing quickly between teases and compliments [Applause] again immediately i love your dress by the way it’s very it’s you can see through bits it’s a little tableclothy thing why are you keep doing that to me you’re freaking me out i’m putting spells on you yeah you’ve already done that you did that when you did the knee that’s right you see me move back like that yeah yeah crawling away no no distance is hurting me no it’s listen it has to be this doesn’t mean you have to rush to chase every compliment with the tease just keep it in mind so you don’t become too one-dimensional if you aren’t sure exactly how to playfully tease someone while flirting you can steal an easy style of teasing from craig say cliche phrases that are normally only said by women to men this type of spontaneous role play can make you both laugh and jokingly reframe that she’s the one hitting on you so show me what you got no you can’t put me on the spot like that say show me what you got you gotta walk up to a little bit buy me dinner don’t just run in and must my hair come on jeff i like your snake cup thanks a lot yeah it’s awesome isn’t it do you have do you like hey now dinner first i just wanted to see it you want to see my fruit basket i just wanted to hear you say that fruit basket i mean you don’t rush straight for the fruit basket there has to be conversation first if all you do is follow the advice already in this video you will have more women who find you attractive but there’s one more thing craig does in conversation to create chemistry this is optional but it’s a huge part of what makes craig attractive create an environment where women feel safe being flirty and sexual as a great example of this watch this next clip with mma fighter gina carano she’s only been talking to craig for five minutes and you can see even she’s surprised at what she’s willing to say honest it’s real it’s kind of like you can’t really hide you know anything in the cage it’s just real you’re you know two people going at it yeah it’s uh it’s kind of like sex and i’m just kidding hey whatever way you get the job done gina is clearly embarrassed by the joke but she was willing to go there because craig goes there first and craig is great at introducing sex into the conversation without it seeming creepy one reason it doesn’t seem creepy is his obvious comfort with the topic notice in these next two clips how his tone and body language convey that to him talking about sex isn’t a big deal is that weird kissing a girl because you’re a heterosexual i am yeah not really like if i had to kiss a dude because i’m heterosexual i’d be like oh this is kind of yeah awesome no i mean the zebra situation or the zebra these check it out oh yeah yeah no no no no no don’t don’t near peeling are you into s m i’m not really that’s a good segue i’m just saying something very important here is how non-judgmental craig is he doesn’t shame women for their sexuality or kinks now because introducing sex into the conversation does run the risk of seeming creepy you need to calibrate to the other person you’re setting and how the conversation has gone so far a great way to test out the topic is with playful misinterpretation you jokingly misinterpret that they are the ones that started talking about sex for a quick example of this listen to craig talk about scotland with michelle monaghan it’s so beautiful there yes it is yeah yeah every time i think about it that’s true and we were i know oh my gosh well i was there during summer too so it goes on all night long [Applause] you can even playfully misinterpret someone was being sexual just by pausing and giving them a funny look do you identify with downstairs people don’t have your servants or upstairs who are rather terribly botched uh i don’t watch it but i’ve been both upstairs and downstairs i’m going to answer the question now all right do you cream one thing you’ll notice craig rarely makes a joke about them having sex together his playful misinterpretations just introduce the topic of sex lightly while also making her laugh then she can decide to simply laugh and move on to a new topic or double down on the joke and take it further it’s valentine’s day so you can squirt whatever you want no you can no you can cream berries no anything goes no no no no i’ll have to ask for that no don’t ask for it it’s very very painful but it might like a little pain well we’re we’re out of time so fast yeah no actually i mean not we’re not fast not fast it’s okay don’t be embarrassed i was excited again this isn’t to say you have to do this it’s simply a habit that craig has that works for him ultimately this video is a set of options for you as you learn to be more attractive in conversation model craig in whichever way seems most fun to you until you’ve built the habit of dropping your filter having fun and finding people you genuinely enjoy flirting with and being around now that said there’s a lot going on in this video and building new habits can be hard it can be tough to remember to put any of this into practice especially if you’re speaking with someone who makes you nervous that’s why we put together our program charisma university it’s a step-by-step 30-day program that tells you exactly what to do every day to take what you’re learning and turn it into unthinking habit so by the end of the program you radiate confidence and charisma naturally without even thinking about it rather than tell you about the program myself here are a few things that past members have said life-changing in six weeks i went from being socially awkward with few friends to the life of every event that i attend i also went from having serious girl problems to dating the girl of my dreams this next guy improved both his social life and career he says i had just moved to a new city for work after college i always had trouble interacting with people outside of my hobbies and social circle and it was even more difficult to connect with people while working from home by sticking with charisma university i’ve had the confidence to make groups of new friends and land a promotion cu has changed the way i see people and connect with others and i’m truly thankful for that and this last one comes from a guy who’s been making new relationships before going through charisma university i didn’t know how to bring energy to a group and i was terrible at meeting new people everything in my life has improved after cu from loving myself and others more to creating and developing amazing relationships the program is literally guaranteed to change your life that means you can take the entire course and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny you can give yourself a full refund from right inside the program if you want to see if chrism university is right for you click the link on screen now or in the description below either way i hope you enjoyed this video i really appreciate you taking the time to watch it and i hope to see you in the next one [Music] you



