Tips For Shorter Guys To Look And Feel More Confident

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some people are extremely judgmental about height and it sucks to be judged for something that’s totally out of your control but there are tricks you can steal from some of the world’s most charismatic men to help you command more respect from the people around you regardless of your height this video isn’t meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution instead think of it as a menu to choose from pick the advice that fits the charisma style you like most first let’s look at a few different ways you can address your height starting with kevin hart’s strategy did people make fun of you because of your height i did it before they did you did it before they did uh self-deprecation anything that the person thinks that they can say i disarm you of it by saying it myself that’s your first option go there first with a joke if you don’t consider yourself very clever here’s a few quick jokes you can steal yeah that was a moment where she looked down into my eyes um i’m just small like look here’s here’s the bad part with me like if i sit all the way back [Applause] especially in that last clip it would have been easy for kevin to stay quiet and simply feel insecure sitting next to shaq but instead kevin jokes about his height and takes the spotlight in a positive way tom holland has a different approach talk about it like it’s no big deal for example watch his response when asked about his spider-man being the first spider-man who’s shorter than his girlfriend mj i mean you’d have to ask john what’s this question but every girl that we tested for both roles was taller than me and i wonder whether john that was a decision that john had made there was there was no one that tested that was shorter than i was to be fair i am quite sure conveying that you’re comfortable with your height comes down to body language and tone contrast tom holland with this next clip where someone on a blind date show talks about their height looks like he is anywhere from five seven to five ten maybe five ten i’m not five seven i’m not five eight i’m like five nine and a quarter five nine isn’t even short but by fidgeting having downcast eyes and trying to get credit for that extra quarter inch you get the sense that he thinks his height isn’t good enough in terms of projecting confidence you’d be much better off smiling holding eye contact and saying yeah five nine she nailed it it’s by discussing your height without shame that you seem the most confident this won’t magically make it a non-issue if someone is super prejudiced about hype but for most people your confidence around the issue will have a big impact on how they perceive you there is another option for how to address your height simply don’t make it a part of the conversation our team watched a lot of tom cruise for this video and never saw him talk about his height and a lot of talk show hosts and comedians have made fun of it over the years so it’s not like he doesn’t know it’s out there he just ignores it these are all fine approaches but there is one benefit to doing things kevin’s way when you tease yourself it sets you up to tease other people without them taking it seriously for example watch how the rock reacts in this next clip i’m gonna i’m gonna pick dj too because i don’t know what it’s like to be stupid i i wanna now it’s worth noting that while kevin and the toms are often shorter than the people they’re speaking with they each have habits that give them a big presence that keeps people captivated kevin’s trick isn’t for everyone but it’s very effective for him simply be the loudest person in the room notice in this next clip how he commands the conversation despite multiple people trying to talk over him how come he didn’t play in a celebrity game this year man i’m in a hall of fame and celebrity games it’s over it’s over i can’t do it anymore i achieve greatness shaq you know what that feels like if the idea of being loud makes you uncomfortable you can also create a big magnetic presence by using expansive hand gestures when you speak for example watch how tom holland uses his hands to capture attention and really own the space around him i mean i remember seeing avengers 1 with one of my best friends tom hutton in the cinema as a kid so excited and now i’m in it you know i’m walking around with iron man and captain america and i can now kind of call them peers and stuff so it’s still pretty surreal so we’re doing this scene harry’s upside down swinging back and forward and bless him he’s doing a really good job and as the day is going on he’s got these lines and he’s starting to forget his lines and his eyes are loud they’re gonna pop out of his head did you notice how tom’s hands get so far from his body while he speaks most people do the opposite they subconsciously try to take up as little space as possible if that’s you it might get interpreted as a lack of confidence you can also expand your presence by freely using neutral space for example notice how on the tonight show tom cruise makes it a habit to touch jimmy’s desk an entrance right there yeah thank you but yeah what do you think nice nice uh thank you guys congratulations thank you brother so much i get to see what it’s like i had a great question that you get this do you are you vinyl too you got full on yeah yeah can you just go in from the airplane it was also cold in the airplane this isn’t to say you should crowd other people out but assume unused neutral space is available for you to use you can also expand your presence with platonic touch often when someone reaches out for a handshake tom cruise will take things one level further with an offhanded pat or a quick hug ladies and gentlemen tom cruise [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this increased level of platonic touch helps to build connection and the person is likely to mirror you which also means they’re following your lead in the interaction there is one more thing that kevin hart tom cruise and tom holland all have in common many people mistakenly think the only way to command respect is to be that low emotion non-reactive james bond type but an even easier more consistent way to command respect is simply by being positive there’s something magnetic about someone who smiles effusively and laughs easily it feels uplifting to be around and people want to be around people who make them feel good one specific way you can do that celebrate other people’s success some people who try to command respect see the world as a competition they mistakenly think that if someone else looks good it makes you look bad so they’ll always try to reorient the conversation away from other people’s successes to their own not realizing this actually makes you look insecure instead recognize that being able to genuinely praise others makes you look secure in yourself this is a habit that kevin tom and tom all have they’re comfortable passing the spotlight to others and making them look good and ironically that habit makes you look good too watch these next few clips and noticing yourself even though they’re talking about somebody else how does it make you feel about them i’m being honest you guys work so hard you know look at the training we call him six-pack peggles yeah no he’s the best man i mean jake gyllenhaal for me he’s been my hero since i was a little kid i mean his movies are amazing it’s hard to name a bad jake gyllenhaal filming i bow down to him i called the i don’t give about these numbers anything i got dave in my opinion you’re the goat ultimately this all comes down to a mindset about accepting yourself and focusing on what you can control being the best version of yourself instead of worrying about things that are outside of your control yes some people are prejudiced and may judge you for your height but that doesn’t mean that you have to define yourself by your height height is one of many many factors that contribute to how someone perceives you since you can’t control it the best thing you can do is focus on the things you can control one of those factors that’s way more in your control than most people think is your charisma unlike height your charisma your presence your ability to command respect with your voice or even just your body language that’s all in your control and something you can learn to master if you want the quickest way that i know of to have more confidence and charisma you may like our program charisma university rather than tell you about the program myself here are a few things that past members have said i had confidence in some areas but not in others then charisma university changed that for me since beginning the program i have seen noticeable changes in my life it has helped me unlock the confidence that comes with knowing that i can go into any social situation and crush it another member wrote in i’ve always been bad at expressing myself in situations that weren’t one-on-one in conversations i’d find myself hesitant to speak or i’d get caught in my own head overthinking things after cu i am now way more confident in saying what i think i feel much happier all the time i was even able to talk to a woman i’ve had a crush on for about a year and made a great first impression overall i love this course and i keep going back to it when i need a refresher on the daily action modules and lastly one member writes thank you so much for this program after going through charisma i’ve made more friends have higher self-esteem and can more easily talk to people i don’t know i’ve solidified my values and i know who i am the program is literally guaranteed to change your life that means you can take the entire course and if you don’t think it’s worth every penny you can give yourself a full refund from right inside the program if you want to see if charisma university is right for you click the link on screen now or in the description below either way i hope you enjoyed this video i really appreciate you taking the time to watch it and i hope to see you in the next one [Music] you



