Flipping: How To Make A Rude Person Regret Insulting You

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today we’ll go over how to handle it when someone insults you we’ll start with a few comebacks that are great at winning over a crowd and embarrassing the person who insulted you the downside is they can make the target of your comeback hate you then we’ll cover some friendlier more charismatic responses so you can come away looking cool and confident without making enemies one strategy when someone insults you is an Aikido insult accept their insult and use it against them the pig do I still owe you my money never heard of Standards yeah that’s no I don’t have any I can tell yeah I’m with you guys here that’s why this is one of the best ways to win over a crowd you’re only able to insult the other person because they insulted you so you make people laugh without looking rude there’s an easy way you can do this even if you can’t think of a clever comeback point out they’re easy to dislike for example watch the ovonne get insulted in this next clip he clearly doesn’t like it go get it kind of Supercuts it’s like a number seven at the lemon tree eventually Theo hits him with this next line you can steal this word for word the next time someone tries to disrespect you if you could even if you could ever meet yourself you would hate it the key here is to smile while you say it that’s what prevents you from looking defensive and gets the people around you to laugh and again it only works because of how rude they were to you so you roast them without looking like a jerk if someone insults you with a joke you can also turn it back on them with a trojan horse compliment this is where you compliment the joke in a way that roasts the insulter DJ had a rave dip slow you look like a dip song dude I’m so used to you not telling good jokes almost didn’t even listen to that these first three strategies will help you win over a crowd but they won’t necessarily make the person you’re talking to like you so another option is to genuinely complement the insult this can make you look extremely self-confident and help you build rapport with the other person who’s most likely to be caught napping between takes actually it’s usually me during Dwayne’s close-up that was good who’s most likely to break out into laughter in the middle of a tank I have no self-control I feel that you are humorless oh that’s so good you may think this only works among friends but it can work with strangers too the key is to assume positive intent when you assume positive intent you hear a lot more jokes than insults one honesty or flattering honesty your forehead is bigger than my dream that was good that was good that was good I do have a big forehead don’t worry oh oh it’s even better there is power in laughing along with a funny insult if someone insults you and you don’t think of anything clever to say and you don’t laugh then it seems like you’re being laughed at you have the same haircut as Jane Lynch That’s not that funny guys if you find yourself in that same situation and you are able to genuinely laugh you put yourself in on the joke and project laid-back self-confidence dude you look like my my third grade gym teacher Mrs Klein yeah she was like this lesbian used to call Lou Kang you kind of look like Luke from Street Fighter if he was a white dude that had money thanks man yeah with friends and even better reaction to look confident and build rapport is to play along specifically agree and exaggerate you can get a laugh by jokingly exaggerating the thing that they just accused you of who’s the biggest diva yeah who do you think Robert oh yeah [Applause] for another example watch Olivia Coleman accidentally insult Jack Whitehall an American accent yes yes he’s doing an American accent well in that clip yes he was he was now notice how Jack makes everyone laugh by leaning into the insult it was good thank you very much you see what a lot of actors do when they do an American accent is they tend to just go for like one region of America and they commit to a single American accent I decided with this role that I would take Sonata around all 50 states now sometimes someone says something truly rude and you don’t want to play along in those cases what can you do here’s one option taken from Don Draper in Mad Men may I join you Yankee hey go home are they making fun of me a little bit being non-reactive can be a powerful response to an insult you’re implying that the person isn’t important enough to bother you and your unshakable confidence is unaffected another option is to cause their behavior specifically their behavior