If you want to know how she feels about you, try this

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knowing how a girl feels about you it can be confusing which is why most men don’t even realize that the girl that they like actually likes them back so today if you want to know exactly how she feels about you I want you to do these six tests and see how she reacts but’s start with number one you’re going to use the driveby method to see if she finds you attractive one of the quickest ways to know if a girl likes you is if she gives you a single double or triple take so I’m going to show you how to use the driveby method to test and see which one she gives you first you will want to stand up and then walk directly to the bathroom now you want to make sure you walk directly in front of the girl that you’re interested in she will most likely make eye contact with you as you walk past and then immediately Look Away however if she looks at you again this is what we call a double take and it is a good indicator that she finds you attractive why because Studies have shown that us looking at Attractive people ignites the reward system in our brain meaning she’ll want to look at you again but the test doesn’t stop there because when you leave the bathroom you’re going to walk right past her again that there is a triple tape and it means that she not only finds you a attractive but she’s interested in you so when you use this test this is how you read it if you get the single glance just stop there she’s probably not that interested if you get the double or triple glance you’re going to move on to step number two as each test that I’m about to show you will indicate an increased level of attraction that that girl has for you and if you get her to make it past the fourth test bro go for it this girl’s in love with you move on to number two you’re now going to go up to her and ask for a phone charger and see if she trusts you now at this point you know this girl is somewhat interested in you because of that double or triple take but you need to take this a step further by asking for a small request and I’m going to show you how to do it with a charger trick to do this trick you’ll want to approach her and then politely ask if she has a charger either for your laptop or your phone the reason you’re asking for a charger is that according to a study by UCLA most people from every culture and country are willing to help others when it comes to a small request so we’re testing if she’s willing to help you like most people would or if she would just completely deny your request now there’s two potential outcomes here first she has her charger out already or she has it in her bag but she’s not willing to help you in that situation it’s a clear sign this girl is not interested she’s probably not even a kind person you can move on the second outcome is that she gives you a charger without any issues or she says that she would give you one but she doesn’t have one on her in that situation it’s a good sign she’s interested in you and at the very least that she’s a kind person and here’s the thing most of these you can manipulate and increase the chances of getting the desired result you want by manipulating the O Factory region of her brain you see in a study published in the Journal of environmental psychology researchers had women rate five of the most attractive guys out of a group of 18 then the men were tasked to ask each woman out in front of a nice smelling Bakery and then again in places that had no smells like a clothing store or a music store what they found is that when you asked the woman out in a nice smelling area they were 200% more likely to say yes so I’ll just do the research you need to use these findings to your advantage meaning anytime you run these tests make sure you smell good and you’re in luck because you already know I wasn’t going to leave you empty-handed I’ve been working on my own cologne for Santa Lucia it’s the first fragrance we Dro in over a year and I’ve beta tested it in multiple groups of women I mentioned to you we’re dropping this February 24th Saturday 10: a.m. eastern it’s only going to be a th000 bottles it’s a limited run and once it’s sold out it’s gone I’m not re-upping it because I wanted it to be unique and I’ll explain more on that later however I mentioned that there were a few notes that we still wanted to add and we ended up selecting sandalwood and Rose but both so you can get the best of both worlds now like I said the product will be limited and last time we did this it sold out in 2 days this is the best smelling fragrance you’ll ever smell I want to make sure that every time you go out you always smell great so if you want Early Access I’m going to have a link down below there’s a survey there that if you answer it you’re going to help us out as I continue to add the final touches cuz I want this to be the perfect fragrance and with your input I can get there and if you help me out I would give you a secret code code that will give you early access to the store 24 hours before launch that way you don’t miss out before it sells out now at this point she’s giving you either a double or a triple take and she was nice enough to land you a charger this means you move on to step number three you will change your position to test her body language this is a simple technique to see if she’s interested in you just by testing her body language first you’ll pretend that there’s something wrong with the table you’re sitting at you want to wobble it a bit pretend like it’s uneven then you will get up grab your things and move to a different table that is the same distance from her but on the opposite side after a few minutes I want her to look over and check her body language you see in a study in the ’90s a professor seated female and male students in a room that didn’t know each other then he pretended like he had an urgent call and left them alone in the room for 10 minutes he would then analyze their body language and ask them questions about their interest over the other person after the 10 minute he then repeated this process multiple times with other students what he found out was exactly what