If you’re between 13 and 19, learn these 43 hard truths

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look women can’t control themselves around emotionally mature men studies show that we as men don’t mature until we’re 43 years of age so we don’t have time for that so today I’m going to show you 43 harsh truths you need to learn so you can emotionally mature faster and become desirable to any woman around you let’s get started number one girls who party every weekend will cheat on you women that party all the time are desperate and seeking male validation the moment she stops getting that from you she’s going to cheat and do that with someone else to never date a girl that loves to party and never marry her number two you don’t need as much sex as you think the more desperate you are for sex the more women will control you so stop making it a top priority and you’ll escape the Trap that a few men even realize they’re in number three success hinges more on what you subtract from your life rather than what you add on your life see so many people hinge the idea of success on things that they add right some new productivity tool some new biohacking trick but the reality is you still spend all your days on social media you’re spending hours playing video games and none un accomplishing your goal to truly succeed in life you have to eliminate what’s dragging you down before you start adding anything number four nothing is permanent not the good or the bad when things are good enjoy it but remember it’s not going to last forever and when things are bad know that it’s not permanent either and eventually things will get better five girls don’t think about you as much as you think about them most women are too focused on their own insecurities to even even notice that little pimple you have on your nose so stop worrying about it be confident six you find what works for you and ignore what doesn’t you’re going to hear all kinds of advice on how you should live your life you should look at what works for you and then ignore everything else number seven if she has to choose between you and someone else you’re doomed every man will eventually be put in a position where the woman will have to choose between him and another man if you are ever in that position walk away immediately for a relationship to work you have to be choice number one and if you want that from the start you’re doomed number eight women want men that miss their goals you see women don’t mind men that aim super high but they end up missing they end up coming short what they do mind is when you aim low and you always hit your goals because even though this guy failed he still accomplished more than all the little goals that this guy did meaning you should always aim high because even if you miss chances are you’re beating everyone else number nine your genetics aren’t as important as your habits you see every Runner has the same goal of winning and in the same way all of us we’re all just trying to look better however it is the guy that has the best grooming habits that ultimately looks best and the best place to start for a man is with a proper grooming routine and most men don’t even know where to start cuz it is complicated so I always suggest look for a system that works for you geology for me has been it for 4 years because it’s a customized system they take a look at your skin your problems and then they formulate a system of products that they deliver right to your door and all you have to do is make sure you apply them 10 body count absolutely matters bro you see when we have sex our bodies produce a bonding hormone called oxytocin if someone is producing that bonding hormone constantly with all these different people and it doesn’t turn into a bond it’s going to stop working it won’t work with you and this is why a high body count is not just a bad thing for a woman and it’s a red flag it’s a bad thing for you as a man as well so you need to stop associating a high body count with success as it’s only going to take you down a bad Road at this point we’ve already gone through 10 hard TRS about success women and business but there are 33 more hard TRS I want you to learn about so you can truly crush it in life number 11 cheating is a form of weakness not a lack of Love whether you’re the one who cheats or you’re the one that gets cheated on know that it comes from a weakness and an inability to to uphold commitments number 12 there is no speed limit on the things that you do right there is no rush for you to get married finish college or even buy a house you you have your own freedom to accomplish things at your own pace as long as you get them done number 13 your hands they won’t make you rich some of the hardest working people in the world earn the lowest paychecks and I would know cuz I used to do landscaping so did my father the men that built the country usually live paycheck to paycheck so if you want to get rich you have to start using your mind by planning investing in starting a business 14 rejection is the price you pay for getting women when you’re trying to meet new women rejection is like you paying a toll it’s something that you and even billionaires have to deal with the point is you don’t let rejection hold you back and you should see it as a normal part of the process and your goal should be to talk to as many of them as possible now of course you do have an ability to control how women react because ultimately the better you look the better you’re going to be perceived by women this is a no-brainer this is why one of the areas I always like to take care of that most men never do is the eyes so I grab my geology eye crate and every night I like to apply a little bit under the eyes what this will do is it’ll make sure you take the puffiness out but also brighten up your eyes remove any sort of wrinkles which is crucial because when you approach a girl the first thing that she’ll look at is your eyes and like I mentioned with GE this is part of my program right now they have a 70% discount that if you want your own customized kit with all the products that you need you guys can click the link down below take their quiz to see what your skin issues are that they can fix and then get 70% discount which is a steal number 15 feeling depressed doesn’t mean you have depression you have to understand that your emotions like depression or anxiety they’re completely natural and it is only when they just keep persisting even after all your efforts to try to fix them them that you can consider them a problem but if you stop villainizing emotions and realize that they come and go you won’t be a slave to it number 16 being nice doesn’t mean that they’re attracted to you the waitress the store clerk or some other random girl that was just being polite to you doesn’t necessarily mean she was being attracted to you number 17 the longer you hesitate the harder it becomes when you want to go up and talk to a girl or you want to discuss