I tested the most VIRAL TikTok products!

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I’m about to test 10 of the most viral looks matching products on Tik Tok to see how well they work and then I’m going to rank them from F to S tier based on how good they perform let’s get started all right so let’s start with product number one the me ring now I have to be honest the product has me a bit skeptical it’s the least viral one of the list with only 40,000 views all right so for those of you who don’t know me is when you force your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth this product is supposed to help with that that’s dangerous right you have a product on the top of your tongue it seems like you can easily swallow but let’s see how it works test it out all right so here they are these tiny little things are $30 so definitely not cheap it’s just a little rubber ring I don’t know about this man so according to the video You’re supposed to stick your tongue out and place it in the back of your tongue okay nothing’s happening so they come in different colors let me try medium mode maybe I did it wrong m okay okay okay so basically what’s happening is when you put your tongue on there and push it against it creates like a suction almost like a suction cup so now my tongue is pressed up against the roof and now I don’t have to consciously think about it it’s just stuck there and I think it worked all right so this is me no meing ring that’s me with a muing ring I don’t know I feel like I could die and choke on this but I I guess it technically works so I did my own research you know your boy loves studies I could couldn’t find anything reputable that these little rubber mewing rings actually did anything even though visually it did seem to help but I already teach you guys how to Mew you just have to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth I don’t really think you need this $40 rubber ring and for that reason while it does work and there’s a free alternative I’m going to put this one on the F tier but guys this is just the first product and it’s also the least viral one stick around to the end because the products will only get crazier from here okay so for product number two we have silk pillow cases this is interesting because this video has over 250,000 views and over 16,000 units of this product sold now according to the video These silk pillow cases will help you have better skin better hair and let’s see for ourselves if that’s true that’s a nice addon because that means you would have to spend less time or money on your skin care and it helps maintain hair moisture reduces frizziness and even prevent hair damages don’t need that for myself your boy has a buzz cut but for those that have longer hair that’s a pause it’s time to test out and good news only $5 per pillowcase so now instead of 16,000 units it’s 16,000 And1 cuz your boy bought it all right so here’s the silk pillowcase versus a regular cotton pillowcase Let’s test all right here we go damn it feels super smooth on the skin I want you to see just how soft that looks now look at the difference versus like cotton like this feels like almost like sandpaper compared to this now I couldn’t find any direct studies saying that this will help your skin but according to Leading dermatologist while it won’t help your skin directly silk makes it impossible for bacteria to live in and it also feels pretty good according to science direct here’s the another pillowcase by the way most bacteria is unable to live on silk due to its antibacterial properties so at the very least a silk pillow sheet will help you with your acne I can Overlook some of the other over promises it did and for that reason I would say this is a d tier product number three it’s called the sud scrub and we’re quickly moving on on our reality this one has a million views and 96,000 units sold insane if you have back knee bumpy skin on the back of your arms or dry skin patches from eczema this product will transform your skin that’s a hell of a promise now like I said I’m going to be a bit biased here cuz I have used silicon scrubbers for the longest however I’ve never seen one go this viral where almost 100 th000 units have been sold just through Tik Tok so I’m I’m excited to test it out and see what the hype is using a sub scrub has been a game Cher for my back KNE as it ensures that I’m not constantly spreading germs that’s a big one for me I go to the gym I get a lot of body acne so just knowing that it’s antibacterial and cleaner than my fingers that’s a huge plus we’re in the bathroom we’re going to typ try the sub scrub so if they say you just pour the soap right in the middle it has like a little pouch here to pour the soap you have a little grip and here go all right right St dispers that’s actually cool that pocket like look how e in disperses and here’s the thing I’ve used silicone strawberry before but the F of this on pretty gentle on the skin like like I don’t you can tell look how soft that looks up against the Skins this feels like a good shower like you know it’s good shower that deep in there exfoliating no out so that was pretty impressive it’s lightweight soft on my skin you can feel your skin exfoliated after using it and it’s antibacterial a tier easy number four we have a skinc care system from geology with a video that has almost a million views and a dude that has clear skin so you know