How to shine in 24 hours to meet a girl

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today I’m going to show you seven methods for glowing up in just 10 minutes so whether you have a date or need to look your best quickly here is my routine you can follow to look like a tent starting with step number one you will deot the sides of your hair to Define your face and I’m going to show you how to do this with any hair product you have already laying around in your house you’re going to use this to make your face look thinner and more defined watch first you will take some of the product and you will start rubbing it in your hands now the reason you want to do this is cuz it heats up the product so it’s easier to disperse evenly through your hair so you want to make sure it’s nice and warm next you will then smear the product on the side of your hair first pushing your hair behind your ear and even the back of your head minimal amount of the product should go on top what you’re essentially doing here is tapering your sides to debulk your face and make it look thinner and all that took was a few seconds and already you can see your face looking Slimmer more defined I got six more techniques you can do to glow up in under 10 minutes move to number two you will shave your beard into four areas to Define your face now for this next glow up technique I’m going to show you how to fade your own face at home by creating four lines that’s going to make your face look more defined first you’re going to grab your beard trimmer and I want you to put a 3 mm guard on it you’re going to then shave the area to the side of your hair you see by shaving or debulking the side of your face just like we did in the last tip you’re going to create this illusion that your face is longer and Slimmer than it is but we’re not going to stop there cuz that’s just the first line now you will create a next imaginary line you’re going to set your guard to around a 4 mm or change your guard and think about going from middle of the ear to bottom of the nose all the way to bottom of the ear so this section we’re trimming it a different size again make sure you’re precise and you stay within that area to get a their F now for your third imaginary line think of a line going from the corner of your mouth all the way to the side of your head so this entire portion will now be shaven with the 5 mm clip guard and now for the center part of your face in the last line you’re going to want to put a 6 mm clip guard which is the perfect 10day stubble and you’re going to basically trim everything that you have in trim and you can still go over your old lines as well because they’re shorter it’s not going to make a difference number three you will now grab a towel to improve your posture you see your face is looking better than ever but that will mean nothing if you have no confidence studies I found your posture has a direct impact on your inner thoughts and your confidence which means if I can fix your posture for the day the more confident you’re going to feel and I’m going to show you how to get that confidence with a towel so first I want you to grab any towel you have along the house and you’re going to fold it sideways so it looks like it’s a long bar you will then grab opposite ends of the towel and put it over your head as if you’re trying to rip it apart and then push it as far back as you can until it goes all the way down this technique is going to open your shoulders tighten your back muscles and most importantly stretching your chest muscles which basically means your chest muscles will no longer be pulling your shoulders forward giving you that confident posture making you glow up for the day now I do want to clarify that the beauty of this stretch is that that it works for everyone some people might just be able to stop here that’s perfectly fine if you’re flexible you can go all the way down and the idea is that you only want to do this for about 60 seconds and you can just bring it up and then bring it down bring it up bring it down and do it for 60 seconds and just look at how good your posture is going to feel after just one rep of that number four you will wear the shoes that make you the most attractive you see another way to glow up most don’t think about is by choosing shoes that make you more attractive and you know me I love my studies bro I love to only give you facts and in an anonymous survey they survey 200 women asking them questions like oh what type of building show man wear to to work or what what are the best shoes to go on a first date 76% of women said boots so I’m going to make it simple for you I’m going to give you three outfits you can use with any boot style you already own now first when women asked what exact style they liked on a first date most women replied they liked clean style boots which makes sense so this is one of my favorite ones this is a new boot from Thursday boot but you can see it has a clean style where it looks rugged especially because of the heel but you still look big classy so let me show you the fit we’re going to pair this with a pair of jeans and my go-to a white shirt these are the new r style from Thursday boot I just picked up in an ano color and then on top of this I’m just going to throw a loose fit shirt to finish up the look and this is your casual first dat look you’re going for a coffee shop date the boots make you look a little bit taller they’re Sleek they’re exactly what women want all right second fit it’s a formal dinner date or some sort of formal event which means you’re going to want to wear slacks but you still can pull off the boots so when you’re trying to dress up and you want to stay comfortable I like to use a colorful pair of pants so we’re going to go with this olive green which looks nice and then I’m going to pair it with the white top cuz you know white tops is easy and for the shoes you could still wear a boot just make sure it’s a refined boot this is a pair of wing tip boots I’ve had in my closet for almost 4 years you can actually see the wear on them already but in my opinion it just adds more character to it it makes them more unique and yes these boots are from Thursday as well and they still sell this exact same model till this day even though I bought mine four years ago all right now the third outfit is if you’re going on a week date with a girl you’ve already datting you’ve already on the first date you need something that’s a little bit more masc more rugged bear with me here cowboy boots it’s a game changer plus they’re trending and the height it’s another level so to do this you’re going to need straight leg Deno which I have on I’m going to pair them with this conac pair of cowboy boots from Thursday Boot and then I’m going to throw on a linen shirt I’m going to tuck the shirt in and let it sit around my waist so it can look comfortable and I think I’m going to finish it off with a necklace just to add that extra pop and this boys is the third look and if you really paid attention you would have noticed that all three fits all I really changed I used the white top on all of them I just changed the pants and the boots and that’s why a good pair of shoes can make you look more attractive it’s that simple and if you want great boots you have to go to Thursday I’ve been using Thursday for over 5 years I’m never switching my boots they last me like 4 years if you guys want to check them out they’ll be linked down below all right you have now glown up by picking the perfect outfit that’s going to make you look more attractive You’ debulked your hair to make your face look thinner you f in your beard to give your jawline more definition and you even use the towel to give yourself confident posture but there’s three more things that I need you to do to glow up before your dates that most men never think of number five you will use this vocal exercise to fix how you speak you see most men just focus on their appearance when they’re trying to glow up because it is how you are perceived that will have a much larger impact whether or not she finds you attractive so here’s how you’re going to project more confidence with a simple vocal technique now you’ll do this right before heading out this is a vocal exercise that most singers use you will grab your hands and massage your jaw muscles in circular motion this is going to release the tension in your jaw and will allow you to enunciate words better but you will take this further and you will start opening and closing your mouth as far as you can go for 30 seconds while you’re still massaging your jaw muscles this will then release the tension in your jaw as well after you do this once then try speaking you will then notice how much easier words just flow out of your mouth your date will notice the confidence as well number six use a relaxation technique for Hunter eyes you see Hunter eyes are when your eyes are deep set which gives you a more direct and mysterious look women find the most attractive so with this relaxation technique you can do just that because think about it on your date you’re going to need that strong eye contact so it’s simple you’re going to grab either hand and hold your head with the other hand you’re going to take the knuckles of that hand and start with massaging the upper region or the brow Rim until you cover your entire eyebrow so you start at the beginning of your eyebrow and you work your way across then you just switch hands and do the same thing by doing this technique you will reduce tension you will also allow a little bit of blood to flow into this area which will make your eyebrows look more prominent and give you Hunter eyes number seven use a breathing technique to calm your nerves you’ve done everything right you’ve glown up but the chances of you getting nervous when you see her are High which you’re going to make you look less confident so so to prevent that from happening I want you to use a breathing technique called cyclic SI first I want you to inhale through your nose until your lungs are about halfway full it’s going to be about 2 seconds then you will pause here and hold for 2 seconds after that you will then take a deep breath and finish filling up your lungs a study from Stanford University found that this exact technique can be extremely effective at calming your nerves and reducing anxiety your final step is to release your breath as slowly as possible do you feel that feel how how chill you feel right now you’re ready you do this with all six other tips you are now fully blowed up you now look as attractive as possible



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