How to Make ANY WOMAN Like You and Impress Her 😎 | (Powerful psychological tips) | STOICISM

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today I’m going to reveal the psychological tricks used by top seducers to make any woman like you these powerful methods speed up the process of making a woman fall for you let’s get started tip hash one smile sometimes making a good impression can be as simple as giving a smile a study from Clare Conway University in the UK found that people who smile and make direct eye contact during their first interaction are seen as more attractive and interesting participants in the study reported feeling more comfortable around happy and confident faces so before approaching someone give a genuine smile this will make you appear positive friendly and approachable tip hash to use their name our name is the most important word to our ears experts say that addressing someone by their name makes them feel valued and special making it easier to establish a deep ER and more meaningful connection when you use someone’s name it draws their attention and makes the interaction more personal to create this effect ask for their name and use it naturally during your conversation this shows that you are attentive and respectful tip hash three mirror their gestures there’s a psychological phenomenon called the Cameleon effect which shows that we tend to unconsciously imitate the person we are interacting with when when we feel comfortable with them subtly mirroring someone’s gestures and tone of voice can make them feel more at ease and connected with you for example if they look down and then back up wait a few seconds and do the same if they touch their hands touch your forearm a few seconds later this subtle imitation can create a sense of similarity and Rapport tip hash four maintain eye contact maintaining eye contact shows that you are genuinely interested in what the other person is saying the psychological effect of gaze shows that looking someone in the eyes creates a deeper and more authentic connection additionally making eye contact increases trust and makes the person feel valued so when talking to someone make sure to maintain appropriate eye contact this will enhance the connection and show that you are engaged in the conversation tip # five talk about their interests there’s no topic more engaging than the one a person loves according to Maria monor’s Book formation of man people are naturally inclined to invest time and energy in topics they are passionate about to make a good impression find out what interests the other person if you don’t know ask questions to discover their passions and listen actively this shows that you value their interests and are willing to engage in meaningful conversations tip has 6 ask for small favors there’s a psychological Effect called the Benjamin Franklin effect which suggests that people are more likely to like you after doing you a favor this effect works because doing a favor for someone makes them feel helpful and appreciated for example you could ask can you tell me the time or can you help me find this address these small requests can create a sense of goodwi and cooperation tip has 7 focus on them and talk less about yourself from a young age we love being the center of attention studies show we enjoy talking about ourselves more than listening to others the best conversation for someone is one where they feel heard and understood when someone talks about themselves it activates the brain’s reward mechanisms making them feel satisfaction and well-being so if you want to make a good impression let the other person talk and show genuine interest in their story tip 8 give genuine compliments according to a study from the University of Pennsylvania giving compliments has a positive psychological effect on both the giver and the receiver genuine compliments make people feel appreciated and valued to make a good impression think of sincere things you can compliment about the person this will make them feel good and more connected to you tip hash n improve your communication skills to make a good impression it’s important to work on your communication skills this includes both verbal and nonverbal communication studies show that only 30% of our communication is verbal while 70% is expressed through body language to improve your body language maintain an open posture keep your arms relaxed avoid crossing your legs keep your back straight shoulders up and maintain a slight smile additionally work on your voice to make it more pleasant and engaging tip hash1 end conversations on a high note the way you end a conversation can significantly impact how you are remembered ending a conversation during a positive moment leaves a lasting impression for example if the person is laughing or excited take that opportunity to say goodbye this way their brain will remember you positively and look forward to Future interactions if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscrib to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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