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at first they seem interested in you but as they get to know you better it seems like she’s drifting away more and more as if losing interest if this happens to you frequently it’s because you’re not acting in the ideal way and she’s not feeling your absence in this video you’ll learn some effective ways to make a woman miss you a lot keeping her magnetically attracted to you number one take care of your appearance dear friend self-improvement work never ends don’t settle and keep improving your appearance because you’ll regret it in the future physically improving yourself requires effort but it becomes enjoyable and rewarding it’s not just about attracting women it’s about looking in the mirror and feeling good it’s about having more confidence and even improving your professional life a more attractive person tends to be more receptive and persuasive just like a well-presented salesman tends to be more successful than others who are not and obviously in terms of Attraction if you’re physically attractive everything becomes easier because you trigger attraction mental triggers in women if your face isn’t as attractive as possible make it attractive take care of your skin your eyebrows your hair your teeth your beard everything work on your facial structure and try to be as attractive as possible you’ll also notice a big difference in how women see you when you start getting in shape I’m talking about a harmonious figure with broad back and shoulders defined chest and abdomen and proportional legs achieving this requires focus and time so enjoy the process as you begin to see results you’ll have more options with women and when you become the type they can’t ignore everything will be easier do it for yourself when I seek my best version It’s Not About Women it’s first about me life is unique it’s brief and I refuse to not live this life in my best version number two make your attention hard to get your attention is your time and that’s very valuable or at least it should be much of making a woman feel nostalgic involves not being easily accessible because she won’t miss something she can have anytime she wants when it comes to self-improvement you can’t do it halfway I see Men Who start their personal growth in communication confidence finances and physical appearance and when they start seeing results and some women naturally start feeling attracted they quickly stop prioritizing goals and start giving a lot of attention to the woman becoming easily accessible doing the opposite of what they should do listen when you’re in your personal growth process and a woman approaches you stay focused stay not easily available when I talk to a friend about women and eventually show them a woman I’m getting to know know or who’s interested in me sometimes they’re impressed by the level of the girl interested in me and how much she’s trying and investing her time with me the reason this happens is simply that I’ve sparked attraction in her and mainly because I’m becoming a challenge for her not being easily accessible I need to work earn money study exercise have quality time and Leisure I need not to procrastinate with trivial things so my attention won’t be easily given I won’t go out with her just when she wants I won’t abandon all my tasks to be with her and these are the things that keep her attracted because my presence and what I can offer by acting like this make me rarer something that’s not easy to get and that makes the woman see you as very valuable besides staying attracted number three make her want more of you this topic is very important because it will be a guide on how to have pleasant and memorable moments with the woman after all if you don’t have a at least some good times with her there won’t be much to miss connection there’s something lovely that will make her even more attracted and make her miss you in your absence connection is when the conversation flows naturally it’s finding several common points it’s that feeling that they’ve known each other for a long time and that makes the interaction more fun and pleasant however here are some things about connection that other channels usually don’t tell you connection depends on compatibility which means that a true connection won’t happen with a person totally incompatible with you and if that’s the case it’s okay that’s not your responsibility you don’t need to force it there will be women compatible with you and others won’t be it’s said that a good and deep connection is rarely established on the first date this is because usually on the first date both are a little nervous not very spontaneous and don’t open up enough your level of communication conversation and confidence will be important to establish a quicker connection something that always makes the woman see you in a good light and always works well is to be really present listening asking being attentive and affectionate at some moments if you have a moment alone provide Unforgettable Sensations that will surely occupy a place in her mind the key here is to be intense and pleasant because from the moment you’re intensely present when you step away to go back to your tasks she’ll miss you and want more of you if you need help if you want to learn more about how to give good times to a girl in the description there’s a link to an exclusive offer of my online training number four spend time with your friends you’ve understood the intents when you’re present you’ve understood that you need to focus on your goals and limit the attention you give and that your absence is fundamental for her her to miss you being with your friends is another option to get away from her in an easy and fun way since with friends we usually spend good relaxed and fun times and every man needs that but here I make an observation remember that you are the sum of The Five People You spend time with so choose well those people you’ll spend your time with I know selecting your friends can be difficult but it’s for your own good try to socialize and spend time with people people of good character people with goals in life people who are or are trying to be successful that way you’ll be influenced by the same goal and productive behaviors of them by spending a lot of time with frivolous and low-minded people it’s certain that you’ll regress in life on the other hand if the people you spend the most time with are millionaires you’ll probably soon become the sixth millionaire in the group number five focus on a financial goal first it’s crucial to understand that dealing with women nowadays also involves dealing with the games most of them play on the other hand many men also play games but most of the time women perceive when men are playing and when that happens they act with indifference and these men don’t get what they want forget about games the best way to make a girl miss you is to be absent because you’ll really need to be absent when setting a financial goal you’ll need time to put this plan into practice ice which means you’ll naturally need to be absent and when they desire your attention don’t drop everything to be available for her stay focused on your goals because by keeping focused on your goals you become more successful and at the same time you become more attractive adopt a minimalist lifestyle spend less than you earn research Investments and invest your money at the same time research ways to make more money you won’t get rich overnight and you don’t need to enjoy the process with persistence and patience and then working on new ways to make money saving and investing properly you may change your life in four or 5 years living very well financially imagine the women you met in the past or your ex looking at you and thinking this is the guy I met some time ago and this is how he is now this is an effective way to make a woman miss you women hate underestimating a man’s potential that’s why many many times they come back even more if you become a better man they’ll always try to come back many men think that because women usually have many options it doesn’t matter if you ignore them because they can quickly get another man but that’s where you’re wrong I don’t care if she gets another man because that other Man simply won’t be like me that’s how you should think because you’re unique these are the best ways to make a woman miss you put these steps into practice and women will be eager for you in the description check out the link to our seductive project above average that can change your love life today if you like this video leave a comment on topics that interest you for our next videos I say goodbye for now gentlemen until the next episode I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video video leave your comment you 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