Repair your skin, before it’s too late

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you see the goal of washing your face every day is to remove bacteria and prevent acne but there are certain things that you do every day that makes your skin care routine pretty much pointless or useless today I will show you that if you want to get rid of all the bacteria in your face and eliminate acne forever here are eight things you should never do to your skin let’s start with number One never touch fast food touch screens look I’m like everyone else after a long day of work sometimes you’re tired you just need some quick food I’ll stop on my local fast food chain to get something quick to eat however where I’m Different where I’ll draw the line is that I’ll never ever use the touch screens to order my food once I tell you why I promise you you’ll never do this as well cuz it’s going to destroy your skin you see during a study conducted in the UK researchers visited six different McDonald’s stores they then swabbed for bacteria on multiple touch screens in all the stores what they found was that all the touch screens contain traces of gut and feal matter what this means is that when you touch that touchcreen and then you touch your face as you’re trying to decide if you want that extra side of fries you are essentially transferring feal matter onto your skin which is why you have terrible acne breakouts now you understand why I draw the line there and I guarantee you you’ll probably think twice before you ever touch a public touchcreen again but because of it you’re going to start having better skin it’s so simple to have great skin you just have to stop doing these eight things I have seven more things I need you to stop stop doing to your skin and I promise you you’re going to have Flawless acnefree skin let’s take you to number two never put your phone on your face see every guy that cares about their skin will spend hundreds of dollars on different acne products and systems to try to have clear skin but yet they destroy all of that progress by putting their phone on their face every time they take a call the reason this is a problem is because according to multiple studies the phone is one of the dirtiest items on the planet you might think this is exaggerated but let’s compare your phone to other items let’s take your toilet seat your toilet seat has around 1,200 bacteria per square in your kitchen counter has around 1,700 bacteria per square in but your phone screen well that has around 25,000 bacteria per square in what this means is that your phone screen is 20 times dirtier than your toilet seat and I guarantee you would never put your face skin next to your toilet seat so you should stop doing that with your phone and instead start taking calls with headphones or put it on speakers so you can speak from afar but never put your phone against your skin number three never grab the handrail a lot of people will touch the handrail on an escalator or stairs without realizing it has some of the worst type of bacteria in dirt than anything else you’ll ever touch let me put this into perspective when they studied what was on handrails they found gut bacteria acne causing bacteria feal bacteria and here’s the fourth one that made me stop traces of semen now just imagine what happens when you touch these rails and then you decide to touch your face and so if you’re going to use stairs put your sleeve over your hand and if you don’t have sleeves at this point I’d rather risk the fall than touch another man’s seen do not touch a handrail number four never use your fingers to wash your face now just imagine you have gone on about of your day and now you’ve come home with a collection of semen feom matter and acne causing bacteria all over your hands and then you’ll use them to wash your face just think about what’s going to happen your face is going to blow up with acne and this is what we’re trying to solve because when compared in a study men with acne were perceived less favorable than those that have cleared skin which simply put the more acne you have the less attractive you look and feel instead invest in a facial cleansing tool so you never have to touch your face and when you do so I want you to look for these three key features first it has to be made out of silicone don’t get your regular brushes or bristles silicone facial scrubber are extremely resistant to bacteria meaning that no matter where you put it or leave this facial scrubber if it’s made out of silicon it won’t be growing bacteria which means it won’t be transferring any bacteria when you wash your face you could spend hours looking for the right product or you can try the brand new PMD clean Revolution you guys know I’ve been using a PMD scrubber now for a long time this new PMD Revolution is made out of silicone and it’s a game changer because not only does it not allow bacteria to grow but it also has been proven that when you use a scrub scrubber like this you can reduce acne on your face by up to 90% second you’re going to have to get a tool that has red light therapy red light therapy has been proven to promote collagen production which can improve skin tone and texture and even help with the appearance of your acne SCS now you can buy bread light therapy masks however they’re very expensive some masks can run you up to3 4 $500 my new PMD clean Revolution is not only just a face scrubber on the front side when you flip around it comes with red light therapy built in and the beauty of it is that it’s safe to use cuz when you turn it on the red light itself doesn’t turn on until it feels contact with your skin so after I’m done washing my face I like to turn it around to the red light therapy feature and I’ll Glide the red light around my face for around 3 minutes and the best part you now have a twoin one brush that still is more affordable than going and buying just a red light therapy mask in itself now the third thing you want your brush to do is to vibrate a brush that vibrates helps break up and bring up any bacteria or dead skin and oil that’s deep inside the pores which is important because a lot of the acne comes from Deep rooted bacteria that can’t be reached just with your fingers one study found that every square cm of your face can have up to 1 million bacteria underneath when you vibrate you bring all that bacteria up which allows you to clean it out and then neutralize it with the blue light again you can go and look for your own