body language women used when they were interested in a man once you’ve changed positions and you analyze her body if her body stayed looking away from you in the same position she was before this is a good sign she’s not interested in you however if she shifts her body over towards you this is a great sign that she’s interested in you and that means you move on to step number four ask for her opinion to see if she wants to help you women are hardwired to help and nurture those around them but even more than that studies have found that women are more likely to help those that they find attractive so here’s how you’re going to use this to your advantage first you’re going to approach the girl that you just borrow the charger from then when giving it back to her I want you to give her a compliment on the way that she smells you can do something like wow you smell really nice that’s all you need to say this compliment will then trigger her own sense of smell which will result in her becoming more aware of her own scent if she doesn’t compliment you back then just cut your losses and leave but if she does then it will provide you with a seamless way for you to ask for her number however you should always smell good which is what I mentioned and it will only work if you have a nice cologne that you know women love and that’s exactly what our upcoming cologne deas from Santa Lucia does in fact the method that I use in designing this not only did I grab a group of women to hand select each note after that I also added two unique compounds that you usually never find in fragrances one is ambrox DL and the other one’s ISO e super the interesting thing about these compounds is that it makes the fragrance transform or change depending on your own pH levels which means when you wear my new Santa luciia fragrance it will smell completely different than when I wear it that way every woman you interact with you know she’s smelling something amazing she’s never smelled before this is not your basic Dior sage and that is why I made it limited that’s why it’s only 1,000 bottles and each bottle has its own serial number and you can see it stamped in the front so when you own it you know which number you have from the production line and you know no one will ever smell like you again this will sell out fast but if you want an early access code click that link down below answer the survey to help me finish this fragrance I want it to be the best in the world and you’ll be able to access the store 24 hours before launch day now if she’s passed this fourth test get excited because that means you can be 80% sure she’s interested in you and now you can move on to the most convincing tests yet which are my last two if she passes these you’ll know exactly how she feels about you step five you will send her a text right after and then time her response as soon as you get her number ignore what anybody else tells you you will text that girl a few minutes after and it could be simple something like it was nice meeting you then depending on how long she takes to reply is your gauge to know if she wants to go on a date with you for example if she doesn’t respond at all you have your answer she was just being nice to you if she responds the next day then that means she’s just nice but she’s not interested if she takes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours then she’s interested but she’s the type of girl that’s going to play a lot of Mind Games with you if she responds in the next 1 to 2 hours she’s definitely interested but she might be a bit busy but if she responds immediately then you’ll know for sure this girl likes you and she wants to go on a date with you and if that’s the case I need you to move on to test number six you will send her a voice note to see if she’s comfortable with you by this point you should know exactly how she feels about you but this one test will let you know if she’s ready to commit to a date you see when it comes to asking a girl on a date most men will do it one of two ways and one of these ways is far superior see the one that most guys do is that they’ll send them aext which comes across as a bit needy and not very confident the second Camp will call a girl and this one shows more confidence but see some girls might not like it however there is a third way that only very few men do which is using a voice note one study found that 53% of women send voice notes and that they often feel more connected to the people that they send send it to so when it comes time to ask her on a date I want you to send a quick 15-second voice note saying that you want to take her on a date and honestly you can steal this exact voice note hey it was nice meeting you the other day I’m not sure what you’re up to this weekend but let’s catch y for some coffee now if she responds to that voice memo with a text that means she’s not yet comfortable with you but if she responds back with another voice note then it’s clear she’s connected to you and just like I told you previously the better you smell the better you can manipulate her Factory Bol the more likely she’ll want to connect with you and I’m not telling you that Santa Lucia is going to get you more yeses from girls but uh you better believe that over the last year that’s all I worked on so if you guys want to get early access to that it’ll be linked down below but by using this technique of six tests you’ll have a harmless way to know exactly how she feels about you without fearing the risk of rejection and you can do this with anyone



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  1. Bro I literally binge watch your videos I grew up without a brother or really any older siblings and practically had to raise my sisters so these lessons are like gold✨

  2. there's a girl in my bus who is very comfortable talking to me . but yesterday for some reason she sat right behind me and slept keeping her head in the front . everyone was shocked lol

  3. What if it is someone I already know? And there is one thing that we only meet at church, and I'm afraid she has very limited list of actions in this situation because she will have to say yes with the charger case. What should I do?