How to suddenly attract everyone to you

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there’s certain people that can step into any room and instantly make everyone attracted to them so I study presidents celebrities every type of guy that can get that has this ability to compile seven strategies you can start implementing so that you can suddenly make everyone attracted to you number one I want you to use Trump’s three handshakes you see both men and women are naturally drawn to those men that have high natural levels of testostrone so there are three ways to show that you have high levels of testostrone by just shaking their hand I want you to watch this meeting between Trump and the leader of North Korea notice that he held a handshake for 12 seconds and looked them directly in the eyes this shows respect and confidence which makes the man more attracted now here’s where it gets interesting this is not his only handshake style he has different handshake styles for different people watch him now shake hands with the leader of Russia Putin look what he just did there he not only did the same think right good contact firm handshake but he grabbed that second hand and put it on his back this shows confidence and dominance now I want you to look at one more handshake this is with the leader of France president MCR the man almost started an arm wrestling competition here where he literally pulled the guy in almost tipping him over now this movement might be seen as aggressive if you do it with the wrong guy but with the right person it could be a sign of camaraderie or just having some fun so to instantly appear more attractive to others as soon as you meet them you can use the first handshake when you’re meeting someone new the second handshake if you’re already familiar with the person and want to assert a bit of dominance and the third handshake if you already know someone and you just want to make them laugh either one will suddenly make you more attractive to them number two I want you to use the three Obama speaking tricks Obama has a skill where he knows how to talk in a certain way to get people to like him even if you don’t agree with his politics so I want to see if you’re able to catch it in this video and I’ll give you a hint you’re looking for three key things they had their entire lives ahead of them birthdays graduations weddings kids of their own did you catch that here Obama did three things that forces you to pay attention first he always talks slowly which makes it seem as if he’s always in charge second he always takes a 1 to two second pause in between sentences this gives people enough time to not only think about what he’s saying but also keep them interested and third when he says something important or he wants it to be impactful he now pauses for 5 seconds this makes people really think about what he just said so if you suddenly want to make everyone attracted to you as soon as you talk I want you to start talking slowly add a 1 to 2 second pause in between sentences and finally when you say something important wait at least 5 seconds before saying something again and what you’re going to start to notice is that people are going to hang off of every word that comes out of your mouth now think about it just until now just by changing how you do a handshake and changing how you talk to somebody you’re already going to be making everyone around you instantly attracted to you and I’m only getting warmed up cuz these next five techniques I’m about to show you will truly make you captivating in any room you walk into number three you will groom yourself like a president you see presidents are the best sales people in the world as their entire job is to get half the country to vote for them so everything they do is strategic to make as many people as possible like them nothing is coincidence so if you want to make everyone suddenly attracted to you you need to do these three things first you need to remove as much hair from your body as possible the reason is that the more hair that you have on your body the greater the chance of you developing long lasting bad body odor so you want to start all the way from the bottom remove all the hair from your private area and then move up words to your stomach your chest and your armpits now to do this make sure you’re not using the same trimmer you’re using on your face you should be buying a trimmer specifically for your body and your private region to keep everything hygienic and of course I got you covered bro our manscape lawnmower 5.0 is the best in the game to do so and this new manscape lawn mower that we dropped comes with two trimmer heads so essentially you could just have one trimmer and just replace the heads when you’re shaving your body versus shaving your face and the cool thing is that our trimmers come with skin safe technology to make sure that you don’t trim your boys downstairs the second thing you want to do is go for a clean shaven look take Trump and Obama for example they’re both clean shaven men as were almost all presidents throughout history and the reason why most presidents like Trump and Obama and world leaders maintain a clean shaven look year round is because during the 20th century there were multiple studies that came out stating that women found men that were clean shaven to be more friendly and trustworthy so if you want people to suddenly like you you need to come across as friendlier more trustworthy and to achieve that you want to adopt a clean shaven face now look if you want to use a beard like I do you can still take the same concept and just make sure your Beard’s always neatly trimmed and always lined up now remember how I said our manscape lawnmower 5.0 can help you do that well because it comes with two trimmer heads you can easily replace the trimmer head that you use on your body and put on the electric shaver trimmer head this will allow you to either a remove your entire beard with a trimmer without having to use a razor or B trim your cheek and your neck area to clean up your beard giving you Total Control in your grooming I don’t know about you but there’s not many trimmers in the market that can do something like this where you’re literally getting two different trimmers on one single design it’s the best thing we’ve ever put out you want to know why because I care about your boys think about it you are with your boys all of your life you sleep with them you’ll grow up with them they’ll go through your first breakup they’ll be there when you’re married they’re always there for you the least you could do is treat them to a trimmer that not only won’t Nick them but will make them look as good as possible