Mother Learns Her Son’s Been Kidnapped, Does The Unthinkable

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pay attention to this vehicle this is Melanie Mado she has just jumped onto a car going 75 mph in order to save her two children sitting inside at the driver’s seat is an unknown woman with evil intentions the following body cam footage shows how Melody and the Hobs Police Department manages to track down and capture the kidnapper after an intense multi-hour Manhunt this footage was given exclusively to Insanity media and has never been released to the public viewer discretion is advised I okay which way did it go she was going that way she was going all crazy but she was inside the strip so they had video of her but if I can find my phone I have I my phone is in the car I can find out where my car is at you want me to go get it’s going to be a female it’s going to be a female driver the mom tried to she pushed the mom out of the way Mom jumped on the hood she drugged the mom if you can start a 55 uh mom’s got several abrasions and I have two babies in there a six-year-old a 6-year-old and a l vehicle went westbound on nav no she went to to go get in the vehicle as she when she opened the door the female pushed her out of the way and jumped in the car and took off she tried to she jumped on the hood and the Fe the the driver drug her through the parking lot saying it’s going to be a white Hyundai Santa Fe yellow license plate 575 the front has white a white license zebra zebra front of the vehicle has a white light plate with the Zia symbol um how do you have a way to track your phone yeah I’m find my iPhone stand for her phone is in the vehicle what’s your phone numberphone 3223 yeah she was driving crazy on hear was it just one female or was girl she was tall was short straight hair she was black or she looked half black she had a black dress on with high heels it’s going to be a Black Or Hispanic female tall wearing a black dress if you know how to get there her on the hood and going that way and then her fall down I couldn’t hold on anymore I know well the way she was driving you wasn’t going to be able to hold on I don’t know how to do it I think we have officers that found the vehicle yes just make sure my babies make sure my babies are in there oh my God oh my God customiz tring it’s it’s where I need to sign in my to my ey also then I need to get out of mine confirming you have an 11-month-old a boy and a girl 11mon old and a six-year-old in the car just for 49 there’s an 11-month old and a 6-year-old in the vehicle when it was taken that lady seen you too but she sto make sure you were okay going to be okay we’re going to we’re going to do everything that we can okay my baby okay nothing just see my be okay going to be all right she must have turned around from going that she was like she’s down by she’s down she’s down in Taylor Ranch area let me were they check my phone I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m listening to them oh my God or add an account can you I’m trying but I’m so this is I can usually log in without having to log out on my what’s your name Melody Mal she’s trying to log in she’s trying to log in so she can track her phone my foot my arm my stomach my [Music] legs says my it’s offline for there’s an 11-month old baby as well in [Music] there time for I’ll I’ll head over there that way with Mom hey um jump in there’s going to be Regina she left myter outside I’m Department 49 on the P we’re working on it now take one unit right there singer 246 97 2011 West Apache any mileage 49 591 is this your baby yeah both my babies in there I I don’t know yet oh she 46 is is there another baby in here just her yeah we just the white 10 for she dropped off the six-year-old still has the 11mon old she left the six-year-old with the mom’s phone Mom I just picked up marray on Apache but they have the baby in my car okay do you know who it was no we just SE like from here we were able to just see you have star on your I don’t know it’s a brand new car uh I’m going to give you Ashley’s Furniture I’m going to give you a ride out of here I don’t know was it a baby yeah they didn’t drop off a baby no but I they dropped her off over there I don’t know if yall want to check like maybe cuz somebody ran that way but we don’t they drop her off over here no right we were watching for I’m going to check this area for a baby they just dropped this child off across the street this family just saw the the kid guy ran that way and then the person that was in the passenger got in the car and I don’t know if that’s when they let her out and then they left that way I don’t know [Music] [Music] there’s a male subject that got in the vehicle with her over here on [Music] Apache okay come over we’ve got got your baby my baby we’ve got your baby got your baby come on over here come on over here you got your baby 11 [Music] months can we come back and talk to you in a little bit [Music] okay let me have you um and sit over here let me call my mom she was coming over here temp oh [Music] my 246 can you have the 5587 with us over by the car and I’m going to have the mom uh I’ll take the mom over there I have [Music] a god [Music] Ash uhhuh just come back that dog get a good s [Music] okay hi pumpkin couple houses down they said they got security cameras okay okay I didn’t see it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] they said wear all I just got fled down again she said she’s St somewhere she [Music] me to go with you okay oh [ __ ] to check be so it is a female not a male right now I’m going to push out you see you’re on the [Music] help get the [Music] dog all right you’re ready under hey give us your hands right now you’re going to be tased right now all right you’re ready under arrest take okay okay roll you over okay I explain to you give what’s going on give me number no she came over here I’ll explain to you come on give me your number okay she was at a