Signs a woman likes you but tries not to show it

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when a woman likes you she is forced to do certain things because of Seven hormones in her body so I’m going to show you how each of these seven hormones make her react which are signs that she likes you but she’s really hiding it from you one she will start touching herself probably scratching your head a bit here but hear me out because science shows that the first hormone oxytocin can impact our body language oxytocin is often referred to as the cuddle or bonding hormone because it’s always produced in the body when you’re cuddling or touching someone but if she’s trying to hide that she likes you and oxytocin is increasing she’s going to force herself not to touch you and instead she will do one of three things she’s going to start micro groming herself by touching her hair or fixing her shirt the other one is that she’ll continually fiddle with her phone her laptop or her purse and finally she might start caressing her own arm or thigh as she talks to you the reason she’s doing these things is because she needs to release the oxytocin that’s being produced in her body and because she’s hiding that she likes you she’s going to touch herself you thought I was playing with you but there are so many girls around you that probably like you and are hiding it from you which means if you make it to the end of this video you will now be equipped to truly know how that girl feels about it takes me to number two she’s going to look at you with anger this one most men Miss because the next hormone that will make you act this way is testosterone when a girl likes you her behavior will show signs of high testosterone which is what makes her angry or at least look at at you with an angry face see researchers wanted to study this and they wanted to see how testosterone impacted women’s Behavior they tracked their menstrual cycles and testosterone levels and then tracked how they interacted with their boyfriend what they found it was a direct correlation where women were more aggressive towards their boyfriends when they had higher levels of testosterone this exact same thing happens when girls look at men that they like they don’t want to show that they like a man so they will look at a man with an angry face or what many call the resting face I mean just look at this video bro you probably think that this means that a girl doesn’t like you but you’re wrong because she does like you and she’s hiding it behind a low aggression tactic on the flip side when they act like this this is what women will do when they don’t like you they’ll give you that friendly smile be a little flirty because they don’t care what you think she’s not trying to hide anything so to recap if a girl ever gives you a weird look she’s probably trying to hide something from three she’s going to say weird things on accident when a girl likes a guy there’s a third hormone called EST that increases in her body and this makes women say weird things to try to hide their emotions and this was proved in a study on mice where they grabbed a group of mice and they injected them with high levels of estrogen to see how it would impact their behavior it did what they believed what it would do which it increased their sexual behavior and their aggression but it also increased something else that they weren’t ready for auditory communication what this means is that when women have higher levels of estrogen they will talk more next time time you’re speaking to a girl at school or at work and you think that this girl might like you and she’s having a great conversation with you I want you to abruptly interrupt that conversation and say you have to lean if she doesn’t like you she’s not going to say anything and simply say goodbye to you but if she does like you her estrogen fuel body will be forced to communicate and she’s probably going to trip up on her own words blurt out something weird as you’re leaving think about it at this point when a girl likes you oxytocin increases which makes her touch herself testosterone increas inrees which will make her look at you with an angry face an estrogen increases which makes her say weird things in the middle of a conversation all of these are signs that she likes you and is trying to suppress it but I left the four strongest hormones of Attraction for the end that you need to know about that when she feels them and tries to suppress them you will know exactly what to look for this takes me to number four she’s going to hide her awkwardness with laughter when I was in school I had a buddy named Thomas and I knew for a fact this girl liked him now now just to give you an idea of who Thomas was Thomas was not a funny guy at all he was just your average dude and yet every time this girl was around our friend group and Thomas would say something she would laugh all the time that’s how I knew she liked them it was pretty obvious but every time I would tell my boy like yo this girl likes you bro he didn’t believe me he’s like nah nah you’re just playing now what he didn’t understand is that when a girl likes a guy her body produces a hormone called nephrine and it can make women more energetic more euphoric and make them laugh more this is why that girl kept laughing at everything my buddy would say despite him not even being funny she liked him but she was also trying to fill in any awkward silences with laughter to not make it seem as if she was obsessed with him she wasn’t realizing what she was doing most of you don’t realize girls like you like my buddy if he didn’t have a friend like me right I was looking out for him this is why it’s super important for men to have somebody else to talk to about their love life so always have that buddy you can go to and ask them Yo what do you think right talk