Every Type of Girl Explained in 11 Minutes

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girls aren’t just born with desires instead they develop each of them as they go through stages of their life so today I’m going to explain to you how girls work by explaining the specific desires girls have within your age group and how you can meet those desires to make them want you let’s start with stage one girls between 14 and 18 years old you need to understand that it is within this age group that girls start going through puberty their body start producing hormones like estrogen and progesterone these hormones will make them feel attracted Ed to Boys in their age group this marks the beginning of the first of five qualities women desire which is being attractive however most guys if you’re in this age group you’ll probably look more feminine right you have you’ll have a baby face or your body will be underdeveloped but this is a good thing because this is exactly why girls within this age group look for feminine like features and men such as celebrities like Harry Styles or Timothy shalam this means that if you are within that age group between 14 and 18 years old and you want to get more attention from girls you need to copy a less masculine like appearance and you can do this with the three-step method first ditch the short and The Faded haircuts instead you want to grow out your hair long on the sides and on top as this is going to make your face look slimmer and a touch more feminine second just like Harry and Timothy have done in these pictures you’ll want to add a small necklace to all of your outfits this will elongate your neck and make you look skinnier and third remove all the hair from your face you don’t want to come across as too masculine you can use a safety razor but if you’re in this age group I don’t want you to cut your face the best thing to do is grab a beard trimmer for example this one my beard hedger from my company manscape this one when you take the clip guard off it gives you a nice close shape and you don’t have to worry about Nicks if you’re a guy between the ages of 14 and 18 I don’t want you to stop watching the video now because by understanding the next four stages of a woman’s life you will be able to skip all the mistakes that most men make as you get older and dominate the field when it comes to talking to women this takes us to a woman’s second stage ages between 18 and 22 look between the ages of 18 and 22 girls have already gone through puberty they are now entering a stage where they want to go to college and create their own identity this is when they begin to rebel against their parents and they develop their desire for the second quality every woman looks for in a man and that’s confidence and assertiveness and this need every guy always misunderstands this as the bad boy but in reality girls don’t actually want a man that’s bad but rather a man that is confident and assertive qualities that are usually not found in Nice Guys which means that if you are a man between the ages of 18 and 22 years old and you want to attract more girls in your age group you have to stop being the nice guy and instead you have to become confident and assertive but nobody ever teaches you how to do this so I will I’m going to show you how to do just that by changing how you talk to girls depending on where you meet them to start if you start talking to a girl on a dating platform like Tinder Bumble or hinge I want you to set a 24-hour time limit on your phone phone for asking her out that way you’re not going to fall into the Trap of becoming the nice guy of waiting too long now let’s say you start talking to a girl at school at work or through Instagram what nice men will do here is that they’ll speak to her for a couple days some even weeks or months without showing their true intentions but to be a confident and assertive man I want you to set a 1eh hour time limit from the moment you started talking to this girl to go and ask her out and finally let’s say you talk to a stranger a girl that you met at a coffee shop or on the street you’re going to want to add a 60-second time limit to ask her out the reason is because one you can ask her and then immediately leave which just make you seem more important and two all of these will make you come across as more confident and assertive so to summarize over dating platforms you have 24 hours to ask her out over social media or at school or work you have 1 hour to ask her out and if she’s a complete stranger on the street you have 1 minute to ask her this takes us to stage number three women between the ages of 22 and 26 years old between the ages of 22 to 26 women have gone massive emotional changes in their life due to all the bad guys that they dated in the previous stage leading them to have to carry a bunch of baggage that now you’ll have to deal with these changes also lead those women to become more emotionally mature than the men around in her age group this leads to the third of the five qualities a girl looks for a man which is being 5 to 15 years older than her so if you are a man between the ages of 22 and 26 years old you need to become more mature but this is difficult as Studies have shown most men don’t emotionally mature until they’re 25 so instead what you’re going to do is appear more mature and look older with just your appearance and here’s how you’re going to do it first replace any shirt with a graphic with a simple shirt second you will replace any clothing that’s too baggy or too tight third you will replace jeans with khakis or chinos fourth you will replace those long haircuts with short to medium haircuts five you will replace bright colors with darker colors and six you will grow out your facial hair in fact when it comes to facial hair I need you to stop right there because you need to have the right style a specific study found that when you use the right style of facial hair you can look up to 10 years older so I’m going to show you how to style your beard so you look 10 years older because if you do it wrong you could end up looking less mature so to start you’ll grab your electric facial trimmer obviously I’m using my beard scape from manscape nothing else compares to it in the market but the reason I’m using this is because I need something with the clip card you’re going to want to set it right around 6.5 mm and yes that is ultra specific this is for a reason and a panel of over 300 women researchers found that light to medium stumble made men look 10 years older remember women desire men that are between 5 and 15 years older so you are put right in the middle of that this is exactly what women within this age group are looking for so when you grab your beer trimmer and set it to 6.5 you’re going to get that EXA exact light to medium stubble length you’re looking for that’s going to make you look more desirable now this is why the beard hedger is undefeated our beard hedger comes with 20 different sizes comes with that many settings and it’s all built in you just turn the wheel and you can set it to whatever desired length you’re looking for this takes us to Stage Number Four Women between 26 and 30 years old women between the ages of 26 and 30 they begin to desire that fourth quality that they wanted every man which is fight Financial Security Now this isn’t because women are gold diggers it’s because up until the last 10 years women who became pregnant became solely dependent on that man so biologically speaking they are conditioned to want a man with resources which in today’s world that’s money and this is why I told you in the beginning young men need to watch this video throughout to understand how women develop because Financial Security this won’t happen overnight it comes from putting in the work from as young as when you’re 18 years old and so what all of this means is that for men between the ages of 26 and 30 you should be focused on becoming financially secure and here’s what you’re going to do it to start I’m going to ask you five questions I need you to answer these honestly do you owe more than $7,995 in credit card debt do you owe more than $29,400 in student loan debt do you have less than $500 in your bank account right now do you spend more than $37 on food delivery apps every week and do you make less than $63,900 a year these numbers aren’t random they’re based on the averages of men here in America so if you answer yes to only one of these chances are you’re financially secure now if you answered yes to two or three of these you have a little bit of work to do and if you answered yes to three or more of these chances are you’re not financially capable and women probably won’t find you desirable so you will fix the easiest one first and work your way up to the hardest one from the ones you answered yes to or you can just manipulate women into thinking your financially secure with your facial hair believe it or not this is not just me saying this as a joke there’s actual studies on this so there was a study done in 2021 that found a man that had facial hair particularly a beard was seen as 49% more capable than the man that didn’t have one all right so I’m going to show you how much a beard makes a difference it’s my boy Norman how long have you had that beard since I was like 15 using the beard hedger we going take the Clipper off we’re going to go down to zero bro you ready I’m ready let’s do it mats [Music] now the best part about shaving with our trimmer is that it has skin safe technology so even when you remove the clip card you’re getting the closest shave possible without having to worry about Cuts or ingrown hairs so you can get a clean shave in seconds just like my boy Norman is doing all right so we set up a little scenario with Norman’s girl she’s waiting for him at the park sitting at the bench she has no idea my boy just shave this beard I’ll see you in like 5 minutes I’m like a couple blocks away I got you yeah you can turn around oh my all right so after she came down we showed her the before and afters and I mean you saw the reaction but we have to ask anyways or which beard style does she like best on her man beard beard yeah yeah she liked the beard huh why more masculine more masculine yeah this brings us to stage five women between 30 and 34 years old between the ages of 30 and 34 women started developing a lot of hormones like oxy and prolactin this is what makes them want to start a family and because of this they start to look for a man who has the fifth and final trait all women want and that’s being kind and supportive now the good news is that this is finally when all the nice guys start outperforming but even if you’re just naturally not kind and supportive like myself I had to build my own twl system to make it seem as if you are so I’m going to share it with you for level one you want to take the girl you like to a coffee shop on a date during the date however you have one Mission and is to encourage her to speak at least 80% of the time you want to ask her a question wait for her to finish and then you’re going to want to ask her a leading question like and how did you feel after that or what did you do next then just pay for her coffee and give her a hug goodbye before you leave this is going to show that you’re just a kind guy that you’re not sleazy that you’re not just looking for sex but then you’re going to have to take it to level two where you’re going to want to think about everything she told you on that first date and then you’re going to use the second date to help her for example if she told you that her life is always boring take her to something exciting like a football game and then let her know why you did it but on the other hand if she says that her life is always stressful take her to a spa day where you make all the choices for the day where she doesn’t even have to think by doing this you’re going to show that you listen that you’re supportive and that you care if you listen to me and understand how women develop between all the stages you can finally now comprehend how girls actually work and what are the five traits that they find the most Des desirable amen see you boys next time



