How to fix yourself in 30 days

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the average man is overweight study has found that one in eight of the world’s population are now classed as obese doesn’t even have $1,000 to his name men in their Prime working years are actually not working and hasn’t had an intimate relationship with a girl in over a year this disconnect can have catastrophic consequences for young men that ends today because in today’s video I’m going to give you a seven-step scientifically back method on how to fix your life by getting in shape getting out of debt and getting more attention for women my brothers aren’t going to be the average let’s get into it number one you got to determine if you are average it’s okay to be average the problem becomes that most men don’t realize the great potential they have and because of that they remain average their entire life so to start I’m going to ask you a series of questions to determine if you fit the profile of an average man because my mission is to not allow you to stay average one do you play video games for more than 2.7 hours a day two do you use social media for more than 4.7 hours a day and three do you stream movies or watch TV for more than 3.4 hours a day you see these numbers aren’t random they’re based on studies tracking how much time men spend on Games social media and on streaming services if you only answered yes to one of these then you’re probably above average you’re high quality if you answered yes to two of them then you’re average if you answered yes to all three then you’re below average but it’s okay I’m getting you out of there now I want to see if these numbers are accurate in the real world so I’m going to ask my Instagram 2 million followers how much time they spend on all these things right all right guys so I need help I’m shooting a video right now I’m going to ask you three independent questions in the next slides just answer honestly the numbers seem arbitrary but try to be as honest as possible okay thank you guys all right results are in it’s been about a day since I put the polls up so according to my followers 27% of men play video games for more than 2.7 hours a day 51% use social media for more than 4.7 hours a day and 133% of men stream television or other streaming services for more than 3 and 1/2 hours a day meaning that you’re not alone trying to fix your life number two break bad habits by continuing them you see once a man realizes that they’re average they’re going to try to overcome all their bad habits using one of three methods what you don’t realize is only one of those methods is scientifically proven to work and actually get you out of being average you see the first group of guys they’ll try to eliminate all their bad habits cold turkey which leaves them with this void that leads them right back to that bad habit anytime they’re bored or stressed the second group of men will try to cut back on their bad habits by setting time limits however these limits become pointless when the urge for the Habit is strongest but the third group of men will replace their bad habit which according to a Harvard study is the most effective way to get rid of it so here’s how you’re going to do it with all three for social media replace addictive apps like social media with things things that are less addictive and more productive like LinkedIn or quora for video games you’re going to replace them for learning platforms and capitalize on all their leveling and gaming effects I want you to replace movies with documentaries whether that’s on business or on health now up until now you figured out if you’re average early on and now have replaced those bad habits with positive habits to make sure you don’t go back to them but I still have four more steps to go because here’s where most men fail because they don’t know what deficiencies they still La this takes me to number three number three I want you to take three tests to know if you have a body look all the good habits in the world aren’t going to do much if you’re building off of bad physical foundation so to help determine if you have a good physical Foundation or not to help explain the three most important things that every man should regularly test if they want to grow muscle and build a great physique and then I’m going to show you how to test for these without ever having to leave your room now to see if your testosterone levels are good from home I want you to count in a week how many times you wake up with morning wood if you wake up four to seven times a week with morning wood you’re good you’re probably in a healthy rate if it’s only two to four times you should probably look at increasing those levels and if it’s less than two it is crucial you start working on your testosterone levels to really start building that muscle personally I like taking it a step further and that’s what I recommend you to do as well if you want something more accurate I did complet complete blood work it’s called a complete panel package from a company called Mor health and actually I’m going to go get tested now and I’m extremely curious to see what my testosterone levels are to do this correctly right right now M sent me to lap core to get my blood work done so I’m going to get my blood drawn and it’s a full panel of everything I get the blood drawn I don’t I never like Meo The Blood let’s