something with your current girl the longer you hesitate the harder that becomes so whenever you want to approach a girl or you want to bring up something uncomfortable do it right then and there 18 being nice will hold you back in life you see the nice guy will let his girlfriend cheat on him the nice employee is never going to get a raise you have to understand that being nice and being kind are not the same thing and you could be getting played number 19 even in a relationship women will never stop testing you women won confident men so they might even say no when you ask them out the first time or they might even banter with you or make fun of you while in a relationship the better you can emotionally handle these situations the more attractive you’ll be so always keep your cool and never react negatively when a woman pushes your limits number 20 you need to become the person you want to date if you want a loyal girl you partying and sleeping around every weekend isn’t going to attract that in the same way if you want a girl that’s hot that’s a 10 that has Perfect Skin that’s beautiful you can’t be walking around with acne this is why as a van you have to take care of your appearance the more attractive you you become the more attractive the partner you can attract so for example if you have acne the first thing you should do is getting yourself a face wash that has psyc acid this is a trick most guys don’t know but psicc acid will cut through all the oil buildup to make sure it doesn’t clog your forest and stops breakouts the one that I use of course is from geology all my skincare products are from geology cuz it’s just easy like I’m a dude I like practical I get what I need delivered to my door geology knows I have over skin therefore it sent me a product that tackled that issue you can do the same if you guys want to check them out it’ll be link down below with a 70% discount cuz you have to start looking more attracted to attract more attractive women number 21 drugs and alcohol are like a snooze button for life when you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock you delay facing the day and its responsibility the same thing happens with drugs and alcohol when you turn to there you avoid having to deal with with life’s challenges but just like hitting the snooze button every morning doesn’t make you less tired drugs and alcohol won’t make your challenges and responsibilities disappear you see the novelty of chasing multiple women it’s fun but the act of committing to just one woman is what gives you loyalty and look you’re going to want different things at different times of your life but know that both of those are mutually exclusive number 23 complimenting a girl’s looks it’s pointless girls always hear how pretty they are which means appearance-based comments they mean nothing to them so switch it up compliment her on her intelligence her voice or even her fashion and she’s going to start seeing you in a different light from all the other men 24 doing well in high school without even trying is actually a disadvantage you see cruising through through school might seem like a positive but when you don’t challenge yourself or you develop a good work ethic you’re going to struggle when you face more demanding situations in the real world like college work or your own business number 25 love is not enough you know the move and your friends will tell you oh love is all you need for a good relationship it’s not when you’re looking to date or even marry love is necessary but don’t overlook kindness support and reliability look boys we’re almost halfway through this video but I have 18 more hard truths I want you to learn and the last one is a personal story that completely changed my life for the better number 26 contentus is the enemy of change you see most of you if you’re are too comfortable or happy with Where You Are you’ll never achieve or strive for something great or something better so when you set your goals you have to make sure they’re always outside of your level of comfort where you are right now but still achievable through effort confidence comes from the acceptance of failure you see confidence is not a byproduct of win after win after win what it is instead it’s a byproduct of loss after lost after loss after loss what ends up happening is that when you become EX accepting a failure as a normal process in your life and you don’t let it stop you but instead you just continue to take losses you will eventually hit and it’ll be parabolic because the amount of determination it required for you to keep going you will now use to propel you into success whereas when you constantly win and never experience a failure you’ll never truly know what you’re made of meaning you’ll never truly be confident number 28 alcohol is the only drug people will judge you for not do it alcohol it’s something that has zero benefit for your life yet it is so ingrained in our society that when you don’t do it you’re going to get judged for it number 29 mental health is not a destination it is an outcome mental health is not something you simply reach and then you stop working on rather it is a continuous state of being that that requires constant effort awareness and maintenance 30 love means something different for everyone look you’re going to fall in love with the first girl you date because you’ve never experienced those emotions before for but as you get older and you date more girls you’re going to fall in love a lot slower and you’re going to start understanding the difference between love and lust number 31 if you’re young and you’re getting everything you want you have a girl that’s a five you made 30,000 a year and you just started your side hustle you’re on the wrong path it’s not that you’re built like that you’re just not Aiming High Enough you’re staying in the safe Zone you should be shooting for a girl that’s a 10 a 300,000 a year job or a business that’s a million a year and yes all of that sounds impossible but that’s how it should be because you should be failing at least 60% of the time in your life and if you’re not you’re not Aiming High Enough number 32 reading is important writing is better it will improve your ability to communicate your ability to think critically and understand complicated subjects so I want you to start writing down your day and your emotions every single day number 33 being average is a death sentence the average person is overweight in debt lonely without purpose and depressed in life so you should make a point of exercising regularly avoiding credit card debt spending time with friends and family setting long-term goal and watch how you’ll crawl yourself out of being that average man number 34 you’ll regret going to college but you also regret not going to college you have to understand that there are potential downfalls for every decision you make in life so whatever decision you make it has to align with your goals and values and understand you will always