Maintenance routine for men’s personal care

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every Sunday night I follow a seven-step maintenance Beauty routine that not only prepares me for the week but also eliminates me having to do all these little steps in my grooming routine and the best part is because I’ve been doing this routine for year I’ve eliminated all the bad steps and I’ve optimized it with the steps that I know they truly make you look better I boiled it down to seven easy steps that right now you can follow along as I take you through my maintenance routine number one you’re going to shower once a week you are currently walking walking around with layers of dead skin on your body and that dead skin is a breeding ground for bacteria which causing bad odor which is why every Sunday I want you to remove the dead skin and really scrub down on nine specific areas of your body you should be doing this on a regular basis every day so don’t be nasty I’m saying this cuz I know most of you probably don’t and just let the soapy water rinse you off Monday through Saturday so at least once a week you want to follow this routine you need whatever strawberry that you use and grab whatever body wash is favorite I like getting silicone scrubbers and they really help a Smo e in the skin and lifting up that dead skin and this is important because when you sweat all that moisture that gets produced gets caught in between your deting causing bacteria to produce that bacteria then starts breaking out the proteins on your sweat and that’s why you stick middle of the day so now using my exfoliating scrub I’m going to scrub down the nine areas scientifically proven that produce the most dead skin to really exfoliate all that about which according to sence are your forearms next thing will be your arment the back of your scalp your upper chest and your upper back your inner elbow this is what nobody thinks about in between your fingers the side of your Gro the back of your knees and also the one no one does your feet once you have all n those just rins out like you normally would and now you have a proper shower that’s going to prevent you from Sing you look it’s not that hard it’s actually just learning how we get properly and that I’m going to show you from here and out the next six will only get better making sure you look your best you well great and you look more attractive number two you’re going to cover your entire body with oil Now quickly I want you to look at these two pictures on the left you got Dwayne The Rock Johnson at 51 years old on the right you have Terry Cruz at 55 years old both are roughly the same age with incredible physiques but notice how Terry’s skin looks a bit better well I discovered when was doing and I implemented it into my maintenance routine I’ve seen incredible results since then and I’m going to show you exactly what he does and show you how you can do it as well I want you to see this quick video I found of Terry Cru online this is where I took the tip from I use Neutrogena oil all over my body because I don’t want stretch marks I’ve always seen where you know big lifting guys get stretch marks but I get oiled all the way up I look like a nice slick machine it’s kind of wild be all oiled up bro I was so as soon as he said that I had to add it to my routine so knowing this you’re going to grab your body oil and you’re going to apply it to five key areas every man needs to apply to these areas cuz these are the areas that are more susceptible at developing stretch marks so the brand of body oil that you use doesn’t really matter just grab something with good reviews off Amazon there’s a lot of great ones but the five areas are the back the thighs your abdomen your biceps and your shoulders number three activate the hair follicles on your face when I was young everyone would tell me that a beard would make a man more attractive the problem with me is that nobody in my family had a full thick beard nor did I I was 21 22 and I still had no beard and over the years I began to craft what I consider the perfect beard growth routine while creating this I couldn’t help but Wonder does a beard actually make that much of a difference I’ve seen it in my personal life anecdotally but we need to prove it scientifically you already know we only talk about fat so we took a subscriber and over the last 6 months he’s been following this exact same routine and we got him to go from this to this we already have a picture of him before with a patchy beard and now after with a fuller beard because he experience growth with this routine now to start to grow facial hair to make you more attractive you need some sort of stimulant and the best thing that I’ve used over the years is a dermar roller it’s scientifically back I’ve seen results in my face and we also have seen results in our subscribers face it’s easy you grab your D roller and you want to pass it alongside your face you want to go one side upwards and then one time diagonal across your entire face and then complement that with some sort of serum so back in the day I used to use Minoxidil and that works it’s great however it’s not formulated for your face so I had a ton of side effects from itchiness flaky kind of uncomfortable it wasn’t until I found that you basically can do the same thing with natural products so Copenhagen grooming also has this thing called an activator syrup it works similar to anox though as a matter of fact in a study it found that it was as effective if not more effective in certain areas for hair regrowth but it’s made completely natural from something called capilia longa which means there is no side effect so if you really want more impact on the women around you that’s your two-step system to start growing your beer use a dermar roller and then use some sort of activator if you want the natural approach that works I want you to check out Copenhagen grooming because our subscriber that’s been doing this for the last 6 months not only bought the kit and did it for 5 months but look at the results he got all natural no side effects but even better he’s also the winner of the $10,000 giveaway that we started 5 months ago and I told you guys to start I am running a $10,000 giveaway with you guys my community because I truly want to encourage you to grow a beard I want to show you what can actually happen when you’re a little disciplined you take my advice and see how you drastically change your attractiveness you need to start growing out of beard and I want you to do it naturally with something that works and Copenhagen groomy has 150 day money back guarantee which means if you see no beard grow they’ll give you your money back there’s nothing to lose if you guys want to check it out it’ll be linked down below with a special discount code four give your face a natural lasting glow now I want to show you something I’m going to show you with this trick how you can take your skin from looking like this to something like this in seconds first you’re going to grab whatever moisturizer you use for your skin and you’re going to put about a coin