Use Rejection to Your Advantage (Very Powerful) “Stoicism”

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[Music] imagine being the most powerful person in the world with Millions under your command and the freedom to do whatever you want however this greatness comes with constant threats Wars diseases betrayals and a lot of rejections what would it be like to manage a life like that Marcus arelius lived this painful experience almost every day this is undoubtedly the most painful experience that can make you feel powerless and rejected in this video I will show you how Marcus Aurelius found in stoicism the philosophy of his life and a true antidote to dissatisfaction before we start I would like to sincerely thank all of you for everything you do commenting sharing every like you give me it gives me more strength to keep fighting and spreading this philosophy that pulled me out of the depths and completely transformed me thank you very much now let’s let move forward it’s hard to understand why the person in question is not responding and you feel like you’re walking on eggshells but just because she’s not responding doesn’t mean you have to give up and let her win how can you change things and use that rejection to your advantage at the end of this video you’ll see how to act when someone ignores you and you’ll learn to use reverse psychology to make her regret her decision I’ll start this time in an unusual way I’ll start decreasingly but before I do please click the like button and activated the notification Bell this is really important this way udub understands that you’re liking the video and it delivers it to more people thank you very much number 13 ignore her too when someone ignores you one way to react is to ignore them as well this may seem counterintuitive but it can be effective in most cases turn this challenge into an opportunity for personal growth growth when someone ignores you it’s not just a situation to endure it’s your opportunity to shine with patience and wisdom instead of reflecting their indifference embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional strength reflect on your values focus on your actions and embrace your emotional Independence it’s not about winning a trivial game of attention it’s about mastering the art of inner peace and self-control remember in the theater of life you are the playright Write Your Story with dignity resilience and wisdom let’s turn this moment into a step towards a more empowered and stoic you number 12 don’t react emotionally when a woman or a man ignores you it can be difficult not to react emotionally however the best way to handle this situation is to stay calm the stoic approach to such situations emphasizes the importance of keeping calm and emotional resilience if you find yourself being ignored by someone stoicism advises internal reflection rather than emotional reaction Tranquility is essential and practicing self-awareness is key respond with dignity and respect for example if someone ignores you stoic wisdom suggests you continue to be friendly and polite but without the expectation of a specific response you can inquire if something is wrong if the person would like to talk but do so without pressure or a need for validation if the person continues to ignore you remain calm and choose to act correctly avoiding irritation or signs of weakness instead focus on yourself and your own actions demonstrate strength self-confidence and recognize that others Behavior should not alter your self-image or values stoicism teaches us to focus on what is under our control our own actions and attitudes and accept what we cannot control such as others actions this reflects stoic ideals of wisdom Justice courage and Temperance in interactions number 11 remove her from your mind one way to act when a woman ignores you is to remove her from your mind this means stop thinking about her and focus on yourself start by shifting your focus from her to yourself make a list of your goals and actively work towards them find a new hobby or start a new project make plans with friends and family and enjoy your time with them take time to reflect on yourself and how to improve this will help you create a positive mindset and shift your focus away from the woman who is ignoring you soon you’ll realize that her indifference doesn’t matter number 10 demonstrate your value when you are ignored it can be challenging to know how to act one one way to respond is to demonstrate your value show your intelligence sense of humor and Charisma according to stoic philosophy when facing situations where you feel ignored it’s important to focus on demonstrating your value through personal virtues and ethical Behavior instead of trying to impress solely with intelligence or humor stoicism suggests you show your value through wisdom kindness and integrity for example if you’re in a convers ation and feel ignored engage constructively by sharing your knowledge humbly responding with respect and listening attentively instead of seeking validation or a specific reaction from the other person focus on being true to yourself and showcasing your strengths in alignment with stoic values of self-improvement and respect for others by showing that you can remain balanced and respectful regardless of others attention or recognition you’ll be living out stoic principles of character and personal growth this approach can not only be personally satisfying but also leave a deeper and more lasting impression on others number nine cut off contact if a woman ignores you the best thing you can do is cut off contact this means stop communicating with her through text messages phone calls and other forms of communication avoid the person physically if possible for example stop sending messages and suddenly stop responding to her texts if she doesn’t respond to your calls stop trying to contact her don’t talk to her or make eye contact if you’re in the same Social Circle Number Eight prove her wrong when a woman ignores you another way to act is to prove her wrong show that you are not who she thinks you are and that you are capable of more for example if she thinks you’re not intelligent enough to understand a particular topic demonstrate your knowledge about it surprise her with an unexpected story or joke if she thinks you’re boring show that you’re not the person she’s ignoring and that you have more to offer if she still ignores you don’t take it personally instead focus on yourself and your personal growth number seven go out and have fun going out and having fun when you’re ignored can be an excellent way to get the situation off your mind and focus on yourself start by doing something