How to Get Clear Skin (Just 3 Steps)

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a lot of men think acne is all random it’s not you see on your face you have six different zones that produce acne for different reasons so today I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do on each of those zones to finally have clear skin once and for all let’s start with Zone number one this is your hairline hairline acne usually looks like red inflame bumps with like white heads on it it primarily comes from using the wrong hair products which means this is the easiest one to fix if you have acne in this area all you have to do is to stop using the hair products that primarily have the acne causing ingredients first I want you to grab the shampoo conditioner and hair styling products that you use on the regular then look at the back of the ingredient list if you want to make it even easier find the product online use contrl f on your computer and then you can search the ingredients to know if the product even has it now the product you want to avoid are these eight that you see on screen here which means that if you see any of your hair products contain any of these eight ingredients in them you’re going to want to replace them immediately on top of that I want you to give that hairline area extra attention when you wash your face to do that the best type of Face Wash will always have a salicylic acid the one that I use is from geology it’s the one that I’ve been using for 6 years but you can use whatever you find as long as it has the PCYC acid now at this point you’re on track clearing the top zone of your face from acne but there are still five other zones that produce different types of acne that you still need to get under control so if you have acne and any other of these regions on your face I need you to keep watching because I will give you the solution to finally have clear skin Zone number two it’s your forehead and your nose for the type of acne that occurs in this region which is usually small raised red bumps according to studies it is a result of Trapped sweat so the quickest way to remove acne in this area and open up your pores is to remove the Trap sweat and this is how you’re going to do it the easiest way to do this is with what I call a facial steam bat if you have a sauna in your gym or somewhere locally that’s the best route to take but for most you don’t have that so if you don’t have access to one you can make one for free at home to do that you’re going to want to boil a pot of water then you’re going to place your face over the ball with a towel over your head to trap the Steam and force that steam onto your face the steam is going to open up your pores which is going to allow the Trap sweat to be released and impede from this type of acne to occur and while the facial steam bath is free and effective and going to complete the job to finish it off once you’re done with your facial steam bath you’re going to go into the bathroom and then you’re going to have to wash your face make sure you get all that sweat so it doesn’t get retrapped and the only way to do that is with a face wash that has been scientifically proven to cut through sweat and oil and that is a face wash with silicycle again you can use any face wash as long as it has salicylic acid the one that I use that I always recommend is geology I’ve been using them for like 5 years now it is my go-to because it’s sensitive on the skin but it’s strong enough to cut through all that oil to make sure it never comes back and you can even see it in my videos I rarely deal with acne or little bumps in this Zone because of salicylic acid again once you start using that type of acid bro your Skin’s going to look amazing zone three is your eyebrow area you see eyebrow area acne usually looks like large red bumps that are sensitive to the touch which means it’s typically ingrown hairs that are incorrectly plucked and grow into themselves so I’m going to show you how to remove the hairs in between your eyebrows correctly to prevent ingrown hairs from ever happening to start grab a pair of tweezers and make sure they’re disinfected with either rubbing alcohol or dipping them into boiling water this is to prevent ingrown hairs step two when you start plucking your eyebrows look at the grain that your hair grows so if your hair is growing upwards I want you to grab the Strand and pull upwards as you can see my hair grows upwards here and then it starts growing towards the side of the side so if I were to pull one of these I’m going to pull towards the left when you go with the grain you increase the chances of plucking the entire hair most guys their mistake is that they’ll go against the grain so for example these hairs that are going upwards if I were to pull downwards I would break the hair in half which in turn increases the chances of having it in grum hair now once you’ve done that I want you to exfoliate your face with a product that contains two ingredients kin and bentonite clay as both of these will help nourish the skin while also remove dead excess skin which in turn will prevent those ingrown hairs from occurring so to do this properly again you can find these on your own the ones that I use are the micro exfoliator from geology and then the 3 minute clay mask I like to combine these two in this procedure and all my ingrown hairs I mean I can’t remember the last time I had one and the great thing about these products is that you don’t only have to use it in this region use it wherever you get ingrown hair so if you get ingrown hairs on your body use it there as well it’s going to help solve this issue Zone number four it’s the cheeks cheek acne is the acne that we all know and hate at least I hated it it typically looks like medium clusters of red spots some of which that have white heads that end up causing bad scaring and usually it’s bacteria that you transferred onto your skin and you left it on there for way too long so I’m going to show you the three common ways that you’re transferring bacteria onto your skin and then the ingredients you need to combat that bacteria to start you have your dirty pillowcases now to avoid this from happening in transferring