Do NOT trust or respect those who do these 7 things (stoicism)

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[Music] confidence is one of the most fundamental requirements in any type of relationship whether it’s with a friend partner or family member in this video I will discuss the seven types of people you should never trust first and foremost it is essential to observe whether the person exhibits any of the characteristics I will mention observation and Analysis of comments are necessary fortunately it’s not so complicated to analyze both the words and actions of a person to form a solid impression of who they are and what their Essence is I will address each of these types of people and explain why it is wise to avoid placing your trust in them if someone engages in these behaviors you should raise suspicions and even not respect this type of person it’s important to note that when I say not to respect I’m not suggesting that you should insult or mistreat someone what I mean is that you shouldn’t consider this person a genuine friend or partner simply because they exhibit questionable behaviors it is crucial to maintain healthy and constructive relationships and understand when it is appropriate to distance yourself from people who do not contribute to your well-being the first type of person is one who is always ready to criticize especially when it comes to other people if someone speaks ill of others you can learn more about the character of the speaker than about the person they are talking about someone who constantly talks about others through gossip and rumors and even tries to damage someone’s image surely belongs to the group of lowquality people it is wise to distrust not respect and not show consideration for this type of individual because if someone speaks ill of others they could easily start speaking ill of you as well the second type of person is one who seems to be friends with everyone Smiles at everyone wish Wishes the best for everyone and always says you can count on them be cautious when trusting this type of person because someone who Smiles at everyone and pleases everyone often makes promises and claims to always be available to help they may be more interested in their own popularity than in genuine relationships for this person you might just be another person in the crowd another number someone else to conquer and pay attention to it is prudent to be skeptical because someone excessively extroverted and popular can easily replace you the third type of person is one who lacks empathy and is more prone to deceive or hurt others the ability to put oneself in the place of others and understand what they feel is lacking in these individuals making them less reliable an empathetic person would hesitate to cause pain to others as they would be able to imagine the suffering their actions could inflict lack of empathy is an indicator that makes these people less trustworthy and and they are likely not to take responsibility for their actions unreliable people tend to be selfish and care only about themselves ignoring the consequences of their actions the fourth type of person is one who pretends to listen have you ever encountered someone who when you try to have a conversation responds with a simple I understand or is that so without really engaging in the discussion this can not only be boring but also disrespectful ful the worst scenario is when the person responds to what you say but when it’s your turn to speak pretends to listen and gets distracted with the phone or nods without showing real interest in what you’re saying in a conversation the minimum expected is for the person to pay attention to what you’re sharing therefore if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t pay attention or gets distracted with the phone in your presence revealing that they are not really listening it’s appropriate to stop talking there’s no point in continuing to talk to a wall and you’re not obligated to waste your time with someone who isn’t interested in what you’re saying don’t hesitate to interrupt the conversation or even inform them that you’re leaving you should not respect someone who doesn’t value what you share and prefers to pretend they are listening while getting distracted with the phone the fifth type of person is one who always has problems lives in the midst of intrigues and claims that life is a condemnation for them with each day bringing a new difficulty be careful with this type of person and distrust them because if someone is constantly involved in an endless series of problems it’s not just a matter of coincidence or the universe conspiring against them in many cases the person contributes to their difficult situation by making wrong decisions and repeating mistakes without learning from them they are also likely to have difficulty controlling their own emotions therefore it is a advisable to maintain distrust toward this type of individual because if you sympathize with their sad story full of difficulties you may want to help them and their problems could easily become yours keep in mind that someone who seems to collect obstacles in drama generally has a real difficulty in their life which is themselves surely you don’t want that difficulty to become yours so be cous when dealing with this person the sixth type of person is one who constantly irritates you when they are around dealing with someone who makes you lose patience even when you are already going through a complicated period in life is understandable however it is different when you are constantly irritated in the presence of a specific person even when you are in a state of calm this happens because if that person can irritate you persistently they are likely subtly provoking you they throw ideas that confuse you and skillfully feed your doubts all subtly and gradually in small doses so that you don’t fully realize the emotional and psychological game that is happening believe me there are people who act this way purely for pleasure taking advantage of the ability to provoke others therefore it is important to be attentive to these games and subtleties if someone is capable of constantly irritating you it’s because they are poking you with gestures and words in a way that you may not fully perceive be aware of these complex Dynamics and be prepared to handle them consciously the seventh type of person is one who has two faces and you have likely had some experience with someone like this these people apparently show appreciation for you but behind the scenes spread harmful rumors about you not only to you but also to others therefore don’t be surprised when other people start talking about you these individuals can quickly switch between a friendly smile and friendly conversation to then speak ill of you when you start realizing this type of behavior it is highly recommended to consider ending the relationship as soon as possible acting with sincerity and integrity is fundamental in any relationship and being surrounded by people who act duplicitously can be toxic and harmful therefore protecting your own peace and well-being is a priority and if you detect this distancing yourself may be the best decision I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you liked the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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