the products probably work I think most men have bad skin not realizing that they can have a transformation like this if they know what products they’re using the fact that you can customize the product depending on your skin issues is the one area where most men make a mistake and that’s why all the products you end up testing never end up actually working easy right wash your face I can stand behind that every man should wash their face daily probably why he has great skin yep if you work a lot you’re always tired you don’t sleep right you need an under eye cream good move on this guy apply my moisturizer which already has SPF in it and that’s my morning routine having a moisturizer that has sun protection is an easy way to Streamlight it and the dude doesn’t in three steps of course I already have it cuz I’ve been using it for years as well just like this guy Let’s test it out all right so this man has great skin so it’s easy to assume that this product works I’ve been using geology for a while as well we’re going to start with the face was watch which is the first product to use it is fragrance free this is great for people with sensitive skin and then another thing that geology does it shows you just how much you need that way you don’t spend or waste too much so we’re starting with the face wash now one key f feature of a good face wash is that you don’t want it to be too heavy on the skin where it’s going to overly strip it this one being fragrance free you can feel it a bit lighter so it doesn’t do like this heavy almost like detergent on the skit you just want it to be good enough where it takes away the dirt the oil without over stripping your skin so that felt pretty good it lathered nicely let’s see what the skin looks like you can already tell my skin is refreshed what I like about geology is that it’s a system three steps the next one is one that men forget about and he always uses which is eye cream what I like about the eye cream it also tells you you just need one pump per eye one pump right under the eye and you’re getting retinol niacinamide and hyaluronic acid if you’re a dude that’s always tired has has bags under their eyes or you want to make sure that you don’t get wrinkly in this this area IE cream is is one of those things that men cannot skip out on good move on geology most guys skin care routine they don’t add an eye cream love that and then the final move he did which I thought the was smartest thing he used a moisturizer that also has sunscreen spf15 is more than enough not only will you moisturize your skin you’re going to also protect your skin from the Sun now what I love about this moisturizer check this out it rubs in and it’s pretty much a matte clear finish usually when you put on sunscreen you get this like white tint on your skin and it takes forever to rub out this one it’s clear on of application and automatically it looks matte it doesn’t look like you have a moisturizer I did all that in about 30 seconds that’s an S tier product for me if you guys want to check out geology like I said I’ve been using this product for over 4 years this is something that all men need to have in their routine that’s why it’s an S tier and the fact that it’s so simple to use and you can get it done in 30 seconds every morning you’re going to be looking handsome all right for product number five we have the ice roller a video with 1.3 million views and 92,000 units sold honestly that’s pretty surprising that the video has over a million views and we’re talking about ice so this has to be good so look I got this on the Tik Tok shop for only $3 all right $3 product we love a cheap product that actually works and with this many views probably works easy enough you apply it on your face like a deodorant all right so we got the ice roller simple design just two rubber caps and then at the top it has this little hole where you’re supposed to fill it up with water so fill it up with water all the way to the top all right once it’s full you’re just supposed to close it and then just put it in the freezer so apparently you just have to let it sit here for 2 hours so we’ll be back all right so 2 hours have passed let’s see what it looks like I’m my low key excited so you can definitely feel it’s hard it’s frozen already oo so it didn’t freeze fully but it looks like we have it now according to how you use the the product you just have to rub it around your face for around 10 minutes which is what we’re going to do by the way I I’ve done this before I’ve talked about this I actually love doing this process okay so we’re going to do this for about 10 minutes around the face all right so I did it for a few minutes it’s incredibly refreshing and you can almost feel your skin being tighter almost firmer I love that product and multiple reputable studies found that continuous cold exposure on the skin is beneficial for its appearance and youthfulness and you know what this is an S tier product for me it works instantly it’s scientifically bed and it was three bucks nice job Tik Tok number six we have mouth tape a product that I’ve been seeing a lot on my for you page it makes sense this video has 1.5 million views which is insane and it’s also a doctor talking so let’s see what he has to say are you a mouth breather well so I’ve said this in videos I used to be a mouth breather I’m no longer a mouth breather cuz I consciously try to have good posture but most