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when you’re madly in love and in a relationship with that same woman there’s no better feeling for most men than experiencing an overwhelming sense of Happiness when she’s near craving every moment together as if time Stood Still reving In Her contagious laughter and captivating presence there’s nothing quite like it but what if there are signs that your emotions aren’t reciprocated if your intuition Whispers ERS that something is wrong that perhaps she isn’t being honest with you if this is your case pay close attention because in this video you’ll learn 13 things a woman does when she’s Unfaithful Point number 13 an unequivocal sign is when she avoids intimacy with you both physically and emotionally you’ll notice she’s reluctant to share her hopes dreams or even have intimate relations with you women who are cheating often have difficulty balancing their commitments guilt over their deceit can overwhelm them preventing them from openly expressing affection and intimacy if it’s been a considerable amount of time since you shared intimate moments it’s best to be alert to possible infidelity Point number 12 if you notice a perfume scent or another smell that’s unusual for her men generally have a less developed sense of smell compared to women however if you suspect your partner’s Fidelity don’t make hasty decisions observe observe these signs carefully smell is a difficult clue to hide as it permeates clothing although a cheating woman may be careful simply take her garment and smell it deeply do so discreetly without arousing suspicion otherwise you might seem paranoid take this action only if you have well-founded suspicions of her infidelity otherwise it would be absurd although rarely occurring it’s important to be aware that some women are so cunning that they may be cheating with without their partner’s realization Point number 11 if she gives you lame excuses for her absences it’s a clear sign these excuses are frequent and easy to detect without raising suspicions if your woman constantly stays late at work call a couple of times a week when she’s supposedly at her job if she repeats daily that she’ll arrive later from work it’s time to act upon arriving late ask how she’s doing interact but maintain suspicion if you notice hesitations or nervousness when confronting her it’s an additional sign although if you call her workplace they may inform her of your calls a strategy is to ask about her absence afterward giving her the opportunity for excuses if you suspect infidelity confront with evidence as cheating women can justify any situation even if necessary blame you for what happened distrust often requires more evidence to be irrefutable Point number 10 a cheating woman is always noticeably busier than before you feel that your partner no longer has as much time for you as she used to You observe this happening more often now she receives unexpected calls from friends or dates that she didn’t mention previously well that’s not a good sign if you’re no longer a new couple and have established routines and Lifestyles a sudden change is caused for concern if she spends more time away from home than usual it could be a sign that she’s hiding something it’s important to be attentive to these behavioral changes as they could indicate that she’s spending quality time with someone else Point number nine cheating women avoid talking about the relationship when two people are committed and take their bond seriously it’s natural to want to discuss how they feel and what they expect from the future together if she’s genuinely interested in the future of your relationship she won’t hesitate to express her concerns or needs to improve it however if she avoids talking about the relationship all together it could indicate that she no longer cares to maintain it it’s essential to address this lack of communication and understand her reasons behind it but you shouldn’t dismiss possible infidelity as this is something that can’t be undone no matter how much they apologize before continuing if you’re enjoying the video Don’t don’t forget to support me with a like And subscribe if you haven’t already now if you’ve noticed that your girl does any of these things but aren’t sure I recommend you pay close attention because the following actions are the most revealing Point number eight she always hides her cell phone protects it with a password and doesn’t like you checking it even without experiencing extreme jealousy leading to a confrontation it’s common to hear phrases like it’s my phone because I’m tired of distrust and jealousy excessive secrecy on her mobile and social networks suggests hiding or fear of being discovered this behavior is cause for concern as it could indicate flirting or even an extramarital relationship pay attention to these signs as insecurity in the relationship can lead to seeking external attention there’s nothing more private than the body itself and if you already know hers inside and out she should wouldn’t be concerned about you looking at her phone if she has an excessive concern for the privacy of her mobile and social networks it’s a clear sign of problems Point number seven when a woman is cheating she inevitably becomes secretive if your partner suddenly starts acting mysteriously it’s a clear warning sign after spending time together and getting to know each other well you should notice changes in her behavior secrecy accompanied by emotional dist can be the first sign that something is wrong sudden and Strange Behaviors like staying out late talking on the phone in another room or spending more money without explanation are concerning signs if she doesn’t include you in her expenses it’s even more troubling these changes could indicate that she’s hiding something from you this happens because she’s concerned about making a mistake that exposes her infidelity Point number six when suspicions accumulate it’s common to find signs on social networks and your partner’s mobile phone if you have many doubts and frequently check her Facebook you’ll often find signs of flirting although they’re jealous of their privacy they sometimes let slip details by checking her email or Facebook you may find suspicious conversations with strangers these secrets can reveal a lot about her behavior if you notice promiscuous Behavior or blatant flirting it’s a clear sign of infidelity or that it could happen in the future don’t settle for reassuring responses like nothing will happen as the situation may be more complicated than it seems Point number five they experience what could be a midlife crisis this is especially noticeable if your woman is at that stage of life if she suddenly starts behaving as if she were 10 or 20 years younger you should be concerned people satisfied with themselves and their relationship ships rarely go through a midlife crisis they don’t suddenly change their appearance to look younger if your partner shows this kind of behavior she’s likely thinking of cheating on you or already doing it Point number four this point is crucial as a cheating woman always hides when chatting and talking on the phone why would she hide so much to talk about Smurfs of course not if she hides or acts cautiously it’s because she’s hiding something if this happens frequently something is going on she may be organizing a surprise party or discussing delicate issues with her friends to avoid conflicts but if it becomes a habitual Behavior it’s evident that something else is happening it’s normal to have privacy but if she constantly hides while chatting or talking on the phone she’s probably hiding something important such as her new Affair Point number three every cheating woman becomes extremely defensive when confronted about about your doubts if you’ve had these doubts for a while it’s natural to confront your partner at some point if she’s not cheating but has problems at work for example she’ll sit down with you and talk reasonably explaining what’s happening and offering valid reasons for any strange Behavior you’ve noticed however if she’s cheating she’ll become defensive immediately attacking you for having absurd thoughts she’ll never give you a solid argument probably because she doesn’t have one this kind of defensive reaction is a clear sign of a cheating woman Point number two you simply reach a point where you feel that something isn’t right when it comes to infidelity many people will tell you to listen to your instinct but what exactly is your instinct psychologists argue that what people call instinct is an involuntary process involving subconsciously noticing subtle changes in other people’s behaviors and deriving conclusions from them the therefore if you have that feeling it may not be the famous sixth sense but the subconscious parts of your brain urging you to pay attention to something that hasn’t yet reached your conscious being you should consider that and check if there really is something there or if it’s just your brain overthinking Beyond reality listening to your instinct can be crucial for detecting potential signs of infidelity by a woman and addressing them properly in your relationship Point number one you reach a point where you can notice your girl being more lively or happy if suddenly even though things are somewhat cold between you you perceive that she’s happier it’s strange why would she be more vibrant if the relationship between you is cooling off this may clash with the idea that she seems completely disconnected but it could indicate that she has new emotions with a lover if she seems very happy with someone else and is in a strong infatuation phase even though the relationship with you has cooled off you’ll notice that she seems to live in a cloud of Happiness this can be puzzling and require deep reflection on the state of the relationship don’t let her keep fooling you buddy I hope this information is useful to you and if you like the content support me with a like and tell me in the comments if you’ve noticed any of these signs in your partner I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you great ly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior [Music] all



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