How to repair your skin in 4 days (products to use at home)

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today I’m going to show you the seven best ways to remove the seven most common skin problems like black circles scarring acne large pores oily skin redness and even blackheads if you have any of those in 4 days your skin will look completely different and to follow along with this video you could do it with things you already have around the house all you’ll need is green tea bone bro paper towels aloe vera and baking soda that’s it let’s get started one you’re going to get rid of dark eye circles with green tea you see dark eye circles can happen for a bunch of reasons but I’m going to show you how to get rid of them with green tea to start you need a cup and I need you to fill it up with ice and some cold water you will then grab two green tea bags and dip it into the cold water you want to make sure you let them soak for at least 15 minutes you will then grab one of the eyes and you got to make sure you put it right under your eye that’s where the dark circle happens you see green tea contains caffeine caffeine is going to help reduce or restrict the blood flow which should reduce the appearance of dark eye circles grab your other green tea bag and place it under the other eye hold this under your eyes for around 10 minutes and by doing this after 10 minutes you should notice a dramatic difference immediately on the appearance of your dark eye circles and if you do this daily you’ll never deal with dark eye circles again boys that was just the first tip and I already solved one of your issues everything else in this video is just as simple and you can follow along as you’re watching me do it so you can have perfect skin in 4 days number two fix acne scars fast with bone broth so scarring on your face usually happens when the collagen fibers on your skin get damaged so here’s the quickest way to fix acne scars with some bone broth to start you’re going to need about a cup or 300 mL of bone broth and you’ll do this after having fasted for at least 18 hours so for example for my myself I haven’t eaten all morning so my last meal was at 6:00 p.m. last night by the way you should heat up your bone broth or else it’s going to taste terrible so I’m going to warm it up I won’t eat again until 12:00 p.m. this will trigger autophagy autophagy is when your body starts to recycle the cells in your body which according to science promotes wound regeneration this is what you’re looking for to be able to repair those skin worms or deep acne scars and make your skin look perfect so to keep it easy for you your last meal should be 6:00 p.m. last night oh there’s my bone broth and you’re and you shouldn’t eat again until 12:00 p.m. the next day that would mean that you are fasting for a total of 18 hours which is the exact amount of time that you’ll need for autophagy to kick in now to fast for that long for most of you it might be difficult this is where the bone broth comes in not only will this help you achieve autophagy but a study found that 300 ml of bone broth is enough to help your body produce more collagen which is what you need to repair the scaring but also it’s low in calories which means it can help satisfy your hunger without you breaking your fast so if you listen to me and only it within a 6-hour window for 4 days straight you will promote autophagy which will repair your cells plus also use bone broth to help get you there and produce more colen to get rid of any acne scares three fix your acne with a paper towel roll see you can prevent having to deal with acne scars by just getting rid of your acne altogether and you’re going to do this with a paper tow roll you see most people will dry themselves every single day with the same contaminated bathroom towel and signs has shown that up to 90% of bathroom towels are contaminated with bacteria the same bacteria that ends up causing your acne now the most common solution to this problem is to wash your towel or use a new towel every single day that’s too much work I’m not going to ask you to do that instead just put a paper towel roll in your bathroom then when you get out the shower you can use the towel to dry every other part of your body except your face your face you will always dry it with a new clean sheet of paper towel and when you do dry it you want to make sure you pat dry never rub however you can optimize getting rid of your acne with a good skin care product right like natural hacks to get rid of acne are great and they perform but the best performing products are ones that are formulated in a laboratory where scientists are doing the research to come up with ingredients that actually work so for example my geology face wash I use this every day after the shower every morning it contains salicylic acid it is one of the most well researched ingredients proven to help cut through excess seum that your skin produces to make sure that you clear out your pores and get rid of acne once and for all now you got to make sure you do read the label because not every face wash has this ingredient which is what you’re looking for is PCYC acid if you got that you’re going to get rid of your acne forever number four you’re going to reduce the size of your pores see a lot of people think that you can remove your pores but that’s impossible what you instead need to do is reduce the size of your pores and I’m going to show you how to do that with three simple items a pot some oil and a towel all right so first you’re going to grab your pot and then fill it up with water up until halfway you then want to put the water on the stove on high heat to allow the water to boil and then finally you will do 2 tbspoon of olive oil into your water now for those of you who don’t cook boiling water is just when it starts bubbling once it bubbles that you know you’re at boiling temperature and that’s when you start the process all right so now my water is finally boiling you’re going to grab your towel you’re going to put it over your head almost creating like a blanket and you will hover over the boiling water try to stay a little bit high so you don’t actually end up burning your skin and if it feels uncomfortable lower the temperature the steam from the water will rise and open your pores allowing for the dirt and grime to release once the dirt and grime is gone your pores will look so much smaller than before now you got to understand also that the olive oil has natural antibacterial properties so as the steam Rises and the oil Rises it’s helping clear out my dirt and Grind from the pores which further helps shrink the