not the whole person so that was rude not you’re so rude that was rude can make them reflect on what they said you’re so rude will just make them defensive this won’t work in cases of overt bullying because the bully isn’t trying to hide their behavior but it’s great for situations where someone is trying to be rude covertly or rude in a professional setting so I’d stay away from the genetics and back to the brain scans you cut that out now or you’ll go home in an ambulance yeah that seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion a call out draws attention to a person’s social mistake this puts pressure on them to take it back or double down and look bad here’s an example of that from an Australian Senate session you don’t waste a line of questioning I’m just kidding you I love the mansplaining I’m enjoying it you’re loving what the man explaining that’s going on what’s mansplaining Senator what’s the slightly patronizing and condescending way that you’re responding to my questions once he’s established for everyone else there that she is being rude he calls it out I would suggest Senator that if you’re putting the word man in front of some description of what I’m doing you’re doing that which I’m sure you’re very much against is making a sexist implication now sometimes a rude person simply isn’t worth your time in those situations you can just walk away it’s like okay let’s go for ice cream right all right so we get off the boat and he turns to me first of all you weren’t like all right you were like yeah good night everybody this is a fantastic response with people you don’t plan to see again for people who are regularly in your life it can be a bit too reactive in those situations a better thing to do is draw a boundary and walk away if your boundary is violated here’s a great example with Julian Assange in this clip he was told they’d be discussing evidence he found of potential war crimes by the U.S instead the interviewer asks about personal allegations against him he starts by calmly cutting her off and drawing a soft boundary the legal situation for yourself in Sweden we’re now facing charges there’s no kind of talk about that in relation to this a soft boundary is one where you Don’t Spell out the consequences for crossing it if someone doesn’t respect your soft line follow up with a hard boundary but it does affect Wikileaks yeah but this interview is about something else so I I don’t have to walk if you’re going to contaminate an extremely serious interview with questions about my personal life there’s three things for you to take away from this example speak calmly draw a clear boundary and explain why the boundary is important to you you feel this is an attack it’s completely it’s completely disgusting I think I’m asking whether or not you I’m going to walk if you’re going to um contaminate sorry us revealing the deaths 104 000 people when the interviewer continues to cross his boundary he stays true to his word and he walks out now to master any of the techniques in this video it helps to have a strong Foundation of self-confidence deep confidence makes it easy to genuinely Find humor in being teased so you can fire back with a smile or laugh along with the joke and it makes it easy to draw boundaries and cut rude people from your life if you want the fastest way I know to take your confidence and Charisma to the next level check out our program Chris University it’s a step-by-step program that tells you exactly what to do every day so that 30 days from now you radiate confidence and Charisma naturally without even trying now rather than tell you about it myself here are a few things that past members have written us I had confidence in some areas but not in others then Charisma University changed that for me since beginning the program I’ve seen noticeable changes in my life it has helped me unlock the confidence that comes with knowing that I can go into any social situation and crush it thank you so much for this program after going through it I’ve made more friends have higher self-esteem and can more easily talk to people I don’t know I am way more confident now having gone through the daily action guides and I can see a big difference in the attention and respect that I get it makes life so much more fun I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say Charisma is literally a gateway to getting anything you want in life so thank you for making Charisma University if you want to see if Charisma University is right for you click the link on screen now or in the description below either way I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next one



