What to do when a girl looks at you

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what do you do when a woman makes eye contact with you most guys will either look away or make her extremely uncomfortable by looking back at her that’s why I’m going to show you the exact techniques you need to use when a girl looks at you throughout this video I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step sequence that you can use the next time she looks at you to make her desperate for your attention so if you notice a girl is looking at you you’re going to start with step number one don’t look at her eyes now this might seem a bit counterintuitive but I’m going to show you a science back tech technique to maintain eye contact without ever looking at her eyes during a study conducted in Australia a researcher spoke to 46 students during a study that he called a get to know you session for half of the conversations he would look at the students in the eye for the other half he would look at the students at their ear at the end of the conversation he asked all students to then rate his own eye contact from a 1 to six scale what he found was interesting there was no difference in score between him looking at their eyes and him looking at their ears so then it got me thinking wait isn’t eye contact crucial when you’re talking to a girl but according to the study it’s less about what you’re doing and more so what she thinks that you’re doing so the next time that a girl makes eye contact with you and you feel a bit uncomfortable I want you to immediately look at her ear she won’t know the difference but you will increase your chances of maintaining eye contact and staying comfortable which will prepare you for step number two give her a sardonic smile you see at this point she’s going to have done one of three things one she will look at way and she won’t look at you again which at this point just accept that she isn’t interested in you two she’ll look at you look away and then look back again at this point you know that there’s interest or three she’s going to continue looking at you and she won’t break eye contact which means she’s either very confident or this girl is a bit crazy either way you can’t be too picky it’s good for you if you’re single if this chick falls into reactions two or three that I mentioned you’re going to want to proceed by giving her a sardonic smile a sardonic smile is one that is cheeky and playful kind of like a half smile now according to science the reason why you want to use a half smile is because the more gum and teeth that you show while you smile the less attractive you’ll be perceived so instead of just giving you this big cheesy smile full of teeth Calment down right you’re just going to raise one cheek and get it close to your eye and that is going to come across as playful and friendly now you’re going to combine these two steps right next time you see a girl looking at you immediately you’ll make eye contact by looking at her ear then judge her eye contact and how she responds back if it’s positive you move on to a sardonic smile which moves into step number three give her the right head knot see at this point everybody will give that girl one of two different head knots not realizing that one will completely ruin your chances while the second one will increase your chances of her being attracted to you let me explain just take a look at this side-by-side comparison did you catch it you probably didn’t because it’s subtle but on the left side I nodded my head downwards which makes you look more closed off angry on the right side I nodded upwards which makes you look more open and friendly and you have to understand that this nauy it’s written to our genetic code across every culture and country men use nods as a way to interact with each other however that downward nod is used exclusively for those type of people that you don’t know that well because you’re protecting your jugular you’re protecting your neck while the upward nod reveals your neck which means you either know that person or you’re comfortable with that person so you by simply nodding upwards while you’ve made eye contact with that woman is going to show her that you’re an open and friendly individual traits that she’s going to find very attractive but also will set you up for step number four make her look up to you now if you’ve reached this point it’s a pretty good sign that this girl’s into you so I’m going to show you two methods that’s going to make her physically look up towards you as you approach her first after you’re done nodding up upwards I want you to keep your chin slightly raised to give the illusion that you’re looking down at her during a study over 49% of women admitted that they will only date a man that is taller than them and I get it some guys might be annoyed by this that girls require this as a standard but at the end of the day it’s ingrained in their biology a taller man makes them feel protected and all you can do is play the game to win so to make this even more effective in the future you can even grab yourself a pair of shoes that have a thicker sole like a pair of boots and I get it you’re not going to wear boots every single day of your life but there are shoes that are specifically designed with thicker soles that give you the same amount of height that a pair of boots I’ve been seeing this brand all over my Tik Tok and I think they’re sick cuz if you look at them they look like regular shoes they’re super stylish they look good on you and they have a thick sole that will give you anywhere from 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 in of extra height and it’s just as subtle as you wearing a pair of boots let me give you a great example this is me wearing a pair of standard boots which give me that extra height and then on the right side I’m wearing my arctic coas from kouri you would never know that the coas are giving me an extra 2 and 1/2 in of which is taking me from being a tall dude to an extremely tall dude which again it’s a cheat cat cuz I’m telling you women love this the second thing you can do is try and use the invisible string trick to use this trick as you’re watching this video I want you to imagine yourself an invisible string at the top of your head that is pulling you upwards and keep that string as you walk if you practice this daily it’s going to result and you always having better posture which is going to make you look more attractive always imagine a string just pulling you up from your head and if you listen to me and combine this technique with shoes that have a sticker all like the ones from Kori you’re going to be adding three in to your height no problem so no matter what girl you’re talking to she’s going to be looking up to you and look and if you don’t believe me just how important you being tall is I want you to look at this video of [Music] man are you seeing this is crazy yo height has a has such a high impact it doesn’t matter how good this guy looks women can’t resist themselves to look over this is what I’m trying to happen for you if you guys want to check them out I’m going to have them linked down below I’m going to link the exact pairs that I got I think these are the most stylish ones I’m also going to give you a specific discount code that’s going to make it even more affordable if you guys want to check it out it’ll be linked down below now if you do all everything that I’m telling you when you walk past her she’ll be forced to look up to you now if you’re smart you caught something why would you walk past her and not to her thank you for asking even if you didn’t ask this takes us to step number five ask for a different girl’s phone you have to understand women are extremely territorial so here is how you’re going to seamlessly talk to another girl to make the one you’re interested in jealous first you’ll want to approach a female that is close to you and in the vicinity of the girl that you already made eye contact with you doing this move of going to another woman is going to increase the plasma testosterone and the cortisol and her blood after that I want you to ask her if you can text your friend from her phone because your phone died then you can just something from her phone something like hey I’m at this coffee shop where are you can you come pick me up then immediately give that girl her phone back and walk back to where you were to the girl that already made eye contact with you and you know is interested she’s going to think you just asked for another girl’s phone number and that’s going to drive her crazy at this point it should be clear she’s going to be extremely attracted to you but I want to make sure this girl’s obsessed with you before you even start talking to her which is why I need you to do these next two steps but use them wisely cuz these are powerful number six use the ring technique the ring technique is a simple way that you can flirt with the girl from afar to get that final approval and know that she’s interested in you before you approach because of what you just did with that other girl she’s already obsessed with you so all you’re going to do is lift up your hand towards her and point at your ring finger using your index you also like slightly raise your eyebrows a bit signaling to her you’re asking her a question by doing this you’re playfully asking her if she’s in a relationship she’ll either say yes in which case you’ll know it’s a lost cause and maybe you misre everything or she’s going to say no in which case you have a clear Runway to go up to her which takes me to my final step number seven you’re going to approach her with swagger when it comes to approaching a girl most men will approach her walking in two different ways which most suck not knowing that there’s a third way that’s the best of them all the first guy will walk towards the girl with their shoulders all slouched which makes you look nervous this is terrible in fact you might as well not even approach her the second guy will have his shoulders back his chin up which is great better than the last guy but it’s not optimal because I want you to do the same thing but add a third layer to it which is walking with shoulder Swagger during a study published in the National Library of Medicine researchers found that when a man walked with shoulder Swagger it increased his attractiveness by 200% so to use shoulder Swagger you’re going to want to tense your left lat as you step forward with your left leg and then switch and tense your right lat as you step forward with your right leg this slight tens of lats all of a sudden will give your shoulder a bit of movement giving it that shoulder swag which is going to make you irresistible and just like that boys the next time a girl looks at you you know exactly what to do