this takes me to the third thing you want to do is take care of your long and messy haircut as research has found that voters believe that candidates that had Long messy haircuts were either lazy or unemployed and this perception goes directly against what presidents are trying to achieve so if you’re getting ready for a job interview or you’re getting ready for a first date the last thing you want is your date to think you’re easier or unemployed which is why you should adopt a tight haircut a short and tight haircut which of course your Barber can help you with and if you can’t afford that at a minimum when you have a good trimmer like our manscaped one you can always trim the back of your neck which is what ends up looking messy around your ears and the sides of your beard to make it seem as if your haircut is as fresh as possible you do these three things you’ll be doing exactly what presidents do to get people to instantly like you and if you need a good trimmer that’s going to help help you achieve all that obviously my trimmer the lawn mower 5.0 it’s going to help you get there faster than ever treat your boys to something nice I’m going to have it linked down below and I’m going to hook your boys up by giving you a 20% discount plus free shipping it as affordable as possible you guys want to check it out it’ll be linked down below four use leading questions to keep them talking leading questions is a way for you to steer the conversation into a direction that you want so I’m going to show you how to use them to keep people talking you see when we talk about ourselves our brains will release dopamine this makes us feel good but what science has found is that sharing our opinions and our emotions releases even more dopamine than that so if you can get people to give you their opinions and their emotions you’ll set off the most amount of dopamine in them and you’ll make them more interested in talking to you and therefore become attracted to you I know it’s a little bit dark but here are three leading questions you can use to trigger that the first one you have is what do you think about Trump this question is not only controversial but it’s also relevant and it will spark their desire to share their opinion and their emotion the second one is do you believe in global warming the question is proactive and a bit irritating as it is assuming that you might believe it’s fake making them even more interested in talking to you and the third question you have is should guns be legal remember the key here is to start making questions that not only spark their opinion but also their emotions and as long as you don’t oppose their beliefs they’re going to become more attracted to you because people love sharing their thoughts and their feelings number five only chew gum in these five places you see in a recent study researchers wanted to see if chewing gum affected how attractive somebody was so they had multiple sets of identical twins sit next to each other at a museum and then they asked 481 visitors these questions who do you think gets invited to more parties who has more friends who has a better sex life who never puts money into the employee gift pool and who would you give a raise to at work at the end of the study what researchers discovered is that 73% of the responses favored the twin who was chewing gum an outcome that they believed was due to the belief that those who chew gum are more confident this means that chewing gum can suddenly make you attractive to everyone however there are certain places you should never chew gum so to make it easier for for you here’s a simple chart here are the places you should chew gum and here are the places you should never chew gum in number six make someone feel like they are the only person in the room when you’re interacting with someone there are small things that you can do to make that other person feel important and yet most men will do one of two things when they’re in a conversation not knowing there’s a third way of doing it that will make every person you talk with more attracted to you the first group of men will ask a question and then sit there waiting for their chance to speak here they’re not listening they’re just waiting and it’s obvious the second group will ask a question but then they’ll start fidgeting around or look at their phone or look at the clock and this makes the other person feel unimportant but the third group of men will ask a question then they will lean in and then they will wait a few seconds after the other person’s done talking before they say something just look at the difference by you using this method you’re making the other person feel feel as if they are the only person in that room and that makes them feel heard and makes you instantly attracted number seven use the most powerful word humans are desperate for recognition and validation and because of this desperation there is a powerful word that you can use that will make them more attracted to you than anything else you can say and that is their name so here I’m going to show you how to remember somebody’s name and then use it to your advantage manage first whether you’re using Apple or Android you’re going to have two buttons on the lock screen of your phone I want you to go into your note settings and replace one of them with the Notes application then you’re going to create a note called names and pin that note to the top now I’m going to give you a sales trip whenever you meet somebody and they tell you their name immediately pull out their phone open up the notes app jot down their name along with any characteristics or interesting things that you talked about in that conversation I need you to use this with every sing single person you come across even the cute girl you just met in your class or at the party or even the person who serves you coffee at Starbucks now when you go back into that coffee shop to get your coffee or that classroom you’re going to walk in and say hey insert name how are you today this technique does three purposes it helps you remember their name better it makes the people you’re talking to more attractive to you and it increase the chances of getting free stuff like an extra espresso shot in your coffee or priority service and you can apply this logic to anything else I’m telling you right now you do these seven tricks I just showed you that most men don’t know about any room you walk into you will instantly become more attractive



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  1. We pray for change. But dude, don't push dating and relationship advice EVERYWHERE. No body wants wreckless dating guys, the youth is traumatized beyond belief.