How P*rn works

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let this circle represent a person in the past a man would grow up in a tribe of 35 to 50 people of those 50 people 25 were women and of those 25 women 13 were above the age of 30 and only nine were under the age of 20 meaning that for the typical man in his 20s there was about three women to choose from now compare that to today where the typical man in his 20s is surrounded by tens if not tens of thousands of options and has instant access to the most beautiful women in the world through his phone the result is a society of men that is addicted to cornography so in today’s video I’m going to break down the five vicious stages of how cornography gets you addicted and the negative impact it is having on your body I just hope that those of you watching are only at stage three of this vicious cycle cuz by the time you hit stage four and five it’s probably too late but how cornography Works doesn’t start at the addiction cycle it starts with the girl on the camera you see when a girl becomes a teenager she’s going to start getting flooded with attention from Men on Instagram and Tik Tok due to her appearance for some girls this attention will become the foundation of their selfworth and this is what leads them to a platform where they can get as much attention as possible only fans you see in the past only the most hardcore women would consider joining the corn industry but today everyday girls even the ones you probably know or maybe have a crush on are trying it out they join because they want validation but on top of that they have men willing will to pay her $5 to $10 just to see her naked this leads to more girls creating profiles more men signing up and then more lowquality women like the one you see on podcast like whatever and fresh and fit creating a NeverEnding vicious cycle then boys as young as 11 start using apps like Tik Tok which act as a jump ramp into finding apps like only fans it is here where these boys start to see social pornography for the first time and here is where the addiction begins start in Step One initial use you see as boys become Men We naturally start develop this natural drive for sex this is a good thing this is crucial for reproduction and the survival of the human race so when you’re this young and you have sex your body produces dopamine it makes you feel good so you want to do it again this is what keeps driving the human race and keeps us reproducing however this good system can be hijacked and misdirected to put this into perspective when you eat food your dopamine increases by 150% when you play video games it increases by 175 % if you were to do a drug like cocaine it would increase by 450% when you have sex it increases by 200% and when you watch porn it increases to 175% which means that an 11-year-old boy at home can experience the same dopamine increase that a man in the past would potentially get from meeting a woman getting to know her risking rejection and taking her to dinner this marks step one of the addiction cycle initial use but to really understand understand how cornography works and why you just can’t quit you need to understand the other four steps especially number four because it completely change how I look at everything else I do in my life step two abuse another factor that increases dopamine is novelty which refers to how something new feels when you experience it the first time that’s why it feels good when you try something new for the first time but it never feels quite as good the second or third time when it comes to Corn however every Tab and video you open or new video you watch becomes a new form of novelty which means that unlike regular sex which causes a spike and dopamine and then regulates and decreases down watching corn can sustain higher dopamine levels for longer with every new tab that you open this is what leads men to use corn every time they want to feel good when they’re sad angry or even bored which if you’re there it means that you’re in the second step of the cycle and it’s abuse it is also during this abuse stage that men will also start experiencing symptoms of one of corin’s more severe side effects erectile dysfunction this is literally when your junk stops working and many men might think Jose there is no way that something on the screen can impact me physically think again because before 2002 only up to 3% of men were dealing with erectile dysfunction today in 2024 we’re up to 35% of men deal with erectile dysfunction and you want to know what started to become mainstream in the 2000s during this period you guessed it pornography now now you have to understand before you freak out there are three levels of erectile dysfunction that gets progressively worse fortunately if you’re only at stage two of this addiction cycle then you should probably only be experiencing level one of erectile dysfunction level one is when you can get an erection but sometimes you might not be able to sustain it through sex and this is an experience before you freak out that over 50% of men will experience at some point in their life now the good news is that fixing level one is quite simple a study from Harvard found that you’re just walking 30 minutes a day reduced level one symptoms and up to 41% of men so you want to make a habit to walk for at least 30 minutes either in the morning or in the evening and you should start seeing results however for the 59% of you that might not see results you might have to take an extra step to something a little bit more powerful like therapy from our sponsor better help better help is an online platform that puts you in touch with licensed professionals that are there to help you whenever it’s convenient because let’s be real when you’re dealing with this issue you won’t talk to your friends about it you won’t talk to your parents about it but you need somebody in your corner and with better help you just answer a few questions on their questionnaire and they can paare you with that perfect friend that you can now talk to and talk to them about your addiction to pornography and how it’s completely destroying you mentally or physically or whatever it is that you’re dealing with so they can help you walk through it let takes us to step three in the addiction cycle dependence here is when men will start using corn to cope with negative emotions like depression anxiety and boredom now if he wanted to overcome these feelings in a positive way it would be best for him to use meditation or exercise but I’m going to show you why this might not work for you using the same graph we saw earlier a person who exercises will see a 150% increase in dopamine while the person who meditates will see a 160% increase both of these take time and energy to get to and neither of them increases dopamine more than just watching cornography also both meditation and exercise decrease over time cornography doesn’t so this is why when you’re feeling down you have two choices you can get up meditate and exercise or just pull out your phone and want some cornography to feel better the problem here is twofold first you now become dependent on cornography to start feeling better and second you’ll need to watch something different