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  1. Perfect. The first tip is to become a punching bag and allow people to see you for how they see you. Mine was simply to stop caring and if anyone squared up to me, I sucker punched their liver or diaphragm pretending I'm afraid… which loosens their guard. Just learn to stand your ground and be more assertive… it'll help expose people to you. Why try to win approval from people who "look down" on you? 😂 You folks are fawners, no wonder this world is full of cowards that voted in these lizards running the clown show

  2. The issue is a taller guy can and will do all of these too. You can have all the charisma in the world but if everyone in the room has the same charisma but theyre better in other areas thats who women will choose first.

  3. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how this video shows short but rich entertainers 😂 they are wealthy!!! Height doesn’t matter as much when you have money. This video earns no merits. Haha I mean WTF?

  4. So, im 5’6 fellas and tbh i never really had an issue with my height, just need to stop comparing yourself to people and worry about yourself, character is key my short kings and believe me, ive dated some of the finest shorties out there 😂

  5. As an unathletic 6'10" male I had the same confidence struggles with height. Maybe a bit due to all the very painful head stitches I had from hitting my head in low door ways. The best advice I received and wish I received earlier in life is:
    1. Follow the the Stoic philosophy by only focusing on what you can control. Your height, your race and even your past is outside of your control. Since your brain can only have only thought at a time, what is that one thought you will have? Something negative or something empowering? As soon as a unhealthy thought enters your mind you need to kick it out, immediately.
    2. Operate in the world you will have the greatest success. Image if Lionel Messi wanted to play basketball instead of soccer, or Shaquille O'Neal wanted to be a brain surgeon instead of playing basketball? Yes technically you can possibly achieve anything in life but why not do what you are good at?
    3. Have friends and mates that appreciate you. For some people race, beauty, wealth is an issue they can not look past. Since this is there problem you need to associate with people who don't have these life hang ups. So bottom line is to avoid activities, careers and people where height is an issue.
    4. Almost every thought turns into an action. For the countless areas in your life which you have control over actions are you taking to improve your life? If you love women, are you learning to play an musical instrument, become wealthy, help your family/community or some other action that will make you more desirable.

  6. I’m 6’4”, slouch, and still have issues with confidence. Don’t sweat your height. Imagine wanting to NOT stand out and how just walking in public can be filled with anxiety because you’re a head taller than others. I often wonder what 5’8” would feel like…

  7. 4'11 trans guy here. Insecurity's been hitting since I started transitioning and stopped pretending to not have a physical form xD. But I guess we all get a body, and I happened to get this one. If I don't be myself no one's gonna be me :v
    On the bright side, walking on the street and looking up at the world around me feels really cool. And well…most women are taller than me and insecurities aside, I can't help but find it hot so…

  8. I am 4'11 and, my elder sister 5'2"… I feel sad for her for insulting me, calling me names for my height when she has nothing to say…
    I am ashamed to be related to a horrible person like her
    Shes a distorted personality

  9. The only way you can overcome the insecure of being short is work hard and be rich mentally and financially because you can’t be fit with normal class life style.. Anyway I’m 5.2 🫡

  10. I'm a dance teacher. And the funny thing is, the students that usually feel insecure about their height are the tall ones. I guess being the center of attention and looks even when you don't mean to can be kinda stressing.