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  1. In order to get a girlfriend follow this steps:
    First, you need to be attractive, looks may not be the most important thing for long term relations, but is the first thing you see, and therefore the first thing theyll inspect before talking with you
    Second, when starting a conversation if youre not already a partner with her, you have to feel confident on how you talk and also feel more mature, as well as giving the sense of being dificult to achive, so do not be complacient at first
    Third, try to catch her attention by talking to her about your interests, talking about goals and achivements is also important, achivements the most because it shows determination, girls do not like lazy men
    Fourth, dont be to fast, everything at is pace, first date her a couple times to get to know eachother, maybe you change your mind, once you can asurely asume that she is into you, take her on the big date, you tell her with confidence what you feel, never seem to be desperate and you have to be cold about the answer, make it that it seems you dont get affected no matter what she answers, you can even try to make her answer the opposite, this will make her to think that you will not be affected by anything she says and will make her more honest.

    But once youre in a relationship you have to add some things:
    First, and here is where most people fails, dont make all youre relatonship about only one thing (usually sex), a relationship is much more than that
    Second, now is when you need to start to be complacient, but dont rush, go little by little, you dont want to change how you act from day to night, because remember, she said yes to the guy that wasnt that.
    Third, be kind and supportive, now that you know her better and youre in a relationship, try to be there for her on bad moments
    Fourth, dont become settled, show her that in the case you leave the relationship youll not be affected, this will make her wanting you even more, because she loves you and she doesnt wants to loose you, but she knows that it will be hard not to, and that she will win nothing from leaving.

  2. Insightful breakdown on understanding different stages of what girls find appealing! Could this approach be oversimplifying the complexity of individual preferences in women?

  3. Came here to say "stupid generalisation"
    End up realising so many things about myself ( kinda accurate for me till now and explain so many things )
    I'll probably come back to this vid after some more years lol