get this over with that wasn’t text bro I’m a lot of blood thought but now your boy has to pee in a cuup so God damn the amount of skill you need to pee in a cuff and hold your thing at the same time I feel like I’m trying to prove my Natty status here so I just did 40 tests a full blood work panel and now my piss okay so that’s a wrap that’s probably the most intense blood work panel I’ve ever done in my life so now once that gets processed by point. contact James will review we’ll hop on a call and we’ll kind of go through everything now after about about 5 to 7 days I finally am back and I had a complete breakdown of all my tests plus a bunch of other biomarkers my test levels for standard testosterone were right around 600 which is right around the healthy range however my free testosterone was right around with my health coach and in that call they explained to me why the most important form of testosterone to measure is your free testosterone which a lot of men Overlook or don’t fully understand this is why I love W Health you’re not only getting a comprehensive approach you’re also getting a professional that looks at your panel and then tells you what to do to optimize your results however testosterone is the biyer marker that every man thinks about but there are two more biomarkers that are way more important in so many ignore now what’s cool about this is that you can check your iron levels at home as well all you’re going to do is check your gums just open your mouth and pull your top lip upwards if your gums appear pale you are likely to have low iron however if you have a nice pink or red color this is a sign of high iron in your body now according to my M Health panel my iron levels were right around 110 which puts me in the healthy range of of 38 to 169 whereas by saturation levels were right around 32 which is also within that healthy range of 32 to 55 and what’s great about this one is that this one was a bit on the lower end so when I hopped on the call with my health coach how do you feel with the sh I I do feel at least like when I look at myself in the mirror I feel like my body looks leaner I don’t know if it’s cuz I’ve upped my cardio with especially with training Jiu-Jitsu I’ve been training a little bit harder they started giving me advice for my own customized supplement stack that I can then go by to help optimize some of these markers one of them for example was taking something called phospha tidal choline to help my body metabolize and absorb more nutrients from fat this type of advice that’s personalized and tailored to you for your health you can’t get this anywhere else but this takes me to the third and most important test every man should do and by the way you can check your calcium levels at home by just checking your fingernails if the edges appear very dry you’re likely deficient in calcium if you have well hydrated looking nails this is a good sign you’re high in calcium now just like my iron test isn’t foolproof so when I looked at my panel my calcium levels came in in a really healthy range right around 9.5 whereas the healthy range is between 8.7 and 10.2 but again this level of precision you can’t get this anywhere else if you guys want to check out mer Health as a matter of fact I urge you guys to check mer health and take this level of care of your body I promise you the result you will start seeing and the muscle you grow and that aesthetic physique and the energy you feel and the confidence you feel it’s phenomenal if you guys want this tailored approach to yourself I’m going to have a link down below to M Health with a special 10% discount that’s going to make it affordable but honestly when it comes to health you’re not looking for affordability you’re looking for something that works so I want you to also go get your blood work and come back with the results if you do get them comment them down below and see how we compare four use only five exercises to build the perfect meale physique I’m going to show you five exercises that according to science will build the best physique possible in the shortest amount of time possible now to build a great body you need to produce electromyography also known as EMG in your muscles which means you want to focus on exercises that produce the highest amount of EMG and avoid the ones that produce the lowest amount of EMG so here are the five exercises one for each major muscle group that you should focus on for chest the best exercise for producing a high EMG response was deine dumbbell bench press this produced a 93% EMG response in comparison to Flat dumbbell bench press that only produced an 85% EMG response for back the bent over barbell row produced a 93% EMG response while a seated row only produced an 83% for biceps the one armed preacher curl had the highest EMG response for triceps Skull Crushers on a decline bench had the highest EMG response and finally for your side doubts incline lateral raises had the highest EMG response at 66% focus on these five and you will maximize or become more efficient in your muscle growth number five buy before the point of diminishing returns will make you rich I want you to take a look at at this video by Warren Buffett how old is this caddy I think it’s about 5 years or so that’s crazy that’s crazy most of us go buy model New Year cars day up as soon as tax season hits first thing you do is go buy a car