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  1. I learned from a good friend the secret to talking to women was this. Practice a comedy set on a woman or a group of women. At first, it's going to feel forced, but eventually, it just comes ourlt naturally.

  2. Craig is not hitting on these women and does not in general find them attractive he is just doing his job which is interviewing them and try to entertain an audience ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Listen. Sometimes you just meet boring women. Women that don't add anything to a conversation. Think of themselves first, without thinking of both of you. Guys. You may have done it right. Be interesting, but look out for someone that expects you to carry a conversation, carry a relationship. Be with the person who tosses you compliments, and looks out for you as well as herself.

  4. Come on Craig is safe for these celebrities. I donโ€™t believe those women are actually sexually attracted to him. If you believe they are, you are the gullible ones Hollywood loves.

  5. What his fans don't seem to understand is that these are actresses ACTING!!!.
    He probably can''t stand many of them and vice a versa but it's called "RATINGS".
    He is playing to an AUDIENCE and a CAMERA!
    Wake up people:
    The laughs are fake.
    The interest is fake.
    Much of what you see is rehearsed beforehand .
    Off camera they wouldn't give him the time of day!
    NONE of this is transferable to the real world.

  6. The secret: if she actually finds you attractive it really doesn't matter what you say. If she doesn't find you attractive, it really doesn't matter what you say either.

  7. Craig doesn't get to be the man of any of those girls. So everything stands next to nothing when the viewer wants to build a great relationship and not just have some harmless fun for an hour.

  8. I was doing a workflow presentation to a small group of residents; and one of them is a gorgeous woman, and in the process made a joke about their attending's accent and made them all laugh. In my daily work I see them all, and usually make a joke or two in my conversations, and kept everything serious professional. After a couple months, I noticed the gorgeous woman was always flirting, and made it obvious she was attracted to me. I never made a pass never even occurred to me to pick her up, I just kept everything positive and professional, and sometimes that's all it takes.

  9. The less I care about a women the longer the conversation lasts. The more I care about her the sooner I make a fool out of myself. Ideally you marry the one who is willing to be a fool with you.

  10. Craig Ferguson acts like this because he is a happy, blue pilled, rich, famous man with a secure job for life. Of course, he is always going to have a positive attitude and gets easily inspired to make women laugh which is something this video misses. If you combine happiness and positivity it equals charisma (almost always) and he is very charismatic. Yet, there are exceptions and this doesn't work all the time with just everyone, especially people that have an extremely hard life that society is clueless about. Those people get their personalities confused as "toxic" and "negative" instead of having a no nonsense (red pilled) attitude. These type of people barely get invited on television, but are some of the most down to earth people with tons of experience that you can learn from. Craig goes into the direction of having fun instead of being the very serious type.

  11. Did an actual woman (not ChatGPT) check upon you before you upload this video ? IMHO, this is full of sh**. Craig is the creepiest of them all – an old horny man, that makes "the move" on everyone.
    I don't think being that obvious will ever work on a normal girl… a nymphomaniac perhaps – maybe ๐ŸŒŸ

  12. It is good to say nice things to a woman. And find out what kind of woman she is. If she is put off by your kind words and respectful behavior, move on and thank God that she is not interested in you. ๐Ÿ™‚