gas station uh she jumped in the car uh there was 11mon old and a 6-year-old in the car she dropped in the car the woman who’s the mother of those kids jumped on the car she kept driving and is she the one that came went like that real fast we’ve been we’ve been looking for her oh that that was her driving a white car okay yeah we saw a car but what the hell yeah it was babies in that car and she dropped them off okay we’re scared I’m just glad here this grandma grandma no well I’m not up there grandma she just know me I’ve known her for a long time okay oh are you serious I just told you that from my gas station please please I don’t have nothing to do she she’s not even related she’s not even Rel to us I were just trying to call what the hell cuz she came out of nowhere thank you so much okay oh my God no she are the kids okay those little kids they checking on the kids now but the mom’s not but we try to oh well we tried to call police I go she cuz she had just came out of nowhere right here we’re all like where did she come from yeah she dropped the car okay come back over here ass I’m sorry bab you’re okay I hope you’re okay hey do a pad down over here real quick see a on me hold on hey we got to see you have a female officer hey can you come do a pat down [Music] something in the front okay all right I know she’s going to get to it [Music] know number do that Grandma [Music] Grandma we’ll get that number for you hold on just hang tight [Music] okay I know she just needs to get the other side it’s we got to do it in sections [Music] do that he open the gate for you Grand no I went to the gate myself Grand who went to the other side I saw cut this way something I’m going inside the backyard yeah cuz we thought she was going to jump she right back towards me and Hopper were on that side yeah she right back towards I was like I got [Music] shot down [Music] come hold okay it’s going to get taken care of is going to okay and you got the kids back they’re [Music] safe mounting oh he already left yeah so he talked to you no he didn’t talk to you okay so I’m detective M um he’s the one that’s going to be in charge of the case but I’m assisting him with it so I’ll just going to say from me that way he doesn’t have to run back over here and we we can save some time okay how are you doing I’m in yeah but she’s going to get some pictures of you is that okay yeah all right so while she does that can you tell me what what happened I heard you were at Del Paso and Navajo right the gas station I at the stripes oh okay and uh all I remember was seeing her get in my car where were you I was in front of the store like barely in front of the store and I seen her run into my car so I was like what the heck and then um she reversed and I ran to the car but it’s a new car so she didn’t know how to put it in drive so I just jumped on the hood and I was telling her my kids are in the car my kids are in the car and then she just drove off so I was still hanging on to the hood and then she turned um which way was your car facing uh when I got on it was Facing East I was parked North but then she reversed were you at a parking spot or atum a parking spot okay and then um she reversed it by the pumps and then I jumped on and then she went like this and went towards all okay and I was still hanging on the car but she was trying to throw me off so she was jerking the wheel oh wow and then I would just kept telling her like my kids are in the car my kids are in the car because I have my baby and then my six-year-old and she’s autistic so um I just kept telling her that but she didn’t care and she was trying to throw me off the car and then I flew off like past the O so I stayed on that long on Navajo or on Del Paso on Navajo okay so she went she was going west okay and um so I fell off a little past the OIP so then I ran to like to the back of the oips cuz then a guy pulled over and then I just told him call the cops cuz my phone was in the car m and I just told him call the cops and then a late because when we passed allips I was yelling like call the cops call the cops so the people because there’s a lot of people outside so that they could hear me and then um which a girl she came running to me and she’s like I heard you yelling so I didn’t know what was happening and then so I flew off the car and then I ran over there and then that’s when the cops got there not too long after that okay and so the girl that we had St out of the vehicle that’s the one that drove out of drove off with your vehicle yes okay and I seen her so I seen what she looked like before and then I even looked at her while we were in the car CU I’m looking right at I’m right in front of the driver when I’m holding on okay and so but she didn’t care okay and I just thought like if she seen my kid my kids maybe she would stop we like hey my kids are there oh crap I don’t want to take the car but no so police got to the oips and talked to you there and then what happened from there how did we end up so they found my daughter someone called and said they dropped my daughter off on Apache and it’s kind of dark back there and so a lady ran and grabbed her cuz she said when the car stopped they were kind of I guess they were outside with the fireworks so they kind of were like what and that the girl got out went to the passenger and and that someone got in the driver and they took my daughter out and they drove off but my son is still in there cuz he’s only 11 months and so um then I was freaking out really because he can’t talk and if they drop him off somewhere where we going to find him so then they ended up finding him still in the car I’m assuming because he was out when I got there but um so I don’t know okay she had to have turned back around on Apache and I don’t know were for her to end up over there yeah the sergeant said that he ran up to the car once they found it in the alley and the the baby was in the back seat so he he grabbed him and I