every single time to feel just as good this is what leads you to the level two of erectile dysfunction the second level of erectile dysfunction is when you can’t even get it up right before sex level two comes from heavy corn use because your mind becomes so dependent on the unrel istic bodies you see online that you no longer find real life women bodies attractive this level is when things start to become serious and if you don’t treat it properly it can leave you feeling alone and depressed for the rest of your life now to treat level two naturally you want to start walking 30 minutes a day like level one guys did but you also need to start lifting weights by lifting weights you’re going to start naturally increasing your testosterone level which is going to naturally make you more interested sexually in the women around you on top of that you’re also going to naturally start losing weight and this is important because Studies have found those men that have a 32in waistline are 50% less likely to deal with erectile dysfunction than men that are overweight and had a 42in waistline or larger now if that doesn’t work you need somebody to talk to you cannot do this on your own clearly you’re losing the battle better help can find you that person and the cool thing with better help is when you get linked with somebody to talk to if that person doesn’t feel right you feel uncomfortable you can always just keep changing cuz they have thousands of therapists until you find that right person that you connect with that there’s Synergy with and you can open up about your issues so they can help you walk through it this takes us to step number four of the addiction cycle and it’s addiction when you become fully dependent to use chronography and mask all your negative emotions this is when you know you’ve arrived to the addiction stage of the cycle this is when you rely on something just to feel okay or feel somewhat normal you’re no longer using it to feel good this is just to feel normal this is similar to how some people depend on coffee just to wake up in the morning and this is when you know you’re becoming addicted when you know you’re stuck in a cycle of using something just to feel normal and you know you should stop but you can’t because you need it every single day and you relapse over and over again now if you’re wondering if you’re at this stage I have seven questions I want you to answer do you watch porn at work or school do you find yourself thinking of corn when looking at a girl do you watch corn every single day do you use corn to handle negative emotions like sadness or boredom do you believe corn is bad but you continue to use it anyways are you unable to ignore the urge to watch corn no matter how hard you try are you having trouble getting your package up or keeping it up if you answered yes to two or more of these you’re probably addicted and you are likely starting to see symptoms of level three of erectile dysfunction now this level of erectile dysfunction is when things get serious this is when you can’t get an erection at all for this level walking 30 minutes a day and exercising and eating right it’ll help but you will need medical attention you can go through the H of going to a doctor talking to them getting a prescription going to the pharmacy picking up meds now the prescription will work but if you’re here you also need to fix whatever’s going up in your head that’s what’s truly stopping you and you clearly don’t have the willpower to do so but when you have accountability from somebody that you’re talking to through your problems that can relate with what you’re going through your chances of success are much higher I want you to check out better health you need somebody to talk to if you want to check it out click the link down below or go to better / menfashion there’s going to be a 10% discount that’s going to make it even more affordable and you can get started now you go through the questionnaire and you’ll have somebody to talk to within 24 hours and now you can truly start working at the core of whatever is going on with this addiction so you can stop it and it’s tracks this rolls us to stage five of the addiction cycle relapse relapsing happens when you’re compelled to watch cornography either by a psychological or physical trigger psychological triggers include emotions like the depression anxiety or boredom which are especially powerful if you’re using cornography As A coping mechanism physical triggers which are arguably the most destructive ones are things that you see around you you see in the past nudity was more common so when a man saw a half naked woman he wouldn’t immediately think of sex nowadays however nudity is less common which makes seeing it much more triggering in the 1900s women would dress modestly so as to not appear sexual in modern times however women are hyp sexualized through movies music videos social media reels and marketing materials they then artificially improve their bodies through cosmetic surgery editing and going to the gym so when you’re walking around in the streets or scrolling on your phone you are culturally and biologically conditioned to be triggered by almost everything around you you see an alcoholic they can remove alcohol from their house a drug addict can put themselves in a rehabilitation center but a cornography addict can’t do any of that and is forced to battle all of their Triggers on their own every single day but I’m not going to let you relapse every single day of your life or have your junk stop working because now that you understand exactly how a girl gets into corn and how men become addicted to it you have the knowledge and power to overcome it on your own and I want you to watch my next video on exactly how to do that



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  1. Sometimes I get worried because a hotter colleague comes out to the blackboard before me and my chunk gets up. And then I try to think about something except what I would do it to her.

  2. now i don't know if i am addicted to sus stuff cause i look at digital illustrations (NSFW) for sole purpose of art study 💀cause as an sus artist i need more info but… i would say that i can get the junk up when needed and sustain for like even an hour (wouldn't really need that much ) but i would say my dopamine sky rocket when i even hold a girl's hand… (that happened only once (i mean the hand holding)) but i would say i am in a really health condition… but thanks for advice I'd keep it in my mind…😄

  3. im at stage 1. trying to quit cuz lust is one of the bigger sins in christianity which is my religion.
    (ps i will do 1 push up,1 squat, 1 sit up, 10 meter run every like this comment gets)

  4. Started watching corn since i was 7 and now im 14 and a half. Its gotten better but there are times where i cant help it. From multiple times a week, to around 2 or 1 times a month. Really want to get help but i dont wanna pay for it.

  5. i gotta ask you, i personally dont think that im addicted, it even feels boring and sometimes disgusting to me😂 but are there any similar bad things in just basic m*sturbation without corn? or is it also bad and needed to stop with that, hope you understood what i was trying to say, thanks☺️