people are mouth breathers is like this a small jaw a crooked nose a smaller Airway versus up here a strong jaw a more straight septum and straighter nose this is called mewing he’s absolutely right if you close your mouth and you breathe through your nose you you probably will have better facial structure every night before you go to bed take a little piece of plastic medical tape just like this and put it right on your lips feel like some people are going to get claustrophobic with this like you’re going to freak out if you’re a mouth breather it’s probably going to feel weird as your boys know I had to buy the product myself we’re going to test it out let’s go all right so I’m about to go to sleep I’m about to test it out and by the way I have a full beard and it still sticks perfectly fine so here we go see you guys tomorrow all right that was that was weird to sleep with um doesn’t hurt to rip off which is a good I thought it was going to hurt my beard uh my mouth isn’t as dry either I guess cuz I wasn’t using my mouth to breathe which you know that morning breath you get when you wake up I don’t have that like it doesn’t my mouth tastes pretty fresh I don’t know if it made a difference in My Sleep Quality to be honest I’m going to be honest with you guys a bit uncomfortable kind of annoying to have to do every day and because I couldn’t find any reputable science to back that this would work and that it’s actually safe to do I’m going to have to give this a DTI cuz maybe if you’re use it for long enough it probably doesn’t have effect but because we couldn’t tell D tier product in my book all right number seven we have something called the jaer Sizer with a video that has almost 2 million views by Dr huberman and over 16,000 units sold there’s the jaer Sizer is really big in Hollywood the jawser Sizer yeah they these like things where like bouncy mou no that’s the exact thing we’re reviewing you change your facial structure all right if a neuroscientist is saying this I’ll take a shot at it but let’s go test it out all right so here we go the jawser size cool thing about about this one is that it comes with two you have easy mode and hard mode this is also a necklace so you can carry it so the carrying case is plastic this is the easy mode you can see right here pretty soft and how the necklace works you just run this through you put this across like this I’m going to be honest with you I would never wear this in a million years so all you’re supposed to do is I guess you’re supposed to have it around your neck all day and then the idea is that you want to chew on this between 15 and 30 times at least four times a day so let’s give it a shot all right I did about 20 I’m be honest with you I didn’t feel much other than my teeth hurt but I don’t feel it in my jaw so I’m going to crank it up to the hard level see if it uh it makes a difference here uh 30 reps okay there way there ah damn and I’m going to be honest with you I couldn’t find any scientific studies proving that this works what I did go do is I went on Amazon I looked at some some of the reviews even random people say they work this user amazing truth says I’ve always purchased Asen on TV items and always fa slightly duped with the reality of the product but this is an exception it simply Works don’t hesitate then you have SoCal law enforcement saying I’ve been getting so many compliments so it must be working so I think it’s pretty cheap pretty instant and there’s enough people saying it works where I would probably put this on B tier product number eight we have the tongue scraper with three million views and listen to this 42,000 units sold now I think I know why this is so popular on Tik Tok because I’ve been getting flooded with videos with millions of views just on the Simplicity of a tongue scraper and I found Dental research that discusses all those tiny bumps you see on your tongue are a bunch of germs and bacteria and that’s what causes the bad breath if you’re somebody who has stank breath or you just care about your hygiene and that’s the thing I think most people deal with stank breath like you’ve smelt it on yourself before you’re like yo that’s tough and you’ll brush your teeth and nothing works tongue scraper super simple to use I just use it in the morning before I brush my teeth and at night before I brush my teeth as well easy enough use it twice a day before brushing your teeth it’s literally a dollar that last part I loved literally a dollar it’s actually a little bit more than a dollar it came out to a total of five but not bad I guess right it’s still affordable let’s go test it out all right so I got the tongue scraper it’s literally just a piece of metal and you just scrape it up against your tongue to remove all those little bumps which is supposed to be bacteria now to make this accurate it’s going to be gross so gross warning I haven’t brushed my teeth all day it’s end of day so my tongue is dirty this is the before of my tongue I’m grossed out and I can’t even see that so all right so that’s the before let’s see if this works all right so literally just scrape down I think it’s work yo come close bro come check this out I think it’s working all right so I see a reduction in like the whiteness which I’m assuming is the the bacteria it’s also a very cheap product it works quickly my mouth feels also a bit fresher and I haven’t brushed my teeth I’m going to be honest with you