you enjoy whether it’s going to the movies playing sports or simply taking a walk in the park invite your friends to help maintain a positive mood and remind you of your worth if you still feel down try going to a new restaurant or event to break your routine and meet new people number six build your social status from a stoic perspective building your social status is not a means to impress others but a path to person development and Community contribution when facing situations like being ignored stoicism suggests focusing on improving yourself and engaging with the community for those goals themselves activities such as exercising pursuing Hobbies learning new skills advancing your career volunteering and networking are seen as ways to cultivate character and contribute to society genuinely by sharing your experiences and interests authentically not with the aim of seeking attention but to genuinely connect with individuals and communities with similar interests you align with stoic values of personal growth contribution to the common good and forming meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and shared interests so as you build your social status do it with the intention of improving and making a positive contribution rather than just as a strategy to increase your attractiveness to others number five act as if she doesn’t exist if someone ignores you acting as if she doesn’t exist is another way to behave this means not initiating conversations or making eye contact but seeking someone else to talk to for example if you’re at a party you can start a conversation with another person and avoid the woman who is ignoring you if you need to interact with her keep the conversation professional and avoid personal topics that could lead to confrontation if she continues to ignore you avoid responding and simply walk away remember that it’s easier to move on than to try to fix a situation you have no control over number four give her the silent treatment another way to respond is to give her the silent treatment by not responding you’re showing that you won’t take her for granted according to stoicism the idea of giving the silent treatment is reinterpreted instead of using silence as a tool to provoke a reaction or prove a point stoicism Advocates using silence as a form of self-reflection and emotional regulation when someone feels compelled to give the silent treatment stoicism suggests using that time to reflect on one’s own thoughts and feelings understanding them clearly and with composure it emphasizes the importance of responding or not responding in a way that aligns with personal virtues and integrity rather than as a strategy to affect someone else’s Behavior this approach promotes inner peace and self-control control in accordance with stoic values and avoids engaging in behaviors that may be seen as manipulative or vindictive therefore if you choose not to respond do it as a practice of introspection and not as a tactic to influence the other person this reflects stoic wisdom and Temperance focusing on one’s own behavior and personal growth number three don’t beg for attention when you’re ignored don’t beg for attention instead make her feel like she’s missing out on something according to stoic principles the response to being ignored should focus on self-satisfaction and emotional Independence rather than seeking tactics to make others feel like they’re missing out or demonstrating self-confidence through derogatory comments stoicism advises maintaining dignity and self-respect by showing confidence and self-sufficiency not as a means to affect others perception but as a reflection of One’s Own value and stability it encourages finding fulfillment in one’s own activities and interests staying true to personal values and interacting with others authentically without the need for external validation so instead of begging for attention or trying to show that someone is missing out focus on developing your self-confidence and finding satisfaction in your own achievements this reflects stoic values of wisdom self-control and focusing on what is within your own power your attitudes and personal action number two be kind but emotionally distant if someone ignores you don’t take it personally or lash out at them the appropriate response to being ignored involves acting kindly while maintaining emotional distance this emphasizes the stoic practice of not taking things personally and keeping composure it is advisable to acknowledge the person with politeness and warmth such as wishing them a good day or simply GRE treating them without expecting anything in return it encourages demonstrating emotional Detachment not out of indifference but as a reflection of inner peace and self-sufficiency this approach aligns with stoic principles of focusing on what can be controlled your own responses and emotions and accepting what is beyond control such as others actions the GPT respon is advocate for a balanced interaction that combines kindness with emotional boundaries reflecting stoic ideals of wisdom self-control and self-respect as well as respect for others number one don’t let her see you struggle when you’re ignored the worst thing you can do is make it clear that you’re struggling instead stay calm and carry on with your life as if nothing has happened the appropriate way to deal with situations where you are ignored is to maintain composure and self-confidence it is advisable to continue with your life calmly and confidently showing that another person’s attitude doesn’t significantly affect your sense of identity stoicism emphasizes focusing on internal stability and self- Assurance suggesting polite and respectful behavior in all interactions without aggression or confrontation this approach is rooted in stoic values of emotional resilience wisdom and integrity advocating for a response that reflects personal strength and stability rather than visibly reacting to external Circ circumstances by demonstrating that your confidence and security are grounded in your own character not dependent on others actions or recognition you take a crucial step to protect yourself and Foster healthier interactions remember your worth is not defined by how others treat you your value is intrinsic and is reflected in how you handle situations lacking in respect or consideration in our journey to decipher intentions and authentic relationships a fundamental understanding arises you deserve relationships based on reciprocity and respect finally I invite you to join our community and continue exploring stoicism together I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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