through it and if you don’t have any friends or you don’t have anybody to talk to you can use online services like are sponsor Better Health now you’re going to have complete access to talk to professionals whenever you’re dealing with girls or any love life problems because I know firsthand how complicated love life can be for example you can talk to professionals about previous relationships you’ve had that have maybe messed you up to the point that you can’t even see when a girl likes you or is working with you too many men don’t realize how many girls actually like them because they have so many negative beliefs about themselves but with better help you’re getting access to licensed professionals that you can talk to in confidence whenever you want through your laptop phone through text whenever you need it and if a consultant doesn’t work you can always replace them the idea is to work through that so you can better understand your love life if you guys want to check out better health they’re going to be linked down below and you’ll get 10% off your first month of therapy by by signing up through my link menfashion this takes me to number five she will copy your body language and then stop when a girl likes you the serotonin in her body is going to make her copy your body language but then she will abruptly stop it so I’m going to give you a simple test that you can do next time to see if she’s trying to hide that she likes you I want you to talk to that girl you like about something random for a few minutes then as you’re talking to her I want you to slightly tilt your head to the left side when you do this one of three things will happen first her head position will stay the same or even go in the opposite direction this is a pretty clear sign that this girl probably just sees you as a friend second her head position will follow your head position and stay there this could be a sign that she likes you or it could be a sign that she’s just comfortable with you you you make her feel safe or third her head position will immediately begin to mirror yours but then quickly snap back to her original position this right here is a strong signal that she likes you because science has found that when we like somebody our body produces more serotonin and this is what leads us to mirroring the body language of those around us however if she does it and immediately pulls away then it shows that she knew what she was doing and she’s trying to hide that from you number six she will ask you specific questions about you you see when a girl really likes you she’s going to ask you specific questions almost like an interview so I’m going to show you the exact 10 questions a girl will ask you when she likes you but it’s trying to to hide it from you during a recent study researchers found that the hormone vasopress elicits more communication and jealousy over a man but it also promotes social investigation behaviors the reason is because women are biologically hardwired to find a highquality man because one they are physically weaker and want somebody to protect them and two pregnancy is difficult and they need someone that they can rely on so if you’re talking to a girl and you realize she asks you any of these 10 questions that you see Onre screen right now then it’s a sign that she has high levels of apress running through her body because she likes you now when a girl asks you questions like this most men will try to lie to themselves or to her to try to make themselves appear better but this is wrong and it’s likely based on self-conscious Behavior to fix this you’ll need somebody to talk to to know exactly why this is happening and realize what it is that you need to fix which is why I recommend a service like better health because they’re going to ask you the questions to determine what is it that you need and then be to assign you a licensed professional depending on the needs that you’re looking for someone that you can feel comfortable to opening up and that can help you this is what’s going to give you the clarity you need to know exactly what type of partner you’re looking for seven she looks at the back of your head if a girl likes you she’s going to look into your eyes but what if she’s trying to hide the fact that she likes you well there are a few other areas she is hardwired to look at instead here are the three that you want to look out for you see in a study researchers had women rape the body parts that they found more attractive and arousing in a man they use a scale of 1 to 13 with one being not arousing at all and 13 being super arousing the interesting part is that the middle part of the face only got an average score of 5 to 7 however the areas that were seen as the most attractive to a girl were the shoulders the upper arms and the chest for the front part of the man and the upper back and upper head for the backside of a man so when you are walking past or away from a girl if she’s looking at any of these areas it’s a sign that she likes you but was trying to hide it and now knowing everything that you know I want you to go back to all the girls that you’ve talked to and realize just how many probably like you but they didn’t want to tell you



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  1. Here are the 10 questions

    What did you study?
    What are you going to study?
    What do you do for work?
    What’s your five year plan?
    Do you want kids in the future?
    How many kids do you want?
    What are your thoughts on marriage?
    Who did you vote for?
    How much money do you make?
    What grades did you ?

  2. There was a girl I liked a few years ago that showed a lot of signs that she liked me. I didn’t think about it too much and only realized after she stopped liking me that she did like me. I feel dumb now, wish I had seen this sooner.