this actually works for bad breath you can feel the gunk coming off of your tongue it is a must in every man’s bathroom and for $5 a tier okay we are down to the two most viral products in this video the ones I’m the most excited about I just don’t understand what all the hype is about we’re about to find out number nine a water flosser you heard that right a water flosser 10 million views on this video and I found multiple videos with like 10 million views over a 100,000 units sold that’s astronomical obviously your boy did the math this brand did like $3 to5 million just selling this water flosser this is crazy the person who said I should put lising in my water filter you’re a g yeah what duh man I’ve been doing that since they look like all right I get it I’ve seen that same stupid start line like a 100 times on my feet cuz they’re all trying to sell the same product this you see how old this thing is what kind of alien Tech is that I’m going to be honest with you I think I saw my my parents using a water flosser I’ve never used one in my life and yes I bought it so let’s go test so we got the water flosser I’m actually excited about this never used it before we also have I guess five settings here intensity and all you got to do is fill the bottom with water so we’re going to fill it with water you can also fill it with mouth wash like you signed the original Tik Tok but this just to test the effectiveness all right we close I’m going to start in like the easy level level two let’s see how it goes so from what I saw on the Tik Tok you just place it in your mouth you close your mouth and I guess you just go up and down between teeth M that’s just level two that’s an insane amount of water coming into my mouth and it hurts all right let me show you exactly what what it looks like it’s like stabbing my tongue and I’m on level two and even worse than this my biggest pet peeve my mirror is splattered that’s disgusting and apparently even with my mouth Clos look okay maybe I just don’t know how to use it I take it back but my mirror is still splattered I guess my teeth look clean I did look up studies on this I wanted to see the effectiveness and it found that a good water flosser when you know how to use it can remove up to 80% of plaing bacteria that’s left behind from regular floss could be a winner I’m gonna give this an a tier I’m sorry I’m reserving the S tier for like affordable products that work instantly this works amazing I loved it I’m going to be honest with you I probably never use a regular floss again but because it’s 30 bucks I’m going to have to give it an a tier all right it has to be an a tier and now for the most viral product I could find on Tik Tok that will make you look better I don’t think you’ll believe this honestly I didn’t believe it number 10 oil pulley you heard that right with over 50 Mill million views basically a Mr Beast video on how to mouthwash check this out this man sold a million plus units of this product this man made well over $15 million selling this product all right we got to see the hype we got to see why yo you’re not going to believe this I I I already don’t believe it what it did to my teeth it’s crazy bro y’all I’mma show you my teeth now now the dude has a good smile yeah my smile up that white I’ll buy the damn product and clearly it’s good because well over a million people bought the product and it has amazing reviews on Tik Tok shop so of course your boy had to buy it and now for the product that I’m most excited to review an oil pulling mouthwash so it’s easy to use you’re supposed to shake they comes with a little cup and it recommends anywhere between 5 and 15 mL so obviously it depends on how much you can handle so we’re going to go for 15 mL it’s oil pulling so it’s supposed to be made with coconut oil oil and peppermint smells like peppermint honestly so let’s see on taste now the only downside which I found weird is that it says you have to brush or or rinse for at least 2 minutes and up to 10 minutes for better results I I mean most mouthwashes you only have to rinse for like 30 seconds to a minute so that’s a long time but ah if they don’t look whiter but but he he he doesn’t think so I think he’s just being a hater if they don’t look wider this sucks cuz my mouth hurts this is worse than the jawser Sizer I swallowed a bit I was trying not to swallow and then my mouth is like oily like it feels like imagine like taking a teaspoon of olive oil and just like extremely oily it makes sense right it’s coconut oil all right however after more research I did find some studies showing that oil pulling can help with bacterial reduction in your mouth so it might not make your teeth as white as the the guy in the video but at least it will clean your mouth I’m going to be honest with you a little disappointed with the hype on this one I’m going have to give this a b tier there you have it those are the 10 most viral products on Tik Tok which ones work and which ones will make you look best



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  1. If you don't want stank breath, use the tongue scraper and the therabreath mouthwash. Also, don't forget to brush your teeth and floss. and if none of that works CHECK YOUR TONSILS FOR TONSIL STONES AND REMOVE THEM ASAP!!

  2. Honestly I have never seen anything more than like 20 bucks for something that crappy. I mean like, F tier whoever made that was smoking crack.