How to Make a Woman Obsessed With You Using Texts Only

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no matter your age the way that you message a girl will have a massive impact on whether she likes you or not which is why today I want to show you exactly how to go from getting a girl’s number to making her obsessed with you in just seven days let’s start with day number one use the Tinder bait and switch technique to get a girl to always respond to you on dating apps you will bait her with an original message and then switch the way she expects you to respond so here’s a simple technique that I developed to always stand out and get a girl’s number day one you have to understand that the problem with dating UPS like hinge Tinder and Bumble is that you’re competing with hundreds of other guys that have matched with her so you understanding this you have to start by baiting a response out of her with a funny message now the reason you want it to be funny is because during a study that analyzed 213 single women and over 1,700 firsttime messages men were 12% more likely to get a response when that first message was funny the great thing is that within the same study they showed you what messages they tested and one of the ones that got the most responses was something simple ready it goes hey did we have class together I could have sworn we have chemistry but Corney but you’re not trying to beat Kevin Hart out here you’re just trying to be more original than just a simple hey now when she does respond understand that this is a side of interest but this is when you switch her expectations and instead of responding like every other guy responds you’re going to respond by just sending her your phone number with no context and nothing else this method will save you time and energy because there’s no point in you continuing to message her if she’s not interested in taking it off the app plus you’re going to stand out from all the other guys in the platform as you’re showing confidence and assertiveness and they’re now texting her directly that makes you seem more valuable so now you’re just appearing different to her which will make her even more interested in you but we haven’t made her obsessed yet to do this with your crush you’re going to have to follow each of the next six steps closely and you’re going to do each step every single day and you’re going to do one step a day because if you don’t you’re going to end up like every other dude in her life boring and predictable and I can’t allow that to happen to you this takes us to day number two never text her between these hours if you want to make a woman obsessed with you you need to understand when you should and should not text her so I created my own personal timetable that I want you to follow of when you should and you shouldn’t text her you have to understand if you follow this you won’t be like most guys because this is where they messed up they’ll text a girl all day this just makes them seem like they have nothing else going on in their life it makes them seem needy so for you to not end up like that you’re going to start and understand that it’s okay for you to text her in the morning between the times of 6:00 and 8: in the morning most people will be checking their phones around this time because this is when they wake up however from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. you shouldn’t text this way you’re going to appear more busy with your studies or work then you can text her during lunchtime between the hour hours of 12: and 1 p.m. however you should only text her again until after 8:00 p.m. to show that you were busy doing something important all day build up that mystery however you should stop texting her at 11:00 p.m. you don’t want to see mey like the only thing you think about is her you need to implement the schedule immediately on day two and then for every day after to show that you’re interested but that you also have your own life you’re not desperate for attention day three you’re going to use the peak interest technique you see by day three the girl you talking to is already interested she’s probably going to think you’re some high quality guy but to know if she’s actually interested in you you’re going to have to test this girl using the Peak Interest technique to do this you’re going to first send her one of the three following messages I have on screen here the idea with this message is to kind of make her think like you were out with somebody else the point of this is that you’re gaging how she responds depending how she responds is how interested she is is in you if she doesn’t respond at all most might jump to conclusions and think oh she’s not interested in you because your boy has created and battle tested this formula we don’t jump to conclusion this actually means she’s very interested in you and is most likely angry or jealous now if she responds with something like asking who you were with then this is also a good sign that she’s interested in you and feeling a bit jealous now if she responds with something simple and cold like wrong person then it me mean she’s not interested in you now you need to understand that these methods that I built out they only work when you have self-control over yourself and your emotions over her now if you’re hearing that and you realize man I have no self-control over my emotions or you constantly become obsessed over girls you start talking to then you need to talk to a friend bro you need somebody that can help you distinguish between you being obsessed and you being actually in love most of the time you’re obsessed which is what we’re trying not to do we’re trying to get her obsessed with you so having that outside perspective can really help you gauge right back in and if you don’t have a friend to talk to or you don’t feel comfortable yo go to a professional you can try a service out like better help or sponsor and the great thing is that it’s from the comfort of your home you can talk to a licensed professional that has clear distance from your situation it can help you rationalize your emotions to really parse out what you’re truly feeling whether it’s love whether their true interest or whether it’s just needy desperation or attention creating up until now you’ve success L got her to message you back on Tinder and then taking it off to personal texting you’re also making yourself seem more important by texting her in specific time blocks and now you’re making her go a little crazy with jealousy with the Peak Interest technique however to really make her obsessed and get her to go on a date with you you’ll still need to know about the 10 messages you shouldn’t be sending her the false gender method determine whether you even want to take her on a date and finally a multiple choice option to fully get her to say yes all of this will happen in the next 4 days day number four never send these 10 messages by day four most guys will stop receiving messages from girls most girls will just ghost them because you most likely centor one of these eight messages if you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you by day four and she continues to have interest and instead keeps getting obsessed with you you should never send her these 10 messages you see on screen these messages make you appear needy or weird which