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  1. making her extremely uncomfortable by looking back at her…? wtf man. If a man realizes she is looking he WAS / IS already looking at her no matter if straght face2face or with the own eyes rolled to the sides. now what.

    Step 1 is easy, i first check boobs + ass.

    7:11 what youre telling the audience is less than 50% because in most cases that phone stunt will blow it off.

  2. Today a girl approched to me and wanted to gain my attention . My mouth shut and i couldnt speak she thought im ignoring her but my heart was pumping so hard which made me too nervous so i coudnt answer her well. I dont know why somedays my confidence level is high why somedays is even under zero.

  3. Step 1 Look at her ears (like she is an elf with long ears).

    Step 2 Smile
    Smile with less teeth & in friendly manner. ✔️

    Step 3 Node slightly upwards friendly/causal way.

    Step 4 P1 use thick sole shoes & maintain slightly upward chin(look down at her{not seriously but like you are tall guy}[cause she likes tall guys then her height {you know the reason 😏}]).

    Step 4 P2 walk like string attached to your head slightly chin upwards it makes you confident and look slightly tall.

    Step 5 ask other girls in vicinity phone text to your friends (by asking favours like yours battery died) to make her feel jealous.

    Step 6 ask while showing ring finger[not middle finger💀] in causal way like you are asking is she taken or not.

    Step 7 shoulder swag{not like some thug or gangster} open shoulder to sides slightly swag while approaching her