be missing out on something number 35 success it’s a series of just backto back failure Success is Not an upwards line it is a series of backto back failures that you’ve endured so if you find yourself consistently filling in your businesses consistently getting rejected by girls then you are on the exact path you need to be number 36 after a certain point people don’t change so you should accept your friends and your family as they are or don’t accept them but you shouldn’t be wasting your energy trying to change them for 37 gurus are false idols and most courses are created by failures because think about it if you truly earning millions of dollars you would not spend your time teaching others how to do it think about it if a teenage stock Trader knew the secret of the stock market he wouldn’t tell you about it number 38 women will treat you based on how you present yourself if you present yourself as a competent man they should would treat you as such but if you present yourself as this needing desperate guy well you can imagine the outcome now the quickest way to keep your composure is to keep your emotions to yourself you can talk about them with your friends and your family but never express them to the girl you’re trying to get to light you number 39 the victim never wins even if you are the victim you might be right but behaving like one won’t take you anywhere you have to realize life will be very unfair on times and you’re probably right but you have to keep pushing number 40 looks matter look looks are not the most important thing in a relationship but it is the most important thing to start a relationship so do not fall into the Trap of body positivity or accepting yourself for who you are dude you are so handsome and accepting that lie is going to stop you from getting there so I want you to improve your appearance constantly and you’ll not only get more attention from women you’re also going to notice you’re going to start being treated better so one trick that I like to do mostly don’t do is have a night cream this night cream is from geology it’ll apply nice and thick it has retinol and niacinamide which is great for not only hydrating the skit but also repairing it as you sleep the next day you’re going to look amazing number 41 the sexiest things have the ugliest Returns the sexiest things in life alcohol drugs pornography all feel great the first time you try them good the second time and then progressively worse the more you do it now compare that to working on a business exercising or reading a book they start off terrible but ultimately give you better and better Returns the more time you spend on them number 42 don’t hang out with bad friends just cuz you’ve known them for a while surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people will uplift you think about it it’s like you and I going off for a lunch State consistently we’re going to always grow on the other side if they’re negative if they’re always bringing you down it will hold you back and negatively impact your life if the guys you know are negative I don’t care how long you’ve known them you have to get rid of them number 43 you don’t actually want to be a millionaire I remember once hearing a story about a fisherman every day he would go out and catch enough fish to feed his family once he was done he would sit back on his beach with his friends and family playing games while he was sipping on his favorite wine one day a businessman came along that same Beach and told the fisherman if he were to fish all day he would eventually catch enough fish that he could start selling them for a profit now the fisherman he just listened he nodded along encouraging the businessman to continue now the fish fisherman was just actively listening nodding along basically encouraging the businessman to keep telling him more so the businessman kept explaining he could scale the more he sold for a profit he could then get a bigger boat hire a crew start his own company and eventually sell that to a large corporation for millions of dollars the fisherman then asked how long would this take to which the businessman responded for at least 40 years now the fisherman sat back in his chair he took a few moments to think and then asked them why would he go through all that trouble to which the businessman then responded that by then he wouldn’t have to work anymore and instead he could spend time with his friends and family on the beach sipping his favorite wine the moral of the story is that most of you don’t actually want to be rich you just want the benefits that come with being rich which is usually just freedom and time but the reality is you don’t need that much money in fact I remember when I started working my businesses I was earning less than was earning at my job at the time however I was happier because I had my freedom and my time back even though I was earning less than my job and I wasn’t doing something I didn’t care about so the question you need to ask yourself is what would you be willing to do if it meant that you would earn less however you would have more time and more freedom honestly I’d be curious to hear all your comments down below and who knows you might help some of the guys in the community as well but if you practice these 43 laws that I just talked to you about you’ll be ahead of every everyone



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  1. Thank you so much buddy. At first I found difficult to understand but after watching whole video made me realize that time and life is nothing that will get better on its own, I will have to make my own ways to make it better. Thanks again!

  2. Video aside, but what about what i do? i constantly try to find something i like and can make a living out of but everything is boring for me, how do i flip this and ACTUALLY do something? I've grown up with the idea that i have to work a job that i love doing, obviously i would be interested and keep going, but how do i find that interest?

  3. growing up I was always the top student in all my classes but for the last 3 years my grades have dropped way too much I started failing most of my classes but now I am slowly starting to improve myself

  4. I’m sad but not depressed, I hate the high school I’m going to and I don’t think I can switch.
    I can’t stop thinking about my future because I’m split between everything.
    I saw the most beautiful girl on the internet, but for some reason it makes me sad because it makes me believe I won’t find someone like her.
    I don’t really want to leave my old friends at my high school either.
    I have important tests coming up and I feel like I forgot everything that I have learnt. They all hit me at the same time like a semi truck. I have to trust gods plan but I feel too weak to handle the path.

  5. Jose, i apreciate you making these videos, and i get you need to make money, but we'd all appreciate it if you'd just make the sponsored section 1 long bit, not spread out.