The hidden secret of every woman: discover their greatest weakness and use it to your advantage

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in the world of psychology it can be said that both men and women have different weaknesses but today in this video we will talk about a very important topic we will reveal to you what is the greatest weakness of a woman if you learn and discover you can use this wisely to your advantage pay close attention and stay until the end of the video Let’s Start emotional depend dependence most men of little value happen to become emotionally dependent that is to say all their happiness and well-being they leave in the hands of a woman practically they cannot be happy if she is not by their side and this is the biggest mistake you can make in your life the woman will have practically all the control over you furthermore you will do everything She Wants just to please her I want you to remember that the relationship must be mutual in both people you have to focus on yourself on your things on improving as a valuable person when you learn to be happy alone you will not need another person to be happy so that’s where you can change the rules of the game and now it will be she who puts all her strength because you have happiness in your hands at that moment she will value what you are as a man since she will not be able to find happiness in another person and will be afraid of losing you this is one of the weaknesses of a woman and listen carefully to the next Point indifference maybe right now you are going through this you feel that that woman no longer values you that she no longer pays attention to you that she practically has lost all interest in you that you no longer matter to her in her life and now you don’t know what to do in front of these situations well it’s time to use the power of indifference when you stop being aware of her of calling her every moment of the day and you start to focus on yourself and be a man who is not needy at that moment she will see that you are a different person and that she no longer has the attention the affection you need she will start to worry about you and if that girl really deserves your attention she will fight not to lose you this is another weakness that you can use against her when she has lost interest in you that is if at this moment of your life you have lost the trust you have in him you can use the power of your life that person does not value you as you deserve and pay attention to the biggest weakness of all women female ego centrism this happens when you practically put her on a pedestal where she will believe herself unreachable for you although you may not believe it women have more ego than men and I do not mean that they have high self-esteem but rather that they have excessively positive attitudes and the mistake of most men is to put her first before their goals is to put her in the center of the universe then in this way you are putting her above your well-being and your peace of mind so when you stop putting her on a pedestal when you act and show that she is not the only woman who exists that there are other women who deserve your attention and above all that you deserve respect loyalty and love at that moment she will realize that you are a man of very high value that you are a person that not anyone can have then it will be her greatest weakness now that you know what to do and what not to do to become her greatest weakness that girl you will realize that you are a man of very high value that you are a person that I do not mean you will also have all the control over the situations that



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