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they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and unless you’re Batman there’s no way to avoid the fact that you’ll need to make eye contact with other people Dale Carnegie author of the bestseller how to win friends and influence people always said eye contact is everything when you look into a woman’s eyes you’re not just seeing two colorful balls what you’re really seeing is a window that delves into that person person’s personality if you’ve ever had your heart broken by a girl people can tell just by looking into your eyes why because they can see the pain the eyes can give many clues about who a person really is as their thoughts intentions and emotions are revealed through them it’s like observing the way a person walks or how they hold their head do you want to know the quickest way to get knocked out enter the mountain gorilla enclosure at the local zoo and look to directly into the eyes of the alpha male as it’s a form of nonverbal communication you don’t even need to speak and you can still tell a girl what you’re thinking imagine that pretty woman across the room looking at you she’s not doing it intentionally but her brief eye contact is saying she’s interested feel the spark maintain eye contact with another guy for too long and like the mountain gorilla he might interpret your gaze as a challenge eye contact can be broken down down into different parts how much eye contact you make how long you maintain it and the way you look at the person some men are well trained in eye contact and can use it to instantly attract beautiful women or show another guy that he’s invading their territory some guys know how to use eye contact to show dominance over other men and with just a quick glance in their Direction they can convey Supreme confidence and security by understanding eye contact you can also o become a different kind of guy if you get it wrong and show weak eye contact you’ll be instantly labeled as weak others will take advantage of you constantly disrespect you and see you as a pushover on the other hand you’ll need to master different types of eye contact for different situations a powerful gaze will distinguish you from the weak and allow you to make others feel your thoughts and emotions you can be a master at displaying confident body language but if you mess up eye contact it will all be in vain most men have never thought about eye contact or how it affects the way women perceive them and that’s why many are seen as weak you can spot a guy like that immediately he might look you in the eyes for a second but will then quickly look away it’s not just the duration of the eye contact but also the intensity of the Gaze when an insecure man looks you in the eyes you intuitively feel his emotions weakness girls perceive this too perhaps even more than guys for most girls intense eye contact from a man is enough to spark attraction I want you to understand one thing your eye contact tells people who you are as a person no one wants to be shy scared and fearful no one wants to walk around with a big sign on their head that says hey people I’m a shy and scared Guy look at me as men we naturally want to exude confidence and security we want girls to look at us and feel our emotional strength but what most guys don’t realize is that eye contact literally changes how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you once you understand how a man should handle eye contact you can also become a differentiated man a man with a powerful and bold gaze the two key points here are that you can’t be afraid to make eye contact and you shouldn’t be afraid to maintain it don’t be afraid to look women in the eyes while talking or listening weak eye contact from a guy looks very different it seems evasive shy and scared most of the time this kind of guy is too busy avoiding eye contact he’ll look down to the sides and anywhere except directly into the eyes he might also look at a woman sideways so she doesn’t think he’s staring at her in short he doesn’t make eye contact with girls because he fears being caught looking at them on the other hand and some men Master eye contact they understand the different types powerful and dominant eye contact is the Hallmark of a high value man it’s a very serious look and exudes power and confidence this type of eye contact involves a strong focus and your eyes should narrow slightly when displaying The Gaze make sure your eyes are never too wide open as that conveys fear you also shouldn’t be afraid to make eye contact immediately upon entering room and greeting people the next time you’re talking to someone whether a man or a woman never be afraid to maintain eye contact to increase your ability to influence or persuade the person needless to say you shouldn’t maintain eye contact for too long in a one-on-one conversation as it will appear intimidating or scary reduce the intensity of your eye contact which usually involves slightly raising your eyebrows all situations are different but the general rule is to maintain eye contact for about 2/3 of the conversation the biggest mistake some guys make is making eye contact for about a second and then quickly looking away another form of eye contact happens in a group in this scenario many men always make the mistake of looking at each person for too long and breaking eye contact almost immediately with everyone in the group now what would be the most effective way to convey confidence and security imagine you’re in a group telling an amazing story you make sure to alternate your eye contact between everyone in the group who is listening the key here is to alternate only between those who are listening if there’s a girl in the group you like make sure to maintain eye contact with her for a little longer in a group setting some guys make the mistake of changing eye contact too quickly one of the best ways to gain power and influence someone is is to make them feel important and you can do this with the right eye contact to show someone you’re listening the man should maintain eye contact for longer than usual and Nod to show genuine interest in what the person is saying he’s not scrolling through Instagram on his cell phone or checking the latest sports news he’s looking directly into the person’s eyes and maintaining a strong but friendly gaze this type of eye contact works well to influence someone and build a relation relationship with them as men there will be times when you need to defend your territory against other guys showing that they are out of place for this type of eye contact you should have a serious expression and your eyebrows should be low some may call this a glaring look but it’s just a way to show confidence the final form of eye contact to understand is the seductive gaze this is what some men use when they are interested in a pretty girl the seductive gaze involves making eye contact for about a second and then looking down at the girl’s abdomen and then immediately back to her eyes this helps create positive tension and attraction most guys think the eyes are just for seeing but a minority intuitively know that the eyes are designed to convey confidence power and influence and they use them for those purposes at first it will be uncomfortable to maintain eye contact with a woman for longer than you’re used to but if you really want to become a man of value it’s time to overcome that fear once you master how to look you’ll see that your old weak gaze has disappeared and has been replaced by confidence you’ll be able to effectively convey confidence to other guys and discover something inside you that you never knew you had I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to 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