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  1. I really enjoy your channel and learn alot from it, so big thanks for that. Juuust one small comment re: the example from the Australian senate sessions.
    To put it into context – with these 2 particular people, the 'rudeness ratio' would be about 1 to 10 – with the woman being rude 1 time V that man being rude 10 times. It probably seems over the top for me to comment on it and I realise hardly anyone knows or cares wtf goes on in Australian politics – but I felt I had to, because that woman is a genuinely dedicated, fair-minded, decent person/politician and I don't want people all over the world seeing her in a bad light. 🔚

  2. Nah. Best tactic is to say. 'I guess I'm not wanted here' and walk out for real. You make everyone left feel like s*** But when one of them runs out after you, you maintain the hurt front and say 'no, it's ok I think it's best I go.' You f*** up whatever they do afterwards. It's fun. Because basically bringing you down is a a coward's powerplay.

  3. They ain’t say the best tip…don’t get defensive, don’t joke on them…..double down on their rude remark. Agree with them (sarcastically) to show how much you really don’t care how they feel and how much their feelings don’t affect you

  4. One of my students called me grandpa. I said," Thats no insult; I've been a grandfather a long time. My granddaughter is 28. By the way how is your grandmother? Is she still hot? Have her call me, because I lost her number." The kid was speachless. lol

  5. The people who need this the most are the ones who have been bullied, are shy, autistic etc… but they are the ones who are the least likely to benefit from this video. You have to be very comfortable around people to use these methods

  6. It's taken me years to admit this, but… it's not always about making the other person like you. In fact, there's very few scenario's in which that would actually meaningfully be the priority, but probably all of them are because you need something from them that's more important than staying true to yourself.

  7. [When insulted] Hey, I've been around many insults, some true, but yours needs some improvement. No, no; don't get mad, I know, yours was just a rookie mistake. I'm sure you'll do better next time.

  8. I think I gave the best insult to myself when I was trying to throw one time at work. A coworker was recording me failing and I looked right at the phone and said, 'I DO NOT THROW LIKE A GIRL THAT WOULD BE AN IMPROVEMENT."

  9. In response to the rude comment, my best handling was(in a completely sarcastic and insincere manner, a fake wounded), "Ouch! I might need a bandaid for that booboo." Or, if it was indeed just mean, I grab my chest, and just as overtly insincere as possible, "Oh! You've wounded me so deeply. Please, i need a medic." And then i just give that nose laugh and roll my eyes. Another one that recently worked, said with exaggerated awe, "It must've taken months to come up with that, and you finally found a use for it. Good job You!" She just looked confused so i doubled down with a seemingly amused laugh, "I had no idea you were so funny! Hmmm." I then turned My attention and my body away from her. After sitting quietly for an exceedingly long time while I monopolized the conversation with our host, even deliberately working in several inside jokes she wouldn't get(a bit petty, but deserved), she decided she had something pressing at home. (Bye Felicia!)

  10. These tactics won't work, since most people who insult for no reason are narcissists, and thus cannot see themselves as in the wrong. Your response will be seen by them as you attacking them for no reason, even if they attacked you just seconds before, and first.

  11. I'm not sure what point was being made about Ben Shapiro. Apparently it was super important because they used it as a thumbnail, however. Are you saying it was cool for this person (the man pretending to be a woman) to physically threaten Shapiro because he felt "insulted" and Shapiro "instantly regretted it"? Or are you saying the trans guy instantly regretted what he said because Ben said it was inappropriate? Threatening someone is not some sort of witty comeback, it's the opposite. You have no comeback so you resort to threats of violence.

  12. So, how can I respond to a girl at work who likes to point out to everyone that I can't hear (I'm hearing impaired). She asked me in front of others yesterday in the office "can't you hear me?". It was upsetting.

  13. Wisdom takes no offence – because the Spirit of Truth bares witness unto itself.

    In other words: you don't need a come back line – because the audience has the cognitive ability to see the initial insult was uncalled for.

    If the audience don't see the initial insult was uncalled for – they are zombies lacking sufficient understanding of anything.

    My go to response is, "There we are then," before carrying the conversation forward.

  14. Why you people WANT others to "like" you or pay "attention" to you or get "attracted" to you ??

    Is this not seeking VALIDATION from others ??

    Talk to people when you "feel" the need to (especially when you are JOYFUL)

    Otherwise you will look NEEDY and CREEPY

  15. Not taking offence, just widely smiling, shaking your head, in front of those present seems the best way to dispel the discomfort the insulter causes. I watched a celebrity do this when consistently teased about his ears on TV. No hurt reaction – no gain. I have done the same ever since if insulted by some smart arse.

  16. I don't mind insults as long as they're not passive aggressive. I hate that more than anything. I basically just never let it go. "I was just kidding." "I don't think you were…what did you mean by that?" and just never let it go…EVER. Those types of comments will stop pretty quick after that once they realize you're not going to let it slide anymore.