is is the exact opposite of what you want when she’s desperate for your attention So to avoid this I want you to replace these eight bad messages with instead keeping the conversation simple by asking her about her Hobbies or her personal life with these 10 better messages with these messages you see on screen anytime you’re unsure of what to said these are always a good fall back they’ll never seem needy and will’ll always start a great conversation and look sometimes if you’re really unsure of what to talk about talk to your sister talk to a cousin talk to a girl and get the female perspective as they can help you how to initiate a conversation if the 10 messages that I gave you don’t work but my messages always work and like I said if you don’t have that contact you can always go online and have that personal friend from a service like better health because in there you get access to thousands of counselors and you can even personally choose which counselor works for you so maybe for you you want more of a female counselor so you can better understand their perspective this is going to help you get a better understanding better communicate with them and they can also help you better understand your feelings and how to express them you can do it from your laptop on a video call on a regular call and or you can contact them through messaging if you really need to talk to somebody quickly if you guys want to check out betterhelp I’m going to have the link down below and you’ll get 10% off your first month of therapy by signing up through my link men’s fashion day number five make her jealous with the false gender method 5 day five if you made it and she’s still texting you she’s into you bro but to really make somebody obsessed you need to learn how to make them jealous through text and you have to do this without having her lose interest in you so to do this I want you to use my false gender method you’re not going to find any of these techniques anywhere online these are battle tested by your boy so to start you’re going to want to message a friend and see if they’re interested in seeing some movie that night then at some point during your conversation during your time blocks ask her what she’s doing that night then when she reciprocates and asks you what you’re doing just say yeah you’re seeing some movie with a friend if she responds what friend you can respond back using gender neutral pronouns like they them or you can just say something like oh you don’t know them now your boy probably might not like this but a true friend will take one for the team and then if you really want to take it up an extra level instead of saying good night later that evening you will reply to her message the next morning as though nothing happened then this is when she’s left wondering what what you were doing all night that you weren’t able to respond and that will drive her crazy this takes us to day number six determine whether she’s even worth taking on a date here’s the thing most guys are so desperate for female attention that they never even consider if they even like this girl if they even want to date her so before you waste your resources and ask her out I’m going to show you how to tell if she is worth dating by just analyzing how she texts you I’m going to give you a Sixpoint checklist that I want you to run against the girl you’re currently texting against your crush and then I’m going to show you how to analyze the results first does she mention other men when she text you second does she reply with one-word answers third does she gossip about other people when texting you fourth does she use swear words in her text five does she suddenly go silent on Friday and Saturday nights and six does she leave your messages unseen or wait long periods to reply look if she just does one or two of these it could mean that she’s just busy or maybe she doesn’t like texting if she does three or four of these however I would seriously consider whether she’s worthy to take on a date and if she does five or more of these just delete that number because if she’s treating you this way with how she text that in-person date will go terribly wrong she takes us to day number seven you will ask her on a date with a multiple choice question by day seven the girl you’re talking to is now obsessed with you which means it’s time to ask her on a date but when it comes to asking a girl on a date through text most guys will use one out of two techniques without realizing there is a third option that’s better that again is designed by your boy it is fail prooof see the first method just involves you asking a girl straight up on a date which will make you seem like a nice guy and sure some girls might find it sweet but you’ll never come across a sex the second method involves telling a girl you’re going to go on a date with her most men will think that this comes across as assertive and a lot of women will do the same but there’s somewhere that might not like it for those it you might come across as too arrogant and you might put her off the third group however says something to the girl like do you want to go get coffee or a dinner with me next weekend with this technique you’re taking out of the kindness from the first option because you’re giving her an option of what she likes but you’re also showing confidence and assertiveness by not giving her the option to say no this is a method that scientist call Choice overload bias this won’t only just make you look better it will pretty much in increase the chances of her saying yes if you follow my strategy for the next 7 days with your crush I promise you you will make her obsessed with you



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  1. The tips on timing and content of messages are really useful for keeping someone's interest! But, how do you balance these tactics with maintaining authenticity in your interactions?

  2. hey if i like someone and they just broke up with their boyfriend how can I text them in a way that doesn't seem weird and desperate because I really like this girl

  3. I got her to go on a date and she even asked if we're going for another one. We agreed to go next week but she hasn't been very invested trough text lately. How do I keep her interested

  4. Hey Jose, i have a question. I hope its not to late because this video is already posted 8 days ago, but I like a girl in my school and I want to make a move. You said in other videos that when we approach a girl we should invite her on a date in a 1 hour gap or less. In this video you said that after you get a girl number, you should put this 7 tips that you tell in this video for 7 days and after that to invite her to that date. My question is, is better to invite her from the first interaction, or I should follow this tips for 7 days that you showed us. Thank for your respond, I love what your doing on this channel and I've learn so much from you and I want to be a better guy with your advices and videos! Thank you!!!

  5. Honestly there’s no magic words to make a girl fall for you. She’s either interested in spending time with you or she’s not. And after you guys hang out/went on the date. She either likes you or doesn’t period. Just be real in every single date you go on, don’t be ashamed of yourself my brothers. And keep the girl who loves who you are.