pores all right so after about 20 seconds remove yourself from the board you don’t have to be that long you’ll feel almost like your face just took a nice cleanse you can pat yourself dry you will feel a visible difference in your skin you do this every single day for a week it’s gamechanging go on to the next one number five you’re going to use moisturizer to remove oil from your skin see most people have the misconception that if you have oily skin you shouldn’t use more moisturizer this way of thinking is wrong because if you use the right moist moisturizer it can actually help prevent you from having oily skin so we’re going to start in the kitchen again and what you’re going to want to grab this time which most of you probably have this and if you don’t it’s inexpensive aloe vera juice or gel or even you can get the actual aloe vera plant now the most important thing to consider here is that when you’re moisturizing oily skin you want to read the ingredients list of whatever moisturizer or natural product you’re using if it has an oil base steer clear that will make your skin more oily but if it doesn’t have an oil base and can still hydrate you like aloe vera which is all natural those are the ones you want to put more on so me personally I like to buy the aloe vera gel cuz it’s easier to apply so to do so just grab a little bit of gel it’s almost like a cream like a natural cream and then every morning before heading out you apply in circular motion all across your face and notice this I just applied the moisturiz and my face looks matte it doesn’t look shiny at all all right aloe vera is great for moisturizing your face face and avoiding it becoming more oily but at the end of the day nothing compares to a well researched ingredient and a perfectly formulated product so I still use a moisturizing cream but when you do buy a cream whatever cream you buy the only ingredient you got to care for is this hialuronic acid hyaluronic acid has been proven that it can help with oily skin as it blocks over production of seum so every morning I put on my face cream from geology and the cool thing with this face cream is that it also has a built-in SPF so it kind of is a twoin one but this is also why I love geology as a brand all their products are awardwinning they’ve won awards back to back from multiple Publications because at the end of the day when it comes to men finding products that actually work is difficult geology is my go-to okay so up until now we have fixed dark eye circles with green tea we have fixed acne scars with bone broth we got rid of acne using paper towel We Shrunk your pores with steam and now we got rid of oily skin with the right moisturizer but there are two more skin conditions we still need to fix redness and blackheads number six you will reduce redness with the right type of sun protection see most men apply sun protection without realizing that most sun protection doesn’t actually protect you from the Sun this ends up causing redness and even more serious skin conditions like rosacea so I’m going to show you how to find the exact sunblock that you need to protect you from sun damage first you need to understand not all Sun blocks are created equal as a matter of fact this is a sunblock that I have in my bathroom a lot of common Brands only protect you from UVB rids and still leave you exposed to the sun’s UVA rays which are equally as damaging So when you buy your sunblock read the ingredient list and make sure it contains broad spectrum properties that will block both UVA and UVB rays and is at least SPF 30 now the one that I use is also from geology just cuz it’s easy for me to buy everything at one spot I hate having to look for everything and with geology you can even take a skin test where it can look at your skin look at the problems that you have like what we did in this video and then recommend the exact product or ingredients you need to deal with those issues and know for a fact you’ll get rid of it okay so to apply the product correctly you need a coin-sized amount in your hand you want to make sure you’re a little bit generous here and then when you apply it you want to apply counterclockwise on your skin moving upwards until your Skin’s fully covered It’s Gonna Fly thick at first but you want to keep rubbing until it’s fully disappear I recommend you do this really early in the morning that way you can you give it at least 15 minutes for it to set in and now you’re good to go to head out the door if you guys want great products and don’t have any of the stuff that I’m talking about I always suggest geology cuz I know it’s a recommendation that you’re going to try the product and love it I’ve been using it for 3 years and I can pretty much guarantee it’s going to solve any skin problem you have if you guys want to check out geology it’ll be linked down below with a 70% discount so you can try these products at an absolute steal number seven remove blackheads with baking soda you see most of you or what most people do is when they have blackheads in their nose they’ll start picking at them and because they’re so ingrained you end up scarring your skin and it’s actually damaging and you’re pushing all that bacteria back down so instead what you’re going to do is simply you’re going to grab a cup you’re going to put 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tbsp of water and then mix until it’s a paste once you have a paste you have to understand that what the baking soda is going to do on your skin it’s going to dry out the blackhead itself but it’s also going to neutralize the bacteria to prevent it from spreading to other areas so once you have your paste you’re going to grab it and then just apply to wherever you have blackets for me it’s always my nose so apply all over the nose make sure you get good coverage it doesn’t have to be too thick cuz the baking soda is strong in of itself so once you apply to your problem area you’re going to let it sit for around 10 minutes once the 10 minutes are up you grab a wash a face cloth add some warm water to it and then gently dab and soften up the past so you can remove it so with the other side just remove it gently again minimal scarring and this natural exfoliation you will notice an immediate difference in the texture of your skin if you do this frequently you’re going to notice your blackets completely disappear like I promised you boys I dis solved your seven most common skin conditions so you can have amazing skin with things you already have around the house go look at yourself in the mirror you look like a stud



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