or you can just use the one your big bro uses it has very strong vibrations with multiple modes so you can find what’s comfortable for you but every time you use it after just using it once cleanse your face with the vibration bring up all the dirt and then neutralize it with the blue light I promise you your Skin’s going to feel so clean you do this every single day you will never deal with acne again if you guys want to check out the PMD clean it’s going to be linked down below with a special limited time discount to make it insanely affordable once you buy this you never have to get another scrubber again five never sleep in the wrong position you see when it comes to sleeping there are four types of sleeping Styles three of them will cause acne you see the first type of sleeper sleeps on his stomach with his face pressed up on the pillow leading to more bacteria penetrating the skin which causes acne now the second time will sleep on his back now this position is great to avoid any sort of wrinkles or asymmetry in the skin and while this position won’t directly cause acne it has been proven to worsen Sleep Quality and think about it poor sleep then leads to higher cortisol levels which means to higher stress levels which can lead to stress induced acne now the third type of sleeper will sleep on his right side which puts pressure on the heart which restricts blood circulation making it harder for the body to flush out any acne causing toxins from the inside so all three can lead down to having acne on your face but the best type of sleeper will sleep on his left side which means that they’re going to have the best skin and ultimately be the most most attractive because sleeping on your left reduces pressure on the heart promotes better blood circulation and is also considered one of the most comfortable waste of sleep making sure you get a good night’s rest helping your body cleanse out of any sort of acne causing toxins now up until now you’ve stopped touching fast food screens you’ve stopped touching handrails that are filled with cement you’ve stopped washing your face with just your fingertips and you’ve learned how to sleep correctly and I promise you you’re just doing that you’re going to be guaranteed to see better results on your skin clear skin but to really improve on your skin to the point where everyone’s asking you what’s the secret to clear skin I need you to stop doing these last three things which takes me to number six never use a moisturizer that has these ingredients see the common narrative everyone tells you is like oh just wash your face and use this moisturizer and you’ll have good skin but this way of thinking is wrong because it’s not the whole story research has found that there are a bunch of ingredients found in moisturizers that can actually make your skin worse so to keep things simple I want you to look at these 10 ingredients on screen right now you can pause if you need to then go into your bathroom and grab all your skin care products I want you to then compare them if you see any of these ingredients and any of your skincare products whether that’s face wash moisturizer or sunscreen get rid of them number seven never use a regular bar of soap on your face when you wash your face with a bar of soap it strips away not only the dirt but also the natural oils that keep your face hydrated and this can lead to over production of oil which can then lead to acne instead you should prioritize using face washes that are specifically designed for your skin type for example if you have oily or acne prone skin look for a face wash with retinol or salicylic acid that can keep your pores clean and on the other hand if you have dry or sensitive skin you should use a face wash with glycerin or ceramides that will help moisturize so you can protect your skin number eight never use the wrong water temperature the temperature of the water you shower on will affect whether you develop acne which is why you should never use the wrong one so I’m going to show you what’s the right temperature to shower with and then how to test that temperature even without any equipment see the ideal shower temperature for your skin Falls anywhere between 98 and 104° F this is because when the water’s too hot it’ll strip your skin of natural oils so your skin will then overcompensate by an over production of oil this is what ends up causing acne so to make sure that your water is at the right temperature start by running your shower as you normally would then I want you to come back after 2 minutes and check if there’s any steam in the bathroom if there is it means that the water temperature is above 110° F or 43° C so at that point you just want to lower the temperature shower handle by around 10 to 20% Mark to bring it under that 102° f mark and then you can even mark it with a sharpie that way for future use you know exactly where you should open up your shower to by following these steps you will not only be in the ideal shower temperature you will also stop Haring your skin and finally have the healthy clear skin you’ve always looked for



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  1. #1 Don't touch fast food touch screens (Because they're nasty duhh)
    #2 Don't put your phone on your face (Because you touch your phone with dirty hands)
    #3 Don't touch handrails (Because they're dirty)
    #4 Don't touch your FACE when washing your face (Because your hands are dirty. Use a tool)
    #5 Sleep in the right position (He says the left side but idk about that seems kinda specific)
    #6 Use moisturizer that doesn't have said ingredients
    #7 Don't use soap on your face use facewash. (Because it washes your face TOO much taking away natural oils)
    #8 Don't use too hot of water (Because it strips your bodys natural oils)

  2. Jose did u ever worked for someone like helping them in business or u were independent and succeded alone and then people r help to for ur tiktok or they help u in ur business
    Just give a description or just make video on it for deep understanding

  3. my schedule;
    10000 pushups
    50oz of skincare products on each inch of skin
    drink 100 gallons of orange juice after eating toothpaste
    Rub plaster and concrete over my face till it dries

  4. nah don't sleep on you left its bad for the heart sleep on the right its better and it does not put pressure on the heart also the left side can give you a heart burn but the right side does not so sleep on the right