don’t know if she don’t know how if they didn’t know how to buckle him out or what it’s a new car seat too or if that was going to take too much time yeah so I don’t know but they they found fast and I was like I don’t even care about the car as long as they find my kids and so it does have some damage I don’t know if you saw the car um it looks like she did hit something there’s um some scrapes in the front um looks like something scraped the top the Hood part and the the side fender um you can get an estimate for that let us know how much the damage is and we can add it to whatever charges okay yeah uh can you kind of bend your knees a little just so I can get like and my fo it’s broken crazy 4th of July you’ll never forget h i them Lily I didn’t do anything all day just barely going to get fireworks so um for your little girl um I know she’s autistic but she’s verbal right she can she can speak um so I was telling your your mom one of the things that we can do as far as she goes is do a forensic interview to try to um see what all she remembers what she can tell us just in case anything else happened to her oh my goodness um so we can try to schedule that tomorrow to like give her some time to cool down and it’s not us that interviews it’s not us that interviews it’s somebody who specializes in in the interviews um but that’s it’s totally up to you if you’re okay with that if she’s make sure she’s okay yeah okay so we can um instead of trying to schedule that right away we’ll get with you tomorrow and see I don’t even know what that looks like looks pain goodness I’m so glad your babies are okay yeah that’s all I was worried about I my foot the whole time until I sat down I was like my foot really hurts but I was running yeah adrenaline yeah any um injury past scrapes and bruises that you have let us know as well okay like if you have broken bones anything like that um yeah she just x-rayed my foot and then my my jaw hurs right here so they’re going to do a scan to okay so your foot they said for sure a toe is broken or exactly right where that okay you’re going to be sore tomorrow night that’s what they told me I was like I never had Ro but I didn’t plan on it like this um officers got phone numbers and everything for you I don’t bring anything to write with CU I thought cre was here you paper they don’t look likees how you doing today te Department Hey I want to talk to you about what happened tonight okay yeah can you hear me yeah and before anything I want to read you something important okay so you have the right to silent understand can you say yes or not yes okay anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law understand you have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him or her present while You’ been questioning if you wish do you understand if you cannot afford to hire your lawyer one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish do you understand you can decide at any time exercise this right and not answer any questions or make any statements do you understand having those uh rights in mind do you want to talk to me about what happen tonight no [Music] where’d you put her at Regina hey Regina that’s not her who’s that huh she was in a detox I don’t know that Regina hey starts broza again just want to make sure you are you sure you don’t want to talk to me about the use of force use of force yeah that one of my officers had to take you to the ground whenever you’re trying to run I just want to just pretty much just talk about the incident that that led to that I don’t want to talk about the stolen vehicle or anything like that I just want to make sure talk to you about why my officers applied force yeah this I you want to sit up and talk to him you want to sit right here huh can I just talk to you from right here then okay so what happened then why uh why did my officers you know officer say had to take you to the ground running you’re running okay uh did you hear officers telling you to stop or anything like that no I really don’t remember anything why why don’t you remember anything I was drunk you’re drunk okay XX Xanax okay uh are you hurt anywhere anything like that you have any injuries that you want to report can I take some pictures of your arms and stuff just to make sure just for documentation purposes huh you do it later well I’m about to get off I get off at 7 I got 45 minutes I’m about to get off and I got to catch a a a plane ride getting out of here so can I get up yeah I got to take a picture of your arms of your legs it’s part of the use of force review I have to do it okay if you don’t want me to take pictures of you that’s fine I mean I just have to I’ll just document that in the use of force review that you didn’t want me to take pictures all right so you want me to take pictures no nothing happen to okay nothing on your face can least get a picture of your face no is that okay yeah all right you can close your eyes okay I don’t want to flash you real quick let me see can you turn your your face to the side can you turn your face to other side okay all righty thank you [Music] oh he talk to yeah she say that she’s Regina how are you you okay okay so I know I told you out I was going to come talk to you okay so I’m Sergeant beroza Okay the reason I’m uh speaking to you is because the use of force that the officer did okay by him taking you to the ground okay do you want to talk to me about that no do you have any juries or anything you want to report okay uh anything you need me to photograph or anything like that okay can I see or no okay okay all righty well I just wanted to make sure I came over here just to talk to you about it okay I’ll do the use of force review saying that you didn’t want to talk to me or anything like that okay all right you sure you don’t want me to look at anything photograph any injuries on you do you mind if I take pictures of you I just sleep okay


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