size amount into the palm of your hand once you have that I want you to grab self-tanning drops again you can get these on it’s not it’s not expensive just look for good reviews and mix it into your moisturizer then you’re going to rub that together in your hands and depending on concentration you should be left with a moisturizer that’s the same color as your skin you could just go out and get a tan naturally if you’re in Winter or it doesn’t get Sunny where you are or even worse if you just want to protect your skin it’s been proving that the sun’s going to damage your skin this method works way better now after that you literally just apply it to your skin like you normally would and you’re essentially just h hydrating your skin with a hydrating cream that’s in the same color as your skin tone which all that it’s going to do is it’s going to brighten your skin which you can already tell and make your skin have a Natural Glow that’s going to last you all week by now if you’re following along you have exfoliated your entire body you have hydrated the skin on your entire body and now have taken your dull looking skin to make it look bright and vibrant in second and we’re still not even done yet I have three more maintenance steps I want you to do do every Sunday to get you prepared for the week and I promise you by the time you get to the end especially tip number seven you’re going to get more attention from women than you ever had five take care of your extremities your extremities are small areas in your body most men ignore but I promise you women are noticing so to keep it simple I made a checklist of my extremities that I make sure I take care of every week I’m going to show you what they are cuz it’s 4 key areas most of you miss and then I’m going to show you how to easily take care of them the first one is your ear wax now to do this I want you to grab a spray bottle and fill it up with soap and water then you can do this in the shower or outside the shower you’re going to spray your ear with some of the soapy water which is going to force a lot of that ear wax to come out and then with a small towel you can wipe it off what you don’t want to do is use a Q-tip these cotton swaps all they do is push the ear Wags deeper into your ear and don’t actually solve the issue the second thing you’re going to want to do is trim your nose hair most of you probably don’t notice this or even see this but you got to think about it women are usually shorter than you so they’re looking up at you and the only thing that they’re going to focus on are the little hairs that are sticking outside of your nose now to take care of this you have three options you can get a nose trimmer if you don’t have a nose trimmer buy small little scissors they’re cheap you can do it with that if you don’t have small scissors you can even use a straight razor third you’re going to want to take care of your nails now the most efficient way to do this is right after the shower so as soon as you step out the shower the hot water will soften your nails making it easier to trim your nails with your nail clipper and getting a cleaner cut this takes me on to my fourth and final step which are your toenails you’re going to use the same process as your fingernails but this one most been ignore cuz you never show off your toenail but the moments that you do like when you get intimate with a girl or you’re at the beach that’s when women are going to look at your feet because it’s something that they usually don’t see on a day-to-day basis when yours look hygienic you’re going to look good number six masculinize your face for the week most people understand that women are more attracted to masculine men so what do most men do they’ll go to the gym to get as big as possible this is a good thing but what you don’t realize is that you can instantly masculinize your appearance with just a few steps with your grooming process which science has proven will make you more attractive to women now to figure out what features to manipulate in your grooming routine I was deep in research and I found a study that looked at how different features of your face affect women’s perception of your attractiveness and masculinity the way they did this is by having the women rank different pictures of participants faces on not only attractiveness but on the balance between masculinity and femininity what the study found is that what drove masculinity the most were two specific features ready your eyebrows and your jawline women preferred men that have thicker eyebrows and a more prominent jawline both of these you can manipulate in your grooming routine so to increase the thickness of your eyebrows it’s simple so just grab your do roller from Copenhagen groomy and start rolling your eyebrows at least once a week and then to improve your jawline you’re going to do the same thing I showed you by you passing the Dera roller on your jawline and using a serup and making your hair thicker you’re going to increase the contrast between the darkness of your jawline and your natural skin tone color which will make your jaw look more prominent it’s going to stick out number seven freshen up your haircut look in this economy no one out here has money to be going to the barber shop every 2 weeks so just because that’s the case does it mean you have to look busted and you’re going to tackle the two areas that make your hair look the messiest you’re going to need a mirror a phone and a trimmer the first area is clearing the back of your neck usually when you haven’t been to the barber shop in like 2 weeks this won’t be grown out it’s going to look busted you’re going to grab your phone open up the camera app and now you have a double mirror enough where you can now see the back of your neck and help guide you as you trim your back now to do this you’re going to start all the way at the base of your neck and do small gentle Strokes upwards until you get to your natural hairline be careful here cuz there is a learning curve if you go too fast you’re going to end up chopping your hair don’t blame it on me now the second area is right around your ears usually this area is going to start growing real long where it’s going to start laying into your ear this part’s easy you grab the corner of your trumer and you’re just going to trimp along that natural hairline just to clear the ear area you do these two you’re going to freshen up your haircut out until you see your Barber the next time you do these seven steps every Sunday bro your grooming routine dayto day is going to be easy and you’re going to be looking 10 times better



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  1. Says the man who doesn't even let the surfactants in shower gel and shampoo do what its supposed to do because he's rinsing it out immediately without moving the product around. You are NOT the person to go to for hygiene advice.

  2. Been following this dude for a decade now i think. Makes me realize as i grew he grew too. I love you man, you have taught many of my daily habits today. My man has a wife and kids. Thats crazy. God bless