bacteria without you having to replace your pillowcase every day you can instead just invest in four pillowcases and then just flip the pillow every night and remove a pillowcase a night too so technically you only have to replace pillow cases once every 8 days the next biggest transfer of bacteria is phone screens so avoid at all cost trying to put a phone up to your face and instead use your headphones or talk on speaker and finally you have air pollution that comes from the cars around you which means that even if you replace your pillowcases you don’t put your phone on your face you are still at risk at transferring a ton of bacteria and dirt onto this cheek area every time you step outside especially if you live in a city look I live in New York City so every time I step outside I can feel the dirt in my face which is why I always invest in cleansing products that contain acidic ingredients as Studies have found acids to be one of the most effective compounds at removing bacteria causing acne so if you want to do this the cheapest way possible you can use something like apple cider vinegar it does contain acidic acid however it’s going to leave a terrible smell on your face which is why I recommended earlier VI a facial cleanser that contains acyc acid and sure it’s going to cost you a little bit more than apple cider vinegar but this is actually formulated for your face and you already know I got you the hookup look you can go and look for your own face wash as long as it has salicylic acid you’re good I don’t want you to have to spend a lot of money instead use the one that I’ve been using for years I use it from a brand called geology for the last 5 years and it’s the reason you rarely see acne on my face this is how I got it solved and the best part is because you’re part of the family and I’ve been working with them for so long they hook you guys up with a 70% discount which means you’re not going to find a more affordable facial cleansing system and what you’ll find in geology that’s award-winning too this is the best you’ll find in the game at 70% off that is insane and now you have to wash your face every morning and night with an acidic ingredient to remove all bacteria that can cause acne in this Zone and you won’t end up smelling terrible if you guys want to check out geology and any of the products that I showed they’re at 70% off they’re awardwinning it’s a no-brainer if you want to fix your skin geology is the way to go it’s going to be linked down below now you’ve started to clear up the acne on your hairline by avoiding the worst ingredient you’ve also cleared the acne in your forehead and nose by releasing all that trapped sweat your eyebrows by now tweezing properly and exfoliating and now even cleared up your cheek area by removing any sort of bacteria that could be left however there are two more areas that you need to sort if you have clear skin with the last one an area that almost no one teaches you how to solve let’s move on to Zone number five your jawline and Chin you see jawline and chin acne is by far the worst of them all especially if you don’t have a beard to hide it not only does it look gross cuz it’s near the area of your mouth but it can also be quite painful for this area it is hormonal balances to be the biggest cause of this type of acne now if you’re going through puberty right now hormonal imbalances are normal but depending on your habits you’re likely making things worse so I want you to answer these next few questions as honest as possible do you have a body mass index that is above 24 are you getting less than 8 hours of sleep at night are you exercising less than five times a week are you taking anti-depressants or anxiety medication do you eat any products made of soy are you having more than 200 Mig of caffeine a day do you have a sugary treat every day and are you consuming wheight protein every day every single question I just asked you if you answered honestly contribute to hormone imbalances in men which in turn leads to even more acne developing in your jawline and Chin area so now that you’ve answered the questions I want you to rape yourself almost give you yourself a great if you answered yes to just one or two of these it probably means it’s puberty causing your act cuz you’re not doing anything damaging to yourself if you answered yes to three to four of them then you need to start removing at least two of the four you answered yes to and if you answered yes to more than four of these questions then chances are it is these exact habits that are causing your jawline acne this takes us to Zone number six your body the acne on your body usually comes from stress it is also one of the most common types of acne men have and at the same time it’s the most difficult one to remove because this acne I won’t teach you how to remove it with products instead I’m going to teach you how to remove it with this specific breathing exercise you see what’s interesting about this is that during my deep research on how to remove body acne I found a paper that compiled over 2,461 research papers just to determine whether direct stress relief had a direct positive impact on acne and they found that it did if you do it this specific way to reduce your stress levels in a way that will have a positive impact in your acne you have to reduce your breathing levels to Target your autonomic and central nervous system which can be done with this three-step breathing technique to do this I want you to sit on the floor and then in one big breath I need you to fill in your stomach followed by your chest and ultimately fill up your upper throat then as you exhale I want you to breathe out from your throat then your chest and then your stomach to make it easier you can put your hand on each position as the breath moves through your body I want you to repeat this every morning as you wake up for 3 minutes and what you’re going to notice is a dramatic decrease on your stress levels which consequently will also solve your acne boys if you start implementing everything I just showed you today you will finally have clear skin not just on your face but on your body as well



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