but here you got a man that’s worth $132 billion and yet he still drives a 10-year-old discontinued Cadillac why because he understands how to buy for the point of diminishing returns it makes him rich and now you’re going to understand this as well and it’s going to make you rich you see the point of diminishing returns is that is when each dollar you spend on buying something starts giving you less and less value a good example of this would be the difference between the standard iPhone and the iPhone Pro Max the iPhone Pro Max is double the cost but it isn’t double the value so to make sure that anything you buy you always buy before that point of diminishing returns I want you to follow this three-step process first never buy anything brand new instead just buy stuff that’s refurbished it’s going to work just as good and it’s going to about 40 to 50% off second trade in anything old you have Car Technology clothing and when you sell it or trade it in you can use that money to make your already refurbished or used item even cheaper and third get a product that’s a few models back if it’s a phone make it 1 or 2 years old if it’s a car it can be 7 or 10 years old by following this three-step process you’re going to get exactly what you need at 70% less than what other people are paying and all that money savings you can now take and and invest just like Warren does number six surround yourself with highquality men and when I tell you this I’m not even going to tell you to make go make new friends or even leave your house you just have to change your online habits and I’m going to tell you a story you see when I was in college I had two buddies that wanted to learn Spanish and I don’t blame them right they were trying to pick up this Latino girls these guys were white so they had no flavoring right so they come to me obviously I’m from Pandoras I’m fluent in Spanish and even though I didn’t have much information what I told them was if you really wanted to learn Spanish like fluently the best thing to do would be to hang out with Spanish people or go to a country that just speaks Spanish right fully immerse yourself the funny part was that one of them actually took my advice so he did 3 months abroad in Spain the other one stayed around me and he never really listened cut to 2 years later the dude that moved to Spain I speak to him fluently in Spanish the guy is like fluent he’s smooth the guy that did it he tried do a lingo he had apparently he was annoyed a stupid little bird kept annoying him to get back out to the app the dude can barely say hi now the reason I’m telling you the story is not to you move to another country or to go pick up Latinas which you should I mean they’re probably the best ones but it’s more so for you to use this immersion tactic yourself when it comes to finding high quality people so to do this you’re going to do it without ever leaving your room first replace all your Discord communities all the ones that you’re in for gaming or streaming replace those with communities that are on self-improvement or guys that are going to the gym or making money next I want you to replace funny movies all those hours you spent watching guys stream with movies about men building businesses The Social Network steeve jobs and the founder every man must watch next replace any podcast you listen to with podcasts that are focused on self-improvement like the diary of the CEO The Lex Freedman podcast or modern wisdom you do this and just like my friend who used immersion to learn Spanish you will immerse yourself to naturally be around highly successful individuals guess what going to happen to you 2 years from now number seven if you’re 18 to 25 years old forget about women a lot of men have broken or failed lives because they put their entire focus on women so I’m going to show you why if you’re 18 to 25 years old you should ignore women altoe you see in a recent study researchers wanted to know how likely it was for a marriage to succeed depending on someone’s age here’s what’s surprising about this they found that if you get married between 18 and 20 years of age your champ chances of divorce are 50% couples that get married between 20 and 25 years of age their chances of divorce are 60% however those couples that get married after 25 years old only have a 25% chance of divorce what this means is that if you’re 18 to 25 years old women should be at the bottom of your priority list because one they’re just going to have you distracted and two it’s highly likely that the relationship will end so to keep things simple if you’re between 18 and 20 years old you should be looking just to have fun but nothing like a serious relationship if you’re between 20 and 25 years old then you should be dating getting into a relationship but you shouldn’t be worried or desperate about finding a life partner or trying to get married however if you’re between 25 and 30 years old this is when you should start thinking about marriage and actually settling down if you pay attention to me and you follow this seven-step process you will fix your life and you will no longer be average



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  1. This is sham science. No basis in fact. (More directed to sell products). Please do not follow his advice. (Coming from a Board Certified/ Licensed MD.)

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